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Episode 24 - Devin Barrus

Devin Barrus is a great vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer. I had the privilege of seeing him perform live, and he knocked it out of the park! He has been in various bands through the years, but recently struck a chord that resonated with a large audience with his band Sunsleep. He has also written, produced, and distributed solo music under his name. It was a pleasure getting to know Devin, and this interview was awesome! Huge thanks to him! SOCIAL:...


Episode 23 - Stephen Christian

This episode is HUGE for me! Massive shoutout to Stephen for joining me this go-around! If you don't know who Stephen Christian is, he is most well-known for his role as the lead singer/songwriter for a Rock band called Anberlin. He's also known for a book he wrote called, "The Orphaned Anything's," as well as a side project called Anchor and Braille as well as his Christian worship music. Stephen is currently the Worship Director at Calvary Church in New Mexico. This guy does it all, and...


Episode 22 - Andrew Conner

If there are bands that you would like to hear on the show or if you’re a band that would like to join me for an interview, please reach out to me at Andrew Conner is a Singer, Songwriter, and music producer. He is currently writing and producing his own solo project called Echoes Away, and he formerly wrote, sang, and produced music for his band Wired For Havoc. Andrew is a really cool guy, and he’s super talented. Be sure to check out his social media,...


Episode 21 - Tiny Kingdoms

Yet another huge shout out to y’all for listening to the podcast! If there are bands that you would like to hear on here or if you’re a band that would like to join me, please reach out to me at Tiny Kingdoms is a rad four-piece alt-rock/pop-punk band from Chicago, IL, and they’re super awesome! They’ve been together as a band since early 2015, and they’ve been creating fantastic music ever since. They released their fourth studio EP on March 14, and it...


Episode 20 - Glass Cases

Wow, twenty episodes already?! Super sick! To all of you who listen, a huge thank you, and a huge thank you as well to the dudes from Glass Cases! Hailing from Fort Collins Colorado, Glass Cases is an Alt-Indie style trio. Forming in September 2017, the band has been writing and performing music and creating a buzz online, and upon the release of their debut studio single “Addiction” in April 2018, the alt-indie trio has continued to make their presence known. With hints of Twenty One...


Episode 19 - Barriers

Thanks for checking out another episode of the podcast! If you enjoy this week's episode, please like and share! Huge shoutout to the dudes from Barriers for joining us for this week's episode. Barriers classifies themselves as a passive-aggressive hardcore band, and they're based out of Long Beach, CA. Their Debut EP was released in November of 2017, and I came across their music and was instantly intrigued by the unique powerful sound. SOCIAL:


Episode 18 - Jacky Vincent

Thank you for checking out another episode of the podcast! This week was awesome getting talk with Jackie Vincent (former guitarist of Falling in Reverse)! Jackie is a crazy talented guy who was super awesome to talk to. Y'all are going to dig this episode, and when you do, be sure to like, subscribe, and share! SOCIAL: or Twitter @MrRadChad


Episode 17 - The Workday Release

Thank you so much for checking out another episode of the podcast! This week's episode, I got to talk with David Ottestad who goes by The Workday Release, and we had a great time talking about his journey from being a kid who didn't know hardly anything about music to being a musician who has inspired so many. This episode was a great one, and I hope y'all enjoy! If you like this episode or the podcast, please support by sharing it on various social platforms, or if you're interested, you...


Episode 16 - Detour North

Thank you for checking out another episode of the podcast! We were joined this week by an awesome young, up-and-coming pop-punk band based out of Chicago, named Detour North. We had three of the four band members (Emmanuel - Vocals, Kem - Lead Guitar, and Danny - Drums), and we talked about the history of the band, the inspiration for their new album, "It's History, It's Poetry," and what goes into the making of their sound. If you like this episode or the podcast, please support by sharing...


Episode 15 - Nick Klock of Never Home

Thank you for checking out another episode of the podcast! We were joined this week by Nick Klock who is the lead singer of an awesome Charlotte-Based pop punk band called Never Home. Never Home's debut EP is available online on all streaming platforms. If you like this episode or the podcast, please support by sharing it on various social platforms! or Twitter...


Episode 14 - Arborview

Thank you for checking out another episode of the podcast! Arborview is an awesome band based out of Sydney, Australia, and these guys are super fun and super talented! Be sure to check out their latest EP, Through the Storm on Apple Music or Spotify! I know you're going to like their music, and I'm also sure you'll love the interview, so if you do, please be sure to reach out to us and the band via social media! or...


Episode 13 - Brandon Stoner from Thieves and Lovers

Thieves and Lovers, and Acoustic/Alternative band based out of Pittsburgh, PA is led by Brandon. The band has been around for around 4 years, and their music has received rewards, and they were recently featured on Good Morning Pennsylvania. I hope y'all dig this episode, because Brandon and I had fun talking! Social: or Twitter: @MrRadChad...


Episode 12 - Carried Away

Hailing from Toronto Canada, Carried Away packs a solid punch of awesome! It was a pleasure getting to know these peeps! Y'all are going to like this one; we talked about concert-going, music creation, memories, etc. If you enjoy, give a follow on social! Social: or Twitter: @MrRadChad


Episode 11 - Larusso

Got yet another Local Utah band to join me this time around! Larusso is a great local band that has been holding down the local music fort for almost 14 years. They've got some great music, they're really cool guys, and it was a really great opportunity getting to talk with them. Check out their new album on Spotify or Apple Music Now! SOCIAL: or twitter - @MrRadChad


Episode 10 - Eric and Steve Michels from Foreign Figures

Foreign Figures is a cool alternative rock band based out of Utah. Steve and Eric are brothers and bandmates, and they are both really cool guys. We got to talk about the paths that have lead them to this point in their musical careers as well as going into the emotion and thought process behind writing music. It was a great interview, and I think y'all are going to really like it! Check out our social media for updates! or...


Episode 9 - David Alexander from Carousel Kings

Sorry for dropping this episode late; I was out of town last week, but this week will have two episodes, starting with this one! David is the lead singer of an awesome pop-punk band based out of Lancaster Pennsylvania. He's a really cool guy, and we had a lot of fun talking about music, touring, inspiration, and even our musical guilty pleasures. Thank you for checking out the show, and be sure to check us out on Social Media! Social:


Episode 8 - Randy from We Were Sharks

Randy is the lead singer of the band We Were Sharks. He's a totally rad guy, and we had a lot of fun talking about music, friendships, ketchup chips, and much more! Join me this week in this fun and entertaining episode! Huge thank you to Tom helping organize this, and huge shoutout to Randy for taking his time while traveling to join! Hit up to learn more about the band, check their tour dates, or to buy merch! Social:


Episode 7 - Stephen and Joey from Real Talk

Real Talk is a pop-punk/rock band based in the Northeast US. They've got huge news coming down the pipeline, and I got to talk with Joey (Lead Singer) and Stephen (Guitar) about what has led them to this point in their careers and what their plans and goals are going forward. It was a super fun Interview! Beyond Rad Podcast or Twitter: @mrradchad Real Talk


Episode 6 - Stories Untold

Stories Untold is an Alt-Rock band out of St. Clair Michigan, and they have been making music together for about 5 years. This interview was a lot of fun, and these guys have a lot of really rad insight into their creativity, and they tell some really fun stories about how they came to be, so enjoy! Social: Instagram: @BeyondRadEntertainment or @MrRadChad Twitter: @MrRadChad Stories Untold: Instagram: @StoriesUntoldBand Become a...


Episode 5 - Mark from 408

408 is a rad Lemon-Pop Punk band out of Orlando. It was super fun talking with Mark about his favorite bands, his balance of music and life, as well as his writing and recording process. Be sure to enjoy! Y'all are great! Social: Facebook - Instagram - @MrRadChad @BeyondRadEntertainment Twitter - @MrRadChad @408Band Become a supporter of this podcast: