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Taking your earholes back to the era of Hammerpants, plaid, backwards overalls, grunge, and New Jack Swing! We revisit the music of the '90's on Dope Nostalgia. Join us for chats with the artists, laughs with friends, and a lot of reminiscing.

Taking your earholes back to the era of Hammerpants, plaid, backwards overalls, grunge, and New Jack Swing! We revisit the music of the '90's on Dope Nostalgia. Join us for chats with the artists, laughs with friends, and a lot of reminiscing.




Taking your earholes back to the era of Hammerpants, plaid, backwards overalls, grunge, and New Jack Swing! We revisit the music of the '90's on Dope Nostalgia. Join us for chats with the artists, laughs with friends, and a lot of reminiscing.




Episode 61 - Erica Ehm

Part 1 of our Muchmusic series features broadcasting legend Erica Ehm. One of the original VJ's of Muchmusic, she shares stories of her time at the station, her amazing writing projects in both music and literature, her new podcast, and how her life has evolved from the days on the "Nation's Music Station".


Episode 60 - Harem Scarem/Rubber

Time to chat with the drummer of melodic hard rock band Harem Scarem, Darren James Smith! We cover his latest project in Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel, musical adventures worldwide, he sings the praises of guitarist Pete Lesperance, and we go over when Harem Scarem became Rubber! If you're from Edmonton, you need to help us figure out some Edmonton venue trivia around the 55 minute mark.


Episode 59 - Organized Rhyme

DJ LAW joins me to talk tales of Ottawa, what was happening on The Tom Green Show, the first planking video of all time, Nickelback hate, computer geek talk and BBSes, and of course, the rap group he was a part of, Organized Rhyme. Check the O.R.!


Episode 58 - Green Jelly

Bill Manspeaker may seem like a one man show, but in reality, Green Jelly is certified by Guiness Book of World Records as the "Largest Band in Music History", with about 1000 members. Bill joins me to show us the toy store he lives in on Hollywood Blvd. (you may want to visit our YouTube channel to see it!), talks about getting kicked out of Canada, appearing on The Gong Show, making costumes, and what is inside of his vintage KISS lunchbox?


Episode 56 - It's Our Anniversary!

We recap the first year of Dope Nostalgia with Kendra and Colin! We also talk Cameo celebs, Rattails, mukbung (Google it), and we still don't know where Chris Sheppard is. This episode is a bit smutty, friends. NSFW or life, possibly. Hide your kids.


Episode 57 - Rozalla Returns!

The amazing Rozalla is back, with a brand new single! We talk a lot about our plans over Christmas and the struggle with trying to be productive during COVID-19. We talk the Canadian cold, how to stay healthy and creative, and about some of the things we absolutely love. She's such a gem!


Episode 55 -54.40

Welcome Neil Osborne, lead singer of Canadian legends 54.40. It's a family affair as we discuss his project with daughter Kandle called "A Family Curse", classic venues like El Mocambo and the Cavern Club, playing their first show the night John Lennon died, and filming the "Ocean Pearl" video.


Episode 54 - New Kids On The Block

Nikki and Brooke from the "My So-Called Whatever Podcast" join me for an episode packed with NKOTB goodness! We do a little trivia quiz, talk solo careers, the cruise, Donnie and Joey on their podcast, my meet and tweet with Jordan, how they helped get Lady Gaga noticed, that photo book by Lynn Goldsmith that felt like softcore porn, and why we still love them. Forever.


Episode 53 - Sven Gali

Lead singer David Wanless joins me to discuss the Niagara Falls, Ontario hard rock band Sven Gali! We talk lead singer duties, Headbanger's Ball, running into Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and Blind Melon in the recording studio, more tales from Muchmusic Snowjob, and more.


Episode 52 - Adam Emil

Welcome talented artist Adam Emil! He has performed on several of the "I Love The 90's" tours, and been a member of Color Me Badd. Here we chat about the advice Stevie Wonder gave him, his sweet home of Chicago, and what exactly IS a "roni"?


Episode 50 - Alannah Myles

She's one of the most successful artists in Canadian history, and she's here to share her stories. Welcome the legend, Alannah Myles. Let's celebrate her birthday on Christmas Day as she shares what defines sexy, what record companies can do to a career, and she doesn't hold back! She's in such a great place in her life, and we are grateful to chat with her.


Episode 51 - Let's Talk About That Interview!

My guest Kendra and I chat about the interview with Alannah Myles, as well as celebrities eating hot wings on YouTube, our invitation to Donnie Wahlberg and the Wahlburgers show, and why fandom affects us the way it does.


Episode 49 - A Very 90's Christmas

Welcome my friends Kendra and Lauren to the show, as we compare the greatest Christmas albums of the 90's, just in time for you to build a playlist! We also talk about why people hate Christmas songs, drink and festively giv'er.


Episode 48 - Donnie Vie & Enuff Z'Nuff

The former lead singer of my favourite power pop group Enuff Z'Nuff is here, completely uncensored. We have a candid conversation that includes memories of being on David Letterman's show, Clive Davis and the signing to Arista, the craft of writing the hook, where his relationship is with the band today, and crossing the American/Canadian border with ... pharmaceuticals?


Episode 47 - Wide Mouth Mason

One of Canada's best, Safwan Javed from blues rock band Wide Mouth Mason stops by to share some stories! We talk Nickelback, Saskatchewan, the 20th anniversary of the album "STEW", Montreaux Jazz Festival, playing the drums with cold hands in the winter, Muchmusic SnowJob, and partying from time to time...


Episode 46 - Weird Al Yankovic

My podcast fam Charlie Biddiscombe and Quinn Clark from L2L Podcast are here to eat the "memberberries" with me and talk Weird Al in the '90's. 4 great albums, a bunch of polkas, AL TV, UHF vs VHF, and Johnny Cash getting high and eating cake in a bush.


Episode 45 - LEN

Welcome Evan Mudryk to the show! We discuss the Canadian one, maybe two hit wonder LEN, and how they went into hiding fairly quickly. We also talk about Evan's journey and YouTube channel, and tons of karaoke chat.


Episode 44 - Trace Austin

Joining me this week is a young man who wasn't even born yet in the 90's - the grandson of original Temptations member Otis WIlliams - Trace Austin. He's developing a fresh sound in the hip-hop/rap world, and tells us about growing up learning from his R&B heritage, working with legend Teddy Riley, and his travels. Then the crew play another round of "This Is F*#king Stupid".


Episode 43 - Honeymoon Suite

A double sized episode where I get to know both Derry Grehan and Johnnie Dee of classic rock band Honeymoon Suite! We discuss their 90's album "Monsters Under The Bed", their fondest memories, as well as some not so great times, and how their latest single is hot on the charts.


Episode 42 - Van Halen

In salute to the life of guitar legend Eddie Van Halen, Colin Krieger and I talk about the '90's releases of the band - "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge:, "Balance", and "Van Halen III". A small amount of disputing over who the best VH vocalist was, and showing some love for Gary Cherone. Also, we need to have a gofundme to get Colin a Cameo from Vince Neil.