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The expression of a people delivered with passion to inspire freedom

The expression of a people delivered with passion to inspire freedom




The expression of a people delivered with passion to inspire freedom






Vaccination Day #beingAfricaAllah Vol20_05

The Bahamas puts a mandate on vaccinations that relies on private citizens to govern verification process. This is not a sitcom or a sicfi series. I thought about the multiple times that TV shows have created a serum and gave it to groups of people in order to save them from some virus, poison or danger. In the real world, it is not that simple. According to experts don't yet know how long immunity will last once a covid 19 vaccine dosage is complete. We are gambling...


Talk about it with Keys & Lans Vol5_06 This Is Goodbye.... For Now!

Off to a late start! Let's Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane Shall We? Episode 70… the season finale is here! On this episode we reminisce on how far the cast and crew of the show has come. From talking about Jesus in the clouds to Glitches In The Matrix. Find out what's in store for Season 2….storming Vatican City, Livestreaming from outer space and speaking out against racial and social injustice…we do it all here at Talk About It with our fierce and courageous leader Keys( sigh and Lans)....


No Return Flights #beingAfricaAllah Vol20_04

No Return Flights .


#BTeamDJs Vol 6_07 DJ Kozmo Sand Dolla 06.13.2021

#BlackSummer 2021, are you ready to explore the Bahamas with the #BTeamDJs + Discover our weekly "Day Away" trips to a private island 30 mins outside of Nassau. Dine on gourmet meals and sip premium liquor as you bask in the sun looking out at our crystal clear blue waters. Join our community for exclusive invites to festivals, parties and destination events


Pause 4 Applause Vol4_05 N*gga...Are you Listnening

Now syndicated on Discover Music Channel by PlayMas.Today


Ready To Explore #beingAfricaAllah Vol 20_03

This summer, get ready to explore. Join my #BTeamDJs + Fresh Intl' as we discover new destinations, music and cultures. Share in a Summer of Freedom as the world reopens. Reserve your spot to party different during PlayMas.Today Black Summer 2021. Tap in to the sounds of the culture by subscribing to our podcast on your favorite streaming platform or pull up at any of our Black Summer bookings. For direct access to event information join our What's App Group.


Talk About it with Keys & Lans Vol5_05 The Problem With Sex

In the penultimate episode of the first season the billionaires discuss the birds and the bees. They share their opinions on sex and how it has lost it's sanctity and luster, how easily accessible it is today and how deep sex actually goes. Threesomes & orgies sounds like a party right... find out who has no interest in these at all! Keys shares a gross sexual experience and Lans reveals his decade long revenge plot against a former school crush.... y'all ready to talk about it? Email us for...


Pause 4 Applause Vol4_04 Porkchops and Applesauce

Yerrrrrrr!!!! its Knotts & Will keeping you entertained, educated, and informed, on everything from Hip-hop, entertainment, film, current events, sports, philanthropy, fatherhood and all things moving the culture forward. Welcome to P4AP. Season 4 - Episode 4 "Porkchops and Applesauce" (01:40) Why Craig got fired (02:40) Swimming lessons (09:20) Tim VZ Swizz (37:20) Hawk talk (47:30) Naomi takes Mental health break (53:25) Stephen NaSmith (56:30) Mayweather vs Paul (59:56) Leave Knotts alone...


Black Summer 2021 #beingAfricaAllah Vol20_02

Celebrating Local and Small Black Businesses with our Black Summer line. Black Summer is an opportunity to help underserved communities reduce the wealth gap. In this episode we kick off the summer with a little Caribbean flavor. Here is to a Black Summer outside, supporting Black Creatives, Business, Brands, Culture and ideas for community success. I invite you to be apart of our summer celebration kickoff by listening to this episode, sharing, downloading and purchasing a Black Summer...


Talk About it with Keys & Lans Vol 5_04 The Interlude

It's a chill episode with your billionaires today as they make light of the usual controversial topics around planet Earth. Email us for any legal or paralegal advice, for any dating or mortality concerns or if you got any questions about how we became billionaires. :


#BTeamDJs Podcast Vol6_06 DJ Bash Hold Yuh Head

B Team DJ, DJ Bash delivers yet another feel good mix to start your week off with good vibes. Hold Ya Head and enjoy the week ahead.


Pause for Applause Vol4_03 God level MC's

(04:55) J.Cole album review (10:55) God level MC's (21:25) Fake Versuz (26:33) Real Versuz (34:20) George Floyd a year later (41:25) Fans gone wild (47:10) Doctor P (49:50) Wakanda at Howard #WelcomeToSeason4 #pause4applause4podcast #p4appod #Applepodcasts #speakfacts #spotify #hiphopgivesback #hiphop #urban #rap #hiphoppod #urbanpod #cultureforward #subscribe #instagram #facebook #youtube #sportstalk #entertaint #filmreview #tvreview #currentevents #fatherhood #blackexcellence...


Talk About it with Keys & Lans Vol 5_03 Interview With Kendall Richardson 2 - Game Time

Guess who's back... back again? No not Shady, your billionaire heroes welcome Kendall Richardson back to the fold. He answers questions from concerned people about various things.... financial literacy courses, marijuana legalization and what it means for those incacerated for marijuana related charges. He explains what the Coalition of Independents have planned for mental health awareness in The Bahamas, minimum wage for the private sector and doubles down on their soverign wealth plan. He...


Pause 4 Applause Vol4_02 Manipulation Matters

Yerrrrrrr!!!! its Knotts & Will keeping you entertained, educated, and informed, on everything from Hip-hop, entertainment, film, current events, sports, philanthropy, fatherhood and all things moving the culture forward. Welcome to P4AP. Season 4 - Episode 2 "Manipulation Matters" (00:59) Kwame Kill'n 'em (06:14) Manipulation Matters (17:01) NBA Social Justice Award (19:00) NY vs ATL (20:29) 35% New York (22:30) Endzone Clubb'n (24:58) Business with friends (30:55) RIP Paul Mooney (34:56)...


Wybes #beingAfricaAllah 20_01

Catch a Wybe with Africa Allah and Jay Shephard as they chop it up about music, parenthood and more. Plus a little Soca addiction .


Talk about it with Keys & Lans Vol5_02 Prayer Vs Manifestation!

Your billionaire heroes are joined by a black Queen Mise-Ansie as they share their thoughts on prayer as opposed to manifestation. We all grew up being told to pray to the Lord and well Keys seems to have a problem with that and prefers manifestation… someone get a bible. Lans stomach makes a surprise appearance and interrupts a powerful speech by our guest. In the mix of the conversation the controversial "god gene" is brought up and an explanation is given as to how slavery still cripples...


Pause 4 Applause Vol4_01 Dream Chasing

"Dream Chasing" (01:40) Napping at work (06:33) Mothers Day Versuz Recap (12:55) Who's Next (17:24) Best Rap Awards performances (20:49) Drake Decades Best (21:13) T5 Hip Hop artist of Decade (35:39) Dreamville Hoop Dreams (39:45) Dream Chasing


Processing #beingAfricaAllah Vol19_12

This episode we introduce you to new music and a few classic urban hits. Processing #beingAfricaAllah Podcast Vol19_12 An end of an era | processing Mixshow + bonus 8 minutes mental health, life audit check and a Free downloadable Life Audit workbook. Expand your podcast experience! When do you know it is time to take a personal audit of your life? A life audit is a full, thorough assessment of your life. You take stock of anything...


Talk About it with Keys & Lans Vol5_01Interview With Kendall Richardson - The Warm Up

What's goin on guys!? On this episode your billionaire heroes sit down and have a light conversation with a Bahamian political candidate. A member of the Coalition of Independents Kendall Richardson. He sheds light on crown land in The Bahamas, a sovereign wealth plan with the intent of distributing 100k annually. He reveals why it made sense for Lincoln Bain to transition to politics to make real change and what makes him different from other candidates in his area. Plans for economic...


#BTeamDJs Podcast Vol6_05 DJ Bash May 5

#BTeamDJs, DJ Bash kicks off the week with a Latin inspired mix