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Episode 17: Finding Beauty In Pain with Caravãna Sun

In this week's episode, Alessandra and Gen are joined by Luke Carra and Ant Beard of Caravãna Sun, who have a chat right before they head into the studio for the day to work on their upcoming EP. We talk about the band's newest track, 'The Beauty and The Pain', and delve into how the song came to life. We also chat musical inspirations, pop music and our love for comedic music videos. Featuring tracks from Caravãna Sun, Holy Holy, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Growlers and more.


Fostering Young Bands With Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance

With the post-hardcore group having released their eighth Artificial Selection last week, Gen sits down with Dance Gavin Dance's lead guitarist Will Swan for a chat. The two talk about the new release, leaving music up to individual interpretation while songwriting, and his own record label.


Episode 16: Book Clubbing with Declan Melia of British India

This week, Gen and Alessandra are joined by frontman Declan Melia of Melbourne band British India. Currently in his last year of university, Declan joins us for an in-depth discussion on music, activism, literature and more, during one of his study breaks on campus. We talk Declan's decision to go back to university after dropping out to pursue music some years ago, and ask him whether or not any of his classmates have recognised him or are fans of his band's music. Later in the episode we...


Episode 15: Balance and Frequencies with Jake Taylor of In Hearts Wake

This week Alessandra and Gen are joined by Jake Taylor, lead vocalist of In Hearts Wake. Jake talks of the band's early beginnings in high school, their most recent album, 'Ark', and his love for the environment and the natural world. We also discuss the importance of being environmentally conscious, how In Hearts Wake have experimented with new and weird sounds, and the story behind the Earth Walker Tribe - a foundation established by Jake to nurture and care for the natural world....


Episode 14: Busking, Cooking & Gardening with Simon Paparo

This week, Alessandra and Gen are joined by Melbourne artist Simon Paparo, following the release of his debut single, 'Gold At Midnight'. Simon discusses his interesting and odd busking stories, as well as his passion for cooking and gardening, having previously worked as a chef. We also dive into our favourite tracks of the week, and breakdown the meaning behind Simon's track 'Gold at Midnight'. Featuring tracks from Simon Paparo, Now Now, Wolf Alive, London Grammar and more.


Combining Elegance And Punk Fury With Declan Melia (British India)

With the GA team gearing up for a double episode release next week, Gen sits down with British India's Declan Melia (vocals) for a special interview short while on their 'Midnight Homie' Tour.


Episode 13: Sad Girls & Pop Music with Tru'

Episode 13: Sad Girls & Pop Music with Tru' by Gen & Aless


Episode 12: Reliving Childhood Memories with Ben Stewart of Slowly Slowly

On this episode, Gen and Alessandra are joined by frontman Ben Stewart, of Melbourne's alt rock act Slowly Slowly. They discuss the importance of pop music, finding inspiration, Slowly Slowly's upcoming album, St Leonards, and also relive some of their childhood memories. Featuring tracks from Slowly Slowly, SALES, The Killers, BANKS and more.


Episode 11: Sharing Stories with MASTIN

This week, Gen and Alessandra are joined by Aussie rock artist Mastin, while on his national tour supporting his fresh EP Suitcase of Stories. This latest installment is made rich by the story of a musician who's found himself after experiencing pain, love, stigma and loss. We also discuss taking care of yourself, being your own boss and share some of the stories that have shaped us. Featuring tracks from MASTIN, Eat Your Heart Out, The Temperance Movement, Nothing But Thieves and more.


Episode 10: Shedding Old Identities with Camilla Hodgkins of Perch Creek

On this episode, Alessandra hosts alongside special guest Camilla Hodgkins, of Aussie band Perch Creek! This installment is imbued by lessons learnt from shedding old selves and approaching what you love more openly, yet not forgetting your roots. They talk shedding old identities, what it's like to tour with your siblings, Camilla's non-music projects and blending the creative with the practical. Featuring tracks from Perch Creek, Phoebe Bridgers, The Barr Brothers, TomGirl and Soccer Mommy.


Episode 9: Letting Yourself Go with Haley Blais

This week Gen and Aless are joined by the lovely & incredibly talented Haley Blais, who is a singer/songwriter/youtuber/podcaster from Vancouver! We talk her new EP, Let Yourself Go, plus unsolved murders, who we were at seventeen (help), our weekly track favourites and what it means to let ourselves go. Featuring tracks from Haley Blais, 5 Seconds of Summer, Donna Lewis, MASTIN and more. Haley's music -


Exploring Human Existence & Vocal Science With Dan Tompkins (Tesseract)

On GA's very first interview short, Gen sits down for a late night chat with frontman Daniel Tompkins from English metal band Tesseract - and it gets just a little existential. The two talk trying to not get caught up in our inherent selfishness as humans, forthcoming album Sonder, and Dan's harrowing (yet rewarding) vocal journey.


Episode 8: Being A Mess with Ben David of The Hard Aches

On the eighth instalment of General Admission, Gen gets personal with Ben David from Adelaide pair The Hard Aches. It's a chat fueled by reflections on what it means to be happy, or in a mess - two key concepts weaved in the duo's forthcoming second album Mess, out April 13. Gen and Ben also delve into deeper issues surrounding the Australian music scene, particularly the prevalence of fans feeling unsafe at gigs. Ben's passion and dedication to make change is clear - "it starts with...


Episode 7: Origins and Astrology with Moonlover

This week, Gen and Alessandra sit down for an insightful co-host with Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Moonlover (Quang Dinh). We talk culture, astrology, origins and get pretty deep into psychology and the universe. We also talk about Moonlover's image-laden debut record Thou Shall Be Free, released early this month, with an in-depth review of the track "Mekong Delta Blues". This episode also features tracks from HAIM, BØRNS and Perch Creek.


Episode 6: Cult Classics and Conspiracies with Shiva and The Hazards

This week, Gen and Alessandra are joined by Doug and Leigh of Melbourne indie band, Shiva and The Hazards. We discuss the band's success and experience in the UK, returning home to Australia, and their upcoming EP, 'Future Cult Classics'. Plus our favourite cult classics and conspiracy theories. Featuring music from Shiva and The Hazards, LCD Soundsystem, PVRIS and Nic Cester.


Episode 5: Letting Music Speak for Itself with Lennox Lust

This week, Gen and Alessandra are joined by the very talented Mick and Lauren of Sydney's Lennox Lust! "After forming in Sydney, Australia they have toured much of the country and are now expanding their horizons in the United States with their largest goal, to play their music all over the world..." We talk musical inspirations, decode song titles, whether or not you should cover songs by your favourite artists, and Lennox Lust's new single, 'Till I Find a Me to Defend'. Featuring tracks...


Episode 4: Kindred Spirits & Soul Sisters with Lizzy Plapinger

This week, Gen and Alessandra share a compelling new episode, guest-hosted by New York-based artist and record label co-founder Lizzy Plapinger (MS MR, LPX)! This episode paints a picture of a conversation on a couch in a New York apartment, one that reveals Lizzy's sense of humour, presence as a creative visionary and surprisingly intimate relationship with Sydney. Alessandra and Lizzy connect over the idea of not holding back as creators and performers, whilst Gen quizzes Lizzy on her...


Episode 1: The Pilot

Welcome to the first episode of General Admission. Join Gen & Alessandra as they talk what's on their playlists, first vinyls, breaking down music videos and more. Featuring music from Eat Your Heart Out, LPX, Paramore, Haley Blais and more.


Episode 2: What is Hardcore & Storm Threats

This week we discuss the concept of genres in music, particularly questioning 'What is hardcore?", stemming from Sydney hard-hitters Hellions. Gen makes a heartfelt tribute to Chester Bennington, while (through personal experience) Alessandra shares the power of live music to draw strangers together, with storms threatening to cancel Paramore's February gig in Brisbane. Featuring music from Hellions, Bleachers, The Regrettes, Dizzy Reed and more.


Episode 3: Will You Leave Thinking Up to Them?

This week on General Admission, Gen and Alessandra discuss unlikely celebrity cameos in music videos and the importance of female artist representation. They then delve into an insightful conversation on the power of thinking for yourself and not letting external forces dictate your mindset. Featuring music from Royal Blood, The Aces, SWMRS, Tonight Alive and more.