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The expression of a people delivered with passion to inspire freedom

The expression of a people delivered with passion to inspire freedom




The expression of a people delivered with passion to inspire freedom






Check Up #beingAfricaAllah Vol19_08

This week we get back to the music with HipHopDX 2021 best hip-hop track to date, plus a the 8 Figga dancehall Riddim and the Expressions Soca Riddim. In world news Saint Vincent and the Grenadines need our support. As of air date the island was was undergoing day five of volcano eruptions. Smoke and ash have covered the city and has drifted off some 100+ miles away reaping havoc on Barbados. As a community, a culture and a people we are asking for your support, visit our site to find out...


Talk About it with Keys & Lans Vol 4_10 He Wants Them To Vaccinate Or Die!‪?‬

It is episode 61 people! The billionaires each share one good thing happening around the world just to show positive things do still happen. Keys reflects on the time he grandaunt either wanted him dead or to gain spiritual powers & Lans reveals he betrayed a primary school kid. They also talk about Kevin Bethel, a Bahamian doctor who suffered horrible effects from the vaccine & the terrible disaster going on in St. Vincent.


Pause 4 Applause Vol3_09 Cornbally

Yerrrrrrr!!!! its Knotts & Will keeping you entertained, educated, and informed, on everything from Hip-hop, entertainment, film, current events, sports, philanthropy, fatherhood and all things moving the culture forward. Welcome to P4AP. Season 3 - Episode 9 "Cornbally" Part 1 (3:00) Im the BAD freind (5:55) Born Day recap (10:53) The Elements Versuz The Bro's (19:43) Put some Respek on the DJ (23:35) where the weed at? (25:48) Baby steps (26:36) K.L.B (33:47) Tex-ass. You taking the shot?...


Codes #beingAfricaAllah Vol19_07

This episode is going to be a little different from the norm. In this episode I am going to talk to you about the changes to our platform and what we are doing to expand our reach, offering users more exclusive content and destination products. This week's musical playlist consists of 2021 R&B.


Talk About It with Keys & Lans Vol 4_09 From Praisin' God To Throwin' Hands! Enter D‪J‬

Special guest DJ appears on episode 60! Good father, Military man, combat fighter & a close friend of the billionaires. They talk about Lil Nas X & his satan shoes, unfortunate attempted kidnapping at a Bahamian school and a seemingly deranged man admits to being attracted to the size of a little girl's "butt" while in police custody. On another note Keys tells the story of kissing two foreign women at work in the same night, Lans recounts the time DJ left church to open a can of whoop a%$...


Pause 4 Applause Vol3_08 Iz You Happy

Yerrrrrrr!!!! its Knotts & Will keeping you entertained, educated, and informed, on everything from Hip-hop, entertainment, film, current events, sports, philanthropy, fatherhood and all things moving the culture forward. Welcome to P4AP. Season 3 - Episode 8 (3:30) Snowfall catchup (7:29) Dad week (8:18) Birthday Plans (12:03) the NBA in Africa (18:14) Happiness Realized (24:00) Peleton ft:Versuz (27:43) EWF vs Isley Bro's (35:00) Who's that lady (37:41) MLB stand up! (43:13) All Star moves...


Happening Now #beingAfricaAllah Vol 19_06

Thank you for supporting our Women's History series featuring Caribbean Women Making History now. We end the series with Bahamian Model, Actress & Rapper Ace The Rapper along with some really dope female MCs. Please feel free to comment on the music, artists or interview. Your feedback, helps us create content that resonates.


Talk about it with Keys & Lans Vol 4_08 2 Guys 5 Love Languages

As the 60th episode draws near the billionaires known as Keys & Lans go against the norm as men and discuss the 5 love languages, rank them in order of how they prefer to be loved & give tips on how to deal with people regarding each individual language. Heavily inspired by John Krasinski's "Some Good News" they decide to create a new segment called "One Good Thing" to highlight one positive story an episode. Keys reveals another ridiculous story of how gullible and immpresionable he is...


#BTeamDJs Vol6_03 DJ Kozmo 3PM Pick Up

DJ Kozmo delivers a 3pm Pick Up Dancehall mix for his 103.5fm The Beat on air show


Pause 4 Applause Vol3_08 Slim Shading

Knotts & Will get back to it. Ray & Ghost VZ recap. @ illmatic enters library of congress. @ Derrick Jerk'son. @ Death to Death Penalty. @ The Butcher album review. @ Upcoming VZ lineup. @ Big Pun Plaza. #WelcomeToSeason3 #pause4applause4podcast #p4appod #Applepodcasts #speakfacts #spotify #hiphopgivesback #hiphop #urban #rap #hiphoppod #urbanpod #cultureforward #subscribe #instagram #facebook #youtube


Strength of a Woman #beingAfricaAllah Vol19_05

In my lifetime, I have been abused and raped, but, I have been always at fault. Well, so I was lead to believe. The question is who is protecting us? How strong do we have to be, before we deserve attention. Strength of a woman, hoistory happening now.


Talk About It with Keys & Lans Vol4_07 AOT: G.O.A.T Of Anime!‪?‬

Yaooo! Keys & Lansanators welcome to episode 58! Keys proclaims Attack On Titan is the greatest anime ever, cap? Lans rages against the Queen, Keys, Gabi, People that want to cancel Eminem & the Bahamian people that suck at protesting. Keys also explains a belief which states that everything was basically created Last Thursday..yehp you read that right anddd Lans rages against that too meanwhile raging against other beliefs(angry guy isn't he?). Y'all get ready for a guiness fueled episode...


Pause 4 Applause Vol3_07 Seen it Like A Zenith

You already know who....Knotts & Will ! (1:58)Summers Ours (5:24)Talk Mo Bucks (8:54)Bossie Cancer Free (9:55)LeBron & The Sox (15:53)Grammy Recap (17:49) B-Hive Alumni (19:48) Puff on the Grammy's (22:48)Queen Anita VS Masters (26:41)Queen's STAND UP! (30:30)Worst JayZ Album? (35:47)Kings Disease Nas best album? (39:02)Drake Hate (41:53) Ray & Ghost VS preview (47:06)KRS VS KANE (52:18) Father Hood Cronicels #WelcomeToSeason3 #pause4applause4podcast #p4appod #Applepodcasts #speakfacts...


One Mission #beingAfricaAllah Vol19_04

As we continue with our Women's History Month series, this episode features 2BKaribbean creator Marissa Williams. Everyone needs a sense of community. A place where they belong and can thrive. That sense of belonging is what connects us to each other. The element that links them together is at the core, and is the essence of the group. Just as denoted by the root and the suffix of the word (common-unity), a certain segment of the population is united by a familiar thread. In this case,...


Talk about it with Keys & Lans Vol 4_06 Is It Spouse Before Children‪?

Two hearts joined as one or two halves that create one? On this incredible episode we have two special guests Philip & Emerald along with their bundle of joy to answer a conflicting question.... spouse before children or vice versa, the answer is remarkable to say the least! Also does true love ever die or fade away? Halfway through the ride Emerald cracks Lans' tough guy exterior, Philip reveals Keys' dreaded nickname and are you smarter than a fifth grader returns! Get ready for a touching...


#BTeamDJs Vol 6_02 Pick Up Mix DJ Kozmo (Dancehall)

Beginning of the week Pick Up Mix with DJ Kozmo of the B Team DJs. Check out DJ Kozmo Live every day on DJKozmo.World in his new time slot of The Beat Nassau, Bahamas at from 3-4PM live


Pause 4 Applause Vol3_06 Support Now Sellout Later

Knotts & Will back at it again. (3:33) All Star weekend review (5:00) My first Allstar (9:05) NBA&HBCU'S (11:13) I'm a Atlantin (12:30) Meyers in some HEAT (16:01) Speaking of Drake (19:13) 50 did it first (22:35) Coming 2 America review (33:15) Stacey Dashed (35:38) I love the Dough (37:01) Panoramic Over? (40:48) Tariq call'en em out (45:16) Versuz Sold (56:55) Celo in VA (58:52) OK to watch Chappelle (1:00:00) Father Hood Tales


12 Months inside #beingAfricaAllah Vol19_03

So, this month marks the one year anniversary of the implementation of executive orders and restrictions on movement. We are not out of the woods yet! While vaccines have been introduced to the marketplace to help manage the virus there are still questions about the effectiveness and long term implications of use. I know we have been inside for a year and the world has changed.


Talk about it with Keys & Lans Vol4_05 He Has A Micro What!?‪?‬

It is the 56th episode of the show & does it deliver? Well do catholic priests like little boys? On this week Lans opens up about his rare condition with pure bravery & Keys shares a life tip about friends & enemies. Lans also poses the idea of the masses coming together and rejecting the vaccine all together and stopping a worldwide support of the global elite. Along the way the billionaires reveal a surprising fact about the paradise like country The Bahamas.... it is again in the top 5...


#BTeamDJs Vol6_01 Bad Boy Challenge (vote now)

Before we get into season 6 of #BTeamDJs Podcast. We want to take a moment to pay our RESPECTS to the Wallace family and BIG (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997). This episode called Friendly Fire. Please join us, by voting for your favorite #BTeamDJ mix into today's Bad Boy records Mix Challlenge. Mixes are being rated by Song selection | Use of efx for transition | Creativity | Number of artists in the mix | The ability to transcend time. Ultimately the vibe is the determining factor. Enjoy,...