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Bridge the Gap Podcast is a podcast based in South Florida covering current events in pop culture, music, urban culture, fashion, business, technology, the local scene and much more.

Bridge the Gap Podcast is a podcast based in South Florida covering current events in pop culture, music, urban culture, fashion, business, technology, the local scene and much more.
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Bridge the Gap Podcast is a podcast based in South Florida covering current events in pop culture, music, urban culture, fashion, business, technology, the local scene and much more.






Episode 31 | “Stop Playin’” (feat. Drew Swace)

Dirty thirty season continues with another guest the Bridge the Gap boys have previously given their flowers too. Drew Swace is with the guys this week to talk on a couple things including them remembering where they were on 9/11, vinyls outselling CD’s for the first time in a long time, and opinions on the Hulu Wu-Tang series (26:26). After reviewing the new Post Malone album the guys shift into focusing on Drew Swace’s beginnings, the origins of Poor Amerika, and his WWE influences...


Episode 30 | "Edge" (feat. Kevo El Ninyo)

Thirty episodes in and the guys are joined by friend of the show and artist Kevo El Ninyo! During their conversation they anticipate the wedding the guys have mentioned before (14:28) and Kevo El Ninyo shares his early experiences with music and performing before artists like Retch and Lil’ Pump. Kevo and Jose get into a shared experience in their upbringing (61:56), Kevo explains his perspective on health being wealth, and Jose brings up Travis Scott vs T-Pain on autotune (101:15). BIG P...


Episode 29 | "Hurricane Cap"

This week the Bridge the Gap boys demonstrate that they are here to deliver each and every week! No hurricane was going to stop them, and after addressing the impact of Hurricane Dorian (13:54) the guys report on Salt Bae’s mismanagement, Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special (24:32), Hasboro owning Death Row & E One’s catalog, and Travi$’s documentary. Jose gives his take on Common’s new album and BIG P makes predictions on G.O.O.D. music striking again soon. The anniversary of Late...


Episode 28 | "OTP"

The Bridge the Gap boys find their groove this week starting off with the Amazon forrest fire, Tee Grizzley, and Kodak Black’s legal troubles. The 2nd official Bridge the Gap Podcast “Big Eats” food review also took place this week with the Popeyes chicken sandwich (19:55). After covering The Marathon store’s capsule with Puma and Freddie Gibbs siding with Roc Nation, Dame Dash’s most recent interview is picked apart (40:30). Travis Scott’s Netflix documentary brings video streaming into the...


Episode 27 | “For the Ladies”

Jose, BIG P, Migg and DeLaSerg this week share some health updates, the reaction to Roc Nation’s NFL deal (17:50), Viacom and CBS’s merger further shifting video and the Free Meek documentary on Amazon Prime (46:00). Getting into music, things such as whether first-week sales in the streaming era matter (53:50), Nicki Minaj’s revival of Queen Radio and her recent movements, So Much Fun (1:21:41), and much more is covered.


Episode 26 | "Criteria"

During this weeks episode, the Bridge the Gap boys waste no time before going over Rick Ross’s Port of Miami 2 (11:48). After reviewing the album, media narratives on Rick Ross, and the highlights the guys pick apart the unreleased Pusha T verse. The best in hip-hop list trend of the last couple weeks is addressed and the key point missing in each list (34:00), BIG P & Jose each share their top 10’s and the reasoning for these choices. Jose, BIG P, DeLaSerg & Migg cover Apple Music Masters...


Episode 25 | “Last Friday Night”

Jose, BIG P, Migg and DeLaSerg share stories from vacation, a local food review, corrections on statements from last weeks episode, confirmation on Battle of the Carters, their thoughts on Southside’s comments on Broward, and a positive A$AP update this week (36:36). More covered: Chance and YBN Cordae’s albums, Katy Perry’s sample clearance lawsuit, Drake’s care package (1:23:54), Yeezy and Adidas’s mass restock, a review of the newest Quentin Tarantino movie, and much more. This week...


Episode 24 | "Fresh off the Float"

During this weeks episode, things start off with BIG P asking the listeners a question while reporting on Apple funding their own exclusive podcasts (17:14) and Drake’s distancing from Apple brings DeLaSerg to point out a key statistic connected to his career. The fellas give a Puerto Rico update, and congratulate Meg Thee Stallion on her ownership achievement (38:20). Mig introduces the XXL freestyles, and the guys celebrate where the culture is and pose a couple questions while...


Episode 23 | “Talk To Me Nice”

This week we find the Bridge the Gap boys talking nice for a little without Mig. After recapping and updating amongst themselves, they go over legal troubles of a couple high-profile figures within the culture, the unrest in Puerto Rico, Trump and A$AP Rocky, and Beyonce executive producing the soundtrack to the new Lion King movie (31:35). More new music is covered, and the guys speculate on whether Chance The Rapper can outdo himself on his “debut album”. Things get nostalgic after...


Episode 22 | “Brickell Boy”

On this episode of Bridge the Gap Podcast we find the guys recapping the first event they were all present for (13:06), another event BIG P and DeLaSerg have been teasing for a few weeks, and the nostalgic 2019 OVO fest line-up. The guys pick apart Jermaine Dupri’s out of touch comments (44:29), another article supporting BIG P’s argument on Netflix and video streaming trends, and a couple updates from two of the guys favorites in their business endeavors (1:17:51). Jadakiss’s comments on...


Episode 21 | “Can She Rap?”

This week the Bridge the Gap boys get into a lot! They start off highlighting an event taking place this weekend (7:35), Scooter Braun finds his way into the conversation again, and the Russ Joe Budden pull up interview brings Jose to revive a phrase from season one. Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers III leads to a heated discussion on J. Cole’s recent decisions and the interpretation of its impact (26:41). Lil’ Nas X, an explosion in Plantation over the weekend and A$AP Rocky’s legal...


Episode 20 | “Big Petty”

On this weeks episode, the Bridge the Gap boys start off with some sports as another soccer tournament is currently underway. They dive into a slew of new music from artists such as Benny The Butcher, Daniel Ceasar, Chris Brown, Freddie Gibbs and much more. Music discussions lead to questioning the reception Chris Brown gets (48:54), predictions on the return of Rihanna the musician, speculating on Nicki Minaj’s next move and recapping the BET awards. After covering the Universal catalog...


Episode 19 | “That’s Crazy” (feat. Anonymuz)

This week we find Anonymuz, a rapper discussed on previous episodes join the conversation with the Bridge the Gap boys. They start going over his path to this point, some stories on BIG P’s role in his early career (9:33), and the difference between an EP and an album. They also get into his leap of faith moment in 2016, his opinions on Florida artists and them capitalizing on the moment, and more memories with Jose lead to how he stays grounded (46:14). Between questions on songs from Vice...


Episode 18 | "Let Love"

During this weeks episode, Miguel returns to start off speaking on the job offer the guys brought up last week, BIG P brings up a couple live events taking place in coming weeks (11:43), and the four gentlemen dive into a slew of new music. Besides new music Common’s new book, and updates on DJ Khaled’s “reactions” lead to highlighting legacy act strategies in the streaming era (46:58). Discussions on Roc Nation Sports and the Brooklyn Nets, Miley Cyrus’s weak response to appropriation...


Episode 17 | “$H,000,000,000V”

This week Jose, BIG P, and DeLaSerg get to business going straight into national politics and its local impact on BIG P (4:15). The guys pick apart and appreciate Jay-Z’s billion dollar milestone and comment on DJ Khaled’s reaction to his first week sales report (21:33). Future’s new EP leads to BIG P asking if Future’s lost his edge, Drake and Chris Brown’s new song is discussed, and the guys question which produces a better result between drinking and podcasting or podcasting drunk....


Episode 16 | “The Rebrand”

On this weeks episode, the guys start off by paying respect to an educator Jose and DeLaSerg were familiar with. The guys recap the AUX WARS event mars3times mentioned a couple weeks back and the guys give their takeaways from the artists they saw perform (23:35). An engagement, Warner Bros. Records, and Denzel Curry’s new album and the timing of its release is discussed (57:49). The Lil’ Weezyana festival’s 5th year line-up and Kanye Wests’ interview with David Letterman are picked apart...


Episode 15 | “Don’t Do It”

During this weeks episode, the fellas go over Wu-Tang’s recent Showtime series, a recent report on The Notorious B.I.G’s legacy, a boxer’s Roc Nation Sports lawsuit (23:14), and new music from J. Cole, Young Thug & Travi$ Scott. The fellas congratulate all parties involved and comment on Hitman Fuego’s Around the Way music video (43:36), Amazon’s bold new offer for gift cards, and Drake breaking the Drake sports curse (56:30). Feelings on Game of Thrones are shared, BIG P and DeLaSerg tease...


Episode 14 | “Jozaytoven” (feat. mars3times)

This week of the Bridge the Gap Podcast features Dash Radio personality, fashion brand owner, and Youtuber mars3times having an interesting conversation with the Bridge the Gap boys where the interviewer gets interviewed. Some of what’s covered: Mars’s Journey from the Miami underground music scene to working closely with YesJulz in LA (16:00), Mars as the interviewer doing his own research on Hip-Hop media’s impact on this podcast (35:37), the YouTube music production phenomenon (56:42),...


Episode 13 | “Do You Get It Now?!”

On this weeks episode, the guys start off with Jose sharing his recent exploration into minimalism (3:55). Reports on Kurtis Blow’s health and the impact of Rolling Loud is covered. Jose and BIG P got mixy last week and shared their experience at the Rxdical Records pop-up event (22:05). More music with Logic’s comments on sample clearances (40:09), Hip-Hop’s influence on the Billboard charts (53:22), and upcoming artists (1:00:58). Ayesha Curry’s recent comments lead BIG P to question if...


Episode 12 | "Durag Pee"

After a couple weeks away from podcasting, Jose, BIG P, and DeLaSerg reunite with a lot to address and a lot of energy throughout the discussion. The guys cover their time away from recording and start by recapping the Joe Budden Podcast Miami live show (10:29). Jose picks apart, comments, and makes connections to Kanye West’s Sunday Service Coachella performance (20:02). The fellas pay their respects to John Singleton, and fall into a heated discussion on films deviating from comic book...