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Ep. 18: Visit The Midlands, John (with Kyle Joyce)

This week, your esteemed (by whom?) host, amateur songwriter Jeffrey Michael Widman is joined by fellow amateur songwriter and Mayer enthusiast Kyle Joyce to talk about Kyle's discovery and love for Mayer's music and how it's inspired him. We also touch on the potential for more new music this year and speculate on the New Light music video (since this was recorded before that dropped in all its hilarious glory). Hit us up at the links below! Facebook:...


Ep. 17: Mayer Podcasts Unite! (with Kyle Severtson)

The merging of Mayer podcasting geeks has commenced! Kyle Severtson of The Mayercast is this week's guest. Host Jeffrey Michael Widman asks him for his thoughts on New Light and backtracks to when Kyle first became a die-hard Mayer fan. There are many tangents related to songwriting and occasionally movies for some reason. Enjoy! And don't be scurred to hit us up at the links below! Facebook: Email: Jeff's Twitter:...


Ep. 16: We Were Around the Bend (with JD VanTyne)

New Mayer song means new podcast episode drop! And this won't be the only one. Your host Jeffrey Michael Widman is joined by regular guest JD VanTyne to discuss the "New Light" single, as well as their experience at Mayer's show in Dallas back in August 2017. Yep, it's been that long! Come hit us up! Facebook: Email: Jeff's Twitter:


Ep. 15: It's Been a Long Night in Kansas City (with JD VanTyne)

In a special "road" episode, your host Jeffrey Michael Widman (singer/songwriter) and frequent guest JD VanTyne (same) venture out to Kansas City to see the almighty John Mayer perform on the release day of his latest fantastic record, "The Search for Everything!" We dive into the setlist from that evening and give some first impressions on the 4 remaining, unheard songs from the album. As with every episode, dumb hilarity does ensue, so check it out and drop us a comment where you can!


Ep. 14: This Will All Be Released Someday (with Rob)

Founder of the John Mayer Music Appreciation (JMMA) Group, Rob, joined your host Jeffrey Michael Widman to dive deep into John's catalog of unreleased songs, and reveal their top 5 favorites! When I say we dive deep, we dive *really* deep and it's a blast! What are your faves? Find us on Facebook, Twitter (@jeffwiddy, @jmmagroup), Soundcloud, iTunes, and YouTube to come chat with us! We welcome it!


Ep. 13: Outside Wants 'Inside Wants Out' In (with Ashley Austrew)

We're going way back in time to revisit John's 1st release 'Inside Wants Out,' a largely acoustic, largely beautiful EP that dropped in '99. Host Jeffrey Michael Widman and guest Ashley Austrew rank the songs, breaking each one down as they go along, and discuss if the album from their adolescence holds up in adulthood. Our rankings and dissections may surprise you. We also touch on The Search for Everything: Wave Two, and speculate on the album's full tracklist as revealed by The Man...


Ep. 12: 'The Search for Everything - Wave Two' Reactions (with JD VanTyne)

The latest Bigger Than My Podcast episode has your host Jeffrey Michael Widman and guest JD VanTyne giving their reactions on all 4 songs released in John's 'The Search for Everything: Wave Two' release! Given how incredible each individual song was in their own way, we dedicated an entire hour-long episode to the content. Check us out on Facebook and follow Jeff on Twitter @jeffwiddy! Drop us a comment where you can and let's talk about The Man's fantastic tunes!


Ep. 11: Continuing 'Continuum' Continuously (with James Worsham)

Bigger Than My Podcast revisits a previously-discussed album from Mr. Mayer's incredible discography, Continuum, in the latest episode. Your host, singer/songwriter Jeffrey Michael Widman invites another singer/songwriter friend on, James Worsham, as they discuss ranking the songs, as well as many tangential items like Dallas sports and Donald Trump impressions. It's as ridiculous and amusing as it sounds so come listen and drop a comment where you can!


Episode 10: The Album with the Dog & the Huge Cowboy Hat on the Cover (with JD VanTyne)

One of the last albums to dissect, 'Paradise Valley,' is finally on Bigger Than My Podcast! Songwriters Jeffrey Michael Widman (host) and JD VanTyne (guest) rank the songs on John's 6th LP and talk at length about each one. There may be an inappropriate or awful Mayer cover along the way. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to comment us wherever you can!


Episode 9: More Room for 'Room for Squares' (with Quincy Forte)

Host/songwriter Jeffrey Michael Widman is back to talk further about John Mayer's studio album debut, 'Room for Squares' with guest/also songwriter Quincy Forte! This is a fun, productive episode that highlights different tracks from the album than episode 8 did. Come check it out and drop us a comment!


Episode 8: Room for 'Room for Squares' (with Gabriel Vasquez)

We're going way back in time to discuss at justified length John Mayer's first full length LP, Room for Squares! Host Jeffrey Michael Widman is joined by fellow musician/Mayer fan Gabriel Vasquez to adequately analyze and rank the songs on the album for funsies. What are your favorites from RfS? Drop us a comment!


Episode 7: 'The Search for Everything - Wave One' Reactions (with JD VanTyne)

Host Jeffrey Michael Widman felt it necessary to deliver a bonus mini-episode containing his and recurring guest JD VanTyne's reactions to John's 4 songs in Wave One of 'The Search for Everything.' What did we like best? Any perceived missteps? Our answers may surprise you! Comment and rate wherever you can! Let's have a conversation.


Episode 6: Born, Born, Born, Raised, Raised, Raised, Sleep (with Ashley Austrew)

Our first episode of 2017 covers John's 5th LP, "Born & Raised" from 2012. This was certainly his most differentiated and personal effort simultaneously, so songwriter Jeffrey Michael Widman and his guest, writer Ashley Austrew have much to dissect. Take a listen as we discuss all the tunes, the history, and rank the songs from least favorite to favorite!


Episode 5: Studyin' Dem Battles (with JD VanTyne)

After a week hiatus, Jeff returns to dissect John Mayer's music with recurring guest/friend/fellow musician JD VanTyne. This episode, we dive deep into the Battle Studies album and timeframe of Mayer's career. Why is this record so underrated? We discuss it at length as well as JD's Battle Studies tour experience and setlist. It's a blasty blast so come check it out! Drop us a comment and rate us on iTunes! Let's chit chat.


Episode 4: Try the Trio (with Gabriel Vasquez)

In the 4th installment of the podcast all about John Mayer & his pleasant tunes, singer/songwriter Jeffrey Michael Widman is joined by fellow musician Gabriel Vasquez to discuss all things John Mayer Trio! We recap their glorious union, their works together, their awkward quiet disbandment, and their long-awaited reunion leading to Mayer's new album next year. Further dumb puns are a plenty! Enjoy! Rate and comment wherever you can! We want to interact!


Episode 3: Items That Weigh More (with Ashley Austrew)

Jeff has guest writer Ashley Austrew to revisit the year of 2003 and its release of John Mayer's "Heavier Things!" We respectively rank each song on the album, and Ashley talks about her introduction and consistent connection to Mayer's incredible sounds. Subscribe and comment us wherever possible! Find us on iTunes to catch previous episodes. We're on Facebook to interact with you!


Episode 2: ContinuYum (with JD VanTyne)

In the 2nd episode of the only John Mayer-focused podcast available, Jeffrey Michael Widman and guest JD VanTyne discuss Mayer's third album, 'Continuum,' a favorite among a multitude of fans. 10 years later, Jeff and JD reflect on the hype to its release in 2006 and where the album stands today. Of course, hilarity and the occasional live music ensues. Bigger Than My Podcast is now on iTunes! Listen, subscribe, share, comment, rate, whatever you want; let's interact! Feel free to check out...


Episode 1: Why Mayer? & 'Love on the Weekend' Reaction (with Quincy Forte & JD VanTyne)

Welcome to the first episode ever of the only podcast dedicated to John Mayer's music on them Internets, Bigger Than My Podcast, with host Jeffrey Michael Widman! The premiere features guests/fellow musicians Quincy Forte and JD VanTyne, and we just talk about our introduction to Mayer and why we love his music. After the episode, Jeff and JD close the episode with their reaction of John's new single, 'Love on the Weekend.' As more episodes release, an iTunes feed will eventually be created....