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Identity, Injury, and Rewriting a Musician's story with Janet Orenstein

Imagine, as a musician, if you lost the ability to use your hands. How would you recover? How would you find fulfillment, and what would replace the void in your self image? If you're like most musicians, your craft is a big part of your identity, and even self worth. A debilitating injury would clearly be devastating for most of us. But what might you learn about yourself in the aftermath, and is it possible to somehow come out better for it? Many of us have suffered some kind of injury....


Artistic Pursuance vs The Long Arc w/ Janie Barnett: Creative Strings Podcast EP 28

Read the blog post here: Janie Barnett's new CD, "You See This River" is original, personal, and beautiful; the fact that she put it out 30 years into her career intrigued me. I wanted to know how she's managed to piece her career together so many years, before, during, and after raising children, all the time staying in NYC. I wanted to find out how an artist keeps their fire for creating new material into their 30s, 40s. and beyond. Let's face it- half of the...


The Art and Life of Street Performers w/ Valentin Spurchisi – Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 27

Remember when classical violinist Joshua Bell played in the subway for 45 minutes and made $32? The author of the story raised questions about artistic context and the loss of appreciation for beauty in modern life. A similar experiment was conducted and written about almost 100 years ago, with a similar focus, and here’s my completely different take on the whole thing: Live music makes a huge difference for people on the street, in hospitals, in communities, in prisons, in war zones,...


Why Musicians Need Video in 2018 - Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 26

Download my video starter worksheet for musicians here(free): Get my favorite tools- TubeBuddy: YouTube StarterKit: In this video I cover: Why video is essential for any self-employed musician in 2018, why your career is likely to suffer if you don’t have videos, how making videos will benefit your musical and business growth, and what has worked for me on my road to 1,000,000 views on my YouTube channel. Watch the video...


The Intersection of Classical, Jazz, and Flamenco w/ Pablo Martín Caminero

I began traveling to Spain in 2001 and immediately thought I had discovered the music world’s best kept secret. Staying up until 7 a.m. surrounded by Flamenco guitar, dancers, with a room full of people clapping knowingly along to the Bulería, Tango, Soleá- I was awestruck. Surely, I thought it was only a matter of a short time until the whole world was hip to this incredible music. While some modern jazz musicians have included Flamenco forms since then, after 30 more trips to Spain in...


Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 24 - 21st Century Suzuki Teaching With Chili Dog Strings

Neil Fong Gilfillan and Rachel Samson are creative, inspiring young string teachers. Together they run the teaching studio in Frisco, TX called Chili Dog Strings . This husband and wife duo combine a love of tradition in the Suzuki method with a curiosity for adventure, showcasing the complimentary styles they bring together in their teaching studio. They serve their local community with private and group lessons, plus workshops in area schools. They are making a lot of noise online with...


Earl Maneein - Heavy Metal Violinist Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 23

Although he is a versatile classically trained violinist, Earl Maneein has taken the path less traveled, pursuing his passion for extreme music. Scroll down to listen in on Episode 23: - Earl's definition of "Heavy" or "Extreme" Music - Earl's projects "Black Heart Sutra," "SEVEN)SUNS," and "Resolution 15" - Moving between classical and extreme music - His path to developing a career as a full time artist while maintaining his street cred in the heavy music scene Please take a moment to...


Scott Laird - Teaching Functional Musicianship in Orchestra - Creative Strings Podcast Episode 21

Scott D. Laird is the Fine Arts Coordinator at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics where he directs the orchestra and teaches courses in Recording Technology, Classical Guitar and Piano, and Music History. I've always admired his ability to navigate the worlds of classical, modern, and participatory musical styles- as a player, conductor, and teacher. We sat down to talk about bringing these worlds together through the lens of a string teacher. Scroll down to learn about:...


How to grow a business for working musicians - Creative Strings Podcast Ep 19

- commit to run your career like a business and set aside time each week to working on your business articulate very specific goals (no more than 3) Create a specific action plan (a sales and marketing campaign) Create or refine your marketing assets execute If you're tired of the status quo and want to jumpstart new projects, jump on a call with me while availability lasts to discuss your business


Finding yourself in different styles of music with Mike Block - Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 17

"I really enjoyed finding myself in different contexts and being able to explore different parts of myself in different styles." Classical Cellist turned multi-style master I sat down with Cellist Mike Block to discuss his classical training (Cleveland Institute of Music and a Master's for Julliard) and how he moved into alternative styles. We also discuss the importance of music camps including the Mike Block String Camp, the Global Musician Workshop and the Creative Strings Workshop....


Prince Tribute - "Sometimes it Snows in April" Christian Howes Cover - Podcast Ep 16

In this Short Episode of the Creative Strings Podcast, host Christian Howes shares his tribute to Prince. Prince embodied creativity. His fearlessness, versatility, soulfulness, and ability to continually evolve have always been an inspiration to me. When I heard that he passed away I immediately felt compelled to drop everything and work on one of his songs, leading me to arrange and record a cover of the classic "Sometimes It Snows In April". Receive master playing tips right in your...


Songwriting Strategies: A 360 Degree Approach (Part 2) w/ Mark Simos- Creative Strings Podcast Ep.15

In the second of a two part interview, I sat down with my former colleague at the Berklee College of Music, Mark Simos, to discuss the strategies featured in his book Songwriting Strategies: A 360-Degree Approach. Improvisation as a historic part of the classical composition process Songwriting and improvisation as part of a balanced music education Tune writing and generating new material much more Huge thank you to our sponsor Electric Violin Shop, your one-stop shop for electric...

Duration:00:44:44 founder Laurie Niles - Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 13

“We can be kind to one another without comprising excellence…” At the Heart of the violin world, founder Laurie Niles sits down with Christian Howes to discuss the start-up and success of, a large community of violinists across all styles, genres and experience levels.


Social Media and Entrepreneurship for Musicians with Colin Thomson - Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 12

More's Colin Thomson joins Christian as they discuss social media and business strategies for musicians, listen below as you learn about: How to build an audience across social media platforms Key tips for musicians on Instagram Ways to grow revenue as a musician This episode is brought to you by the Electric Violin Shop, your one-stop shop for electric instruments, amps, gear, accessories, and most of all, expertise. Use code CHOWES at checkout and take 5% off of your order....


Joe Mchugh: Borderlands of Storytelling, Philosophy, and Fiddle - Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 11

At the intersection of story telling, philosophy, education, and old time fiddle music lives Joe McHugh, a musician who travels with his wife Paula in their group, The Time Travelers. From moving to West Virginia at the age of twenty to buy a farm, to living and learning traditional fiddle music in Scotland, Joe has used his experiences to carve out a career which encompasses: serving as the founding director of the Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia, hosting a series on folkways of...


"Young Guns" hottest young Creative String players talk practice - Creative Strings Podcast Ep 10

We begin our 2nd season of the Creative Strings Podcast live at the 2015 Creative Strings Workshop in Columbus, OH. Christian sits down with 4 of the hottest young Creative String players (dubbed "the Young Guns") and discusses their various practice techniques, exercises and moving between various fiddle styles. Meet the Young Guns Eli Bishop From the age of 3 until 11, Eli studied the Suzuki violin method. After completing the eighth book of the method, he began studying traditional...


Electric Violin Shop: Getting The Best Amplified String Sound – Creative Strings Podcast Ep 9

Duncan Monserud, marketing director for Electric Violin Shop, joins Christian to discuss the main challenges, choices, and solutions for string players seeking to go electric. Scroll down this page to listen, join the conversation in the comments, and find a time-coded table of contents to help you zero in on specific topics. Electric Violin Shop has expertise and they will answer your questions. Give them a call at (866) 900-8400. We appreciate their support of the Creative Strings...


Tiffany L. Goodman: How to get more gigs as a musician - Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 8

"When you started a band, you started a business." Tiffany L. Goodman of Goodman Artists has been representing artists in jazz, classical and world music since 2009. Listen in below as she lays out key components of success for working musicians in episode 8 of the Creative Strings Podcast. In this episode you will learn: - The importance of video in your marketing - Tips for building a presence with photos, a website, and social media - The difference between a manager and agent - Tips...


Matt Glaser Talks Education, Creativity and Mindfulness-Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 3

The head of Berklee College of Music's American Roots Music Program Matt Glaser discusses changing music education, creativity and mindfulness in music. - “Inevitably the classical world has had to come to grips to this tsunami of young players playing fiddle tunes,” - “I don’t care that is something is good or bad, music is inherently good,”


Randall Williams: Indie Musician Bootstrapped Tours on Veggie Fuel - Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 2

How an indie musician built a touring career living out of his DIY vegetable-fueled van, developing multiple income streams, and ultimately let it all go. - "The biggest piece is having an accurate sense of how you're perceived." - "I don't think you should underestimate what it means to get someone in buying into your email list..." Thanks to the Electric Violin Shop for being great at what they do and also for sponsoring our effort. For more information about the podcast please visit...


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