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Champagne Lounge Episode 33: Jermaine Debris

Black People home cooked meals looking like dog food Black people never eating the first piece of bread Your go to high meals Nasty Cafateria Meals Black people buying cheap items 9/11 and DC Sniper moments Being the man in high school Crazy High School stories Power Vs. Snowfall KD being in his feelings


Champagne Lounge Episode 32: Primo's Family Vacation

Ranch or Blue Cheese? If you had to take someone off the top 5 list, who would it be and who would you add? Hooping Stories The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies


Champagne Lounge Episode 31: Banana Split

The Pregame out everywhere now!!!! Thoughts on Mac Miller/Travis Album? Lewl having car problems Lewl getting roasted If you was short how would you feel? Could you date a tall woman? Favorite White Comics?


Champagne Lounge Episode 30: Big Wild

The Pregame out everywhere now!!!! If Adam ate the forbidden fruit, how are men supposed to be faithful? Tupac living an out of pocket life Cancun stories Falling asleep in the club If you girl is in the club, does she need to be lingering at the let out? Big girls doing way too much in the club


Champagne Lounge Episode 29: Cerebral Pausey

Does Drake owe Shiggy money for the In My Feelings Challenge? Faith Evens and Stevie J getting married, what's your thoughts? Half way through the year, what's your favorite album, or EP of the year, so far? Who was bigger in thier prime 50 cent, or Drake?


Champagne Lounge Episode 28: Carmelo Mcgrady

Is Kanye out of pocket for leaking information to Drake? Overlooked/Underrated rappers Who's the better player? Carmelo Anthony or Tracy Mcgrady?


Champagne Lounge Episode 27: Slam Drunk

The Champagne Lounge discuss a few random topics. Some of these include Drake, would you allow your girl to be an actress? Lewl feels real passionate about the subject.


Champagne Lounge Episode 26: Lit Romney

The Gang discuss Lil Wayne, or Drake in their primes, the best albums out right now and faded talks about relationships and life. What do you hate in relationships? Do you like when you significant other is drunk?


Champagne Lounge Episode 25: Pause Pierce

Segment 1: Drake Vs. Pusha T (Last Round) Rich The Kidd Vs. Uzi Lil Wayne is finally free! Who Got Washed: Miss Me- Drake ft. Lil Wayne Segment 2: Iman gave Teyana Taylor a list of girls he had sex with, would you do it? Upcoming vacation trips Jay Z and Beyonce picture Segment 3: Random Thoughts! Song of the Week: Hakuna Matata-Champagne Gang


Champagne Lounge Episode 23: Shorty is Lyfting You Up

Make sure you check out Champagne Gang's album Champagne & OJ on ALL STREAMING services here: IG: Champagne_Gang302 FB: Champagne Gang 302 Champagne Lounge Episode 23: Shorty is Lyfting You Up Thoughts on Nicki Minaj and Eminem dating? A$AP Rocky Album? Drake Vs. Pusha T Would you want to hear a Drake and Meek collab? Collabs that haven't happened that are overdue? Who Got Washed? Ain't I- Young LA ft. Young Dro & T.I. Segment 2: What do you need the most from your...


Champagne Lounge Episode 22: The Liq Got You Keith Sweating

Make sure you check out Champagne Gang's album Champagne & OJ on ALL STREAMING services here: IG: Champagne_Gang302 FB: Champagne Gang 302 Champagne Lounge Episode 22: The Liq Got You Keith Sweating Segment 1: What's your thoughts on Spotify's hate policy? Casanova and Tekashi end beef, what's your thoughts? What's the worst guest verse you've heard on a rap song? Who Got Washed? G-Unit-Smile (Ar$hon was out of pocket for choosing this song, peep the segment to see...


Champagne Lounge Episode 21: Pastor Lewl

Listen to Champange Gang’s debut album here: IG: Champagne_gang302 Segment 1: Thoughts on Ye Rae Sremmurd vs. Migos Meek is home, what do you hope to hear from him musically moving forward? Who Got Washed- Realest Niggas- 50 cent ft. Notorious B.IG. & Eminem Segment 2 Is it good to have foreplay in a relationship to keep the fire alive? Is it cool to shoot your shot with a female by sliding in her DM? Should your significant other have access to your social media...


Champagne Lounge Episode 19: You Smell Like Homemade Cabbage

Segment 1: Is Cardi here to stay? What are your on Nicki's comments regarding Cardi? What's your thoughts on Tristan Thompson/Khole Kardashian? Who Got Washed: Maria I'm Drunk-Travis Scott ft. Young Thug & Justin Bieber Who Got Washed: Feelings on women who date multiple men at the same time, although there is no commitment? Would you feel a way if your girl had a celebrity crush? If you met your soulmate, but she wouldn't have sex until marriage, would you be able to wait? Segment 3: I...


Champagne Lounge Episode 18: U.W.O (Unidentified Walking Object)

Segment 1: Unarmed black man shot in Sacramento Have you ever expereienced racism? Young Jeezy announcing retirement Does a rapper technially retire? Who Got Washed: Maybach Music III- Rick Ross ft. TI and Jadakiss Segment 2: Does a person's sneaker ruin it for you, if you try to talk to them for the first time? Are you considered desperate if you use online dating? Would you have a Sugar Mamma? Segment 3: If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? If you could talk to your...


Champagne Lounge Episode 17: BarTHOTlomew

Segment 1: Freak Ass Rap Songs DJ Envy reaction on Breakfast Club Travis Vs. Tory Lanez Who Got Washed: No Better Love-Young Gunz Segment 2: Reactions to being confronted by your girl over minor things Would you let your girl go to Miami for Spring Break? What energy should you have when meeting a girl's dad for the first time? Segment 3 What era would you wanna live in 70s, 80s or 90s? You win the lottery, but you can only buy things that start with the first letter of your first name,...


Champagne Lounge Episode 16: The Shaq Cement 4's

Segment 1: Juelz Santana Fleeing Newark Airport? What label would you sign to if you had the choice? Ugliest/Best Rapper Sneaker ? Who Got Washed? Jay Z and Notorious B.I.G. Brooklyn's Finest Segment 2: What values or things would a girl leave with after a break up with you? Could you survive with a person who is controlling? When is a new hairstyle unacceptable? Segment 3: Black Sayings/Doings Early 2000 Dances Vs. Today's Dances Fashion No Nos Songs of the Week: Champagne Gang- T-Shirt...


Champagne Lounge Episode 15: Lewl Smith

Segment 1: Rick Ross Being Hospitalized Jay-Z and Future Collab Black Panther Who got washed? The Game ft 50 Cent “Hate or Love It” Segment 2: If your partner needed a transplant would you give it to them? Would you wanna die before or after you partner? If you saw your homie girl at the club wildin would u tell him? Segment 3: Smokey vs Dae Dae Embarrassing Moment For Someone Else Best Fried Chicken This or That Outta Pocket- NBA Youngboy


Champagne Lounge Episode 12: Valentine's Day is Overrated

Segment 1: Gucci Mane Bio Picture? Thoughts? Do You think he deserves one? Do you think Black Panther will live up to the hype? Kendrick executive produced the Black Panther Soundtrack. Is it too much Kendrick right now? Who Got Washed: Fabolous ft. Drake "Throw It In The Bag" Remix Segment 2: Is Black History month underapprecited? Is Valentines Day Overrated? Your "Ideal" Baecation and where would you go? I Need That! Top 5 Mafia Movies If you had 24 hours to live and you had one last...


Champagne Lounge Episode 11: Big Smack Sauce

Segment 1: Are the Migos dropping too much music? Culture 2 opinions? Has hip hop turned into WWE wrestling? Fake Beef, characters, etc. T Pain vs Nate Dogg Who Got Washed- Kendrick Lamar feat Jay Rock Money Trees Segment 2 Do females really have a fav sports team or does it switch according to their boyfriend at the time? Girls say every guy wanna rap and hoop but all they wanna do is model and do hair? Is that the same thing Tax Season discussion. People ballin out!! Segment 3 I Need...


Champagne Lounge Episode 10: Saucy Sundays

Segment 1: Scary Hours! What are your thoughts on Drake’s new singles? Best discographies in rap? You can only listen to one label for the rest of your life, what would it be? Who Got Washed: I’m a Boss-Rick ft. Meek Mill Segment 2: Sex Robots, your thoughts? Why do some girls think it is cute being the crazy girlfriend? Ciara told females they need to level up and act like a wife if you’re trying to find a man? What are your thoughts? I Need That! Segment 3: Your thoughts on Monique...