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Metal & High Heels is now Bleeding Metal - the podcast by Pia and Kiki that focuses on topics such as Mental Health, Feminism, LGBTQIA+ Rights, among many others from the lens of #WomenInMetal.

Metal & High Heels is now Bleeding Metal - the podcast by Pia and Kiki that focuses on topics such as Mental Health, Feminism, LGBTQIA+ Rights, among many others from the lens of #WomenInMetal.




Metal & High Heels is now Bleeding Metal - the podcast by Pia and Kiki that focuses on topics such as Mental Health, Feminism, LGBTQIA+ Rights, among many others from the lens of #WomenInMetal.




Separating the art from the artist with Joko | Bleeding Metal Podcast 2.7

On a new episode of Bleeding Metal, Kiki and Pia are joined by German vocalist Jenny (@cthulhus13) to talk about wether we can separate the art we love from a problematic, controversial or even criminal artist. We talk through some cases of allegations of abuse, what we find can be forgiven as a fan, and how we have personally gone through the decision process of separating or not. We also have some advice for how to keep enjoying music or art in general, even though we don't want to support...


Pandemic, War & Mental Health | Bleeding Metal Podcast 2.6

On a new episode of Bleeding Metal, Kiki and Pia open up about their feelings on the invasion of Russia in the Ukraine. It's one of the most emotional episodes we've ever recorded and it means in no way to take away the attention of the people, who are directly affected by this war. Nevertheless, we think it is important to talk about the topics that affect our Mental Health, while also continue to offer our audience a safe space to talk about feelings or escape from these dark times by...


Gaming with OddNina | Bleeding Metal Podcast 2.5

On a new episode of Bleeding Metal, Kiki and Pia talk to German gamer, Twitch streamer and tea expert OddNina. We talked about representation in Gaming, how some video games can bring up important topics to the table, and we of course compared the Metal and the Gaming communities. Recorded on February 10th, 2022. 00:11:42 Gaming 01:01:39 gaming and the metal scene Shownotes: Oddnina On Twitchthe*gameHERs on InstagramForbes article about female gamers and women in the gaming industryMy...


Doing Gender in Heavy Metal with Dr. Anna S. Rogers | Bleeding Metal Podcast 2.4

Will we ever grow tired of talking about Feminism and how it relates to the Metal scene? The answer is nope! On a new episode of Bleeding Metal, Kiki and Pia are joined by Dr. Anna S. Rogers, sociologist and lecturer at the University of Georgia, who just released a book about Heavy Metal Feminism. Listen in to learn about concepts like "defensive othering", the male gaze in Metal, and tokenism. Recorded on January 13th, 2022. 00:05:25 Doing Gender In Heavy Metal 01:22:11 Music we are...


2021 Recap | Bleeding Metal Podcast 2.3

Kiki and Pia connect through the timezones to chat about what music they've been listening to this year. We discuss our favourite albums, favourite songs, music videos but also the video games we have played throughout the second year of the pandemic - yes, someone had to say it. Recorded on October 14th, 2021. 00:00:00 Greetings and personal news 00:05:30 About Spotify CEO Daniel Ek's investment in 00:21:35 Our favourite music of 2021 00:58:03 The games we played this year 01:02:41...


Mental Load | Bleeding Metal Podcast 2.2

What is "mental load"? And how does it affect the romantic, creative, and other types of partnerships? And how can we share it so that the tasks are in fact shared equally? Kiki and Pia discuss their experiences with unequal mental loads and how we can all try to be better. Recorded on October 21st, 2021. 00:00:00 Definition of "mental load" and thank you! 00:04:24 Mental load in partnerships 00:31:12 Mental load in bands 00:46:42 What we've been listening to lately Shownotes: Emma...


Intersectional Feminism | Bleeding Metal Podcast 2.1

What is intersectionality and how does it relate to white feminism? And what are our experiences as intersectional feminists in the Metal scene? Kiki and Pia welcome HORIZIS-singer Martha to the podcast to talk about their experiences and views around the topic of feminism and the intersections each of them fall into, including being metalheads. Recorded on October 5th, 2021. 00:06:52 Different forms of feminism 00:30:00 Intersectional feminism in the metal scene Shownotes: Feminism...


Pia and Kiki present the Bleeding Metal Podcast 2.0

Our podcast has a new name with which we begin a new chapter of the podcast and our lives. With Bleeding Metal, we want to approach the more important topics, such as politics, mental health, feminism, LGBTQIA+ rights, among many others and be more vocal with our opinions around them. In this episode we talk about ourselves and how we came to be who we are, so that all you listeners out there can get a better understanding of our perspectives - and our musical opinions. Recorded on...


Women at Metal Festivals | Metal & High Heels Podcast 91

We all miss festivals, but have you ever thought about how we experience them as women? Should all festivals have women-only camping areas? And are there even enough female musicians good enough to be on festival billings? In this episode, Kiki, Pia, and Steffi discuss their experiences at festivals, how important it is to have more and more women on festival stages, and how we can make female musicians more visible. This is our last episode before our first-ever summer break. We will be...


Video game Of Bird & Cage with Arnold Nesis | Metal & High Heels Podcast 90

Many games have included metal music in their soundtrack and their concept. Of Bird & Cage started the other way around. Composer Arnold Nesis tells Kiki and Pia about how he and his metal band wrote an album and decided to turn it into a story-driven video game. After discussing the game and the music, we discuss important subjects from the overlap between music and gaming, like financing, licensing, and why the music industry as it is now can't tap into the wealth of gamers around the...


Women in record labels | Metal & High Heels Podcast 89

Leoni is Head of Media Relations and Tiffany is Head of Marketing in one of the biggest record labels in heavy music, Nuclear Blast. We had the pleasure of talking to them about their work, sexism in Metal, and marketing strategies for newcomer bands. The fact that women have always been a part of the heavy music scene and belong in Metal is apparently still not anchored in the brain of many metalheads. Leo and Tiff are doing a great job standing up to sexist comments in the social media...


DARK HORSE WHITE HORSE with Marcela Bovio | Metal & High Heels Podcast 88

It had been too long since the last time we had Marcela Bovio on the podcast, so there was A LOT to catch up on. So many things have happened in her life and with her music and although not all of them have been positive, Marcela is stronger than ever and back with a new band and their first release! Tune in for a very personal and intimate chat, where we talk about Marcela's musical work, a dark period in her personal life, and how the support of her Patreon community helped her come out...


Early 2021 Releases | Podcast Minisode 6

On our 6th minisode, Kiki, Pia, and Steffi talk about their favorite releases of the first three months of 2021. We mention PHANTOM ELITE, EPICA, SIRENIA, ARCHITECTS, TO KILL ACHILLES, LANDMVRKS, AS EVERYTHING UNFOLDS, ANNISOKAY, ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN, DREAMSHADE, and SOEN. Guest sound editor: Savvier Nelson Jingle by MERCY ISLE. Metal, Lifestyle & Entertainment --- Send in a voice message:


Charlie Rolfe from AS EVERYTHING UNFOLDS | Metal & High Heels Podcast 87

AS EVERYTHING UNFOLDS impressed us with the singles they released until now. Pia already listened to the album "Within Each Lies The Other" - which will be out on March 26th, 2021 - and asked a lot of questions! Kiki asked about the musical background, feminism in metal, and marketing strategies. Jingle by MERCY ISLE. Metal, Lifestyle & Entertainment --- Send in a voice message:


EPICA's "Omega" with Simone Simons | Metal & High Heels Podcast 86

Kiki and Steffi join forces to analyze "Omega", the 8th studio album of one of their favorite bands, Dutch Symphonic Prog Metal band EPICA. Listen to them agree and disagree and tell us what you think about it! Later in the episode, singer Simone Simons talks to Kiki and shares a lot of insight into the production of the album, what was happening in the five years in-between releases, and how the pandemic affected the band members financially. Jingle by MERCY ISLE....


Live streaming for bands with SEASON OF GHOSTS | Metal & High Heels Podcast 85

We've known Sophia Aslanides since 2013 and have happily watched her band SEASON OF GHOSTS grow throughout these years. Our latest talk with her and her partner in music and life, Zombie Sam, was entertaining and informative as we discussed different aspects of live streaming: from community building to business. Tune in to learn how SEASON OF GHOSTS streams live on YouTube and how the two digital marketers work together behind the scenes of their music. Additionally, Kiki offers some...


The future of Music Journalism | Metal & High Heels Podcast 84

Kiki, Pia, and Steffi put their heads together to figure out if what they are doing with Metal & High Heels is still necessary in today's world. This episode is not an existential crisis - or is it? - but it certainly gave us a new appreciation for what we do and refreshed our motivation to keep doing it. Listen in as we go through the different categories of Music Journalism, our perspectives as consumers and producers in this industry, and tell stories about what we've been doing since...


GENUS ORDINIS DEI's "Glare Of Deliverance” | Metal & High Heels Podcast 83

In a new episode of the Metal & High Heels Podcast, Pia and Steffi welcome GENUS ORDINIS DEI-bassist Steven F. Olda to talk about the Symphonic Death Metal band's latest album. "Glare Of Deliverance" was released worldwide on December 4, 2020, via Eclipse Records and produced by Tommaso Monticelli. It is a series of ten individual songs, each with its own music video. These "episodes" combine in sequence like a short film or television series that tells the story of a young woman named...


2020 in review | Metal & High Heels Podcast 82

The three of us talk about our highlights from 2020, whether we attended concerts, and what we are looking forward to in the new year - more details in the show notes! The more we talk, the more we consider changing the name of our magazine - and adding the core to the metal. Because our taste in music has changed over the years. What do you think? ;) --- Send in a voice message:


PERSONA with Jelena and Simon | Metal & High Heels Podcast 81

We've known PERSONA for a while, at least vocalist Jelena Dobric and guitar player Melik Khalifa. The couple moved from Tunisia to Germany two years ago and reformed their band there. They're currently writing music and recording songs for their third, still-untitled album. Therefore, they started a crowdfunding campaign with a lot of cool perks. For those of you who want to know how PERSONA sound nowadays, there is already a video online for the first single 'Alpha'. The music, once again,...