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A podcast about books and metal for people who don't like podcasts or books A podcast about books for people who don't like books, podcasts or capitalism, but who like extreme metal.

A podcast about books and metal for people who don't like podcasts or books A podcast about books for people who don't like books, podcasts or capitalism, but who like extreme metal.
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A podcast about books and metal for people who don't like podcasts or books A podcast about books for people who don't like books, podcasts or capitalism, but who like extreme metal.






George H Welfare Bush Tribute Episode (With Steve Anwyll)

In this very special episode, Steve Anwyll (@oneloveasshole) is on the line to talk about his book Welfare (on Tyrant Books), a punchy, rhythmic story of purposeful underachievement and smoking shitty weed on a hot couch. We discuss getting published, William Burroughs, being condescended to in the unemployment office and saying swears. Music by Vessel: And Chained To The Bottom of The Ocean:...


The One Where Rachel Suicide Bombs Bloomingdales (An Interview with Vile Creature)

I was lucky enough to catch Canadian anti-oppressive doom-duo Vile Creature at their show in Manchester for a chat about everything from their vegan bakery to their appearance at the Black Flags over Brooklyn festival next year to a lengthy discussion of Friends with one of the organizers of the Roadburn festival. Again, this is an incredibly normal podcast. Remember to like this episode on Soundcloud or leave or a review on iTunes.


Uber, But For Killing People (Chris Sebela's Crowded)

Crowded (on Image Comics) is about a ten-minutes-into-the-future world in which anybody can put a crowdsourced hit on anybody else, a party girl with a million dollar bounty on her head and a bodyguard with a 1.4 star rating. Its writer Chris Sebela is on the line to talk about his work, breaking into comics, raking, tunnels and washed-up YouTubers. Music by Tomb Mold: And potrayal of guilt: And you can...


Jenny Hval's Paradise Rot/The Afterlife of Steig Larsson

Scandinavia fuckin' rips: it's always cold, it's mostly dark and its very existence pisses off CHUDs. We talk about Norwegian singer and novelist Jenny Hval's debut Paradise Rot, published in English by Verso, and how the legacy of Steig Larsson, the best-selling Communist in all of fiction, is being dismantled by capitalism. Also, an extended digression into how lit Castlevania is. Music by Saparast: And Envy: And you can buy...


Orienteering With Napalm Death (Aubrey Sitterson's Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling)

Aubrey Sitterson, author of The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling joins us to discuss the One True Sport. Along the way we lust after Zack Sabre Jr., talk about the similarities between death metal and pro-wrestling and find out why wrestling being fake makes it better than all other sports. Music by Skullcrush: And Bismuth:


The Foremost Literary Jonathan (Jonathan Lethem's The Feral Detective)

The best turn-of-the-century literary guy named Jonathan has a new one out, and he's back doing detective stories. Can he get back into the groove he found in 1999's Motherless Brooklyn? Will he be the first novel to take on Trump and win? How can literature make sense of a world like ours? What happens when you die honking your dong to Japanese animation? Music by Hate Eternal: And Ithaca:...


Hot Couch Guy Goes To War (Nico Walker's Cherry)

Writer, podcaster and Troop Nate Bethea (@inthesedeserts) joins us to talk about the buzzed-about Cherry by Nico Walker, the almost-entirely true story of an Iraq vet getting into heroin, then bank robbery. We also talk about the opioid crisis, the shoot'n'cry genre, alt-lit and being afraid to like Bukowski. Music by Ulthar: And Grimorium Verum, from the WOMAN II compilation:...


Millennials Killed The Serial Killer (Jeff Jackson's Destroy All Monsters)

We've got Deirdre Coyle (@DeirdreKoala) and Michael J Seidlinger (@mjseidlinger) on the show to talk about Jeff Jackson's (@deathoflit)Destroy All Monsters, a mind-bendingly weird story of bands getting shot, and that means we get to talk about small-town scenes, KoRn, why serial killers have gone out of style and a little band of debauched space-mutants called GWAR. Music by Cloud Rat: And Nattravnen: And check out Michael's book...


Against Creativity And Cereal Cafes But Not Slimer

We're joined by The LitCrit Guy (@thelitcritguy) to talk about Oli Mould's Against Creativity, a book that argues that capitalism has co-opted art, so of course we talk about whether Slimer is a comrade, the lingering trauma of the tapeworm-man episode of the X-files and cereal cafes. Music by Body Void: And Bliss Signal:


Tapes, How They Work (With Christine from Tridroid Records)

In the sequel or spinoff to the last episode, we're still on the line with Chistine Kelly, owner and operator of Tridroid Records, who helps us to become the tape label moguls that we were always meant to be. But first: Kanye. Music by Hallucinogenia, coming out soon on Tridroid Records:


Eating Crudo? No Kathy (Olivia Laing's Crudo)

We've got Christine from Tridroid Records on the show to talk about Olivia Laing's fiction debut Crudo... which means actually talking about Gritty, Kathy Acker, FDR faking his disability, neoliberalism, knife crime and how maybe we're just dumb, I don't know. Part two, where we talk to Christine about running a record label, is coming soon. Music by High Cost, coming soon on Tridroid Records: If you're listening to this on iTunes and don't leave a five-star...


Axis of Horror: The Neckbeard Deathcamp Interview

Antifascist war-metal breakout stars Neckbeard Deathcamp are signed to Prosthetic Records and playing Maryland Death Fest after one intentionally bad EP and now a split with Gaylord, but they're still regular guys who wear ski masks while being interviewed for podcasts. We also talk about $300 plugins to make records sound worse, Ghost, non-player characters, fascism, Vidal Sasoon and Ke$ha. With music by Neckbeard Deathcamp and Gaylord, from their United Antifascist Evil EP (100% of the...


Gary Shteyngart vs. Dril For The Soul of America

Gary Shteyngart, bestselling, award-winning novelist, has a new book out that weaves together threads of race, class and power to create a vibrant portrait of America in 2018. Dril is... Dril. Which of these literary giants is America's greatest satirist and why is it obviously Dril? This episode comes with lengthy digressions into cringey #resistance articles, Elon Musk, The Wire, and the True Meaning of 9/11. Music by Dödsrit:...


Live Work Work Work BOLT THROWER Die (ft. Corey Pein)

Corey Pein (@coreypein) joins me to first give us an update on the fallout from the Unite The Right 2 mess in Portland, then to talk about his book Live Work Work Work Die (on @MetropolitanBks), in which he tries to pitch a startup to unionise Silicon Valley before pulling back the curtain to reveal the tech industry's dark past (spoiler: literal Nazis). Music by Thou: And Cliterati:


Hideo Azuma's Disappearance Diary (with Sean McTiernan)

We're joined by Sean McTiernan (@nochorus) of the All Units podcast to talk about Hideo Azuma's Disappearance Diary, the story of the cult manga artist's alcoholism and homelessness, but we also talk about the pope, muscular hardcore frontmen, the psychotic workload in the manga industry and Youtube reaction videos. Music by Candy: And Noose Rot:


Chapo Trap House's Bart Simpson's Guide To Life

It's safe to say that we and just about everyone else podcasting right now wouldn't have even picked up a USB microphone and 'evaluation' copy of Adobe Audition without Will, Matt, Amber, Felix, Virgil, Brendan, Chadd, Thruster, Vron, Trrr and %, the hosts of Chapo Trap House. Now, they have a book out- but can they bring the magic to the printed page? And what's with that Spectator article about how Feudalism will own the libs? Music by Bosse-de-Nage: And...


Frank Herbert's Dune Part Two: Please Die Brian Herbert (Of Natural Causes, But Please Die)

Dune is perhaps the greatest science-fiction epic of all time, and thus deserves deep, critical literary analysis. We can't do that so we talk about the Foo Fighters' AIDS denial, ecology, death commandos, LSD, sharing a birthday with Hitler, Varg Vikernes's dating advice, sequels and the weed that helps you understand Metal Gear Solid. Music by Gaylord: and Outer Heaven:


Frank Herbert's Dune Part One: No Spice/Deep Ecology

Before there was Star Wars, before there was Game of Thrones, before there was Rick and Morty, before there was Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, there was Dune, the O.G sci-fi epic. We talk about the surprisingly deep and woke politics of a book about rich people scheming to get each other eaten by sandworms, Lawrence of Arabia, oil, geopolitics, and Warhammer 40k's fashy cooption. Music by Miserable: And SUMAC: Follow DEATH // SENTENCE on...


Flame On: R.O Kwon's The Incendiaries

Is R.O Kwon's The Incendiaries ( the debut of the year? Yes. Yes it is. We go deep into this spectacularly written novel with reference to Nietzsche, Hegel, Sartre, M. Night Shyamalan, vaping, Fortnite and Cosmic Ghost Rider. With music by Hulder: And Penance Stare:


Paul Blart: 410,757,864,530 DEAD MALL COPS

William W. Johnstone released Trigger Warning on an unready world, despite having been dead since 2004, and we stepped up to give it the informed literary criticism that it deserves, but got bored of that and just laughed at how dumb it is. Guest Joe Thrashnkill of Toilet Ov Hell ( joins us for a discussion that takes in anime, Die Hard, Charles Whitman, boner-farts, and the films of Adam Sandler. Music by Neckbeard Deathcamp: and...