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Eclectic Radio with a heavy Dutch accent.

Eclectic Radio with a heavy Dutch accent.
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Eclectic Radio with a heavy Dutch accent.




FDL237 - Copycats and the wind in the trees from Sep 20, 2019

DISCO TOP POP - "Hello Huray" - DISCO TOP POP II - "the wind in the trees" - Field recordings Christopher John son orchestre et ses chanteurs - "Show me the way" Lelo - "Nacho loco loco" Your DJ Speaks DISCO TOPPOP - "Hocus Pocus" - "at the Yalp court" - Field Recording Rock 'n roll party - "Judy in Diguise" - Rock 'n roll party - "at the petting zoo" - Field Recording [] DISCO TOPPOP - "Down by the lazy...


FDL236 - Don't make a face like that when you talk! from Sep 13, 2019

The Commancheros Steel Orchestra (GDA) - "Shaft" - The Commancheros play "MASS" Frank Schulte - "Tilburgh Cafe EU pronouncing and spelling" [I think Frank means "Tilburg" :-)] Harridath Jairam - "Shadi mubarak ho" Wout Steenhuis - "Kassian" The Challengers - "Nee, nooit één" Aart Brouwer - "Pasha Hassan" Total Cello Ensemble - "Formula Uno" Boudewijn de Groot - "Megaton" - Picknick JT - "backyard sounds last sunday evening" Earth and Fire - "Andromeda Girl (excerpt)" - Andromeda...


FDL235 - It's not framed enough, record some sounds for me from Sep 6, 2019

Rouxinois do Reino - "Hava Naguila" Jongerengroep Arnhem - "Gods geest zal ons leiden" Nina Scherpen - "Never wrong" Parahiyangan - "Daar bij die molen" Dries Kallaerts - "Samba Danst Men Zo" Flying Dutchmen (Jan Mol) - "Fairy Tales In Music" Various sound hunters - "Sound Collage 1" [In order of appearance, submitted by: Astrid Turkenburg-Steenbrink, Martin van der Hooft, Ineke Vlogtman, Linda Lee, Roy van Roeden] Edelweiss Kapel - "Beierse Wals Medley" Set: Muppetstuff - "Ik...


FDL234 - Waterland Sounds from Aug 30, 2019

Wim de Bie - "Proloog" - De Fluiten van Ver Weg, De Wereldmuziek der Cananefaten Vinkenoog / Spinviscombo - "Ja!" - Ja! Komrij en Gauthier - "Twee Koningskinderen" - dansen op spijkers Music behind DJ: Ad Veen en Pieter de Boer - "Lion Du Ball" - Crazy Sounds in Music Ramses Shaffy & Liesbeth List - "Pastorale" [written by Boudewijn de Groot (music) and Lennaert Nijgh (lyrics) About a girl who falls in love with the sun. He doesn't approve.] Spinvis - "Ik Wil Alleen Maar Zwemmen" -...


FDL233 - Sylvia's day off from Aug 23, 2019

Your DJ - "Recording from Zwolle Summer Fair 2019, august 18, round 4 pm" [Walk from bicycle to Merry Go Round] NV Groep 65 - "Tanger" The Shepherds - "Piet Hein" Soul Survivers - "Wat een tocht" - Het unieke NOS Radio document van de 15 e Elfstedentocht 1997 De Dijk - "Welterusten, meneer de President" - Made in Holland [This is a much later adaptation of a song by Boudewijn de Groot, that gave him the reputation of a protest singer in the late sixties. "Mister President, sleep well, in...


FDL232 - Marianne, Maria and Juanita from Aug 16, 2019

James Last - "Opening tournee" - James Last Live [(aus dem grossen Welt-Tournee Programm)] Habra Zusjes - "Nick Nack Paddy Whack (in Dutch)" Johnny Kraaykamp & Rijk de Gooyer - "Wij Zijn Twee Eenzame Cowboys" [(We are two lonesome cowboys)] Freek De Jonge & de Nits - "Quo Vadis" James Last - "Easy Livin'" - James Last Live Kayak - "Royal bed bouncer" - Royal bed bouncer Roger Roger - "Riverside Drive" Music behind DJ: George Teperino - "Cosmic Sounds" De Lolita's - "That's the way...


Filled in for: Stop Hitting Yourself [shfish015] from Aug 12, 2019

Hans Vandenburg - "da da da da da" - Ok iPad [bonus download album for kids to go with "Dig it yourself"] Music behind DJ: Komoko,his piano and orchestra - "Asia Minor (piano concerto, Edvard Grieg)" Sparks - "Fa La Fa Lee" - Sparks Lydia & The Melody Strings - "Ik Zal Tommy Missen (Tell Tommy I Miss Him)" - Indo Rock Doe Maar - "Watje" - Klaar Marco Blaauw - "Monster Monster" Les Reed Orchestra - "Spinning Wheel" Mam - "Jij is niet mij" The Trocaro Salon Ensemble - "Syncopated...


Filling in for The Hour Of Crap [shfish014] from Aug 9, 2019

Miloscope - "Bach" - Glory Halleluja The Swingle Singers - "fugue in d minor from 'the art of the fugue', bwv 1080" Howling Coyotes & Def. P. - "Picasso" Sweet Sixteen - "We love you Beatles" Unknown - "Susan, beware of the devil" Ramses Shaffy - "Take a Holiday" - Laat mijn liedjes dan maar zwerven Anna Wheaton - "Suzanne" Anton Karas, zither - "Trink Trink Brüderlein Trink" Caro Emerald - "One day" - The Shocking Miss Emerald The Duke of Soho - "Bach meets The Duke" The Golden...


FDL231 - Duggy, Wayne & Eva from Aug 9, 2019

Music behind DJ: Gluid - Gluid Lisa Jonker - "I am so happy" ZZ en de Maskers - "Ik heb genoeg van jou" Fouryo's - "Waarom Loop Je Mij Op Straat Voorbij (Yearning)" The Cavendish Orchestra - "Head in the cloud" Tutti Frutti - "We love America, we love China" House for Kids (Willy B. Kids) - "De sherrif is nooit bang" Music behind DJ: Gluid - Gluid Fred Åkerström - "Adam och Eva" Serge Gainsbourg - "Eva" Boudewijn de Groot - "Eva" Jean Jacques Perrey - "E.V.A" Music behind...


Filled in for: Stop Hitting Yourself [shfish013] from Aug 5, 2019

De Wama's - "Liebestraum twist" ['s] The Commanders - "Swannee River Boogie" Spinvis ensemble & Laïs - "Astronaut" Het - "ik heb geen zin om op te staan" Brandenburg Big Band - "Zigeunertanz aus Carmen (Bizet)" Back for more - "Hangover" Barry Hay - "Once upon a time" [Barry Hay is the frontman of The Golden Earring] Gruppo Sportivo - "Egyptian Reggae" [(live recording, released as bonus download))] The Explosions - "Harem" Jan Gorissen - "Circus...

FDL230 with co-host Ruth Houtman from Aug 2, 2019

Music behind DJ: Bugge Wesseltoft - "Existence" Jean Jacques Perrey and Harry Breuer - "Space Express" Otis Fodder - "Bubbles for bellboys" Little Marcy - "Its Bubbling" Les Reed Orchestra - "Also Sprach Zarathustra" Boudewijn de Groot - "Lied Voor Een Kind Dat Bang Is in Het Donker" Sparks - "Senseless Violins" Gruppo Sportivo - "A Horse With No Name" Nino Nardini - "Express pour portofino" Transister - "Trip To China" Gruppo Sportivo - "Tokyo" The Peanuts - "More than...


FDL227 - Oh Carol, I am but a duck! from Jul 12, 2019

The Dizzy Man's band - "The Show" - Golden Greats Of The Dizzy Man's Band [single released in 1973, Harvest, Netherlands] Music behind DJ: Dean Elliot and his Big Band - "The Lonesome Road" - Zounds! What Sounds Ria Valk - "De Jodeltwist" - Tijd Voor Teenagers, LP Philips 1964 [ Twisting yodel twisting Twist in Switserland Twisting in the mountains Is so amusante The echo answers at once] André van Duin - "Angelique" [pretty much a translation of the original "swiss maiden"] Kitty...