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The expression of a people delivered with passion to inspire freedom

The expression of a people delivered with passion to inspire freedom




The expression of a people delivered with passion to inspire freedom






Pause 4 Applause Podcast Vol1_07 Flava in ya Ear

We're BACK to our regular scheduled programming and it showed! Kicked off the show discussing the upcoming holiday season and not going #HAM for the holidays and the greatest Halloween costumes ever (4:10). @BillyNy2ATL shares his perspective on T.I. vs Busta and what the people think is going to happen of T.I. vs Jeezy and a full breakdown of What's. About. To. Go. Down.(10:24). The brothas covered the origins of #Verzuz and @djknotts breaks down how and why the series is so influential...


Classic Whine #beingAfricaAllah Vol 17_07

This week's episode is Riddim driven for all my Caribbean fam'. Put one in the air and love ya self. For all of the supporters struggling to get through these uncertain times, I implore you to reach out a trusted friend or talk to someone. Don't allow the stress of it all to consume you.


Talk about it with Keys & Lans Vol2_09 Near Death Experiences & Hagging

On this the 36th episode of the Grammy, Oscar and Academy award winning podcast the billionaires talk about NDEs and Hagging(sleep paralysis). Stewie Griffin makes a rare appearance and explains the secrets of his youth and dysfunctional love for his mother. Keys’ son also makes a cameo and ransacks the place. On a more serious side however Keys & Lans share their sympathy and raises awareness in their way for the Thai people and their unfortunate situation fighting against corruption. P.S...


B Team DJs Vol5_05 For the Love (Africa Allah)

What a great week for music! Friday, October 16, 2020 quite a few artists released really well put together projects. I am sure by now you have heard the chatter about the "Burden of Proof" album by Benny the Butcher. While Benny the Butcher dropped so did T.I, Black Thought, Xhibit and PartyNextDoor all of whom are worth your investments. Here is a replay of the 10.16.2020 Get Familiar Friday sponsored by the Corporation on GoodWifi.Party


Pause 4 Applause Podcast Vol1_06 Talk dat sh!t

Special Delivery episode from the guys this week! We covered a lot from our thoughts on Ice Cube people of the culture attempting to cancel him to the importance of authenticity and of course we spoke on early voting! This episode more diverse and complete than the last! Tap in and subscribe to Pause 4 Applause on Youtube! We building! #Pause4ApplausePodcast


Stress #beingAfricaAllah Vol 17_06

Dealing with mental health during these COVID times can be overwhelming. Just like the rest of the world we are all dealing with a great bit of unbalance and uncertainty some more than others. I wish I could tell you that the music will soothe your soul or calm your spirit. I use to believe it, but lately my mind is restless. I have screamed, I have gotten fade and I have sat in prayer. At this point I am just done. I NEED THIS TO BE OVER!


Talk about it with Keys & Lans Vol 2_08 F-Word The Government

This episode is very emotionally charged, but honest. Backward ever, forward never! The Bahamas' new motto as the local government reverts to more lockdowns and curfews for the country with no further plan of action, no plans for economic restoration, no advice for immune system health building , no true vision. The leaders are corrupt, selfish, full of greed and are puppets on a string for the rich elite. The latest entry in the "F-Word" series is here.... join us for the ride and weigh in...


Pause 4 Applause Podcast Vol1_05 The Redefinition of Real Man

We got heavy early in today's episode of @pause4applausepodcast! Kicked it off by previewing Benny the Butcher's new single "Timeless" produced by Hitboy (3:10). Knotts shares his favorite mixtape of all time, DJ Doowop's "95 Live Part 2" and why real friends are so important to keep (6:15). Which pivoted to us to the main topic of the week, How do you define being a Real Man?" (7:20) In Hip Hop Gives Back news we share the new info on Greenwood Bank and mobile app, purposely created for...


Consistency #beingAfricaAllah Vol 17_05

Do the work, show up and stay consistent. Consistency is key! Is it, is it really? In these COVID times creatives are rediscovering themselves and learning new trades/ skills to accommodate the changing landscape Jobs are few and far in between, but yet we act as if just showing up and doing the work is going to help our fading hope in an end. I wanted to be positive and say some inspirational stuff. All I can offer you is a thank you for your support and prayers that we make it out with our...


Talk about it with Keys & Lans Vol2_07 Reincarnated From Mars

On this week's episode the billionaires talk about two indigo kids.... one reincarnated from Mars and another in his second year of college this is where the reader says wow. They also discuss Lans' son bringing home a transgender and his unfortunate shoplifting encounter. Keys reveals his time building a church and loving men platonically. Light is also shed on Homelander's this is where the reader cheers because we are the real heroes weird oedipus complex and how the butterfly effect...


Pause 4 Applause Vol1_04 Jimmy Butler is 2020's Nat Turner

October is here! We start off our first episode of the 4th quarterly discussing the Presidential #Verzuz battle that took place on Tuesday (3:10). #Knotts puts in his bid to get Biden ready for the next debate(13:25). We salute Gov of California Gavin Newsome tactics and training inmates to fight the forest fires in California with training. We cover the updates on #ToryLanez and #MeganTheStallion situation and his new album #DayStar (22:20). Barkley's comments on #BreonnaTaylor brings the...


Not so social #beingAfricaAllah Vol 17_04

Culture Matters! As a result of the global pandemic, many small countries that rely on culture festival as a major source of income have taken a huge hit on their economy. Well, it seems in 2021 we will see more of the same as countries are starting to cancel 2021 festivals and annual cultural events. If you haven't heard Trinidad Carnival is CANCELED! In memory of fete's lost we start this episode with a vibe! All great things can be very dark. "Google’s true origin partly lies in CIA and...


Talk About it with Keys & Lans Vol 2_06 Drugs Are Bad M'Kay!

Mr. Mackey all the way from South Park guest stars in today's show and informs the people that drugs and alcohol are bad. Lans vehemently claims that he made the "Walk It Out" dance , Keys reveals the origins of "ManInTown" and they give their takes about Breonna Taylor's horrible injustice. In the mix contraband falls out of Keys pocket while talking about Reincarnation & Heaven…. pretty strange episode, buckle up and enjoy the ride!


B Team DJs Vol5_04 Mixtress Africa Allah Get Familiar Friday

B Team DJ, Mixtress Africa Allah repackages her 09.25. 2020 Get Familiar Friday live new music preview for your listening enjoyment. Kick off the week with new music from Tory Lanez " Daystar" Album. Plus now music from YFN Lucci, T.I, Tek, ASAP Freg, Koffe & Buju Banton a new dancehall riddim and classic hip-hop hit


Pause 4 Applause Podcast Vol1_03 Breonna

We get right to the Breonna Taylor investigation and decision by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (2:16). Our thoughts on overhauling a system that does not work for us and the resulting protests and other actions. We question and provide our personal strategies for voting, voting often and especially locally (25:00). In Hip Hop Gives Back news, G Herbo converted his old elementary school into a state of the art community center that he purchased (38:52). Of course we spoke on sports...


My Truth #beingAfricaAllah Vol17_03

Today's episode is inspired by Discover Music Channel by PlayMas.Today two syndicated podcast. The show starts off with a brief commentary on issues that matter to me as a black creator and advocate of the culture. The truth about Black Media, Should others be able to profit of Black culture, Why is polygamy frowned upon and speaking up as a rape survivor. The music mix is a collect of new records and a handful of my favorite live concert experiences.


Talk about it with Keys & Lans Vol2_05 Lying Ain't All Bad!

On this week's episode we have special guests that are examples of black excellence. Owners of Top Shelf Sippes & Limonade Bahamas respectively Vicardo & Lamech. They share their experiences with entrepreneurship and dive into intriguing topics with billionaires Keys & Lans. The morality of lying and the concept of hell are discussed, vibe with us for the ride!


Pause 4 Applause Podcast Syndicated Vol1_02 Don't Get Clipped

Today’s episode we delve into the latest with the Breonna Taylor case, where the LA Clippers upset ranks in NBA history. We recap the 3rd quarter of music, capped by Conway The Machine’s debut, Big Sean’s “Detroit II”, the upcoming Sha Stimuli and Redd Lettaz “Hannah Barberrah” and Nas’ “King’s Disease”. Will & Knotts draw a line in the sand with the idea of a possible Verzuz between Janet vs Missy and more!


Pause 4 Applause Podcast Syndicated Vol1_01 Podcast Power Moves

Back with a new episode after Labor Day and the premiere on Discover Music Channel! Will and Knotts catch up on the weekend's activities including unforgettable fatherhood stories from both of their aspects. (2:00) #HipHopGivesBack news of the week, Fabolous and 50 Cent represent for the people and give back in their respective hoods. (6:22). We brainstorm on anyway this T.I. vs 50 Cent VerzuzTV could and should actually happen (11:05). The debate begins on whether Charlamagne's new podcast...


Power Play #beingAfricaAllah Vol 17_02

It's riddim driven mid-week power play!