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Context of Sound Ep 17 - Don't Call It A Comeback Pt 1.

Whatever you do... Don't call it a comeback. Ok fine... call it what is. Because there's nothing more satisfying r than an artist bouncing back from a breakdown, a breakup, a flop, a drop or anything else that has diminished the public's expectations of them. In part one we look at 4 albums that exceeded all expectations. Hear about how the Dixie Chicks, Madonna, Mariah and Tinta Turnter overcame!


Context Of Sound - Ep 16 - TV Land

This week we dig into a topic near and dear to their hearts: TV theme songs! Since the golden age of television, a show's theme song is often as (if not more) beloved than the actual show itself. From the themes of classic comedies, ethereal dramas to those of some of our most beloved procedurals, we've got you covered.


Context Of Sound EP 15 - 1st Annual Pride Special

It's "Pride Month" and we take the opportunity to honor and explore some of our favorite musical figures from the LGBTQI+ community. From the Harlem Renaissance through today (and far before and beyond) Queer people have been here - making waves, creating sounds and influencing the world.


Context Of Sound Ep 14 - Songs of Summer

Summer's here and the time is right for dancing in the street... to that song that you just cannot escape, whether you like it or not. What makes a "Song of the Summer"? We dissect the formula and the criteria and discuss some of our favorites, least favorites and guilty pleasures of summers past.


Context Of Sound Ep 12 - Days the Music Died Vol 1

This week we discuss the lives and legacy of two artists who's careers were both cut short by terrible plane crashes. Their time here may have been short, but both Patsy Cline and Ritchie Valens broke new ground for Women and Chicano's in music and have continued to influence artists for generations. We delve into there music and what happened to them.


Context of Sound Ep. 10 - Miming The Charts

This week we spill some sweet sweet tea about a couple of early 90s lip-synch scandals..."Miming the Charts" or alternatively "Good Braids". How did people not clock the fakery that was Milli Vanilli? Why didn't Martha Wash and Lolleatta Holloway get their propers on Black Box records? We try to get to the bottom of it all.


Context of Sound Ep 8: Virginia is for Bangers pt. 1

What was in the water in Virginia Beach in the 90s? Clearly something genius. Four of the biggest producers of 90s and 00s sprung from VA and took the the radio hostage: The Neptunes, Missy and Timbaland. In Pt 1 we look at the game changing sound of Chad Hugo and Pharell Williams


Context of Sound Ep 4: Fight The Power Pt 1

Our most important episode yet - We discuss "Protest Songs" and why they matter. How they impact a time and movement and how they teach us about our past and inform our future. This week we get serious. How could we not.


Context Of Sound EP 1 :: From the Beats to the Sheets

Sam Sparro and Thomas Francisco explore the relationships between musical collaborators and the music behind them. They also chat a lot of shit in between. Follow us on Twitter @contextofsound to talk with us, rate and subscribe on iTunes and the rest of those places you rate and subscribe on.


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