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Episode 395: Laura Gibson's 'Goners'

On her latest LP Goners, Laura Gibson is taking on grief and the joy that can be found through grieving, and the result is her strongest record yet. Lush, adventurous, and human AF, Goners drags the listener down to the bottom, where it may be dark, but at least you’ve got good company. PLUS: Maryjo Mattea is in pretty much ALL of the bands in Washington, D.C., and on her new single she’s being joined by good friend Cody Valentine (Allthebestkids) for a potent tale of personal empowerment...


Episode 394: The Skiffle Players are back with 'Skiff' and thoughts on 'The Beatles (Super Deluxe)'

The members of The Skiffle Players — Neal Casal (Circles Around The Sun/Chris Robinson Brotherhood), Dan Horne (Beachwood Sparks), Cass McCombs, Farmer Dave Scher (All Night Radio/Beachwood Sparks), Aaron Sperske (Father John Misty/Beachwood Sparks) — are some of the most respected musicians on the scene today. So when they find the time to get together for a new Skiffle Players album, you’d best believe it’s going to be something special. Skiff, the collective’s second LP, expands on the...


Episode 393: In Conversation with Melissa Wright [Mink's Miracle Medicine]

On paper, an album about heartache, anxiety, and ancient aliens doesn’t seem like something that would work (or should even exist), but on Pyramid Theories, Mink’s Miracle Medicine are singing about those themes and more resulting in their best release to date. We’re catching up with the Melissa Wright of this Appalachian-based duo to dig into the trials of life as a creative, edibles, woodworking, aliens, and how their remarkable new album came to be.


Episode 392: In Conversation with Marian McLaughlin

On her new album Lake Accontink, Marian McLaughlin invites the listener along on her quest to try and make sense of the many ways in which we impact and are impacted by the environment, and what it all may mean in the long run. We’re sitting down with the Baltimore-based musician to talk about what inspired her self-described “music for the Anthropocene Epoch,” the perils of capitalism in the modern age, the joy of playing in a room with one-hundred other guitarists and much more!


Episode 391: Makaya McCraven's 'Universal Beings' and new music from Braxton Cook

To call Chicago’s Makaya McCraven, just a drummer would be doing the multi-talented musical truth seeker a grave disservice. Over the past few years, McCraven has been refining a production technique that mixes live jam sessions and impromptu performances with radically creative editing to produce some of the most exciting jazz of the modern day. On Universal Beings, an album recorded in four different locations with four distinct groups of musicians at each, McCraven seems to have...


Episode 390: Celebrating the Music of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Just in time for Halloween, we're talking about the music of one of the most revered cult films in history:The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Joining in the fun as we celebrate this culture-shifting masterpiece are our good friends Sean Barna, Philip Basnight, and very special guest, DC drag queen extraordinaire, DONNA SLASH! So come up to the lab, see what's on the slab, and always remember: Don’t dream it, BE IT!


Episode 389: Noname's 'Room 25'

In 2016 Chicago rapper Noname (Fatimah Warner) stepped out of the shadows of her collaborators to deliver Telefone, one of the best albums of 2016, and easily one of the best hip-hop debuts in recent memory. One move to L.A. and a good bit of growing up later, Noname is BACK with her first “official” album, Room 25. Self-produced and self-released, Room 25 is an ambitious step forward for one of music’s brightest talents, and we’re joined by special guest Philip Basnight (Broke Royals) to...


Episode 388: Huey Lewis and the News' 'Sports' at 35

With over eight million copies sold worldwide, four Top 10 hits, a “unique” reputation in cinematic history, and more, it is no wonder that the “heart of rock and roll” beats strong with Huey Lewis and The News bar room masterpiece thirty-five years after its release. Sports wasn’t just the sound of a band finally arriving on the scene, it encapsulated everything that was important to being goddamn American in the early 80’s even if it was all just a fantasy that has since faded, like so...


Episode 387: In Conversation with Seán Barna...again

In 2017, a longtime friend of the podcast Seán Barna was living in New York City and wrestling with some serious life questions. How could he survive as an artist? Did he even WANT to make music anymore? Moreover, did he have anything left to say? In 2018 he found some of those answers through a fateful friendship and a handful of spontaneous studio sessions from which his latest EP, Cissy, was born. We’re sitting down with Barna to talk about the creation of Cissy, the power of drag...


Episode 386: In Conversation with Israel Nash

Over the past few years, Israel Nash has been building a solid catalog of cosmic folk and country from his home-base in Dripping Springs, Texas, and now he’s taking the show on the road. We sat down with Nash before his recent stop in Washington DC to talk about his most recent album Lifted, the power of recognizing the beauty of nature, and how our connection to each other is the key to building a better world.


Episode 385: Lonnie Holley's MITH

Artist/poet/father/musician Lonnie Holley has experienced the best and worst of modern American life in his 68 years on the planet, and on his latest project MITH, he pours all of that and more into a powerful meditation on blackness, our humanity, and how to survive in our darkest of nights. Join us as Kevin and special guest Wes Covey try to unpack some of what makes MITH, not just the best and most essential album of 2018, but the year’s most important.


Episode 384: Morphine's 'Cure For Pain' at 25

Morphine’s Cure For Pain is an album that revels in finding hope in the darkest nights of our souls. For twenty-five years the weird magic conjured by Mark Sandman (2-string bass/vocals), Dana Colley (sax), and Jerome Deupree (drums) has remained singular in its sound and remains (oddly) peerless to this day. This week we’re celebrating their remarkable achievement by taking a deep dive into one of the greatest albums ever made PLUS checking in with friend-of-the-pod, author, musician,...


Episode 383: The Story of Cherub Records with PJ Sykes

PJ Sykes is a man of many talents - Photographer, political activist, cat-dad, musician - these are but a few of the many hats he wears. But this week we’re talking with him about a role he’s filled for over seventeen years now - label head. Founded in 2001, Cherub records has been the home of not just PJ’s music, but eccentric releases from the Richmond, Virginia scene and beyond. Tune in as we take a tour through his musical past with bands like Kids Techno, A New Dawn Fades, Graceland...


Episode 382: Shooter Jennings' "Shooter"; In Conversation with Wheeler Walker Jr.

Shooter Jennings is a man of many moods and talents, but on his new album Shooter, he's returning to his Country roots. A celebration of the Hank Williams Jr, and all of the troublemakers and rabble-rousers that came before and after, Shooter is bursting with debauchery, heartache, and something sorely missing from today's Country music: fun. PLUS! We're sitting down with the true savior of Country music - Wheeler Walker, Jr. - to discuss his upcoming album and tour, why the Nashville...


Episode 381: In Conversation with Motorcade

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, this group of rock and roll veterans (between them they've recorded and toured with the likes of St. Vincent, The Apples in Stereo, The War on Drugs, The Deathray Davies, Baboon, Daniel Johnston, and more) got together and decided to form "greatest band in the world. Maybe." and so it was that Motorcade was born. Armed with an ear for the past and a heart for writing great f@#@ing songs, Motorcade's debut defies expectations and is one of the best albums of...


Episode 380: In Conversation with Luna Honey; Blood Orange's 'Negro Swan'

On their debut LP Peace Will Grind You Down, Washington, DC-based quartet Luna Honey - a band formed seemingly on a whim - the doooooom is front and center, but so is an undeniable heart. Join us in a frank and hilarious discussion of, how feeling bad is a part of life, why you, yes you, should hurry up and start a band already, how your nerdy past always serves your future, and much, much more. PLUS! Blood Orange (Dev Hynes) is back with Negro Swan! On his follow-up to 2016's remarkable...


Episode 379: U2's 'Zooropa' at 25

U2's finest hour wasn't lifting us up singing about MLK, a spiritual celebration of the history of American music, or even future pop from the edges of our imagination: It was an insistent, eccentric, and infinitely prescient project that almost wasn't, named Zooropa. This week, we're revisiting the "biggest band in the world's" most powerful statement about us all, twenty-five years after it's prophetic vibrations confounded and delighted music fans of all walks, and making that Zooropa...


Episode 378: Israel Nash's "Lifted" PLUS Joachim Cooder

Over the past few years, Israel Nash has been building a solid catalog of cosmic folk and country from his home-base in Dripping Springs, Texas, and his, ahem, uplifting new LP Lifted is the latest product of his time in the proverbial desert. Built on found sounds, universal vibes, and an unfaltering believe that what will save us is our connection to each other, Nash is a new "hippie" gospel for our times, and the result is one of the very best albums of 2018. PLUS! We're sitting down...


Episode 377: In Conversation with Erin Rae PLUS Lori McKenna's "The Tree"

Recorded in a monastery in Appleton, Wisconsin, Erin Rae's Putting On Airs, is a delicious slice of folk/country goodness that explores the varied roles that empathy plays in our modern lives. On a recent tour stop in DC, Erin dropped by the basement to talk about her sophomore release, the story behind the single "Bad Mind" and much more. PLUS! Kevin is chatting with The Good Grace's Kim Ware about Lori McKenna's stellar new album The Tree. Show Notes HERELINKLINK


Episode 376: Heaven & Earth - Kamasi Washington

If Kamasi Washington’s work on Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 masterpiece To Pimp A Butterfly put Kamasi squarely in the public eye, his double LP The Epic that came a mere two months later launched him into the stratosphere. Washington followed up the audacious Brainfeeder debut with a succinct, and decidedly shorter work entitled The Harmony Of Difference (one of 2017’s very best albums), and now the master of Street Fighter cool is back with his first full length in three years, Heaven &...