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Tesla, HipHop, music, movies, Tech and life style podcast weblog




Welcome back to the Pre and Post 2020 Election Part II

We return with the election night emotional rollercoaster as well as fear for our country falling down further. We continue with our assessment of the DNC and if we would see the Democratic Party take advantage of the new found power they have or will they cower again and give in to the republicans.


2015 Borsao Berola

Intense cherry red color. Remarkable aromatic complexity with memories of black fruit and balsamic and toasted touches. Warm and gentle in the mouth, with soft but persistent tannins in perfect balance with the alcohol


The 40 year old Version (Netflix)

A lot of little buzz jumped up on my reviews about this Sundance winner. Not realizing it was a New York movie as well as filmed in Black and White. I had no expectations whether good or bad, but slightly more excited because it was written, stared and directed in this debut movie. here's the synopses. A down-on-her-luck playwright thinks the only way she can salvage her voice as an artist is to become a rapper at 40.


Welcome back to the Pre and Post 2020 Election Part I

Welcome back to the REPO team getting in our thoughts for the Election. We split it up into a before during and after. We naturally critique the Democrat's for their weakness but criticize both sides for the dilemma we are in as a nation.


2019 Jacqueline Bahue Sauvignon Blanc

This Sauvignon Blanc from California is a little fruitier than it is in France, and a little lighter in body and color than a typical Chardonnay. This very different wine has great notes and flavors of Pears, melons and green apples


Black Box (amazon video)

As a fan of Blumhouse films, I saw that Amazon was going to release a set of horror/Drama movie for their prime subscription. One of these happened to be a black cast movie that had a very interesting concept with identity or your soul After losing his wife and memory in a car accident, a single father undergoes an agonizing experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is


2019 Far + Wide Grüner Veltliner Austria

Far + Wide explores varietals from the far reaches of the globe, like this Grüner Veltliner, a grape indigenous to Austria. unique and refreshing white that’s full of acidity, racy fruit, and a bit of spiciness, Grüner is a great alternative to Sauvignon Blanc


Perry Mason (HBO)

We were pretty stoked to sit down and see this beloved legal detective drama we use to watch staring Raymond Burr. Now that HBO took a stab at it. We wanted to see if it was worth the watch. Legal drama set in 1932 Los Angeles and based on novels and short stories penned by Erle Stanley Gardner



This medium-bodied wine offers notes of red cherry, boysenberry, raspberry, vanilla, toast, caramel and baking spice. COUNTRY: United States BRAND: Chalkstone Vineyards VARIETAL: Pinot Noir VINTAGE: 2017


2018 Wandering Giants Barbera

Very interesting California Barbera, This one runs more on the soother feel but not as tannic. Blackberry flavors greet you with this wine also with an earth smell that reminded me of a Cabernet Franc.Bright Cellars group of wines. 20 far 2 for 2 ($23.00 price point)


Time Trap (2017) Netflix

So this is a weird one. I’m usually into quality made movies or action packed epic films. Also If it is written well, a drama that catches my attention. But this recommendation was a 2017 B movie about time travel. I was told it was similar to my time travel preferences so I stopped to check it out. Here is the synopsis. A group of students become trapped inside a mysterious cave where they discover time passes differently underground than on the surface.


2018 AVAST Wines Riesling Columbia Valley

From the Columbia Valley wine region in Washington state, this sweet Riesling features a torrent of fresh fruit flavors that will please any lover of the varietal. On the nose, you’ll find notes of green apple, tangerine, lemon and lime, followed by fresh peach and nectarine on the palate. With balanced sweetness and acidity, think spicy for your food pairings. $21.99 from Bright Cellars


2018 Brothers Miller California Chardonnay

Nice melon and buttery feel to this Chardonnay. The buttery feel is light and the oak doesn't take a front seat to the introduction to this nicely priced and pretty flavorful wine from the Miller Brothers. great $8.99 price point as well from Naked wines.


NUNITS - Homemade Cosmetics (Part 2)

With part 2 of my open box of NUNIT's homemade cosmetics, I get into a little of the details of using the product, the opinion of its potential and my personal opinion of the product. turns out that its a more than meets the eye. Nunit’s homemade cosmetics offers a variety of hydrating, natural, and exfoliating products for body and lip care. We believe in natural sweetness that hydrates and nourishes , not only the skin but your energy field you emit to everyone.


The Social Dilemma (Netflix)

This documentary-drama hybrid explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.


NUNITS - Homemade Cosmetics

When you know people and believe in them. You make the effort to support them. So When Bryona told me she was starting a small homemade cosmetic business. I wanted to see how I could support her. Here’s NUNITS homemade cosmetics Nunit’s homemade cosmetics offers a variety of hydrating, natural, and exfoliating products for body and lip care. We believe in natural sweetness that hydrates and nourishes , not only the skin but your energy field you emit to everyone.


Black Girl Magic - Red Blend

A complex, well-crafted and inviting wine that shows tobacco and vanilla bean notes alongside generous plum, raspberry, and blackberry. The ripe and juicy mouth offers the chocolate cherry flavors typical of Merlot blend with the peppery spice of Cabernet to round out the full body. The finish is bold, gripping, and invites another sip. $24.99 From the McBride Sisters winery


I am not your Negro (Netflix)

In 1979, James Baldwin wrote a letter to his literary agent describing his next project, "Remember This House." The book was to be a revolutionary, personal account of the lives and assassinations of three of his close friends: Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. At the time of Baldwin's death in 1987, he left behind only 30 completed pages of this manuscript. Filmmaker Raoul Peck envisions the book James Baldwin never finished


2017 Gen5 Ancestral Red

This soft but full-bodied wine smells like maple syrup and brown sugar and tastes ripe, almost sweet, due to low acidity and plenty of oak treatment


The Swamp (HBO)

The Swamp is an American documentary film about the fundraising and political culture on Capitol Hill and in Washington, DC. it chronicles the activities of three Republican congressmen: Matt Gaetz, Thomas Massie and Ken Buck who are outsiders to dominant party patronage system