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Detours and Outliers – the podcast where we take a closer look at that one album in an artist’s discography that sticks out like a sore thumb. It may be their best album, it may be their worst album, but it’s that one album where the artist was so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Detours and Outliers – the podcast where we take a closer look at that one album in an artist’s discography that sticks out like a sore thumb. It may be their best album, it may be their worst album, but it’s that one album where the artist was so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.
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Detours and Outliers – the podcast where we take a closer look at that one album in an artist’s discography that sticks out like a sore thumb. It may be their best album, it may be their worst album, but it’s that one album where the artist was so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.






Frank Sinatra’s “Trilogy” (with Mol Mollusk)

SINATRA SAILS A SPACESHIP ACROSS THE SOLAR SYSTEM! Seriously. In the late seventies, Frank plotted a pompous triple album that would rival any prog-rock's most pretentious sci-fi rock opera. Surf guitarist Mol Mollusk (Vampire Squids From Hell) drops by the studio to truly dig into what sounds like a dying man's deathbed confession transformed into a 40-minute song-cycle about interplanetary travel. How autobiographical can you be when someone else is writing all your material? Does Sinatra...

Fleetwood Mac’s “Time” (with Heather Haas and Kelly Prestridge)

FLEETWOOD REPLACES STEVIE AND LINDSEY! Heather and Kelly from Ground Above Zero to discuss Mac’s mid-90’s misfire “Time.” If they wanted to record a country album, why didn’t they? Does sleeping in Mick Fleetwood’s bungalow automatically make you a member of the band? Who let Lindsey into the studio without a guitar? Does naming a band after your favorite rhythm section force them to be in your new band? Are John McVie and Mick Fleetwood really the same person? Does anyone know why Dave...


The Who’s “A Quick One” (with Kasey Elkington)

THE WHO LETS EVERYBODY WRITE! We're back to talking about songs with words and this week we’ve brought along Kasy Elkington (Cattle Axe, New Ancient Astronauts) to talk about his least favorite album by his most favorite band, The Who. Whose idea was it to force Roger and Keith to write songs when they didn't want to and didn't need to? How many rock operas has Pete Townshend written? What percentage of Who fans were initially drawn to the band by Ann-Margaret's appearance in the film...


Andrew W.K.'s “55 Cadillac” (with Rachel Caudill)

ANDREW W.K. GOES INSTRUMENTAL! “All Instrumental April” concludes with special guest host Rachel Caudill (jewelry designer, Resistance Is Tactile). Who is Andrew W.K.? Is Andrew W.K. real? What is real? What is the existential nature of partying? Why would a self-proclaimed Party God put out an album of spontaneous solo piano improvisations? How many people are behind Andrew W.K. persona? How many personas are inside Andrew W.K.'s mind? Why would an exceptionally sweaty man choose to only...


Prince’s “N.E.W.S.” (with Kelly Prestridge)

PRINCE GOES INSTRUMENTAL! It's week four of "All Instrumental April" and we invite local Prince expert Kelly Prestridge (The Gones, Ground Above Zero) to help us discuss Prince’s worst selling album. Why didn't Prince just call this "SEWN"? At what point does smooth jazz become softcore porn music? How much of this was pre-written, how much was edited, and how much was overdubbed? Is this the soundtrack for the new Weather Channel competitor? What was Prince's relationship with the internet?...


Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music” (with Mhyk Monroe)

LOU REED GOES INSTRUMENTAL! The third week of “All Instrumental April” we invite Mhyk Monroe (Grief Ritual, FATHERS) to join us in discussing what may just be a double album of Lou Reed’s guitar feeding back. Is this music? If it is, is it metal? If it’s not, is it a machine? How much time and effort would you put into trolling your record company? Is noise a genre of music, or the opposite of music? Or is silence the opposite of music? How influential can an album be if no one is able to...

The Beastie Boys’ “The In Sound From Way Out” (with Darren Capulong)

THE BEASTIE BOYS GO INSTRUMENTAL! "All Instrumental April" continues with Darren Capulong (bassist, Vampire Squids From Hell) discussing this French fanclub compilation from The Beastie Boys. If the music video for "Sabotage" was a real 1970s cop show, would this be the soundtrack? Is there some sort of prejudice against those who play their own instruments in the world of Hip-Hop? Is it easier to learn to play the guitar than it is to pay mechanical royalties on your samples? Did The...


Michael Nesmith’s “The Wichita Train Whistle Sings” (with Rebecca Davila)

NEZ GOES INSTRUMENTAL! We kick off "All Instrumental April" with special guest Rebecca Davila discussing the wooly-hatted Monkee's solo debut. Was this intended to be a rebuke to all those hipsters sneering at the Monkees for not playing their instruments? Or simply a gigantic tax write-off? How drunk do you have to get the Wrecking Crew before they finally start playing sloppy? What is the proper method for preparing a guitar to be smashed? How much would it cost you to have an open bar for...


You+Me’s “Rose Ave.” (with Rachel Livingston)

P!NK GOES ACOUSTIC! Our web-designer, Rachel Livingston, bring this much-more-modern-than-usual album to our attention. What color do you get when you mix pink and green? How do you cross-promote an album when no one is using their real name and everybody keeping changing their pseudonyms? Does P!nk have a volume knob on her vocal chords? Is it "Alex Is On Fire" or "Alexis On Fire" or "A Lexi Son Fire"? Is there any difference between hardcore and post-hardcore? Is this album really just a...


Captain Beefheart’s “Bluejeans and Moonbeams” (with Austin Aeschliman)

BEEFHEART TRIES TO GET COMMERCIAL! And fails. Songwriter Austin Aeschliman (Smashy Claw, Ash Lemon and His Sour Grapes, Needlejuice Records) guides through the strange Captain's strangest record... because he's trying to be normal. How much less crap and band members willing to put up with when you're not paying them? Has any outsider artist ever really crossed over into the mainstream? If you sanded the rough edges off of Captain Beefheart, would you find anything at all underneath? What...


The Velvet Underground’s “Squeeze” (with Victoria Lundy)

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND BECOME PEDESTRIAN! How could this happen? Thereminist Victoria Lundy ( joins the panel to ask the pertinent questions: Who is Doug Yule, and why does he get to be the entire Velvet Underground by himself? Would a bad drummer had made this a better record? Can a whole album be nothing but filler? Would anyone buy a Doug Yule solo album, or should he stick to making violins? Does living a clean healthy life lead to making boring music but at least...


Weezer’s “Pinkerton” (with Katy Johnson and Will Hayden)

WEEZER GETS SINCERE! Television Generation's Katy Johnson and Will Hayden help us investigate the mysteries surrounding one of the only two good Weezer albums. Is quality an outlier in Weezer's discography? How much brutal honesty is too brutal? Do Pinkerton fans like Weezer? Do Weezer fans like Pinkerton? Is this album responsible for the entire emo genre? Why does 25-year-old Rivers Cuomo write like an old man when 50-year-old Rivers writes like a teenager? Is Weezer's version of Toto’ s...


Devo’s “Dev2.0” (with Bonnie Finley and Richard Taylor)

DEVO DOES DISNEY! Richard and Bonnie from the band Bolonium help us answer the pertinent questions surrounding this album. Questions like: What was Disney thing? And… that’s about it. What was Disney thinking? Really?!? Did they just pick Devo’s name out of a hat at random? Did they really think this would work? Why hadn’t anyone bothered to look at Devo’s lyrics before green-lighting this project? Is there any band that would be worse for this Disney-fied treatment? Will there ever be a 3.0...


Stevie Wonder’s “Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants” (with Evan Ballinger)

STEVIE WONDER GOES HORTICULTURAL! Keyboardist Evan Ballinger from Ghost Tapes and The Denderites helps the team really dig into the flora with double-album soundtrack. Has anyone actually seen this film? Is this a good album for kids? Is this educational or entertaining? Does the preponderance of instrumentals belie how difficult it is to write agricultural lyrics? Is a seed a star, or is a star a seed? How many languages does Stevie Wonder speak? Can this album help you pass your botany...


The Grateful Dead’s “Shakedown Street” (with Molly Rainard)

THE DEAD DO DISCO! Or do they? Molly Rainard (guitarist, Vampire Squids From Hell) joins the gang to navigate the Grateful Dead’s unsuccessful 1978 attempt to sell-out. Do real Deadheads even know that the band recorded studio albums? How many 60s bands tried to jump on the disco bandwagon? Does the general public know anything about the Dead’s music, or is the reputation solely predicated on the reputation of their fanbase? If you were going to do a song called “France” and not make it...


Ween’s “12 Golden Country Greats” (with Matt Sumner)

WEEN GOES COUNTRY! Bassist and real estate agent, Matt Sumner, joins the team as they tackle the big questions: If an album called “12 Golden Country Greats” only has ten tracks, can you sue for false advertising? How literal is Dean's brain mucus? Can your band become a jam band even if you don't want it to be? Who is this album for? Ween fans? Country fans? Nobody? Find out now on the latest episode of Detours and Outliers. Want to listen for yourself? You can check it out here: Amazon


Willie Nelson’s “Countryman”

WILLIE NELSON GOES REGGAE! Why would Willie do such a thing… I mean, besides the obvious botanical reason? Does Willie know the differences between reggae, ska, and dancehall? Does Willie even care? Could Willie even be bothered to write some new material for this album? When the record company that first suggested this idea went bankrupt, why did Willie’s next label resurrect the idea ten years later? Who did play Bonaroo in 2005? Is Jimmy Buffet cultural appropriation? Did even the record...


Kiss’s “Music from ‘The Elder’”

KISS GETS PRETENTIOUS! Who is the Manchild? Who is Morpheus? Who are any of these people and what are they doing? Would listening to the overly dramatic spoken word interludes have elucidated things – or just elicited laughter? Just how much cocaine was consumed in order for this to seem like a good idea? Could Ace ever break the Gene/Paul voting bloc? Is this secretly a better album than Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”? What song sounds like the background music for an episode of “Miami Vice”? We...


Neil Young’s “Trans”

NEIL YOUNG DISCOVERS SYNTHESIZERS! Did Neil actually write this album for his non-communicative son, or was he just trying to guilt us into re-evaluating this album? Does bookending this album with non-synthetic tracks make this bitter pill easier to swallow; or does it just undermine the whole concept? Would a series of animated music videos help explain what exactly a Computer Cowboy does? Does this album take place in a shared universe with Styx’s “Kilroy Was Here”; and if so, who would...


The Rolling Stones’ “Their Satanic Majesties Request”

THE STONES GO PSYCHEDELIC! Was Mick Jagger copying the Beatles, or trolling them? Can Brian Jones really play 500 instruments? How many tambourines were used in the making of this album? Why did the producer quit before they finish this album -- and why didn’t anyone replace him? Did the Rolling Stones even want to make this record? Will any of them cop to enjoying it now? Whose idea was this anyway? And most importantly, why didn’t Bill Wyman get to sing more? All of these questions and...