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Heathens from Murgatroid, I can't believe it's not popcorn! Or is it? DJ ARB (aka The Colonel) spins an hour of goodies from the late 50s & early 60s. Burn your toast and blacken your coffee every Thursday morning 1pm EST.

Heathens from Murgatroid, I can't believe it's not popcorn! Or is it? DJ ARB (aka The Colonel) spins an hour of goodies from the late 50s & early 60s. Burn your toast and blacken your coffee every Thursday morning 1pm EST.
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Jersey City, NJ


Heathens from Murgatroid, I can't believe it's not popcorn! Or is it? DJ ARB (aka The Colonel) spins an hour of goodies from the late 50s & early 60s. Burn your toast and blacken your coffee every Thursday morning 1pm EST.




Fangs Groove on a Chubby Kind Of Day from Nov 14, 2019

Georgia Carr - "Let's Close The Door" Pearl Woods - "I Can't Wait" Pete King & His Orchestra - "The Place" Chubby Checker - "The Girl With The Swingin' Derriere" Lori Lea - "Ah! Sweet Mystery of LIfe" Abie "Available" Baker - "The Web" Pat Clayton - "I Said No" Buddy Lucas - "No Help" Bobby Bland - "36-22-36" Nina Simone - "The Gal From Joe's" Patsie Slater - "A Tear" Rudy Lambert - "Jamboree" Revel Ray - "Oh Blue Flame" Mack Rice - "I'm Coming Home" Your DJ Speaks over Menard...


Chug Chug Quack Quack from Nov 7, 2019

Jay Busby - "Apple Cider" Terry Timmons - "Got Nobody To Love" A Ram In Mexico - "Josh-Ico" Bobby Scott - "Chain Gang" Mary Moultrie - "Rover" Jeanette B. Washington - "Medicine Man" Clifford Curry - "Good Humor Man" Your DJ Speaks Over A Ram In Mexico Trini Lopez - "Sinner Not A Saint" Marsha Gee - "Peanut Duck" Charles Sheffield - "It's Your Voodoo Working" Mavis Rivers - "Footsteps Of A Fool" The Cheers - "Chug Chug Toot Toot" Aric Lavie - "The Ballad Of Red Rock" Frank...


Death And Popcorn from Oct 31, 2019

Zen Fuller - "Doomsday" Murry (Long Tall Texan) and the Cane Breakers - "The Ghost Song" Jackie Jocko - "Haunted Lover" The Poets - "Dead" The Naturals - "Mummy" Danny Hutton - "Monster Shindig" Connoisurs - "Count Macabre" Gerry Granahan - "Devil At My Doorstep" Your DJ Speaks over Swinging Ghosts Igor & the Maniacs - "The Big Green" Zacherley - "Coolest Little Monster" Ray Stevens - "Laughing Over My Grave" Jackie Brooks - "The Raven" Thunderbirds - "Summertime" Steve Bledsoe...


Singles Going Steady (belated) from Oct 24, 2019

Celia Cruz - "La Clave de Oro" Leroy Holmes and His Orchestra - "The Man With No Name" Peter Appleyard & Orchestra - "Mambo Inn" Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra - "Shish Kebab" Henry Mancini and His Orchestra - "Your Father's Feathers (El Baile De Las Avestruces)" Ray Anthony & His Orchestra - "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" Sonora Matancera - "Que Es El Amor" Perez Prado y Su Orquesta - "El Millonario" Perez Prado y Su Orquesta - "Norma La De Guadaljara" Your DJ Speaks Tropic Aza...


Underneath That Make-up from Oct 17, 2019

Three Suns - "Fever" Florence Pepper w/ Eddie Martin & The Hi-Liters - "China Rock" Susan Singer - "Bobby's Loving Touch" Don Hollinger - "Where The Young Folks Go" J.J. Jones - "Sock Dance" Jimmy Rushing - "Where Were You" Dossie Terry - "24 Years" Joe Alan - "C'est Pas Prudent" your dj speaks over bathsheba Bobby Wall with Howard Biggs and Band - "Baby It's Too Much" Emilhenco - "Prisonnier De Mon Amour" Jeannie Barnes - "Can't Get You Off Of My Mind" The Tweeters - "Mascara...


Sputnik As A Divine Revelation from Oct 10, 2019

Joe Lutcher & His Orchestra - "Ojai" Catalinas - "Hobo" Denny King - "Don't Talk Baby" Tom Grayson - "That You Feel Love" Frankie Castro - "Steamboat" The Four Tops - "Tea House in China Town" Lillian Vines - "I Dreamed About My Baby Last Night" Your DJ Speaks Oscar Perry - "Sittin Here Crying" Ronny Goode - "Totem Pole" The Century Five - "La Moomba Kasa Boo Boo Cha Cha Cha" G Letra Sextet - "Holly Golly Tom Tom" Frank James - "Sea of Faces" George Melly - "Run Come See...


The Worst Of The Bad Men from Oct 3, 2019

Dakota Staton w/ Howard Briggs Orchestra - "Don't Mean Maybe" Debonaires - "Going To Town" Harold L & Offbeats - "Three Years" Moss Tolbert - "Money In My Pocket" Trio Joroca - "Koulouri" Viktor Reschke - "Basta" Eve Boswell - "Voom Ba Boom" Tom Carrigan w/ J.P. & The Turnpikes - "Reckless Youth" Your DJ Speaks Rosco Gordon - "A Little Bit Of Magic" Don Carol & His Band - "You Want No One, But Me" Danny "Run Joe" Taylor - "You Look Bad" Gale Garnett - "That Was Me You Ran...


Marooned On Cannibal Island from Sep 26, 2019

Bobby Summers - "Pad" Bob Marlo - "Straighten Up and Fly Right" The Expressos - "A Beatnik Story" Artie Barsamian And His Orchestra - "Nene Aman" King Curtis - "Fever" Leola & The Lovejoys - "Wait 'Round the Corner" Barbara Simpson - "Waiting For My Baby Baby" Mary Moultrie with Hutch's Trio - "You Gotta Hum" Buddy & Ella Johnson - "My Old Man" George Brown - "Ninety Nine Years & One Dark Day" Jimmy Riddle - "Farmer's Son" Johnny Nelms - "The Sulphur Queen" Your DJ Speaks Latin...


Why My Hair Won't Lay Down from Sep 19, 2019

Johnny Doray - "Judgement" Don Eddy - "Carrot Top" Nicky Robbins - "A Little Love" Simone Dina - "Now I Lay Me Down To Weep" Pierre Sellin - "Quand Une Fille Me Plait" Cat - "Hit The Road Jack" Drits & Dravy - "Talk That Talk (Pt. 1)" Your DJ Speaks Jimmy Jones - "Never Had it So Good" Ronnie Self - "Ugly Stick" Louis Nye - "Teenage Beatnik" Clark's Combo - "Drowning" Alberto Vasquez - "Desencadena Mi Corazon" Eric Le Mans - "Dis Non" Hank Beebe & Bill Heyer - "We Were...


Pouring snake oil from Sep 12, 2019

Mickey And His Mice - "Cracker Jack" Screaming Jay Hawkins - "In My Dream" I Marena - "Vedo Te" Harold Atkins - "Big Ben" Chuck Daniels - "Tiny Tim" Buddy Stuart - "Doctor Heartache" Tom Tumbleweed - "Tumbling Down" Elizabeth Lands - "Friday The 13th" Your DJ Speaks Fred Scott - "Got The Feeling" JImmy James - "I'm Glad" Kieu Oanh - "đêm cuối có" Gillian Hills - "Maintenant il Telephone" Ruth Wallis - "A Man of My Own" Teddy Phillips - "31 Steps" Your DJ Speaks Joe Quijano -...


Dig that beard from Sep 5, 2019

Edmundo Ros - "Vaba Ba Boom" Renato Carosone - "La Luna Rossa" Hector Rivera - "Yabucoa" Ruth Brown - "Walk With Me Lord" Dale Hawkins & Maylon Humphries - "Weep No More" Percy Mayfield - "Gone Astray" Satin Angels - "Pity Me" Your DJ speaks Johnny Williams - "Sadaba" Johnny Burnette - "Moody River" Roy Gaines - "Alabama Sue" Dorsey Burnette - "Cry For Your Love" Georgia Carr - "Let's Close The Door" Eddie Cole & his Gang - "Police" Your DJ Speaks Louis Prima -...


Let the Tigress Loose from Aug 29, 2019

Dorothy Collins - "Let's Do It" Gale Garnett - "Same Game" Ike & Tina Turner - "Chances Are" joe torres - "dragon cha cha" Teddy Martin - "No Wampum" Treasure Isle All Stars - "Alley Cat Ska" Your DJ Speaks Pony Sherrell - "Don't Do Anything Til You've Heard From Me (demo)" Annette - "Hokey Pokey" Sammy Lowe - "Cleopatra Rock" Tomee & The Grecian Knights - "Bel-Sha-Zaar" Lecuona Cuban Boys - "Oye Mi Rumba - Jack Jack Jack" Juan Florer - "Ba Ba Rum" Don Tosti - "Chinito" Your DJ...


String 'em On A Bracelet from Aug 15, 2019

Shorty Long - "Burnt Toast And Black Coffee" Mindy Carson - "Just My Luck" Ronnie Savoy - "Big Hand, Little Hand" Sal Davis - "Makini" Philimone Wehbe - "Bashtiki Bumm" Ennio Sangiusto - "Habibi Twist" Celia Cruz - "Rock And Roll" Johnny Desmond - "Rio Conchos" J.T. Martin - "The Sad Tale" Jerry Williams - "Dangerous Happiness" Hillard Street - "River Love" Gay Poppers - "I Want To Know" Your DJ Speaks Fontane Sisters - "Take A Step" Bruce Cloud - "Lucky Is My Name" Candy Reed...


My Sinnin' To Seek from Aug 1, 2019

Windy Hill - "Lighthouse! (Lead Me To A Pretty Baby)" 'Cile Turner - "Crap Shootin' Sinner" Rick & Lance - "They Hanged A Certain Man" Wini Brown - "Johnny With The Gentle Hands" Al Brown & His Tunetoppers - "Sweet Little Love" Dakota Staton - "A Little You" Mary Ann Fisher - "Put On My Shoes" Titus Turner - "Hungry Man" Ronnie Love - "Chills And Fever" Tony Allen - "Chills" Jack Grayson - "Go Ahead On" Your DJ Speaks Danny & The Islanders - "Hey Boba Lou" Vince Everett - "Don't...


Wolf Bait from Jul 18, 2019

Dav Kipp - "Yea! My Baby Loves Me" Piney Brown and His Blues Toppers - "Sugar in My Tea (Cream in My Coffee)" Jimmy Dean - "Walk On Boy" Fred Darian - "Strong Man" Tobi Funaro - "Green Backs" Connie Francis - "Eighteen" Henry Thome - "Wolf Bait" Lenny Davis - "Satan's Got You" Merle Kilgore - "Lover's Hell" Jim Burgett - "The Living Dead" Your DJ Speaks The Blackjacks - "Anicouni" Kemal Rachid Et Ses Ottomans - "Loukoum" Billy Grammer - "Princess of Persia" Bob Conrad - "I Want...


1 gal, 7 women and 13 men from Jul 11, 2019

Berna Dean - "One Gal in Town, Five Men Hanging Around" Frankie Laine - "Seven Women" Dinah Shore - "Thirteen Men" Willie Bobo - "Evil Ways" Pérez Prado - "Kilindini Docks" The Stone Crushers - "Crawfish" LaVern Baker - "Love Me Right" Modernaires - "Wine, Women and Gold" Cornell Blakely - "Don't Do It" Georgia Gibbs - "You're Doin' It" Ann Henry - "Like Young" Matt Monro - "Honey On The Vine" Paula Grimes - "You Move Me So" Richard Hayes - "MIsery's Child" "Big" Buddy Lucas -...