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Episode 130 - Musician Finances, Taxes, and Money

We begin the show with a quick callback to our season four premiere and then talk about social media issues. Ultimately there has been a bit of confusion regarding listeners following the wrong account on Instagram. Phil and the podcast only have one Instagram account. You can follow the show by using the Instagram account name, Drummers Weekly Groovecast. Dealing with money responsibly is difficult for many people but it seems endemic for the creatives found in the music business. It’s a...


Episode 129 - Interview - Steve Smith

This week we welcome legendary drummer, Steve Smith, to the Groovecast for the first interview of the fourth season. Steve was gracious enough to speak with us just before a series of dates with Journey that culminates in a three-week residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Steve will also be showing his artwork (at Carnavale Gallery at Caesar’s Palace) during this residency. If you are in Las Vegas and would like to see Steve’s art work and meet him in person please RSVP using...


Episode 128 - Season Four Premiere - Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

The boys are back from the summer hiatus with a new season of shows. We start this premiere episode by discussing summer gigs, travel, teaching, and vacations. We then break open the mail bag and address our correspondence with new and longtime listeners. We also discuss two new companies started by drummers who listen to our show. Please check out Ryan’s new product for wrist support and compression, Wrist Grips: https://wristgrips.myshopify.com/ There is also a drum-less play-along app...


Episode 127 - Hiatus Breaker Featuring The Crash And Ride Podcast

As we languish through the summer we temporarily break our hiatus by posting a pop show. Late last winter I appeared on a new podcast that deals with musicians who suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD and other psychological issues, the Crash and Ride Podcast. The host and Groovecast power listener, Patrick Ferguson, has done a tremendous job highlighting an incredibly underrepresented topic that affects quite a large number of musicians. In this episode he and I discuss the different...


Episode 126 - Perfect Imperfection

As we come to the end of the third season, we take some time to discuss the news of the day and the many events that have happened over the course of recent episodes. We discuss https://possiblechops.com/ref/8/ created by friends of the show, Dave Hooper, Gary Novak, and Dave Johnstone. We also humbly discuss the honor of being included by a popular online blogger in their list of top drumming podcasts. Also, the show will observe its three-year anniversary in July. Even though we’ll...


Episode 125 - Season Three Listener Mail, Concepts And Explanations

As we moved through the third season, the show saw unparalleled growth. With that growth we received more email and social media messages and comments. In this episode Phil goes through some of the most common questions and comments with answers, concepts, and explanations. We cover the questions and topics: 1) You’re only as good of a drum set player as you are a snare drummer 2) Speed is one of the easiest things to accomplish and seldom needs to be practiced 3) Because you can play your...


Episode 124 - Interview - Rob Knopper - Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Obsession is generally considered a personality flaw. However, there are times when it proves beneficial if focused on a career goal. As musicians it seems logical that having some type of obsessive personality trait would be beneficial when it comes to studying and practicing our craft. Enter this week’s guest, Rob Knopper of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, a self-professed obsessive musician (and prog rock officianado). We were due to hear from the concert side of our discipline and Rob...


Episode 123 - The Business Of Backline With Kenny Cresswell Of Avatar Events

These things take time. Sometimes they take six to eight months. However, if business is good who can complain? We originally reached out to Avatar Events owner, Kenny Cresswell, last fall to do a show about backline gear. However, Kenny was just a tad busy providing gear for some of music’s biggest acts. Jon and I realized that we had used the term ‘backline’ on numerous occasions throughout the history of the podcast. However, we never took enough time to fully explain what it was, why he...


Episode 122 - Interview - George Marsh

Whether right or wrong we like being different and truly enjoy bringing you guests that challenge, enlighten, and entertain our listeners. This week certainly checks all those boxes. Our guest, George Marsh, is probably best known to our listeners as either the drummer from the David Grisman Quintet or as the author of “Inner Drumming” (one of our genres greatest methods). During my first chat with George he was excited to talk music and was very eager to share some of his favorite...


Episode 121 - The Business Of Home Recording With Sean O'Rourke

As we reach the midway point of season three, we dig into the mail bag for our topic this week. A while back we received listener email requesting a show that focused on the business of home recording. Immediately Jon and I knew this would be the perfect show to include a third mic guest. There’s no one better to fill that spot than our mutual friend, recording ace, and Nashville denizen, Sean O’Rourke. Sean has performed with some of the music industry’s biggest names. A partial list...


Episode 120 - Interview - Carter McLean

I always enjoy the interviews we do at Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast. Part of the reason is that I only ask guests that I have a genuine interest in. It certainly doesn’t hurt if they have something to say. If they have a good time saying it, it’s just a bonus. This week I dumbed into a grand slam. I know, I know. You’re saying to yourself that you’ve heard this guy on other podcasts and social media. Not like this you haven’t. If you’re in the drumming business and unaware of Carter McLean,...


Episode 119 - Artist Feature - Sonny Payne

We are back with season three’s artist feature. This time around we highlight Sonny Payne (Count Basie, Harry James, Frank Sinatra, Erskine Hawkins). Payne is simultaneously one of the most influential yet underrated big band drummers in jazz history. When asked to list the most influential big band drummers a typical response might be: Buddy Rich, Papa Jo Jones, Gene Krupa, Louie Bellson, Mel Lewis, Ed Shaughnessy, Chick Webb, etc. However, when many musicians, including some of the...


Episode 118 - Interview - Jimmy Haslip

We spread our wings this episode and interview our first bassist, Jimmy Haslip. Now before you call me out regarding our bassists’s perspective show, with two of our favorite bass players, keep in mind that was a four mic show and not really an interview. Most of you will know Jimmy from his long-term relationship with the seminal fusion group the Yellowjackets. During his 32-year tenure with the band Jimmy and fellow band mates released some of the most influential music in that genre’s...


Episode 117 - Season Three Premiere - Positive Motivation

After a long winter’s nap Phil and Jon make their return to the Groovecast studios. In what is becoming a recurrent tradition they reveal the season three theme and discuss the clips therein. We then spend some time catching up from the past few months discussing new gigs and opportunities. We also pay our respects to the great Hal Blaine. We then talk about social media etiquette and how to contact us to be better connected. Our topic to start season three is positive forms of motivation...


Episode 116 - Interview - Jeff Sipe, Apt. Q - 258

In the snowy mountains of rural, western North Carolina Jeff Sipe (Apt. Q-258) resides. You may know him from his tenure with acts such as, John McLaughlin, Jimmy Herring, Leftover Salmon, Col. Bruce Hampton, Jazz Is Dead, and Shawn Lane/Jonas Hellborg. However most know him from the group that gained him his initial popularity, Aquarium Rescue Unit. To finish out our second season Jeff agreed to talk to us about all of the above including his current gigs and the publishing of his new...


Episode 115 - Interview - John Ramsay, Berklee College Of Music

The Berklee College of Music is ubiquitous with musicians worldwide. When we think of the great institutions of education along with the world’s greatest musicians Berklee is routinely mentioned in both instances. However, with any topic of conversation that conjures legendary tales there are as many negative connotations as positive. In this episode we cover everything you’d want to know about the school from a gentleman who has been a part of the faculty for 36 years, John Ramsay. Ramsay,...


Episode 114 - Season Two DWG Advisory Board

We are back again with our illustrious panelists from the Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast Advisory Board. With the success from the last episode featuring the advisory board we knew it was a must for the second season. For this show’s topic we have employed a few past board members and welcome a few new faces to the panel. Please welcome Rod Morgenstein, Chris Fryar, Tom Brechtlein, Joel Rosenblatt, and Ted Mackenzie to this session’s advisory board. This time around we pose the question, “What...


Episode 113 - Interview - Jason Bittner

Jason Bittner is one of the premiere heavy metal drummers. His resume includes the bands, Shadows Fall, Flotsam and Jetsam, Burning Human, Stigmata, Anthrax, and currently he is a member of the legendary east coast band, Overkill. Not a bad way to welcome our first, straight-up, metal drummer to the Groovecast. He sat down with us from his home in upstate New York. I was introduced to Jason through our mutual friend, and previous show guest, Ted Mackenzie. A few days before Thanksgiving we...


Episode 112 - Season Two Q & A

Here at the Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of the year. It gives us the perfect opportunity to give thanks to our art form and for us, Phil and Jon, to give thanks for our listeners. In this episode we dedicate the entire time to answering listener questions. We begin the show with a short segment of listener comments directed at the last two shows, JM Van Eaton and Roger Hawkins. We often say it but never say it enough. Thank you very much for your...


Episode 111 - Artist Feature - Roger Hawkins

“Now, Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers. And they’ve been known to pick a song or two.” Literally millions of people have heard this famous line from Lynyrd Skynyrd but how many actually know what it means? The Swampers were the famous rhythm section from Muscle Shoals’ FAME recording studio and they are responsible for hundreds of popular hits and thousands of great feeling tracks. This week we’ll christen the midway point of the second season and listen to the Swampers’ incredible...