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Episode 33 – Interview With LEAP Inventor Paul Holcomb

Paul Holcomb and his new concept for guitar pick players - LEAP the Ergonomic Guitar Pick. When Paul Holcomb decided to revisit guitar playing he was frustrated in part by using a plectrum. With a background in design, Paul decided it was time to do something about it and the LEAP concept was born. Almost space aged in design, Paul talks about the development of this new concept and developing it for a new generation of guitar players. GET 15% OF ALL GMI PRODUCTS AT OUR ONLINE STORE As a...


Episode 32 – Interview With Drooble Founder Melina Krumova

It's hard to get noticed as a musician these days, so if there is anything out there that can help, you should grab it with both hands. Drooble is a powerful new website for musicians. Ged Brockie talks with founder Melina Krumova about this new force in online music. Melina Krumova is a musician based in Bulgaria. She is the force behind the music networking site "Drooble". If you've never heard of the website and you create music then you really need to get over there and start being part...


Episode 31 – Interview With Guitarist Ant Law

Ant Law is without doubt one of the most creative and expressive guitarists on the music scene today. In this interview with Ged Brockie, Ant discusses music, creativity, working in London and life as a musician. Ant Law is one of a small band of musicians who not only play other people's music, but works hard exploring his own creativity and expression. This wide ranging interview finds Ant discussing his life before and then moving to London. Breaking into the scene and carving out a...


Episode 30 – Tim Clarke of Pitch Pilot

Pitch Pilot - Inventor Tim Clarke Discusses New Invention For Guitar Pitch Pilot, Niagara Falls and Log Cabins. Tim Clarke's Log Cabin, inventor of Pitch PilotAbove you can see the log cabin that Tim Clarke, inventor of Pitch Pilot lives in. Tim is a musician who has a long line of inventions and ideas. In this episode, Ged Brockie from GMI discusses Pitch Pilot, Tim's latest invention that helps guitarists bend individual strings on guitars. It's hard bringing new ideas to the market and...


Episode 29 – Richard Kaiser of Wikiloops

Wikiloops - Richard Kaiser on Creating an online community of shared compositions and friendships. Wikiloops was created by Richard Kaiser and is now seven years old. In that time Wikiloops has built up a huge online community of musicians from around the world. Creating new music in a "ping pong" fashion where creativity is shared. In this GMI podcast episode, Ged Brockie speaks to Richard about Wikiloops, why he created it and the trials and tribulations of running a burgeoning website (as...


Episode 28 – Adam Klosowiak of KLOS Guitars

KLOS Guitars Is Run By Adam Klosowiak and His Brother Ian. Find Out How They Have Redefined The Travel Guitar Market. There was a time when guitars were only made from wood, but those days have long gone. Now there are many materials used, but when it comes to dealing with extremes carbon fibre has to be one of the most durable materials yet. Adam Klosowiak of KLOS Guitars tells all in this incredible journey of two young brothers and their bid to dominate the travel guitar market. Podcast...


Episode 27 – Terry Wollman – Guitarist, Composer, Musical Director

Terry Wollman Has Worked With Some Of The Biggest Names In The Music Industry - Here He Talks Music, Career, And His Latest Release How many people get the opportunity to work with musicians of the stature of Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald, Billy Preston, The 5th Dimension, Wilson Phillips, Al Jarreau, Joan Baez, Joe Walsh, Keb’ Mo’, Gerald Albright and Eartha Kitt and that's just a small selection by the way! The answer is not many, but Terry Wallman has and in this podcast interview with...


Episode 26 – Claudio Pagelli of Pagelli Guitars

Claudio Pagelli One Half Of The Team That Creates Some Of The Finest Handmade Guitars In The World Claudio Pagelli and his wife Claudia create beautiful guitars that can be seen as works of art in their own right. Although Pagelli Guitars will need no introduction for the majority of archtop and guitar enthusiasts/players, for the few people out there who have not come across Pagelli Guitars stunning designs, you are in for a treat. GMI - Guitar & Music Institute leader Ged Brockie in...


Episode 25 – Musician’s Moving Online 3 – Interview With Thomas Berglund

Musician's Moving Online 3 - Jazz Fusion Guitarist Thomas Berglund Keeping It Real! Thomas is one of Sweden's best known guitar players and in the interview that follows, he talks about balancing working online with playing live. He also discusses how he came to be online, the challenges inherent in creating content for guitar players around the world and the many benefits gained by doing so. Podcast Ep 25 – Table Of Contents 1.50 Introduction to Thomas. 3.27 Working as a musician and guitar...


Episode 24 – Interview With Gianluca La Boria of GLB Sound

GLB Sound - Creators Of Jazz Guitar Amplification If you are interested in guitar amplifiers or amplification in general then you are in for a treat! Italian guitar amp builder Gianluca La Boria gives an in depth interview about his company, the amplifiers he builds and exactly how he goes about creating his sumptuous amplifiers. Are you tired of just getting the cheapest mass produced amplification on the market? If not then you are missing out. Hopefully this interview with an artist of...


Episode 23 – Interview With Sam Tharp Of Fretish

Looking To Make Some Money From Your Instrument? Fretish May Be The Answer! That's right guys, if you have a bunch of gear or perhaps a guitar or two that is not doing anything, then this is the podcast for you. We will be talking to Sam Tharp who runs a bustling new business out of Boston, USA titled Fretish. Come on in to find out more in this twenty third podcast from GMI. It sounds outlandish in a way, but Sam Tharp is making a business out of helping musicians hire out their own gear...


Episode 22 – (Part 2 of 2) Interview With Guitarist Graeme Duffin of Wet Wet Wet

Graeme Duffin - Keeping Songwriting In The Family With Ashton Lane In this second part of the two part Graeme Duffin interview, Graeme discusses the challenges he faced with stuttering and how he has worked with the McGuire programme to overcome it. Also he is very proud and keen to discuss his daughter and son in law's band "Ashton Lane". Check out this post for the podcast, video images and links. As mentioned in the intro, this podcast discusses Ashton Lane which comprises his daughter...


Episode 21 – (Part 1 of 2) Interview With Guitarist Graeme Duffin of Wet Wet Wet

Graeme Duffin - Pop Group Wet Wet Wet Guitarist for Over Three Decades! Graeme Duffin is a bit of a legend when it comes to being a guitarist who's actually lived the dream! Played at the most prestigious venues around the world?...check! Done the private jet with the rock band?...check! Taken part in world tours?...check! Played on lots of hit records and album?...check! Still a great guy after all this?...check! Listen to the first of two podcasts about life on the road, recording and much...


Episode 20 – Musician’s Moving Online 2 – Interview With Andy Squires

Musician's Moving Online 2 - Singer Songwriter Andy Squires Album Launch Andy Squires is not unlike many other musicians out there. He is a singer/songwriter; which is a very crowded market. Perhaps the difference between Andy and all the millions of other singer/songwriters out there is that he has a plan for the on and off-line promotion of his soon to be released album. He's done the research and now he's putting the plan into action. A fascinating interview ensues in which he not only...


Episode 19 – Interview With Christopher Sutton – CEO of Musical-U

Musical U - Helping To Redress The Balance In Musical Aural Training One of the great benefits of the Internet in these days of constricting budgets in music education establishments and poor musical provision within schools is the advent of courses online. None more so than the provision offered by online company Musical-U is an established and highly talked about website which offers musicians from all walks of life and musical backgrounds courses in musical aural training....


Episode 18 – Inventor Sheldon Lavineway & Mitch Helten of Breeze

The Next Big Kickstarter Guitar Project - Breeze Tri-Stand For Guitar Many people have the idea of inventors as almost mad scientists stuck in the basement working away on some crazy new invention that has no worldly use. Nothing could be further from the truth when GMI interviewed Sheldon Lavineway and his business partner Mitch Helten. Their company "Breeze" has created a guitar stand that can collapse into your hand. Could the days of lugging around numerous clumsy but necessary guitar...


Episode 17 – A Cautionary Tale For All Musicians

Ever Been Ripped Off As A Musician? If Not Then Listen To This Podcast Getting consistent and well paid work can be hard, getting ripped off once you've done it is a whole different matter. Find out how you can prevent this happening to you. Podcast Ep 17 – Table Of Contents 1.03 Introduction. 1.26 The tale in full. 5.47 The sucker punch. 7.38 A long list of broken promises. 9.40 What to do next? 10.15 Lessons learned. 12.19 Tricks to watch out for! 13.45 Organisations worth joining. 14.50...


Episode 16 – Musician’s Moving Online 1 – Interview With David Wallimann

Musician's Moving Online 1 - Youtube Guitar Guru David Wallimann This is the first in a series of podcasts (which are not offered in sequential order across the series) which deals with the subject of how to create a successful offering online as a musician and actually make a living doing so. The first interview is with guitarist David Wallimann. David has built up a Youtube channel that has at this point in writing amassed an impressive 78k subscribers! David gives the low down on how he...


Episode 15 – Interview With Janet Halton Of Nordoff Robbins Scotland

Music, Health & Healing - Changing Peoples Lives Many people around the world are waking up to the fact that music is not just about enjoyment or accompanying a social/entertainment situation. Music is now used as therapy to help people of all ages who suffer from a wide range of illnesses and ailments. Ged Brockie of GMI had the pleasure of interviewing one of the executive directors of Nordoff Robbins Scotland Janet Halton in the Edinburgh premises which is one of four Scottish centres....


Episode 14 – Interview With FretDeck Inventor Justin Comstock

Struggling To Remember Your Chords, Scales & Theory? FretDeck Could Be The Answer Let's face it, learning the guitar can be hard and that is where FretDeck comes in. It is a very simple concept, but like most of the best ideas; they are simple. In this podcast we talk to Justin Comstock about how came up with the idea of FretDeck. Further to this, we discuss his career as a player and how he managed to get through the maze of Kickstarter to see his dream idea become a reality. Podcast Ep 14...