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Episode 35-Meek mill & Dipset album review also book review

Welcome to the Chop Shop!!!!! in this week's episode Rich Notch & Brock landers review some new heat that dropped within the last couple of weeks.all album's reviewed are: The Diplomats "Diplomatic ties" 1982 "Still 1982" Fetti(freddie gibbs,currency,alchemist) "Roma" Benny "tana talk 3" Meek Mill "championships" also Brock has a quick book review on "the beastie boys book" enjoy the show!


Episod 34-Retro review(The Firm & Dmx flesh of my flesh)

Welcome to the Chop Shop!!!!! this week Rich Notch & Brock Landers hold another retro review. in this episode they go back over 20 years to review one of the first ever super groups in THE FIRM's "The Album" headed by iconic Dr.Dre & Trackmasters.Labeled as a disappointment and a bust, But is it really a bust or does it hold up after time has passed? and then they review the sophomore effort by the hard hitting DMX "Flesh of my flesh,Blood of my blood" after only 6 months after his debut...


Episode 33-RETRO REVIEW(Mase Double up & Canibus CAN-I-BUS)

Welcome to the Chop Shop! THis is Chop it up Hip Hop's 1st edition of their RETRO REVIEW. where Rich Notch & Brock Landers go back in time and review albums that either had controversy surrounding the release,really bad reviews,really over the top good reviews, or if certain albums stand the test of time. The host give them another listen and give their review on it. today show they break down the critically panned Mase sophomore effort " Double up". is it as bad as it is percieved? also...


Episode 32-Dave east & styles P "Beloved"review

Welcome to the Chop Shop! This week Rich Notch & Brock Landers Breakdown the new Album by 2 of NYC'S Hard MC's Styles P & Dave East "Beloved". Can create something good together or is it another hyped up letdown? they also breakdown the New album by the King T.I. "Dime trap". Ghostface Killah also came out with "The Lost Tapes". and new artist spotlight on artist Smart wit his mixtape "No help,just hustle" enjoy the show.


Episode 31-Carter V Album review

Welcome to the Chop Shop!! In this week's episode Rich Notch & Brock Landers review the newest hip hop albums that just dropped. Including the long awaited album by Lil Wayne "The Carter V". also they review albums by TDE new artist Reason "There you have it",Logic's "YSIV",Cypress Hills "Elephants on acid",and Fabeyon "Beyond Will". Enjoy the show!!


Episode 30-Choppin' block (Busta Rhymes)

WOO-HAH!!!! Welcome to the Chop Shop!! This week's episode Rich Notch & Brock Landers bring you th 2nd edition of the CHOPPING this edition they break down the iconic,most creative,visionary,and legendary career of the Great MC known AS BUSTA RHYMES. does his musically catalog match up to the chopping block or do they stick a fork in future projects, or wanna hear more from the iconic MC? tune in and enjoy the show.


Episode 29-Eminem "kamikaze" album review

Welcome to the Chop Shop! With a bonus and unplanned episode of Chop it up Hip Hop, Rich Notch & Brock Landers discuss the new and surprise album " Kamikaze" by the legendary Eminem. did he redeem himself after the disappointing Revival album? or is it another lackluster joint? tune in and enjoy the show.


Episode 28-Nicki Minaj "Queen" album review

Welcome to the Chop Shop!!! This week Notch & Brock Breakdown another new release by a heavy hitter artist in the new Nicki Minaj's "Queen" album. as usual they give their very thorough,honest, and detail opinions on the album. Does this new joint by her live up to its name or Royalty dreams with pauper music? Enjoy the show!!!


Episode 27- new album reviews

Welcome to the Chop Shop!! this week Notch & Brock have some new albums they wanna review and discuss. They talk about the new Noreaga album "5E", Travis scott's "Astroworld",YG's "Stay dangerous',Dave East's "karma 2", and Mac Miller's "Swimming". Was this a good release week or is it TRASSHHHHHHHH? listen and find out enjoy the show.


Episode 26-Summer spirit festival

Welcome to the Chop shop! Rich Notch & Brock Landers are back after a lil summer break to talk that real hip hop again. this week Notch talks about his time he spent in DC at the Summer spirit music festival. where he see some of the all time greats perform some classic sets. he breaks down perfomances by Nas,Rapsody,Erykah Badu, and Method man & Redman. Enjoy the show!!


Episode 25- G.O.O.D. Music album reviews(Hype or History?)

Welcome to the Chop Shop!!! this week Notch & Brock along with guest Kai talk about the whole G.O.O.D music summer album rollout. They breakdown Pusha T's "Daytona",Kanye's "Ye". Kanye & Kid cudi's "kids see ghost", Nas "Nasir", and Teyana Taylor's "K.T.S.E.". alomg with other albums that dropped the past week. ENJOY THE SHOW!


Episode 24-YO! MTV RAPS 30th Anniversary concert

Welcome to the Chop Shop!! this week Rich Notch & Brock Landers discuss their experience at the recent show at the Barclays center in Brooklyn. For the Yo! mtv raps 30th anniversary concert. there is something about the legends that just know how to perform live extremely well. new cats take notes and sit back and enjoy the show.


Episode 23- The intersection of Hip Hop & fashion

Welcome to the Chop Shop!!! in this episode Rich Notch sits down with June the founder of Asoade clothing, and Sammy the founder of Get fresh clothing.they discuss their design and fashion aspirations along with how fashion intertwines with Hip hop culture.To check out these young entrepreneurs designs and merchandise just click on the links below. Enjoy the show!!! asoade clothing: Get fresh sneakers:


Episode 22(part 2)-Drake the best ever?

Welcome to the Chop Shop!!!! here is part 2 of Notch & Brock debate with Mack on his very strong belief that Drake is the greatest rapper of all time!!!! ENJOY THE SHOW!!!!


Episode 22(part 1)- Drake the best of all time??

Welcome to the chop shop!! This week's episode RIch Notch & Brock Landers are joined by special guest Mack.In this two parter episode the guys have an endless debate about mack's statement of Drake being the greatest rapper of all time. buckle up because this is a funny episode here. Enjoy the show!!!!! Youtube:


Episode 21- J cole KOD album review(redemption?)

Welcome to the Chop Shop!!! This week Notch & Brock discuss what they feel about the new album by the great MC J cole. Does his new album redeem himself from the 4 your eyes only album? does this lbum put him one of the elites of all time? listen to this epsiode as Notch & Brock give an honest and in-depth review as much as they can for a couple of listens. Enjoy the show!!! YOUTUBE CAHNNEL: GOOGLE...


Episode 20- our bonus 4:20 special!

Welcome to the Chop Shop!! this week Rich Notch & Brock Landers celebrate 420 wit a nice little playlist you guys can smoke out to. You can add these songs to your listening devices yourself or wait on 4/25 for our soundcloud mix by Dj Majestee. so roll up,eat an edible,dab it up, vape it out. whatever is your style lets get high together and enjoy our bonus 4:20 episode!!! soundcloud...


Episode 19- Boot Camp Click tribute

Welcome to the Chop Shop!! In this episode Notch & Brock wanna pay tribute to Legendary Boot Camp CLick & Duck Down records!! We feel that when it comes to NY rap scene or the Hip Hop scene in general Boot camp does not get their just due. so Notch & brock just have a healthy discussion about what Boot Camp/duck down mean to them. what boot camp contributed to Hip Hop culture in general. enjoy the show!!! B.C.C!!!!!!!!!!! soundcloud...


Episode 18-Current Hip Hop topics

Welcome to the Chop Shop!! in this weeks epsiode Notch & Brock discuss what's new in Hip Hop. Whether it's music,movies,news, or just people co-signing BS! Enjoy the Show!!!!!!


Episode 17-Top 10 favorite Hip Hop songs of all time

Welcome to the Chop Shop!!! this week Notch & Brock are joined by Dre,Richelle, and Tyler to discuss their personal top 10 favorite Hip Hop songs of all time. Enjoy the show! YOUTUBE CHANNEL: YOUTUBE...