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This is a podcast about writing a song a week for a year.

This is a podcast about writing a song a week for a year.
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This is a podcast about writing a song a week for a year.






All The Same

This might be my favourite original yet! I half grew up on thrashy skate punk music and it's nice to make music that I would personally like to hear for once. Tell me, what are your most nostalgic genres? Thanks again for watching! Website: https://dehartmusic.co/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/dehartmusic


Love Forever, Sadie

I found someone on Tumblr who needed a lyricists for a musical they were developing. To audition, I needed to compose an outro song for the play. In it, a 13 year old girl knows she will mysteriously die the next day and writes a farewell letter to her loved ones. The title was prescribed to be "Love Forever, Sadie." Because of the nature of the musical and this song being a letter, I decided to make the lyrics linear. Thanks for listening this week! Please let me know what you think! The...


Racoon From Horse Shoe Bay

Um, I like raccoons? I'm trying to not be afraid to branch into new and bizarre styles of music, so thanks for listening! If you had to write a love song to an animal, which would it be? My Twitter: twitter.com/dehartmusic My Website: dehartmusic.tumblr.com/about YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UC84zzX8RZeAd-BNL7FBT9uw Download: dehartmusic.bandcamp.com/ Lyrics: Let me tell you a tale of a boy who set sail for a land so far away With a song in his heart and a fresh new start he had no reason...



I got bummed out one night and started playing blues riffs on guitar. Next thing I know, I have a slow 8-bar blues on my hands. Special thanks to Triss from Triss Tunes on YouTube for helping me out with a lot of the solo guitar work! Another special thanks to @dankmaths and @FindChaos for their original portraits of us for this week! They take commissions and do full color work! TrissTunes: youtube.com/channel/UCA2iabtg-LT5bhhjxvh7Gqw My Twitter: twitter.com/dehartmusic My Website:...



Lets experiment with more classic pop-punk sounds! I felt like I missed the mark a little on this song, but it was fun experimenting and making this short fun track. I'm a sucker for telephone effects on instruments. My Twitter: twitter.com/dehartmusic My Website: dehartmusic.tumblr.com/about Download: dehartmusic.bandcamp.com/ Lyrics: Let me know when it's okay for me to be myself again I think that is only fair. Just tell me everything will all be alright so I can get some sleep tonight...


Love Letter

Lets start Season 2 with a love story! I confess that The introduction was inspired by 'At The Bottom of Everything' by Bright Eyes, just a spoken word story to introduce the song. This is all a true story by the way, with the name of the love interest redacted of course. Thanks for listening! My Twitter: https://twitter.com/dehartmusic My Website: https://dehartmusic.tumblr.com/about YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC84zzX8RZeAd-BNL7FBT9uw Download:...


Sick And Alone

Happy Belated New Years!!! In February, I was listening to the podcast, What Should We Draw, and it was the first episode the host had done in 2018, and the host mentioned he got sick during New Years. He thought, "It would be funny for a boy band singing a New Years song about getting sick with friends." I immediately quit paying attention to class and started writing lyrics and a melody, and the song came in to being. This song is a bit bizarre, but it's cute and I like it. Thanks for...


Could You Be The One

Michael Buble and Sinatra were probably the first artists I listened to before I got exposed to punk music. I wrote this a short while back when I had a job playing piano at an Italian restaurant. Let me know what you think and thanks for giving it a listen! My Twitter: twitter.com/dehartmusic My Website: dehartmusic.tumblr.com/about YouTube: youtu.be/fFe0n8XQEus Lyrics: Someone's gonna take me home tonight Someone's gonna brighten up my life Someone's gonna take me far from here Someone's...



This was a really eye opening experiment where I got to play with samples and loops to make a sort of psychedelic rock melody. Thanks for giving this song a listen! My Twitter: twitter.com/dehartmusic My Website: dehartmusic.tumblr.com/about YouTube: youtu.be/MP6wNFm2VHc Lyrics: Think again, where you've been where you're coming from. What makes you cry what makes you lie and what makes you run. Want you to live, want you to breath, want you to come with me, want the music to take you...


Salt For Veins

Here is a folk song I composed back in undergrad in New Mexico. I was really influenced by Mumford and Sons back then and a lot of local musicians also liked that acoustic style. Let the song take on any meaning to you, but I personally wrote it while frustrated, studying for the GRE grad school entrance exams. Let me know what you think in the comments! My Website: tumblr.com/blog/dehartmusic/about My Twitter: twitter.com/dehartmusic YouTube: youtu.be/Pm24ojZZ59U Download:...


Wet Streets and Traffic Lights [Loop Pedal]

I have been missing my college town in New Mexico lately and happened to be experimenting with sound loops. This is probably the best song I've produced up to now and I'm really proud of it. Let me know if you would like me to do more songs like this in the future, and thanks for listening! YouTube: youtu.be/DB9-1i3DC_k Website: dehartmusic.tumblr.com/about



I met this handsome guy at a party. Something about him caught my eye and I was compelled to write this song. I have obsessed over perfecting it for several months, but it is time to let it go.



I have four originals that aren't quite ripe yet, so this week will be a cover. This is an instrumental cover of a very up beat intro song for Naruto Shippuden season 16. A long night of YouTube videos spiraled out of control taking me from EroldStory, to Filthy Frank, and finally Naruto Shippuden. This was all done with simulated guitar amps which are generally difficult to emulate correctly. Future projects will be done with a proper Fender Mustang IV!


Tall Glass Of Water

This is a bare bones acoustic/vocal piece shrouded in the ambiance of a vinyl record. If you listen closely, the reverb and "wear" of the recording goes down the further you listen to the song. This was one of the very first attempts at recording the song, and I just can't reproduce this intimate sound, flaws and all. It was going to be a super romantic song, but then I messed it up with potty humor. Maybe subverting genres is my genre?


Kitchen Aid

My girlfriend was making cookies when I noticed the sounds of her Kitchen Aid mixer could be made into a song. Here is the result!


Beethoven Challenge Redemption

I fixed my EDM song from the Beethoven Challenge. It's kinda sick.



My cover of 'Can't Help Falling In Love' with vocals by my friend Vitor! This is a mix of acoustic and punk which is how I mostly like to do music. Hopefully I can have Vitor on for more music projects in the future!


A More Perfect Union

This is a fun rock and roll cover of a patriotic punk band I really like. I've been working with this track on and off for the better part of a year and am happy to finally show the fruits of my labor. This is the most effect heavy song I've worked on but I think I managed to pull it together in the end.


Alive With The Glory Of Love

One of my all time favorite songs and I hope this cover does it justice.


Creep (ft. Vitor)

To practice using new equipment and software, I needed to try to cover an older song with simple drums, guitar, bass, and vocals. I have always liked this song but avoided it because the vocals were beyond me. By accepting my failures and identifying my strengths, I did all of the instrumental and mixing work where that would be all for not without my new friend Vitor's golden pipes. We knocked out this cover in one day and I'm really happy with how it came out. I'm getting better ;)


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