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A podcast about books and metal for people who don't like podcasts or books A podcast about books for people who don't like books, podcasts or capitalism, but who like extreme metal.

A podcast about books and metal for people who don't like podcasts or books A podcast about books for people who don't like books, podcasts or capitalism, but who like extreme metal.
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A podcast about books and metal for people who don't like podcasts or books A podcast about books for people who don't like books, podcasts or capitalism, but who like extreme metal.






Tapes, How They Work (With Christine from Tridroid Records)

In the sequel or spinoff to the last episode, we're still on the line with Chistine Kelly, owner and operator of Tridroid Records, who helps us to become the tape label moguls that we were always meant to be. But first: Kanye. Music by Hallucinogenia, coming out soon on Tridroid Records:


Eating Crudo? No Kathy (Olivia Laing's Crudo)

We've got Christine from Tridroid Records on the show to talk about Olivia Laing's fiction debut Crudo... which means actually talking about Gritty, Kathy Acker, FDR faking his disability, neoliberalism, knife crime and how maybe we're just dumb, I don't know. Part two, where we talk to Christine about running a record label, is coming soon. Music by High Cost, coming soon on Tridroid Records: If you're listening to this on iTunes and don't leave a five-star...


Axis of Horror: The Neckbeard Deathcamp Interview

Antifascist war-metal breakout stars Neckbeard Deathcamp are signed to Prosthetic Records and playing Maryland Death Fest after one intentionally bad EP and now a split with Gaylord, but they're still regular guys who wear ski masks while being interviewed for podcasts. We also talk about $300 plugins to make records sound worse, Ghost, non-player characters, fascism, Vidal Sasoon and Ke$ha. With music by Neckbeard Deathcamp and Gaylord, from their United Antifascist Evil EP (100% of the...


Gary Shteyngart vs. Dril For The Soul of America

Gary Shteyngart, bestselling, award-winning novelist, has a new book out that weaves together threads of race, class and power to create a vibrant portrait of America in 2018. Dril is... Dril. Which of these literary giants is America's greatest satirist and why is it obviously Dril? This episode comes with lengthy digressions into cringey #resistance articles, Elon Musk, The Wire, and the True Meaning of 9/11. Music by Dödsrit:...


Live Work Work Work BOLT THROWER Die (ft. Corey Pein)

Corey Pein (@coreypein) joins me to first give us an update on the fallout from the Unite The Right 2 mess in Portland, then to talk about his book Live Work Work Work Die (on @MetropolitanBks), in which he tries to pitch a startup to unionise Silicon Valley before pulling back the curtain to reveal the tech industry's dark past (spoiler: literal Nazis). Music by Thou: And Cliterati:


Hideo Azuma's Disappearance Diary (with Sean McTiernan)

We're joined by Sean McTiernan (@nochorus) of the All Units podcast to talk about Hideo Azuma's Disappearance Diary, the story of the cult manga artist's alcoholism and homelessness, but we also talk about the pope, muscular hardcore frontmen, the psychotic workload in the manga industry and Youtube reaction videos. Music by Candy: And Noose Rot:


Chapo Trap House's Bart Simpson's Guide To Life

It's safe to say that we and just about everyone else podcasting right now wouldn't have even picked up a USB microphone and 'evaluation' copy of Adobe Audition without Will, Matt, Amber, Felix, Virgil, Brendan, Chadd, Thruster, Vron, Trrr and %, the hosts of Chapo Trap House. Now, they have a book out- but can they bring the magic to the printed page? And what's with that Spectator article about how Feudalism will own the libs? Music by Bosse-de-Nage: And...


Trve Apocalyptic Black Metal Lemonade (David Peak's Corpsepaint)

Dan Jackson of Void Ritual, Dead Wretch and others joins me to discuss David Peak's Corpsepaint (, the first and currently only trve cvlt blvck mvtal novel. We talk about black metal kayfabe, vegetarianism, neo-nazis and telling stories from a goat's perspective, and play 100% exclusive, never-heard-before tracks from Void Ritual. Check out Dan's non-profit metal label Ipos Music: And follow DEATH // SENTENCE on twitter:...


RIP: Y'all - The Bud Smith Interview

I call up Bud Smith (@budsmith), author of Double Bird and Work and a bunch of other stuff, while he's sitting in his car on a warm summer night, and we discuss the writing life, work, his process and playing Vice City on mushrooms. Regular show folks, regular show. Music by Allfather And Emma Ruth Rundle


Death-Conscious Consumption (Dempow Torishima's Sisyphean)

After a brief sojourn into Elon Musk's latest batch of fuckery, we go elbows-deep into Dempow Torishima's book Sisyphean (, four interconnected stories of capitalism-gone-H.R Giger and high-as-fuck weirdness. We also talk about the difficulties of translating Japanese, the CIA's influence on writing style and the dour joys of death-consciousness in books and music. Music by Construct of Lethe: And Extremity:...


An Edgelord Amount of Knives: Michelle Perez and Remy Boydell's The Pervert

The Pervert writer and artist team Michelle Perez (@mperezwritesirl) and Remy Boydell ( are on the line to talk about their book ( on Image Comics, MAGA chuds, tax preparation, hiding porn, collaborating, knives, helicopter rides, seducing Elon Musk, drawing a Rick and Morty comic, dead cops... and friend of the show Kurt Eichenwald! Music by Secret Cutter: Follow DEATH // SENTENCE on twitter: And...


Bullshit Jobs // Did DC Comics Get Good?

David Graeber's Bullshit Jobs ( builds on his barnstorming 2013 essay... but does it build enough? And can you trick your boss into reading it? Then we talk about how DC Comics went from the company that used rape and murder to 'take the smile out' of comics to a company putting out amazing work starring Elmer Fudd and Snagglepuss. Also featuring a discussion of object-oriented ontology, neoliberalism, Aggretsuko, and those weird Warhammer 40k middle-grade books....


Finnegans Wake Is Vaporwave, with Trevor Strunk

We get Trevor Strunk of No Cartridge Audio ( on the show to talk about the links between videogames and literature but Langdon, mad with power after being made an official contributor, starts spitting FIRE takes like '90 minutes is actually 20 minutes', 'Finnegans Wake is a vaporwave novel' and 'anime is good'. There's also Hegel, Nietzche, Jonathan Blow, Dark Souls, Metal Gear and a refreshing lack of books. Music by SPECTRAL WOUND:...


Thee Alt-Right Is Stupid: Elizabeth Sandifer's Neoreaction A Basilisk

Special guest Jordan B. Peterson introduces this episode of DEATH // SENTENCE, where Elizabeth Sandifer and I discuss her book Neoreaction: A Basilisk (, Roko's Basilisk, Mencius Moldbug, Nick Land, the magickal war between Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, and whether the alt-right is too stupid to defeat. Plus we subtly Own Angela Nagle by mentioning her very briefly and moving on. Music by Closet Witch: And Necros Christos:...


When I'm Fucked Up That's The Real Me (Tao Lin's Trip)

Tao Lin was *the* Alt-Lit guy until the scene crashed and burned, and now he's back with... a book about how mushrooms are from space and you have bad teeth because you're a Degenerate. We talk about this, necrophilia, bad scene politics, gross emo guys, tildes, DMT and growing out of being a boring stoner. Music by Svalbard: And Teksti-TV 666: Follow DEATH // SENTENCE on Twitter and Facebook...


The One Where We Don't Mention The Shape of Water (Melissa Broder's The Pisces)

Me and Deirdre Coyle (@deirdrekoala) talk about The Pisces by Melissa Broder (@melissabroder and @sosadtoday), which you can get here: . We also talk about gnosticism, posting great Content, casting, nirvana, the Twilight franchise and how men are trash so women should fuck monsters. Music by Smoulder And Tomb Mold Follow DEATH // SENTENCE on twitter: @deathsentencepod And...


Solve et Coagula: The Elle Nash Interview Episode

I talk to Elle Nash (@saderotica), author of Animals Eat Each Other (Dzanc Books) and editor of Witch Craft Magazine (@witchcraftmag) about her life, her work, Marilyn Manson, liking Chuck Palahniuk, Colorado, getting published and Satanism. Music by Thou and The Body: And Impalement: Buy Animals Eat Each Other: Follow DEATH // SENTENCE on Twitter: @deathsentencepod


We Refuse: Grand Hotel Abyss feat. Riley Quinn

Me and Riley Quinn (@raaleh) discuss Stuart Jeffries' Grand Hotel Abyss (Verso), a group-biography of the Frankfurt School, which means we get to talk about disappointment, Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno, aesthetics, the Enlightenment, the rise of Fascism, Infinity War, techno and jackoff techniques. Music by Iskra And Redbait Follow me on @deathsentencepod and check out Riley every week on @trashfuturepod Write to me at...


Anarcho-Buffyism with Margaret Killjoy

I talk to Margaret Killjoy about her new book The Barrow Will Send What It May (Tor Books), anarchism, punk, DIY, making music, settling down, magic, the nature of power and how I cannot be killed by demons. Music by Margaret's two bands, Nomadic War Machine: And Feminazgul:


HP Lovecraft Presents: Barbara Bush's Beach House Barbiturate Boogaloo!

After a heartfelt tribute to the late Barbara Bush and an impassioned plea to not repeat her mistake of eating dozens of xannies while listening to Dream Pop, we talk about two books that have tackled HP Lovecraft's legacy of being a weird racist: Matt Ruff's Lovecraft Country and Paul La Farge's The Night Ocean. Along the way we talk about race, literary form, the politics of extreme music and how Morrisey is a whack-ass jabroni. Music by Our Place of Worship is Silence:...