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“Bringin' it Backwards" podcast -- a platform for both legendary and rising musicians to tell their personal stories on how they achieved stardom, providing invaluable information for all artists and music enthusiasts to have access to meaningful, and memorable advice to inspire their own creative journeys.

“Bringin' it Backwards" podcast -- a platform for both legendary and rising musicians to tell their personal stories on how they achieved stardom, providing invaluable information for all artists and music enthusiasts to have access to meaningful, and memorable advice to inspire their own creative journeys.


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“Bringin' it Backwards" podcast -- a platform for both legendary and rising musicians to tell their personal stories on how they achieved stardom, providing invaluable information for all artists and music enthusiasts to have access to meaningful, and memorable advice to inspire their own creative journeys.






Interview with Nancy Deckant Discover Sooner

We had the pleasure of interviewing Nancy Deckant over Zoom video. Nancy Deckant, Founder and CEO of DiscoverSooner, the Nashville-based start-up and online platform for songwriters and publishers. In 2006, Nancy Deckant became the coordinator for the Pittsburgh chapter of NSAI and it set in motion a course she had no plan to take. She moved to Nashville in 2013 as a songwriter and by 2015 started publishing and providing songplugging for clients. It was during that transition she came to...


Interview with Michael McArthur

We had the pleasure of interviewing Michael McArthur over Zoom video. Singer/songwriter Michael McArthur announced his new album Milky Stars will release on September 16th through Transoceanic Records/Soundly Music. Recorded in Nashville and produced by Grammy-winner Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Kings of Leon, James Bay, Kaleo, Modest Mouse), McArthur's sophomore effort is rooted in his own mix of rock, raw soul, and lushly layered indie folk. The album's lead single "Lady Luck" is out now–...


Interview with Lia D'sau

We had the pleasure of interviewing Lia D’sau over Zoom video. 19-year-old Tel Aviv based singer songwriter Lia D’sau released her latest single “Sad Teenage Flower”. “Sad Teenage Flower” is the next single release off of Lia’s upcoming debut EP set for release later this year. This single follows in the success of Lia’s previous singles “Manboy”, “Bird” and “Metaphors for Being Alone” which have already created some buzz for this up and coming talented singer-songwriter. Lia’s music is...

Interview with Party Favor and K.Flay (K.Flay Returns!)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Party Favor and K.Flay over Zoom video. Grammy-nominated artist Party Favor’s highly anticipated sophomore album ‘RESET’ is out now on Ultra Music. The 14-track album is an amalgamation of styles, genres and sounds, a true reset on the settings Party Favor may have been boxed into before. Opening up with a literal bang, “With Regards To Your Speakers” was written with the intention of ripping off the bandaid, and setting the tone for the whole project....


Interview with Bad Omens

We had the pleasure of interviewing Bad Omens over Zoom video. Bad Omens slither through boundaries, only to ultimately choke convention in the process. The quartet—Noah Sebastian (vocals), Joakim “Jolly” Karlsson (guitar), Nick Ruffilo (bass), and Nick Folio (drums)—materialize with ghostly atmospherics, striking hooks, and the tingles of sensual high-register harmonies uplifted by cinematic production. Racking up over 250M worldwide streams to date and earning acclaim, the band presents...


Interview with Dead Tired

We had the pleasure of interviewing Franz Stefanik of Dead Tired over Zoom video. Dead Tired’s unrelenting musical onslaught is best defined by way of contrasts and contradictions, existing in the ether between opposing forces and foiling ideas. Look no further than the Hamilton-based hardcore outfit’s latest LP, Satan Will Follow You Home – a crushing 10-track collection that’s both beautifully orchestrated and cathartically chaotic. Its elevated production quality embraces ears like...

Interview with Karine Hannah

We had the pleasure of interviewing Karine Hannah over Zoom video. Growing up in Canada, and at the age of sixteen, her performance on a Canadian television show caught the eye of none other than Celine Dion. The world-renowned diva went on to ask Karine to perform at her wedding. “That was really the start,” she recalls. “It was such an incredible moment, and I was driven to pursue this endlessly to fulfill my dreams as a world-class singer.” “It happened at a time when I least expected...


Interview with Steven Dayvid McKellar (Civil Twilight)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Steven Dayvid McKellar over Zoom video. South African-born but Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Steven Dayvid McKellar recently his new EP One and Zero. A product of the last two pandemic years, this EP proved to be a cathartic creative outlet for him. Bringing together introspective and personal observations of the intrinsic world of isolation with the larger cultural context that the polarized socio/political environment has bred in this country, One...

Interview with LOKRE

‘Something From Nothing' We had the pleasure of interviewing LOKRE over Zoom video. Toronto-based R&B singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist LOKRE as she gears up to release her debut album ELIZABETH in September. Earlier this month LOKRE released ‘Something From Nothing' ‘Something From Nothing' , a relatable song on womanhood and strong motherly figures inspired by the immigrant story. Taken from her forthcoming debut album...

Interview with Charlie Rosen

We had the pleasure of interviewing Charlie Rosen over Zoom video. Charlie Rosen, an experienced Grammy Award and Tony Award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, orchestrator, and music director. Most recently, Charlie received a Tony Award nomination for his orchestrating work on the Broadway musical A Strange Loop. A Strange Loop garnered 11 Tony nominations and 2 Tony award wins, making it the most-nominated show on Broadway this year. The momentous musical follows a Black and queer...


Interview with Zachary Ross and The Divine / Man Overboard

We had the pleasure of interviewing Zachary Ross and The Divine over Zoom video. Zachary Ross and The Divine release their debut single “A Light Over Massachusetts” and announce their signing to Smartpunk Records. With an EP on the way and more singles to come, this track marks Zac’s first solo project since his days as the frontman in the beloved pop-punk band Man Overboard. The track masterfully showcases the group’s distinct ability to create nostalgia-inspired modern rock music. The...


Interview with Alexisonfire (Wade Returns!)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Wade MacNeil of Alexisonfire over Zoom video. ALEXISONFIRE released Otherness, their long-anticipated and first full-length album in over 13 years. Otherness is arguably the band's most cohesive and self-actualized record to date, featuring impassioned anthems with earnest and deeply heartfelt lyrics, and impeccable vocal and musical performances from the iconic 5-piece. Up next is the visually stunning, dreamlike video for "Sans Soleil," which was...


Interview with PmBata

We had the pleasure of interviewing PmBata over Zoom video. PmBata returns with the self-deprecating track/video “i hate her boyfriend’s face.” The track, which explores the darker side of love and self awareness, takes listeners on a journey through Parker Bata’s mind. “i hate her boyfriend’s face” reflects Parker’s heartbreaking realization that being dependent on someone else's love was compensation for the fact that he didn't love himself. Between the acoustic guitar stylings and...


Interview with Mt. Joy

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mt. Joy over Zoom video. Mt. Joy recently released their third full-length offering, Orange Blood, along with the latest single, “Evergreen.” The track boasts upbeat guitar curls around a punk-y groove before colliding with an intoxicating refrain. The track’s accompanying music video stars The Office star Creed Bratton, a personal friend of the band who last fall, joined the band on stage at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles. In the video, Creed sets off...


Interview with Vatican

We had the pleasure of interviewing Vatican over Zoom video. Savannah, Georgia five-piece VATICAN has released their new album ULTRA, via UNFD. Vatican are influenced by the "fuck you" frankness of heavy hardcore, but with the technical leads of djent and progressive metal. Cynical of technology, but enamored with video games. The band quickly began shaping their sound from nascent metalcore into something more complex and interesting. By the time Vatican released their first...

Interview with Sammy Rae & The Friends

We had the pleasure of interviewing Sammy Rae & The Friends over Zoom video. For as much as Sammy Rae & The Friends may be a band, this collective of, dreamers, and artists consider itself a family first. Fronted by singer and songwriter Sammy Rae, the group flourishes in any spotlight with a combination of all-for-one and one-for-all camaraderie, palpable chemistry, deft virtuosity, and vocal fireworks. Their sound is a mélange of Sammy’s influences, rooted in classic rock, folk, and funk...


Interview with renforshort

We had the pleasure of interviewing renforshort over Zoom video. renforshort releases her anxiously awaited debut album, dear amelia, today via Interscope Records. With dear amelia renforshort joins forces with her longtime collaborator Jeff Hazin as well as producers/co-writers like David Pramik, Alexander 23, Andy Seltzer, John Ryan, Tia Scola, Nick Long and Y2K, and narrates an up-close and thrillingly honest journey through the darkest parts of her psyche. A near-lifelong musician who...

Interview with Ninet Tayeb

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ninet Tayeb over Zoom video. Rock ‘n’ roll singer-songwriter Ninet Tayeb shows off her guitar-driven riffs and soaring vocals as a landscape for her captivating, reflective new single “Who Is Us.” The Israeli superstar songstress accompanies the track alongside a cinematic music video designed to tell the spiritual lyrical story of forgiveness, patience, presence, and bravery while facing life’s unknowns. Los Angeles-based, Israel-native, alternative...


Interview with St. Louis

We had the pleasure of interviewing St. Louis over Zoom video. Presenting “Debut”, the brand new single from Liverpool-based musical marksman, St. Louis. After years of developing his sound behind closed doors, St. Louis is finally showing his craft to the world as an artist undeniably in his own lane. The jazz-R&B/pop-oriented musician is an amalgamation of the greats of past and present, with a sound existing somewhere in-between Jeff Buckley, The Weeknd, Freddy Mercury and…...


Interview with Alec Benjamin

We had the pleasure of interviewing Alec Benjamin over Zoom video. Having come a long way from the days of promoting his music in parking lots of concert venues, singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin ended 2021 by playing to sold-out crowds across North America. With him, Alec brought on the road an already impressive resumé having reached 4B+ global streams, 10M+ social media followers across his platforms, 70M+ in playlist reach, and 1B+ YouTube views on his channel. Alec Benjamin’s...