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Hear uplifting stories of God’s love and faithfulness from guitar playing women who love Jesus. Glean encouragement and advice for your own life, faith, music and ministry. Hosted by Christian recording artist Chelsea Amber. Visit for more info.


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Hear uplifting stories of God’s love and faithfulness from guitar playing women who love Jesus. Glean encouragement and advice for your own life, faith, music and ministry. Hosted by Christian recording artist Chelsea Amber. Visit for more info.




Bloom Where You’re Planted - Heidi Riddell

Virginia-based singer-songwriter Heidi Riddell grew up surrounded by music as her parents led worship at her local church. She accepted Christ into her life at 6 years old, but her journey with God genuinely became her own after she stepped into motherhood. After the birth of her second child, she felt the Lord drawing her into music and songwriting. The door opened up for her to work with CCM artist Morgan Cryar, who gave her the best advice: "Bloom where you're planted." Now, she focuses on being faithful with the resources and spaces God has given her, surrendering her dreams to God so that her will aligns with His. Listen in for encouragement for your ministry and solid advice for your songwriting. Let God grow and refine you wherever He has you today. 💛 CONNECT WITH HEIDI: 🎵 HEAR "GROWN FOR YOUR GOOD": Spotify: Apple Music: ✍️ Get my best songwriting tips and a guide to create your own songwriting challenge:


Worship Beyond the Music - Martine Kelsey

From the beginning, God led singer, songwriter, worship leader, and TV host Martine Kelsey every step of the way. Yet things took a discouraging turn in 2019 when she lost her voice for a year. Through that difficult time, Martine learned what true worship is beyond the music. She experienced the power of prayer, and God got the glory through it all. In this fun and encouraging conversation, Martine also shares how the love of God changed her. It motivated her to write her latest album, Sweet Hallelujah, and begin her new TV show, Just Be Love. May this conversation draw you toward God in worship and prayer and remind you how much He loves you. CONNECT WITH MARTINE: HEAR MARTINE'S MUSIC: Spotify: Apple Music: 🎸 Download the Christian Guitar Girls Practice Plan PDF:


The Equipped Music Worship Leader - Sam Marsh

In seasons of growth and sorrow, God always brings author, music worship leader and singer-songwriter Sam Marsh back to worship. In the dark times, He brought healing through music worship by reminding her of who Jesus is. This journey through faith and music has led Sam to music worship leadership in many different churches over the years. As she mentored other music worship leaders, she noticed many didn't feel equipped to lead a full band. They wanted to honour Jesus with their talents, but their churches didn't have the money or resources to equip them. Through the burden Sam felt for these leaders, God led her to write her soon-to-be-released book, The Equipped Music Worship Leader. Get inspired by Sam's story of connecting with God through music worship and gain insights for your own music worship leadership. CONNECT WITH SAM: Website: Instagram: HEAR SAM'S MUSIC: Spotify: Apple Music: 🎙️ Start or grow your own podcast:


Grateful for Closed Doors - Caitlin Caggiano

Ever since guitarist Caitlin Caggiano was five years old, she felt God's calling to play the guitar. She finally decided to start learning the instrument at age 11 and became the first female to earn a degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of Central Florida. God has opened many doors in Caitlin's music career, including international events and performing for US troops in Europe. However, He also allowed closed doors. Looking back, she sees His hand in those disappointments because she wouldn't be where she is today without them. God worked everything together for her good and His glory! Tune in to hear about Caitlin's journey to glorify God through performing, leading worship, and teaching guitar lessons. You can also check out her website to access her courses and private lessons. CONNECT WITH CAITLIN:


When You Feel Hidden & Unseen - Amy Savin

Have you ever felt unseen? In 2022, singer-songwriter and worship pastor Amy Savin found herself in a season of hiddenness for an entire year. After all her tour dates and income came to a halt in 2020, God led her to a worship pastor position in 2021 and then to take a step back entirely from social media in 2022. In that year of being unseen, God ministered to her grieving heart, and she re-evaluated her relationship with social media. If you've ever felt hidden and unseen, you're in good company. Jesus spent most of his life hidden. David was hidden in the fields before God brought Him to the palace. Whether God calls you to a time of hiddenness or a season of stepping out, follow His leading with all your heart. No season is better than the other. God sees you where you are. When you're faithful to His calling, He celebrates you even when no one else is watching. Tune in to gain heaps of encouragement from Amy and to hear the story behind her newest single, "Like Cargo." 🤝 Connect with Amy: 🎵 Hear Amy's song "Like Cargo": YouTube: Spotify: 🎸 Download the Christian Guitar Girls Practice Plan: 🎸 Learn more: 💛 Get 5 days of encouraging devotionals & free music downloads:


When God Leads Your Music Career - Elise Bourn

When Elise Bourn was just ten years old, she gave her music to God. As she got older and decided to pursue this God-given passion, the road didn't go as she had envisioned. She waited two years before God started opening doors to do music ministry, and it wasn't in the places she expected. Now she is bringing His love to stages outside the church and leaning into the leading of the Holy Spirit as she goes. Check out my encouraging conversation with Elise as she talks about God's leading and lordship over her music and offers insights for our songwriting and music ministry. Connect with Elise: Instagram: Facebook: Hear her song "Fire Eyes": Apple Music: .com/track/2FjzpVHbYR84ehUBvQLKbi?si=63e8b778999b46e6 🎙️ Start or grow your podcast: 🎸 Learn more about the Christian Guitar Girls Community: 💛 Get 5 days of encouraging devotionals & free music downloads:


God is With Those Who Mourn - Esther Albiser

When French worship leader Esther Albiser first gave her life to Jesus, she had no idea that He would soon carry her through one of the darkest seasons of her life when she lost her father. To process the grief, she learned to play the guitar and began to pour her heart out to Him through song. Her love for worship eventually led her to ministry in a house of prayer in France, where she currently leads worship. Tune in to hear her encouragement that God can comfort and heal us in dark times. You'll also get a glimpse of what it looks like to minister in a house of prayer. Thank You, God, for Your comforting love! Get 5 days of encouraging devotionals and free music downloads:


The Power of Prayer - Brigitte Donoho

Singer, songwriter, and worship leader Brigitte Donoho first picked up the guitar at eight years old with dreams of rock stardom. But in her teenage years, she walked away from her love for music and her faith in God. Yet, through the power of a praying mom, God got ahold of her heart and led her back to His. She eventually found her way into music ministry and is now serving God and building His Kingdom through song. Tune in to hear how God changed her heart and showed his faithfulness through her years of ministry. You'll also get the story behind her new single about revival, called "Acts 2". There's no telling how God will move through our prayers! Connect with Brigitte: IG: Hear her music: Spotify: Apple Music: Download the Christian Guitar Girls Practice Plan:


God Makes a Way - Lisa Jost

When Lisa Jost first became a mother, she never dreamed that she would one day head out on the road with her husband and eleven children to do music ministry across North America. Then God called her family onto this unconventional path and completely changed her heart so that she couldn't imagine NOT doing it. Tune in to hear how God remained faithful through the highs and lows of life on the road, answered prayer, and provided for her family. She reminds us that when God calls us to head in a specific direction, He makes a way. Connect with Lisa: Band website: Blog: Hear music from her band, the Josties: YouTube: Apple Music: .com/artist/0fVfhXomzWuKQBS6jJ758f?si=t7pAKYPBQgur9c8ZyhmFqw Join our CGG Facebook group: Start or grow your podcast:


Our Weakness, God’s Strength - Lydia Walker

Lydia Walker is a singer-songwriter and worship leader from middle Tennessee. She is passionate about creating music and pursuing Godly motherhood. Lydia has released multiple albums, including original Lullabies, and a collection of songs for moms called Made For This. Her latest music project is an album of Acoustic Hymns. Lydia's goal is to share the hope of Christ through music. Lydia recounts her beginnings as a guitar player and songwriter and how her ministry has changed over the years as she transitioned into motherhood. She inspires us with the story of God's faithfulness and timing as she prepared to release her latest album. This interview is FULL of encouragement throughout. Lydia reminds us that God can work through our weaknesses to display His strength. He can work through our brokenness to showcase His beauty. CONNECT WITH LYDIA: Website: Instagram: HEAR LYDIA'S MUSIC: YouTube: @LydiaWalker 💛 Get 5 days of encouraging devotionals & free music downloads: 🎸 Join the Christian Guitar Girls Facebook group:


The Greatest Christmas Gift - Mary Ozaraga

Mary is a singer-songwriter and worship leader in Cebu, Philippines. She started leading worship for global online settings and sharing her original music during the lockdowns in 2020. She experiments with song styles, ranging from folk/singer-songwriter to rap/rhythmic to alternative/symphonic rock. Her background as a drummer is evident in her rhythmic guitar playing, songwriting, and singing style. In this conversation, Mary shares her beginnings as a guitar player and recording artist. We hear the story behind the song she wrote for a friend who suffered a miscarriage and the beautiful message behind her new Christmas song, "A Beautiful Mess." Connect with Mary: Facebook: Instagram: Hear Mary's music: YouTube: Spotify: Apple Music: Download the Christian Guitar Girls Practice Plan ebook: Join the Christian Guitar Girls Facebook group: 💛 Get 5 days of encouraging devotionals & free music downloads: Learn more about podcast host Chelsea Amber:


The God Who Sees - Marika Siewert

Marika Siewert is a Vancouver-based recording artist, songwriter, actor, producer, and director whose heart is to create collaboration amongst the artist community in Canada and new opportunities for women of color in music and film. She strives to inspire all people to live out their God-given dreams so others can experience His love and hope in our nation and world. In this conversation, Marika shares her experience as a Christian in the entertainment industry, trusting God for the right doors to open, and her struggles as a woman of color in the music and entertainment industries. She encourages us with the story behind her new single "Every Dream (God Who Sees)," which she wrote and sang with Brian Doerksen. We have a loving God who sees us and our dreams even when others don't. Hear the song "Every Dream (God Who Sees)": Spotify: Apple Music: Connect with Marika: Website: Instagram: 🎙️ Start or grow your own podcast: 🎸 Join the Christian Guitar Girls Facebook Group: 🎸 Learn more: Learn more about podcast host Chelsea Amber: 💛 Get 5 days of encouraging devotionals & free music downloads:


Right Where You Need to Be - Alana Smith

Missionary Alana Smith is a former band director from Arkansas who is now ministering in France as a youth pastor and as part of the leadership team at her church. She began songwriting and playing guitar during her personal worship times while in France, and her love for music and the French church eventually led to the release of her album Trésor. In this conversation, Alana shares how God led her into a ten-year season of preparation and confirmation before finally leading her to the mission field in France. She reminds us that when we follow Jesus closely each day, we can trust that we are right where we need to be. Listen to Alana's album on Spotify: Join our Facebook group: Download the Christian Guitar Girls Practice Plan ebook: 💛 Get 5 days of encouraging devotionals & free music downloads: Learn more about podcast host Chelsea Amber:


God Redeems Our Pain - Rachelle Luk

Connect with Rachelle Luk:


Songwriting: What Makes a Good Song? - Jaylene Johnson

Songwriter, coach, and VP of GMA of Canada Jaylene Johnson shares advice for budding songwriters.


Unfollow Fear - Christine Paddock

Christine Paddock inspires us to unfollow fear.


A Song for Ukraine - Rev. Dr. Lisa Waites (Part 2)

Rev. Dr. Lisa Waites shares the story behind her new single, "This Is Our Prayer," in support of Ukrainian relief efforts. Hear the song:


Obstacles Can’t Stop the Call of God - Rev. Dr. Lisa Waites (Part 1)

Connect with Lisa: "Through All of Our Days":


Giving Our Whole Selves to God - Sarah Oladi

In college Sarah Oladi gave her music to God & got involved in worship ministry. She reminds us to give our whole selves to Him. Sarah on IG: Sarah on YouTube: FB Group:


The Joy of Obedience - Tammy Anderson

Tammy Anderson shares about her journey into music and ministry and offers words of encouragement. Tammy's Blog: Tammy on YouTube: CGG Facebook group: