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A podcast about books and metal for people who don't like podcasts or books A podcast about books for people who don't like books, podcasts or capitalism, but who like extreme metal.

A podcast about books and metal for people who don't like podcasts or books A podcast about books for people who don't like books, podcasts or capitalism, but who like extreme metal.
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A podcast about books and metal for people who don't like podcasts or books A podcast about books for people who don't like books, podcasts or capitalism, but who like extreme metal.






This Week in OUGHH: Turn Off The Night

We ran out of books to do, but then Metal decided to release all of the new songs at once, so here's the first of two This Week in OUGHH episodes (the other one's on the Patreon). Music by Atlantean Kodex, Cattle Decapitation, Pharmakon, Mizmor and Liturgy.


Philip K Dick: UBIK (with Bryn Nieboer)

We're joined by Bryn from Beepbeeplettuce, Left Trigger and the bands Stay Inside and Vyy to go *deep* into Dick's 1969 book Ubik, which gives us licence to talk about Hegel, Nietzsche, Sartre, Mark Fisher, Heidegger, Zen Buddhism, the philosophy of religion, Gnosticism, X-files spin-off series and Aleister Crowley. Music by Have a Nice Life: And Vyy:


Interview: Putrescine

Sometimes you hear an EP so filthy, so sickening, that it can only be consumed sat atop a toilet while you commit time-theft. That EP is Putrescine's The One Reborn: anti-fascist death metal with songs about labor struggles, anti-vaxxers and Bloodborne. How could be resist? Music by Carcass and Putrescine.


Colson Whitehead: The Nickel Boys

Trevor from Champagne Sharks joins us to talk about Colson Whitehead's follow-up to The Underground Railroad, The Nickel Boys. We talk about the long legacy of hatred in America, how to talk about tragedy and the uncanny nature of the chicken quesadilla deep-friend pizza. Music by Author and Punisher:


Morgan Giles: Tokyo Ueno Station

We have Morgan Giles, English translator of Yu Miri's masterful Tokyo Ueno Station, a story that is both a tearjerker and a study in understatement and subtly. Naturally, we talk about ghosts, adopting your boyfriend, the cool 9-11 and a penguin who fell in love with an anime girl. This is how you're supposed to do literary criticism. Music by Gatecreeper: And Uniform & The Body: Support us on Patreon for more episodes:...


Interview: Imperial Triumphant

New York bay-be! I'm walking here! We had a sit-down with two of masked jazz-black-metal trio Imperial Triumphant to discuss the truly incredible music they make, their philosophy of writing what they know but giving themselves enough freedom to follow their collective muse, and the graphic novel they have released as an accompaniment to Vile Luxury, their latest album.


FKA USA SUX with Jake Flores

Pee-yoo, what is that? Oh, it's 'Reed King' (not an actual person)'s stinker FKA USA, and we're here to read it to absolute shreds with Jake Flores of stand-up comedy, podcasting and encouraging the murder of ICE agents fame. Music by Falls of Rauros: See Jake on tour across the western US here: And


Erik Davis: High Weirdness

Y'all ready to get a little weird? Erik Davis's High Weirdness explores the lives of Philip K. Dick, Robert Anton Wilson and Terrence McKenna, which means we get to explore... pretty much all of reality. If you thought the Evangelion episode was a head-scratcher then you'll need to be a post-subgenious to bend your head around this one. Music by Opeth: There's more weirdness on our Patreon:


Shawna Potter: Making Spaces Safer

War on Women's Shawna Potter has taken her decades in activism and 'the scene' and made a how-to guide for not being a dick and dealing with the dick behaviour of others. It's good, and it'll help you to do good. Music by War on Women: And Baroness:


Chris Zeischegg: Body to Job

Chris Zeischegg joins us to discuss his dark, sexy, DARK kind-of-memoir-only-not Body to Job. We discuss his work, the nature of transgression, Bret Easton Ellis, indie literature, Jeffrey Epstein and Gamer Girl bathwater. Music by A Pregnant Light: And Immortal Bird: Subscribe to our Patreon to 'drink' our 'bathwater' (listen to weekly premium episodes):...


Caitlin Doughty's Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, with RS Benedict

Writer and podcaster RS Benedict of Rite Gud podcast joins us to talk about death, and, FOLKS, this one gets raw as we all explore our own brushes with mortality. Music by Cerebral Rot: And Yellow Eyes:


Interview: Will from Redbait

Will from St. Louis-based proletarian punks Redbait joins us to talk about the band's genesis in activism opposing police violence, the books that inspire them and the least appropriate songs to play over footage of 9-11. Music by Adzes: And Redbait:


Aaron Bastani: Fully Automated Luxury Communism

What if you wanted to redefine Communism for the 21st century and accidentally wrote the plot to The Expanse? Novara Media's Aaron Bastani has written Fully Automated Luxury Communism, which extols the virtues of automation, artificial meat and asteroid mines as a means of achieving a socialist utopia. We're joined by Jon and Ash of The Horror Vanguard ( for this epic voyage into the world of tomorrow. Music by Fetid:...


Hussein Kesvani: Follow Me, Akhi

Hussein Kesvani (MEL Magazine, Trashfuture) joins us to discuss his excellent book Follow Me, Akhi: The Online World of British Muslims. Predictably, we get distracted by how EXTREME Deadpool would be if he had a Venom symbiote and the religious ramifications of the Multiverse. Music by Imperial Triumphant:


Jamie Woodcock: Marx At The Arcade

Gamers rise up! But in a good way. Like against your bosses. Jamie Woodcock's Marx At The Arcade (Haymarket Books) explores the history of the videogames industry right up to its present day, when labor organizing is just beginning to happen. We talk about the Marxist tool of workers' inquiry, Marx himself as a game character and why the bourgeois individualism of Sekiro has broken me. Music by Warforged: and Spirit Adrift:


Natasha Lennard: Being Numerous

We're joined by Intercept columnist and writer Natasha Lennard (@natashalennard) to talk about her book Being Numerous: Essays on Non-Fascist Life. What's non-fascist life? Was Occupy cool? How do we make ourselves less Fashy? Ghosts? The answers are here. Music by Neckbeard Deathcamp: And Full of Hell: Support our Patreon, why don't you:


James Bridle: New Dark Age

James Bridle's New Dark Age argues for a better understanding of our late-capitalist Hellworld, taking in everything from algorithmically-generated mousepads to rendition flights. We talk about his book, nihilism, art, the New Aesthetic and we beg our listeners to send us powerful psychoactive drugs! Music by TOMB MOLD: And False: Support our Patreon and get exclusive episodes where, somehow, we are even dumber:...


The Real Golden Kamuy Was The Friends We Made Along The Way (with Emma Bowers)

It's another of our 'stuff that's not books but is as good as books' episodes, but this time kind of about a book: the manga Golden Kamuy by Satoru Noda. It's about a hunt for a stash of gold in turn-of-the-century Japan, but it's actually about colonialism, indigenous identity, the psychological effects of war, and friendship. Pod Save Anime host Emma Bowers (@hyenasandgin) is on hand to help keep us on course. We say the c-word a *lot* in this episode. Music by Smoulder (...


DEATH // SENTENCE Totally Destroys Brooklyn

Jacobin editor Bhaskar Sunkara came out with a whole-ass Manifesto for Socialism, so we assembled a crack team of true kvlt leftist dirtbags to take his ideas to Pound Town. Joining us is Breht Ó Séaghdha (@deadirishrebel) of Revolutionary Left Radio and Nestor of Black Banner Magic (@blackbannerpod). We discuss... pretty much all of Marxist thought as it pertains to Brooklyn, the DSA, Bernie and Bon Jovi. Music by Red Bait ( And Yellow Eyes:...


Juliet Escoria: Juliet The Maniac

We talk to Juliet Escoria about her new book Juliet the Maniac (on Melville House), the story of a teenager with some very severe mental health problems who makes all kinds of sex and drugs-related mistakes and winds up in therapy, which doesn't exactly work. It's kind of something everyone involved in the making and probably listening-to of this show can relate to, so we're into it. Music by Foie Gras and Sunn 0))) Support our Patreon for bonus episodes