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This go-round we present to you Drew Gardner and Jesse Sheppard who make up the group, Elkhorn. These guys make terrific, improvisational, instrumental music. We and chat at length about their two new albums, Sun Cycle and Elk Jam, before the conversation inevitably steers toward Grateful Dead.


Three Nights in '73

This go 'round we're looking back forty-six years to March, 1973. The Grateful Dead played three shows at the Nassau Veteran's Memorial on March 15, 16, & 19. These kicked off a short East Coast tour spanning from Boston to Baltimore and really gave them a chance to stretch the fairly new Wake of The Flood material debuted in February of that year.


039 - Bill Payne of Little Feat

On this episode we have Bill Payne of Little Feat as out special guest. He joins us to talk about Little Feat's 50th Anniversary Tour which is about to get underway. Fifty years is a long time but we look back at how it all began. We also spend some time discussing his time with Leftover Salmon and The Doobie Brothers as well as his stint in Phil & Friends. After our chat we spin some Little Feat and Phil Friends jams for your listening pleasure.


038 - Garcia Peoples

On this edition of BrokedownPod, we have Tom Malach, guitarist from the great band Garcia Peoples, joining us to talk about his band, their upcoming album, Natural Facts (available via Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records), and the Grateful Dead. These young guys bring a fresh ear to the two guitar indie rock sound, bending themes and melodies with a knowledgeable, psychedelic, intent. We've got some live stuff from one of their recent shows after the interview. And after that, some terrific...


037 - Winter Tour '79 pt. 2

In this episode we return to finish our look at the final Grateful Dead shows of Keith and Donna. Winter '79 featured some good music but spotty coverage in the form of soundboard tapes. Fortunately, some of the audience recordings hold up and we even feature one such tape in the show. We've got some first set rockers and second set jammers on the decks.


036 - Steven Graves

Greetings, Dead Freaks! This episode features an interview with singer/songwriter Steven Graves. We discuss his new album How Long, the role music plays in our lives and world, and his relationship with the music of the Grateful Dead. We then play a bit of the new record and a special request of a Jerry Garcia Band song. After that, a set of good old Grateful Dead.


035 - Winter Tour '79 pt. 1

It's 2019 and my Grateful Dead calendar puts us exactly 40 years out from the final tour with Keith and Donna. In this episode we take the first half of that tour into consideration and spin some jams hot enough to defrost your microbus. So stand up or sit down and enjoy.


034 - A Day Between

The year is rapidly closing but here's one more episode before 2019 hits. This one is a look at some of the shows played on 12/27 over the years. We've got Grateful Dead tunes from several eras of the band and some nice jams along with. So ice the bubbly, spike the last of the egg nog and get ready to boogie.


033 - Generational Band

It's December and temperatures may be falling but we've still got hot jams for you. Inspired by a Bob Weir quote in this recent Rolling Stone interview, this episode digs into where Grateful Dead music goes in the next fifty years. We'll check into Dead & Company, Phil & Friends, Keller Williams, Golden Gate Wingmen, and Joe Russo's Almost Dead. Then, we'll spin some terrific Grateful Dead.


032 - Dire Wolves

In this episode we chat with Jeffrey Alexander of Dire Wolves. They've got a new album out called Paradisiacal Mind. It's a great trip and worth your time. We dig into the origins of the band and their unique sound before spinning a track from the new album. Then we tap into Jeffrey's past as a deadhead and taper. Naturally we get to talking about shows he saw and that leads us to spin some terrific Grateful Dead.


031 - JGB Fall '93 with Lenny Stubbe

In this episode, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the final Jerry Garcia Band East Coast Tour. In Fall of '93, the JGB played a mess of dates back East (as they say) and a whole lot of fun was had. Our guest, Lenny Stubbe was there in Buffalo (11/5/93) and reports his recollections and overall impressions of the tour. Your host attended a couple of these as well. No Grateful Dead this time... Just Jerry.


030 - One Eleven Heavy

Hey there, Dead Freaks! In this episode we talk to James Toth and Nick Mitchell Maiato about their new group One Eleven Heavy and their recently released album, "Everything's Better". We talk separately about their history, the formation of this group, and their Grateful Dead fandom. We also manage to spin a cut from the record and a whole mess of Grateful Dead tunes.


029 - MSG '90

Hey there, Dead Freaks! It's October and although I'm ready for cooler weather, I'm still into talking about September. Specifically, September 1990. We're looking back to that first run of shows at Madison Square Garden with Vince and Bruce joining the Grateful Dead on the keys. While this era is often maligned, there's great stuff to be heard. In fact, this run has spawned a Dick's Picks (#9) and a Road Trips release! We're combing through what's to bring you some great playing from the...


028 - Blues For The World Mix

No guest this week, fellow Dead Freaks. Just you and me and a the good old Grateful Dead. I've got a jam-packed mix for you that I think you're gonna enjoy. I put this together over ten years ago and it's high time you got a chance to wrap your head around it.


027 - Getting To Know Jerry David DeCicca

Greetings, Dead Freaks! In this episode I sit down and chat with songwriter, Jerry David DeCicca, about his new album, Burning Daylight (out on 9/28 and available on Bandcamp), and his other album from this year, Time The Teacher (also at Bandcamp). We then get into his history as a Dead fan and wrap the whole thing up with some good old Grateful Dead.


026 - Dennis McNally

Greetings, Dead Freaks! Here, in the waning days of Summer, we bring you a chat with Grateful Dead publicist, biographer, and author, Dennis McNally. We discussed his books, Desolate Angel (on Jack Kerouac and the Beats), A Long Strange Trip (on The Grateful Dead, of course), and On Highway 61: Music Race and the Evolution of Cultural Freedom. Dennis also tells us about his next project before we do what we always do and dig into his history with the Grateful Dead.


025 - Matt Valentine

We're back with an in depth conversation with Matt Valentine, guitar player and one half of the heavy vibe duo that is Wet Tuna. Matt's been cooking up serious soundwaves for some time and we dip into the story of who he is and what he's after in our chat. There's a few stops along the way as we discuss his influences, past work, Wet Tuna, and, of course, Grateful Dead.


024 - Tom Constanten & Prana Crafter

In this episode we have Grateful Dead keyboardist, Tom Constanten, on to talk about the upcoming tour from Live Dead '69. Then Will Soll of Prana Crafter joins us to discuss his new album and, of course, some good old Grateful Dead.


023 - Summer Tour Sampler

It's July, the Summer heat is here to stay and there's no better time to be on the road. In this episode, we head out on the road to check in with Dead & Company and Phil Lesh. Both bands are doing some great things on stages all over the place so I've pulled a couple great jams to either cool down or heat up your listening space. These jams can do both. After that, we reach into the vault for some good old Grateful Dead.


022 - Summer Jams

Hey there, Dead Freaks! It's summer time and the time is right for long, sick jams. This episode finds me digging into a serious dose of those along with some other great tunes. No guest, not a lotta nonsense, just good old Grateful Dead.