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Mardi Gras – Deconstructing This #3

Venture with Frank and friends as we deconstruct Mardi Gras 2018. Ride along in a parade float, take a Mardi Gras stroll down Bourbon Street, and experience the adventure through the eyes of friends Jeff and Amanda in this thrilling, action packed episode! As mentioned in the podcast, here are the special visuals to…


The Hamptons – Deconstructing This #5

Relax and enjoy the scenic journey through the Hamptons with special Guest and established year round Hamptonite Steven Schiller. This view of the Hamptons is unlike any other and sure to entertain and inform. Link to more about the Third Hook Windmill in East Hampton


Fire! Stop! With Brian Campbell – Deconstructing This 2-1

Go on site to a 12 story building and learn how rooms inside buildings are fireproofed – I mean fire stopped. Special Guest Brian Campbell of Low Country Firestop takes us on a tour of work as it’s being installed. It’s an enlightening and entertaining afternoon.


Engineering Company Perspectives Pre & Post COVID19 with Scott Harvey PE, M2E Consulting Engineers

Listen in as Scott Harvey, PE, Vice President of M2E discusses engineering company & employee best practices with Frank Bennardo PE, CEO of Engineering Express Just before and 2 months after the COVID19 Virus shuts down the economy. The two radically different perspectives illustrate the swift & drastic shifts in company beliefs and our industries.…

Hard Rock Glass and Expensive Wine – Deconstructing This 2-2

Tour the eye-popping glazing work installed by Vigilante Associates at the iconic Hard Rock Guitar at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida as David Vigilante, owner of Vigilante Associates walks the project with Frank Bennardo. Learn about the incredible glass installed and the connection with David’s fascination with (really) expensive wine, along with a……


Aligner Therapy with Dr. Barry Matza – Deconstructing This 1-6

Aligner Therapy – Virtually Invisible Orthodontic Tooth Movement. Take a journey from the beginnings of Orthodontics to sexy Invisalign retail experiences in malls across America with special guest Dr. Barry Matza. Understand the history, science, and future of this age-old profession and how it is relating to the modern world.


Red Letter Day – DeconstructingThis Special Episode

Listen to the making of Frank’s pop hit ‘Red Letter Day’ written and recorded with the group Circle 4 (that’s all in the podcast).


The $2 Bill Movie – Deconstructing This #2

Explore the making of and highlights from the Two Dollar Bill Documentary in this engaging and fun episode of Deconstructing This. Host Frank Bennardo interviews his brother John Bennardo on his journey into the fascination with this unique bill and how the movie came to be. Learn more about the $2 bill Documentary at…


Burning Man – Deconstructing This #1

Transform yourself into the tribal desert sounds of Nevada during the annual event Burning Man as host Frank Bennardo journeys with guest Zach Rubin, PE on his adventures into this iconic event.


Deconstructing Which One To Feed - Deconstructing Frank

In this engaging pilot episode, Frank Bennardo takes the musical aspects of his song “Which One To Feed” apart, explaining how the arrangement and each instrument highlights the touching lyrics of the passing of his father. Hear where the song came from, how the instruments were selected and arranged, and how it all came together.