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Music for kids like you!

Music for kids like you!


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Music for kids like you!




Thank You Universe from Jan 22, 2022

Alison Faith Levy, Rudy Trubitt - "Deja Vu" - Science Fair Frances England - "Way of Looking at the World" - Sway [0:03:41] Katie Ha Ha Ha and Dean Jones - "Possibilities" - We Are Animals [0:06:23] Elizabeth Mitchell - "Ooby Dooby" - You Are My Sunshine [0:08:15] FleaBITE - "Ooby Gooby" - Circus of Fleas [0:10:19] Twinkle Time - "El Bailongo (Dance)" - A Mi Me Gusta Ser Yo. It's OK To Be Me [0:13:35] Katie Ha Ha Ha - "Apples" - These Things Go Together [0:21:17] Your DJ Speaks...


Australia, Australia, Australia, We Love You from Jan 15, 2022

ShyTunas - "Saw a Bird" Eels - "I like Birds" [0:02:37] Vulfpeck - "The Birdwatcher" [0:04:38] Fatcat & Fishface - "Cuckoo to You" [0:07:37] Flannery Brothers - "Pirate or Parrot" [0:10:26] Xavier Atencio - "A Parrot's Life for Me" [0:12:04] They Might Be Giants - "Pirate Girls Nine" [0:13:30] Dan Zanes (featuring FATHER GOOSE!) - "Cape Cod Girls" [0:14:32] Your DJ Speaks [0:24:18] Dr Suess (Music - Marty Gold, Narrator - Marvin Miller) - "Dr Suess' Sleep Book" [0:24:23] M.I.A. -...


Howdy! from Jan 8, 2022

Dan Reeder - "Born a Worm" [0:00:00] Richard Thomas - "Ukelele Whistler" [0:02:36] Mason Williams - "Whistle While You Work" [0:02:40] Earthworm - "Ensemble Chicken Coop" [0:04:44] Mike Phirman - "Chicken Monkey Duck" [0:09:02] Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots - "Disco Duck" [0:09:34] Koo Koo Kangaroo - "Duck Duck Grey Goose" [0:12:54] Ukelele Dan - "I Want a New Duck" [0:14:04] Your DJ Speaks [0:19:43] Mr Oscat - "What’s that Smell?" [0:19:46] FleaBite, Levity Beet - "What Does...


Mark Hurst from Techtonic guest hosts for New Year 2022 from Jan 1, 2022

Mark Mothersbaugh - "Let Me Tell You About My Boat" [0:00:00] Steve Martin - "Tin Roof" [0:01:23] Jerry Reed & Chet Atkins - "All I Ever Need Is You" [0:03:37] Makoto Kubota - "Steel Guitar Rag" [0:05:47] Speedy West - "Stealin' Moonlight" [0:09:06] Pogo - "Muppet Mash" [0:11:47] Music behind DJ: Ruby Braff and the John Pizzarelli Trio - "It's the Same Old South" [0:15:13] Dr Sparkles feat. The Pepperoni Brothers - "How to Make a New York Pizza" [0:21:20] Don Muro - "Squash"...


Greg from ZONE 5 guest hosted today from Dec 25, 2021

Babes in Toyland Orchestra - "March of the Toys" [0:00:00] Danny Elfman - "What's This?" [0:05:30] Toots & The Maytals - "Christmas Feeling Ska" [0:07:58] The Fraggles - "Pass It On" [Written by Philip Balsam & Dennis Lee] [0:09:01] Paul Williams - "It Feels Like Christmas" [0:10:39] Jack Stauber's Micropop - "Peppermint" [0:12:31] The Ronettes - "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" [0:13:06] The's - "Rock & Roll Santa" [0:15:41] Spongebob Squarepants - "Don't Be a Jerk (It's...


Double-Dip Yulefest IV! from Dec 18, 2021

The Golden Orchestra - "Seven More Day to Vacation" Robert Goulet - "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" John Anealio - "Batman Smells (a Rebuttal)" Stan Freberg - "T'was the Night Before Christmas" Drew Barrymore, Ed Asner, et al - "Olive the Other Reindeer pt. 1" Mark Yamanaka, Kupaoa - "Yodeling Santa" Your DJ Speaks Dan Castellaneta, Drew Barrymore - "Olive the Olive Reindeer pt 2 (Christmas, Bah, Bug and Hum)" Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio - "The What's It To Ya Chorus" Todd McHatton -...


Welcome to Stupid Town from Dec 11, 2021

Dan and Claudia Zanes - "The Bridge" Sweet Honey and the Rock - "Confrontation" Sesame Street's Cereal Girl - "Cereal Girl" Madonna - "I'm Going Bananas" The Memories - "Banana" Minions - "Banana Song" Your DJ Speaks Katie Ha Ha Ha - "Apples" Albert Hammond - "I'm a Train" Dean Friedman - "Weclome to Stupid Town" Sparks - "Everybody's Stupid" Arrogant Worms - "History is Made by Stupid People" Your DJ Speaks Key Wilde Weekly Song #46! - "Happy Holidays" Devo - "Merry Something...


Magnets: they're attractive! from Dec 4, 2021

Walter Martin - "In My Socks" Scratch Garden - "Black Socks" Dean Jones - "Odd Socks" Groovy Nate (with Adobe Moon Amrache) - "Socks and Shoes" Donny McKayle, Evelyn D. Lohoefer, Stan Raiff, Charlie Byrd - "My Shoes Went Walking" Caspar Babypants - - "The Runaway Shoes" Your DJ Speaks Katie Ha Ha Ha - "Apples" JZ Barrell - "Frog" Eric Herman and the Puppy Dogs - "Googly Eyes" Mel Blanc - "Barney Google" Vered - "Galloping Horse" Victoria Williams - "Come Up Horsey" Keller...


Gotta Be Me from Nov 27, 2021

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - "Gotta Be Me" Barry Louis Polisar - "I'd Be Me" Kaci Bolls, The Happy Racers - "Dare to Be Me" Pharell Williams - "Despicable Me" Your DJ SpeakS Pierce Freelon (feature Nneena Freelon) - "No One exactly like you" Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - "Crayon Kids" Falu - "Elephant Stomp" 123 Andres - "I Just Can't Sit Down" Shine and the Moonbeams - "What Do You Believe?" Your DJ Speaks Key WIlde Weekly Song #44! - "When I was your age" The Clancy Childern...


Plop Music Thanksgiving Special from Nov 20, 2021

Elliot Park (feat. April Park) - "Lemon Pie" - The Mouth Susan Rozler - "Mama Earth's Kitchen" - Growing Veggie Soup Vered - "Cooking" - Hello My Baby Gordie Crazylegs MacKeeman - "All Around the Kitchen" - Folk for Little Folk Arrogant Worms - - "The Kids Are Cookin' Tonight –" - First Farewell Album Dog On Fleas - "Cranberry Sauce Flotilla" - Cranberry Sauce Flotilla Your DJ Speaks TV's Kyle Laura Carozza Dutra - "Happy Thanksgiving Day" - Fi Widelity! Louis and Dan and the...


Badger Summer! from Nov 13, 2021

Ben Tatar - "The Breakfast Song" - Food Abstract - "Shut up and Let Me Rock" - 2006 Summer Camp Showcase Session 1 Ian Hunter - "Lisa Likes Rock 'N' Roll" - Short Back 'n' Sides Dean Jones - "Join a Rock & Roll Band" - When the World Was New Your DJ Speaks Dead Milkmen - "Badger Song" - Bucky Fellini Jellybug - "Badger Badger Badger" - single Whirlygigs - "Portobello Mushrooms –" - Greetings fron Ckoud9 FleaBITE - "Meep" - In Your Ear Vulfpeck (Baby Theo, Bootsy Collins, Mushy Kay)...


WHERE DO MONSTERS GO? from Nov 6, 2021

Triple Rainbow - "Why Can't Every Day Be Halloween?" Ratboy Jr - "Where Do Monsters Go?" The Harmonica Pocket - "Are You a Monster Too?" Key WIlde And Mr Clarke - "Trondaxx Berserker" Grover - "Monster in the Mirror" Your DJ Speaks Apple Brains - "Apple x 3" Marais & Miranda - "Why Do Leaves Change?" Kimya Dawson - "Solid and Strong" The Sticker Club - "Tree Girl" Robyn Hitchcock - "We're Gonna Live In The Trees" They Might be Giants - "C Is for Conifers" Cookie Monster - - "C Is...


The Fourth Annual DOUBLE DIP CREEPFEST!!! from Oct 30, 2021

ShyTunas - "Trick or Treat til You Die" Parry Gripp - "Gimme Candy" Alfred Hitchcock - "Intro to Alfred Hitchcocks Ghost Stories for Young People." Kenny Young and the Eggplants - "House at Creepy Lake" Brad Tassel, Steve Goodie - "The House" Alfred Hitchcock - "Jimmy Takes Vanishing Lessons" Your DJ Speaks Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - "Ain't No Party Like Halloween" Prairie Ramblers - "Ghost in the Graveyard" The Golden Orchestra - "BuBu the BooTiful Ghost" White Stripes - "Little...


Still Gotta Get Up in the Morning from Oct 23, 2021

Sweet Honey In The Rock - "Still Gotta Get Up in the Morning" Parry Gripp - "Wienerina (Vampire Dog)" FleaBITE - "I love Blood" They Might be Giants - "The Bloodmobile" Deep Fried Pickle Project - "The Sucking Song" Billy Jonas - "Eat Something" Weird Paul Petroskey - "Pot of Macaroni" your DJ speaks Apple Braina - "Apple x 3" Bob McFadden (narrator) Joe Raposo (music) - "Georgie (Written by Riobert Bright)" Microphone Doctors - "Halloween House" Man or Astro-Man? - "Munster's...


What I Do? from Oct 16, 2021

The Clancy Childern - "When I Was Young" Zaza - "What I Do?" Kaci Bolls - "Do what you Wanna Do" Rhys Muldoon - "Doin' Stuff" KinderAngst - "Do It Yourself (Featuring Debbie Harry)" Little Miss Ann - "28 Days" Your DJ Speaks Katie Ha Ha Ha - "Apples" Randy Kaplan - "Been Your Dog" Chicky Milky - "That's Just My Baby Dog" DJ WILLY WOW! - "A Dog Named Burrito" Dankmus - "Make Way for WIllie" Alma Cogan - "Willie Can" Jamboree Singers - "Billy Boy" Ahmad Jamal - "Billy Boy" Your...


Monster Island from Oct 9, 2021

Key WIlde And Mr Clark - "Rise and Shine" Sin and Swoon - "Little Bingo" Kimya Dawson - "Louie" Deerhoof - "Dog on the Sidewalk" Dick Cavet - "My Dog is a Plumber" Jaci Velasquez - "You Can Never Go Down The Drain" The Gregory Brothers - "The Acoustics in the Bathroom" Susan Howe - "Little Sir Echo" Klaus Van Beck - "Little Sir Echo" The Sticker Club - "(Doin' the) Echo" Your DJ Speaks Apple Brains - "Apples X3" Elliot Park - "The Mouth" Randy Kaplan - "The Mouth is Connected to...


Roger Loves Waffles! from Oct 2, 2021

Hey Buster - "Monkey Breath" Konshens The MC and the Earth Band - "CO2" Mike Phirman - "What's wrong with this Picture?" Gordon Crazylegs MacKeeman - "All Around the Kitchen" Falu - "Visit to the Farm" Your DJ Speaks Katie Ha Ha Ha - "Apples" Velvet Underground - "I'm Sticking With You" Eric Heilner - "Sticky Glue" Gab Squad - "Glue Stick Dance" Twinkle Time - "El Bailongo (Dance)" Anthony Gonzalez, Gael Garcia Bernal - "Un Poco Loco" Nathalia - "Dia de los Muertos" Your DJ...


Pumpkin Spice Everything from Sep 25, 2021

The Mr Pickwick Singers - "The Circle of Seasons" The Shytunas - "Hot Slide (revisited)" The Shytunas - "Pumpkin Spice Everything" Renee and Friends - "Starfish and Coffee" Georgina Hill-Brown - "All I Want Is a Proper Cup of Coffee Made in a Proper Copper Coffee Pot" Sam Cooke - "The Coffee Song" Mr Megaphone Speaks Negativeland - "Megaphone Guy (excerpt)" Flannery Brothers - "Pirate or Parrot?" Captain Bogg & Salty - "Port Side" Michael Hearst, Olivier Conan - "Jeanne de...


I only Say I'm Sorry When I'm Wrong Now from Sep 18, 2021

Walter Martin - "All the World and You and Me" They Might Be Giants - "Ooh La La" Frankie Smith - "Double Dutch Bus" Giorgio Moroder, Caroline Brooks - "Doo Bee Doo" Keller WIlliams - "Hula Hoop to da Loop" Music behind DJ: your DJ speaks Steinski - "An Awesome Book (by Dallas Clayton)" Danny Weinkauf - "Super Bookman Dude" Kimya Dawson Aesop Rock - "The Library" Ratboy Jr - "Marian the Barbarian Librarian" Music behind DJ: your DJ speaks Key WIlde Weekly Song #34! - "When I...


Special Guests:Dan and Çlaudia Zanes! from Sep 4, 2021

Pocketsuke - "Imperial March on Kazookeylele" The Brothers Four - "Don't Let the Rain Come Down" fleaBITE - "The Wind and the Rain" Ruby Jane - "Five Feet High and Rising" Jamboree Singers - "It Ain't Gonna Rain No More" Kath Bee (vocals by Asha Trill) - "So Quiet" Your DJ Speaks Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - "I'm Nature's Mosquito" No Me Moleste Mosquito - "La Tropa Loca" Michale MItchell - "Black Fly Song" Your DJ Speaks Key WIlde Weekly Song #33! - "Dog Days of...