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The all walking, talking, singing podcast where Matthew Bannister takes a walk with a folk musician who tells him how the land has inspired their songs.

The all walking, talking, singing podcast where Matthew Bannister takes a walk with a folk musician who tells him how the land has inspired their songs.
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London, United Kingdom


The all walking, talking, singing podcast where Matthew Bannister takes a walk with a folk musician who tells him how the land has inspired their songs.








Kerry Andrew/You Are Wolf at the Brockwell Lido

Kerry Andrew has been described by Robert Macfarlane as “a writer and musician of frankly alarming talent”. She is a composer, novelist and vocalist who performs alt folk under the name You Are Wolf. In this episode she takes Matthew for a walk from her flat in South London, through surprisingly green parkland, to the historic Brockwell Lido where she persuades him to take a dip. Along the way she demonstrates her multi layered vocal technique and sings songs from her albums “Hawk to the...


Seth Lakeman on Dartmoor

Seth Lakeman is the Mercury Music Prize nominated singer, fiddle player and guitarist who will forever be associated with Dartmoor. He grew up in the village of Buckland Monachorum with his two brothers Sean and Sam who are also key players on the folk scene. In this episode Seth takes Matthew to the village church to re-create his 2004 recording "Cape Clear", to the local school to sing “An Educated Man” and to the hills above the Burrator Reservoir where he performs “Kitty Jay”, “The White...


Jon Boden in the Loxley Valley

The former Bellowhead lead singer and winner of eleven Radio 2 Folk Awards takes Matthew on a walk near his home in the Loxley Valley on the outskirts of Sheffield. This landscape inspired his 2009 album “Songs from the Floodplain”, which creates a vision of a post apocalyptic future when industrial architecture is decaying and people are returning to a more rural way of life. As they walk down the valley, Jon sings “Going Down to the Wasteland”; by a whirlpool in the River Loxley, he...


Season 2 Trailer

A first chance to hear some extracts from Season 2 of Folk on Foot. This time we'll be walking with: Jon Boden in the Loxley Valley Seth Lakeman on Dartmoor Kerry Andrew at the Brockwell Lido Fisherman’s Friends in Port Isaac Stick in the Wheel on the road to Epping Forest Julie Fowlis on the shores of Loch Ness


Bonus Episode: Six Songs from Season 1

Six complete songs recorded on location for Season 1 of Folk on Foot: Eliza Carthy and Family: “Some Old Salty” Steve Knightley: “The Dive” Cara Dillon and Sam Lakeman: “The Leaving Song” The Young’uns: “The Hartlepool Pedlar” Sam Lee: “The Birds in the Spring” Karine Polwart: “The Lark In The Clear Air”. You’ll also hear Matthew talking about the future of Folk on Foot and appealing for more people to become patrons of the podcast.


Cara Dillon in Dungiven

The multi award winning singer Cara Dillon comes from the small town of Dungiven in Northern Ireland. It is a place steeped in myth and legend with a powerful musical tradition. As Cara and her husband and musical collaborator Sam Lakeman take Matthew on a walk through the countryside around the town, she tells stories of a lost princess and a powerful chieftain and his tiny but tough Scottish bodyguards. She also introduces Matthew to the local well which is reputed to be able to cure...


Steve Knightley on the Exe Trail

Steve Knightley is one half of the acclaimed folk duo Show of Hands. He and his musical partner Phil Beer are proud to come from Devon - once beating Sir Francis Drake in a public vote to name the greatest ever Devonians. Steve has been described as “a gravel voiced spokesman for the rural poor” and many of the songs he writes are inspired by the working people he meets in and around his home town of Topsham. In this episode of Folk on Foot, Steve takes Matthew on a walk from Exmouth - scene...


Eliza Carthy (and Family) in Robin Hood's Bay

Eliza Carthy is one of the most influential figures in the UK folk scene. With her exuberant stage presence, she re-interprets the folk tradition for a new generation. She inherited her love of English music from her famous parents. Her Dad Martin Carthy was a key figure in the first folk revival of the 1960s and 70s. He taught Paul Simon the traditional song “Scarborough Fair” and also influenced Bob Dylan. Eliza’s Mum, Norma Waterson, was part of the pioneering family harmony singing group...


Sam Lee singing with Nightingales in Sussex

Season 1 Episode 3: Mercury music prize nominee Sam Lee is a folk singer, a countryman and an impresario. Through his Nest Collective he promotes scores of different folk gigs and events every year. In this episode of Folk on Foot he invites Matthew to join him in a Sussex wood in the middle of the night as he leads a group of people on a silent walk to hear him sing with a nightingale. The bird appears un-phased by the arrival of the group and seems to respond as Sam starts an improvised...


Karine Polwart at Fala Moor

Season 1 Episode 2: Karine was named Folk Singer of the Year at the 2018 Radio 2 Folk Awards. Her solo theatre piece “Wind Resistance” and album “A Pocket of Wind Resistance” were inspired by Fala Moor near her home in Midlothian just south of Edinburgh. She takes Matthew for a walk across the Moor which is a haven for wildlife, particularly birds. As she sings you can hear skylarks and curlews flying around her. Karine tells stories of the people who lived near the moor and the monastic...


The Young'uns in Hartlepool

Season 1 Episode 1: Winners of the Best Album award at the 2018 Radio 2 Folk Awards, the Young’uns are three troubadours from Teeside. Sean Cooney, David Eagle and Michael Hughes take Matthew Bannister on a walk round the historic headland of Hartlepool where Sean used to live in a shed in his parents’ back garden. Along the way they tell stories and sing songs inspired by the location, visiting the medieval Sandwell Gate, St Hilda’s Church and the Heugh Battery, site of the only First World...


Season 1 Trailer

This is a taster of what is coming up in our first season of Folk on Foot. You'll hear part of our podcasts featuring Karine Polwart on Fala Moor, the Young'uns in Hartlepool and Steve Knightley in the Exe Valley. The full podcasts will be released starting from August 3rd. In the meantime this will give you a good idea what is in store. If you want to know more go to and subscribe to the newsletter.