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The pop culture podcast delivering wisdom from the minds of bright creatives. Guests on the show generally span between music artists, comic book artists, comedians, among others.

The pop culture podcast delivering wisdom from the minds of bright creatives. Guests on the show generally span between music artists, comic book artists, comedians, among others.
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The pop culture podcast delivering wisdom from the minds of bright creatives. Guests on the show generally span between music artists, comic book artists, comedians, among others.








Episode #106: Evidence - Member of Hip-Hop Group 'Dilated Peoples'

This week’s guest is hip-hop artist Evidence, member of the legendary west coast group Dilated Peoples. Evidence released his latest solo album Weather or Not earlier this year on Rhymesayers, an album that tackles many aspects of his personal life in great detail. During our conversation, we talked about his 20+ years in hip-hop, the sound that has been prevalent with Evidence and Dilated Peoples, working with Alchemist, his latest album Weather or Not, how hip-hop has aged, his creative...


Episode #105: Kenta Koie - Singer/Lyricist for Japanese Metalcore Band 'Crossfaith'

This week’s guest is Kenta Koie, the lead vocalist of the Japanese metalcore band Crossfaith. The band that formed in 2006, released their fifth studio album EX_MACHINA earlier this year. During our interview, we talked about the band’s new album EX_MACHINA, about Japanese rock culture, the progression of the band, and their connection with their fans, among other things. Follow Kenta Koie/Crossfaith: Web: Facebook: Twitter:...


Episode #104: Dream Wife - Recorded Backstage at the El Club in Detroit

On this episode we are joined by the London-based pop rocking punk band Dream Wife. Recorded backstage during their Detroit tour stop at the El Club, the members of Dream Wife – Alice Go (guitar), Rakel Mjöll (vocals), and Bella Podpadec (bass) – sat down with your Fresh is the Word host K-Fresh to talk about their rise to popularity, their humble beginnings, how the band got started, the roles of women in the music industry and the discussions that need to continue, and their open call for...


Episode #103: Joe Nice - Dubstep DJ, Ambassador of the Dubstep Sound in North America

This guest from this episode is the ambassador of the dubstep sound in North America, dubstep DJ, and DJ that plays dubstep among other styles, Joe Nice. As suggested by previous Fresh is the Word guest Sinistarr in episode #90 (and we show Sinistarr all the praise he deserves at the start of the show), Joe Nice gives us a history lesson in his role in bringing the original UK dubstep sound over to North America. Joe Nice has stories and we get a taste of that in this episode and so much...


Episode #102: Chuck Staton - Vocalist/Guitarist of Pop/Punk Band 'Senior Discount', Co-Host of "The Chuck and Brad Podcast", Comedian, Filmmaker

This week’s guest is the Chuck Staton, vocalist and guitarist of the Providence, Rhode Island-based pop punk band Senior Discount, along with co-host of The Chuck and Brad Podcast. During our interview we talk about Senior Discount’s new album The Best Revenge, his podcast, working as a filmmaker, his comedy, and how all of those things work together and his he juggles all of those different types of creative outlets. Each episode, the guest is asked to suggest someone from their life/career...


Episode #101: Carl Craig - Producer/DJ, Techno Pioneer from Detroit

In continuing with the 100th episode celebration, the guest for this episode is techno pioneer, Detroit’s own Carl Craig. As one of the producers and DJs that helped shape the evolution of electronic music both in Detroit and around the globe, Carl Craig has hit legendary status by continue to not only produce quality music in a variety of styles of multiple generations, but still is a staple as a DJ in the global techno community. During our chat, we talked extensively about what it is to...


Episode #100: Masta Ace - Brooklyn Hip-Hop Legend

It’s here! Episode #100! For this landmark episode, I wanted to get someone special, someone whose work has been important to me over the years. After contacting a shortlist of names, I landed on two people that fit the part, Brooklyn hip-hop legend Masta Ace and Detroit techno pioneer Carl Craig (for episode #101). During my chat with Masta Ace, we talked about his place in hip-hop history and how influential he’s been to other emcees, his career has the hip-hop era’s changed, the effect of...


Episode #99: Dan Dougherty - Comic Book Writer/Artist of 'Beardo' and 'Touching Evil', Writer of 'Floppy Cop', Illustrator of 'Cosa Nostra'

This week’s guest is comic book writer and artist Dan Dougherty, most known for Beardo and Touching Evil, and most recently illustrated Cosa Nostra and wrote Floppy Cop. During our chat, we talked about working on Cosa Nostra with Dirk Manning and on Floppy Cop with Seth Damoose, Milena Denano, and Jay P. Fosgitt, the mental health side of working on comics with dark material, working pop culture conventions, building your audience, the idea of risk when choosing projects, and the creative...


Episode #98: Ashley Adler Coro - Co-Founder of the Non-Profit Organization 'Can You Hear Me?'

The guest for this episode is Ashley Adler Coro, co-founder of Can You Hear Me?, a non-profit organization that works with musicians to raise awareness, take action and provide a supportive, empowering community for teens struggling with issues such as mental health, bullying, and peer pressure. Can You Hear Me? most notably partnered with main stage bands on the Vans Warped Tour for signings, donating all proceeds to MusiCares specifically for musicians and their families who struggle with...


Episode #97: Rosie Tran - Stand Up Comedian, Writer, Podcaster, and Actress

This week’s guest is stand up comedian, writer, podcaster, and actress Rosie Tran (as suggested by B.J. Mendelson in Episode #89). Originally from New Orleans, Hollywood is her home now and she has performed in comedy venues both locally and internationally. She also hosts a couple of podcasts Hello Crypto Kitty (with Esther Ku) and Out of the Box. During out conversation, we talked about her move from New Orleans to Los Angeles, how she got into comedy, the difference between a sense of...


Episode #96: Emily Read - Co-Owner/Founder Pro-Wrestling EVE

This episode’s guest is Emily Read, the co-owner and founder of the UK-based wrestling promotion Pro-Wrestling: EVE. Established in 2009, EVE prides itself as the “Riot Grrrl” of women’s professional wrestling, and being unapologetic, feminist, punk and political! Back on May 5th, EVE ran Europe’s biggest ever women’s wrestling event,Wrestle Queendom, at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, London. The event featured EVE stars like Charlie Morgan, Sammii Jayne, and Millie McKenzie, among others,...


Episode #95: Sydney Dolezal & Alex Snowden (Doll Skin)

This is a final installment of interviews recorded at the Detroit stop of the Vans Warped Tour, this one with Sydney Dolezal & Alex Snowden from the Arizona-based rock band Doll Skin. Already wise beyond their youth, with all the members of Doll Skin only at 18 to 19 years of age, they have a sound that varies from punk, metal, and alternative. They released their debut full-length album Manic Pixie Dream Girl in the summer of 2017 and has been turning heads every since. During our...


Episode #94: Lauren Kashan / Matt Honeycutt – Warped Tour

This is the second of three episodes with interviews recorded from the Detroit stop of the Van’s Warped Tour. We have another double header for you with first, an interview with Lauren Kashan, the lead vocalist of the Baltimore-based hardcore punk band Sharptooth, and then a chat with frontman Matt Honeycutt of the Texas-based metalcore band Kublai Khan. Sharptooth released their debut album Clever Girl last year. They just announced they will be joining Cane Hill (lead singer Elijah Witt...


Episode #93: Tatiana DeMaria / Rob Damiani – Warped Tour

This is the first of three episodes with interviews recorded from the Detroit stop of the Van’s Warped Tour. We have a double header with first, an interview with the London-based singer/songwriter Tatiana DeMaria (of the band TAT), and then we get to Rob Damiani, lead singer of the British rock band Don Broco. Tatiana DeMaria is currently rolling out her own solo material, so we talk about her decision to release music outside of her band TAT, growing up making music, along with the...


Episode #92: Zo! – Detroit-Born Musician, Producer, Composer

This week’s guest is the Detroit-born musician, producer, and composer Zo! (who you might remember as being Sy Smith’s recommendation on Episode #82). Zo! has built a great independent music career for himself as both a solo artist and a member of The Foreign Exchange collective. With a career spanning since the early 2000s, Zo! is a prime example of doing it on your own on your own terms. During our interview, we talk about his beginnings in music transitioning from being a baseball player,...


Episode #91: Buck Dudley – New Jersey-Based Hip-Hop Producer

This week’s guest is the New Jersey-based hip-hop producer Buck Dudley. Most known recently for his production on a variety of projects from hip-hop emcee CRIMEAPPLE (links to stream/purchase below). Buck Dudley is one of a select group of hip-hop artists that are reimagining the grimy east coast hip-hop sound from the 1990s into a new era. During our interview, we talked about his beginnings as a hip-hop producer, the reasons he makes music, when too much promotion is too much promotion,...


Episode #90: Sinistarr – Detroit-Born Electronic

This week’s guest is the Detroit born and raised DJ and producer Sinistarr. While his music is centered in drum and bass, Sinistarr definitely flirts with sounds and tempos influenced by the wide array of music that he celebrates. Currently living in Calgary, Sinistarr is enjoying over a decade now of touring as a DJ and releasing a variety of projects on labels around the world. During our interview, we talked about some of his new and upcoming releases, his beginnings and progression as a...


Episode #89: B.J. Mendelson (Author, Speaker, Comic Book Writer) - Social Media Is Bullshit

This week’s guest is author, speaker, and comic book writer B.J. Mendelson. He gained notoriety over his humorous yet engaging books Social Media Is Bullshit and Privacy: And How to Get It Back (you can take a guess at what they are about). During our interview, we talk his comic books A National Story of Minor Significance and Vengeance, Nevada and the lessons that come with it about the self-help and mental health, diving into the world of privacy and social media, connecting with your...


Episode #88: Daru Jones (Producer/Drummer) - Drummer for Black Milk, Jack White

This week’s guest is producer and drummer Daru Jones. Most known as the drummer for the likes of Detroit hip-hop artist Black Milk and megastar Jack White, Daru Jones has been one of the go-to drummers in the music industry playing for a who’s who of hip-hop artists, even playing on Nas’ Illmatic performance at the Kennedy Center with the National Symphony Orchestra. Residing in between Brooklyn and Nashville, Daru Jones talents have earned him global respect throughout the music industry....


Episode #87: Shawn Coss - From Wizard World Comic Con Columbus

The third interview from Wizard World Comic Con Columbus is with Akron, Ohio based artist Shawn Coss, the creator of Inktober Illness/Phobias, co-owner of Any Means Necessary Clothing, and artist for Cyanide and Happiness. During our interview, we talked about being an independent artist and paying taxes, using humor to talk about uncomfortable subjects, using art to talk about mental health, his variety of projects, and all sorts of other actionable lessons. Each episode, the guest is asked...