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A Musician's podcast where we talk with artists and collaborators about their music. You get to listen to a few tracks by your favorite musician's while hearing stories surrounding the music. Every so often, we trail off onto random subjects, and there are almost always surprise nuggets of info you wouldn't learn anywhere, unless you grabbed your seat on...The Dusty Futon!


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A Musician's podcast where we talk with artists and collaborators about their music. You get to listen to a few tracks by your favorite musician's while hearing stories surrounding the music. Every so often, we trail off onto random subjects, and there are almost always surprise nuggets of info you wouldn't learn anywhere, unless you grabbed your seat on...The Dusty Futon!








Revelation 69 - John Hernandez sits down... May Ride 2019

Spicy Kim brings John Hernandez on the Dusty Futon at the most recent May Ride at Biggs Harley in San Marcos. John is a regular around the San Diego music scene and has formed up a new band calling themselves "Revelation 69." These guys already have their first show scheduled for August 3rd at the Full Circle Saloon along with Sonic Moonshine. You can check out some of their music now through their Facebook page, or just go see them live at the Full Circle Saloon! I’m sure they’ll be...


Sweet Soul Sister - A Tribute to The Cult - May Ride 2019

A few members of Sweet Soul Sister joined us LIVE at the 17th Annual May Ride at Biggs Harley in San Marcos. They sit on the Futon for a few short minutes before their performance...and they had to follow the "Guns and Buns" competition. Big Jon can't seem to get their influence right...Cult, Cure...whatever... but it's not hard to confuse that since all of these guys are, as they call it, "band whores" and in multiple bands. This band, Sweet Soul Sister, is a Tribute band to "The Cult,"...


KRYPTID Sits on the Futon at May Ride 2019

May Ride 2019 happened and took over Biggs Harley Davidson in San Marcos with music, motorcycles, and madness! Kryptid took over the Futon with Tyler while Big Jon was eating lunch...and they talked about nearly everything... From Star Wars to Batman, Tyler leads a conversation about their music between random references to pop culture. The first audio segment features Big Jon and Tyler chatting with the guys of Kryptid just before they take the stage. After their performance, they joined...


After The Millennials

Two sets of paternal twins make up the Alternative band ‘After The Millennials’. From the same parents too! The familiar nature of these kids (16 and 19) helps make their harmonies sweet and beautiful. They grew up with instruments surrounding them and naturally fell into it. The youngest twins, Nate and Naomi (16), are kind of the glue for this group…mainly Naomi actually. She’s also the one who does most of the talking, writing, and singing. Their parents came out to watch the...


Koda Sounds

Koda Sounds is a 4-piece rock band built with members from all over Southern California, but still having some San Diego roots! You might recognize Paul and Renee from their former cover band “Strange Affliction,” and they play the eponymous original song from their latest album “Back to Life” LIVE for us in studio! We learn from each member where they’re from and how they ended up in San Diego, and the stories grow from there. Including how Tyler RESEARCHED THE WRONG KODA! These guys go by...


Squeaky Buddha

Squeaky Buddha are three guys who came to us via our website and we could not have been happier to meet them. Wes and Jessie are very close brothers, who actually failed in a band together before, and the two just decided to move to San Diego and do music full-time! Apparently Nashville and New Zealand were already checked off their list…and their drummer Cody followed them from Nashville. These guys busk, live in their cars, and bust their asses at open-mic’s all over San Diego just to do...


Scott Thorn

Scott Thorn wouldn’t exist, as a solo artist that is, if it wasn’t for his wife! This singer/songwriter was pushed by his wife to finally take his original stuff public. Scott humbly thanks her, as well as nearly every person he’s worked with, before ever touting his own accomplishments. Which are many! He’s already a very prolific writer and has many songs written, he was one of five artists picked to write a song for the 2016 Acoustic Guitar Project, and has worked with many skilled...


Blue Largo

Eric Lieberman has been playing the blues in San Diego since 1981...but it wasn’t until Alicia, his wife, agreed to sing with him did Blue Largo form. This 6-piece band consists of many members; however, Eric and Alicia are the duo behind the music. Well, mainly it’s Eric’s bike. We talk about how he comes across his original music and how they choose the covers they work with, while Cory tells blind jokes and “dirty” jokes. Eric also shares his condition that limited him for many years, but...


Eddie Salcido

Eddie Salcido, the blind Pianist…T, has been HARD at work with our cohost Cory Wilkins to create his new album. He happened to be down from LA (we've been trying to get him to STAY down here) recording and he sat on the Futon to share what he and Cory have been working on. Although he follows classic country roots, thank to the Mac Davis show, his new album incorporates many different elements around that classic sound. Not a departure...just growing another root. This full-blown...


Americas Favorite Punk

This is Americas Favorite Punk! That’s their name, so it’s kind of a thing. Mathan (pronounced MATH – IN) began his music career as a HARDCORE drummer for a few bands before forming Americas Favorite Punk. He initially developed the idea as a cover band with an old band buddy. As they practiced the classic punk artists and developed their chops a decision was made to go all original and then Mathan decided to go solo. It’s now an original project founded as of August 2018 and Mathan has an...



Christopher Sluka is an experimental rock artist who just can’t stop doing! Not just with music, life in general. This outrageous and outspoken man humbly tells us how hard he works and downplays his tenacity towards getting the project done. He even admits he has a bit of OCD. The guy has grouped together four pilots who love music and appreciate his style. He brought along his new bassist, Anna Eppink, whom he met at his flight school (Learn To Fly San Diego). She’s an accomplished artist...


DJ Bassassin

His name describes his style of music…he’s all about that BASS! DJ Bassassin really likes our headphones because he can feel those low vibrations that he’s meticulously crafted to get right into your soul. This guy didn’t start DJ’ing until 22 and he tells us that he switched from playing in a rock band to writing beats and crafting tracks mainly for the money. While that might be mostly true, he definitely has the passion for it though; working long into the night and days at a time to make...


Rick Shelley

Rick Shelley tried Glam Rock with his high-school buddies in Walla Walla, WA (so fun to say that), but it never really suited him. He started tarting in the band “Rag Tag,” where Rick just wanted to play guitar, but his band mates eventually took that from him and made him the singer…since he was the only one that actually could. One of those former bandmates was Nick Oliveri from Queens of The Stone Age. Moving from there into a band called “WoodShed” (Where he technically never left) he...


MohaviSoul - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

There’s such a storied history among these four core members of Mohavisoul! Orion is a Berklee College of Music graduate, Mark has a degree in science, Randy has an extensive and prolific music pedigree, and the other guys are no slouches either. These guys have an interesting strategy when writing their songs and allow their individual style’s of music blend and cross through different genres, creating their own unique sound! We get a live performance featuring the Banjo from the...


Doug Schmude - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

He’s prolific in musical instruments and writing songs…Doug Schmude (rhymes with moody) graces us with his presence this episode. Tyler had a flashback when he saw his Harmonica harness, remembering his days of wearing braces with a full mouth guard! Luckily, he comes back to reality in time to get this Baton Rouge native turned life-long Southern Californian to share some stories. Doug finds himself getting inspiration from nearly every situation you could imagine, “Songwriting is a...


TreBlac - Dusty Futon Producers Corner

TreBlac is a young producer working hard to be his best. This kid has already put out two albums (actually three…we explain in the episode) and many singles... He's constantly trying to improve on his skills. This dude ended up becoming a lyricist and rapper thanks to the Imperial Valley lacking in talent…according to him (NOT US!). He brought those skills to the San Diego scene for you guys. He features a few tracks from his latest album “Arcania” and tells us an emotional story behind the...


BJ Jezbera - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

This episode makes us all feel a little ADD with the hilarious antics of BJ Jezbera meeting the sarcastic and dirty mind of Tyler Johnson. First off, a rendition of the King of The Hill intro and even a throwback that makes Big Jon remember his version of it... BJ Jezbera is represented by artist friendly San Diego independent record label Mannequin Vanity Records and sponsored by Steve Clayton picks (They make our exclusive Dusty Futon picks). And…he brought us SWAG featuring almost all of...


Velour - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

Velour is a good old bluesy rock band where they guys actually call themselves “late bloomers.” I wouldn’t call them old, but they do get all of our 80’s references, and start right off with quoting the movie “Spinal Tap” before we even get to introductions. Two Steve’s and a James make up the current iteration of Velour. Stick around to the end of the episode to hear how the “second” Steve got the nickname “Steph” and “Astro!” Steve (not Steph) resurrected the name "Velour" here in San...


Lions Against Men - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

Lions Against Men is a concept similar to a supergroup of San Diego artists. Jeff, Noah, Aaron and “Steve” show up…however, nobody knows Steve so he gets kicked out immediately…to talk about their unique project. Their real drummer, Carlos, wasn’t able to make it, so in true Dusty Futon style; we talked some shit about him. The three members who made it are the three “lead singers” in the group. They all bring three unique styles with them, as well as having multi-instrumental backgrounds,...


Bitter Kiddos - Dusty Futon Musicians Podcast

Three young men who call themselves the “Bitter Kiddos” fell onto the Dusty Futon for this episode. Started in 2012 by Ryan, the “Kiddos” aren’t what they used to be. Now featuring Nathan on Drums and Noah on Bass, the band has taken on a new sound. Their most recent EP, self titled "Bitter Kiddos", is only 10 minutes long...in 5 songs. After all, they are a punk band! They have a new EP being worked on now, and Ryan promises a slightly freshened sound. Dirty Disciple and Cory Wilkins...