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DC1060 Hades Hourglass

Another great new batch of music from Burned in Effigy, Mortals, De Arma, Dust Prophet and more. [mixcloud width=”” height=”” cover=”1″ mini=”1″ light=”1″ autoplay=”1″ tracklist=”1″ artwork=”1″ iframe=”true” ]https://www.mixcloud.com/darkcompass/dc1060-hades-hourglass/[/mixcloud] Burned in Effigy – Hades 0:00 Project Renegade – The Fix is In 5:44 Riccardo Moccia – Un-Creation Egg Form 9:22 Mortalis – Insanity 16:07 Ren Marabou … Continue reading "DC1060 Hades Hourglass"


DC1059 Promise Worm

New tunes from Seas of The Moon, Venomized, Vanir and more on this weeks show. Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio 14th January 2022 [mixcloud width=”” height=”” cover=”1″ mini=”1″ light=”1″ autoplay=”1″ tracklist=”1″ artwork=”1″ iframe=”true” ]https://www.mixcloud.com/darkcompass/dc1059-promise-worm/[/mixcloud] Seas on The Moon – Promise Land (Feat Athena) 0:00 Corpsegrinder – Acid Vat (feat Erik Rutan) 6:02 Venomized – … Continue reading "DC1059 Promise Worm"


DC1058 Sky Belly

Welcome to 2022. A new year and a new batch of bands to hear from (and a couple of bands you might know already too). [mixcloud width=”” height=”” cover=”1″ mini=”1″ light=”1″ autoplay=”1″ tracklist=”1″ artwork=”1″ iframe=”true” ]https://www.mixcloud.com/darkcompass/dc1058-sky-belly/[/mixcloud] Ereb Altor – I Have The Sky 0:00 Wolfbastard – Fear The Exxxekutioner 6:40 Curse of Eibon – Whispers … Continue reading "DC1058 Sky Belly"


DC1057 The Best of 2021 Part 2

Some of the best tunes we’ve played this year. Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio 31st December 2021 [mixcloud width=”” height=”” cover=”1″ mini=”1″ light=”1″ autoplay=”1″ tracklist=”1″ artwork=”1″ iframe=”true” ]https://www.mixcloud.com/darkcompass/dc1057-the-best-of-2021-part-2/[/mixcloud] The End of Melancholy – Sacrifice 0:00 Sunnata – Black Serpent 3:22 Blood Command – A Villian’s Monologue 11:41 Alien Weaponry – Tangaroa 15:46 iMonolith – … Continue reading "DC1057 The Best of 2021 Part...


DC1056 Festive Treats

A Festive collection this week, with new tracks from Trucker Diable, Sabaton, The New Bardots and more. Broadcast on Friday 24th December 2021 on Hard Rock Hell Radio Trucker Diablo – We’re Gonna Rock This Christmas 0:00 Stir Crazy – Christmas Times a Time To Rock 5:30 Blind Guardian – Merry Xmas everybody 9:12 Trick … Continue reading "DC1056 Festive Treats"


DC1055 Nightfall Spiral

This week a great bunch of Hard Rock and Metal to melt your head with. Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio on 17th December 2021 Burned in Effigy – Nightfall 0:00 Sylosis – Immovable Stone 4:50 Machine Head – Circle The Drain (Acoustic) 8:19 Second Wind – Have Hope 13:35 Seas on The Moon – … Continue reading "DC1055 Nightfall Spiral"


DC1054 Shadow Voodoo

A great batch of metal for you to smelt your ears with, tracks from Existem, Dark After Dark, Lightchapter and more. Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio 10th December 2021 Existem – Shadow In A New Name 0:00 Our North – A Heart of Gold 5:31 Dawn After Dark – Manimum Overdrive 11:13 Mähälium – … Continue reading "DC1054 Shadow Voodoo"


DC1053 Wheels Sisters

New tunes from Green Lung, Deadflight, Wolf and more Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio 3rd December 2021 Green Lung – Under My Wheels 0:00 I Helvete – Pohjaton Kullu 4:43 Wolf – Toxica 11:13 Deadflight – Ghosts 15:57 The Halo Effect – Shadowlands 19:47 Phobetor – Solace in Darkness 24:12 Slizard – Slow Motion … Continue reading "DC1053 Wheels Sisters"


DC1052 End Satan

New Music from Misplaced, Daedric, Seas on The Moon and more Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio 26 November 2021 Misplaced – Deep End 0:00 Daedric – Sepulchre 3:37 Fortress – Devil’s Wheel 6:45 Bleed from Within – I am Damnation 11:35 A Pale Horse Named Death – Slave To The Master 16:14 Seas … Continue reading "DC1052 End Satan"


DC1051 Lovers’ Blood

Another week of great new tunes from Girish & The Chronicles, Baalberith, Vomit, Restless Spirit and more. Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio 19th November 2021 Girish & The Chronicles – Lover’s Train 0:00 Scorpions – Peacemaker 5:30 Division:Dark – Stärker Als Gott 8:23 The End of Melancholy – Immigrant Song 13:04 Stan Sinitsky – … Continue reading "DC1051 Lovers’ Blood"


DC1050 Dojo Tension

Lots of great new music from Evil Scarecrow, Mega Colossus, Whitechapel, Wine Lips and lots more from all around the world. Mix Evil Scarecrow – Master of The Dojo 0:00 Ad Infinitum – Animals 4:49 Persona – Animal 8:29 Mega Colossus – Razor City 14:06 Thulcandra – Scarred Grandeur 19:16 The Risen Dread – Silent … Continue reading "DC1050 Dojo Tension"


DC1049 Stronger Nazareth

Hot of the airwaves this week, Last Temptation, Detset, and going back to my listening roots. Last Temptation – Stronger Than Fate 0:00 Hootenanny Freaks – Shadows in Paradise 5:21 Detset – The Mechanic 8:48 Pupil Slicer – Collective Unconscious 13:27 Alkemia – Unida 19:47 Demonztrator – The Collapse 26:40 Castle Ultra – The … Continue reading "DC1049 Stronger Nazareth"


DC1048 Love Fuzz

New Tunes from Erika Grapes, Infected Rain, The Agonist and more Broadcast on HRH Radio on October 29 2021 Erika Grapes – Love Potion Number Nine 0:00 Non Residents – Resilience 2:51 Infected Rain – Postmortem Pt.1 7:21 The Agonist – Feast on The Living 12:52 Aeon – Liar’s Den 16:11 Oltas – Underground Territory … Continue reading "DC1048 Love Fuzz"


DC1047 Sacrifice Work

New tunes from The End of Melancholy, Kryptos, Møl, Nekromant and more The End of Melancholy – Sacrifice 0:00 Firewolfe – Pedal to Metal 4:06 Kryptos – Hot Wire 7:33 Atrial – Wide Awake 11:45 Møl – Vestige 14:50 Archives – Mindfield 21:50 Opensight – Thunderball 25:22 The Age of Ore – Forsaker 29:45 Seum … Continue reading "DC1047 Sacrifice Work"


DC1046 Salvation Carver

A long track special with tunes from Destinity, Sleepwalker, Sea Sleeper and more Destinity – Salvation 0:00 Altareth – Moon 9:30 Comet Control – Keep on Spinnin’ 16:45 Sleepwalker – Monument from The Void 25:10 When the Deadbolt Breaks – I Live in The Dirt 33:10 Sea Sleeper – Mountain Carver 46:40


DC1045 Disappear Homeschooling

New music from Hydrogyn, Anachronism, Mastodon and more Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio on Friday Oct 15th 2021 Hydrogyn – Disappear 0:00 Howling Giant – Shoot To Thrill 4:32 Morgoth – Voice of Slumber 10:59 Varnok – Revenant 17:10 Anachronism – Source 20:13 Amongst Liars – Kill The Tide 28:27 Herbst – Dieses Haus … Continue reading "DC1045 Disappear Homeschooling"


DC1044 Yellowjacket Midnight

New tunes from Spiritbox, Alien Weaponry Swerve City, Sixth Wonder and more… Spiritbox: Yellowjacket 0:00 Alien Weaponry – Hatupatu 4:25 Exodus – Clickbait 9:01 Valar Morghulis – Predatory Impulse 13:54 Swerve City – Conspiracy 19:06 Lutharo – Will to Survive 25:25 The Sonic Overlords – Lords of No Tomorrow 30:30 Redscale – On The Run … Continue reading "DC1044 Yellowjacket Midnight"


DC1043 Race To Black

New Tunes from Temris, Stagewar, A Few Too Many and more hard rock and metal from around the world. Picture – Temtris by MickG Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio Oct 1st 2021 Temtris – Race To The End 0:00 The Algorithm – Decompilation 6:58 Stagewar – Nothing for Nothing 10:24 Malevolence – Slithering 16:34 … Continue reading "DC1043 Race To Black"


DC1042 Void Anchor

New Music from Wraith, Carnifex, Tentation and more. Wraith – Mistress of The Void 0:00 Valvera – O.S.1977 3:13 Sentinels – Albatross 7:19 Carnifex – Cold Dead Summer 13:15 Massacre – Ruins of R’lyeh 17:15 Catalysis – Don’t Look Down 24:54 Matriarchs – Solace 28:51 Tentation – La Couvent 34:49 Portrait – Curtains 39:14 Bogwife … Continue reading "DC1042 Void Anchor"


DC1041 Sky Quake

New Rock and Metal from around the world with Dig Lazarus, Dawn After Dark, Brackish Tide, Vega and more. Image: Dig Lazarus Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio 17th Sept 2021 Dig Lazarus – Sky Tonight 0:00 Relentless Aggression – American Carnage 5:04 Brackish Tide – Shallow Grave 8:28 After Dusk – Mindinfestation 14:13 ¡Pendejo! … Continue reading "DC1041 Sky Quake"