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The Book Of Ash

I took my 5 month old into the studio and started recording him. We found a beat and created this. I don't claim to be a rapper but this was a lot of fun. We don't own this beat. If you know the producer, send him/her my info. I'd love to give credit. Samples from The Book of Eli


Ep 65: Sunday with Spenjamin Bach

Hey gang, This week we hung out with Stevo Vaz of the Tampa punk band, Spenjamin Bach. We also had our buddy Justus Hall join us for today's show. The Week in Weed went down and we also did another "Mad Dog Describes Porn" segment. Enjoy!


Ep 64: The Moistening Pt 2 w/ Bolts With the Boys

What is up Riot Gang?! This week, Rob Boyland of Boyland Sauce Co. came back to bring us our 2nd hot sauce challenge called, "The Moistening, Part 2". For the most part everyone survived, right up until the dried Ghost Peppers came out. Then things got interesting. We also did our 2nd "Podcast Spotlight". This time we talked to Pappy and Big C of, "Bolts With the Boys". They have a post-game hockey podcast based around the Tampa Bay Lightning. Super cool guys. You shouldn't miss this one....


Ep 63: Super Bowl Pre-Game Show

This week Nick was joined by Madisson, Sara, and Joe. This being Super Bowl Sunday, they discussed sports and their effect on society, best party foods, will Justin Timberlake’s horrible new album be saved by the hologram of Prince?, and the GRR list of shit you could be doing with your life, instead of watching football. ENJOY!


Ep 62: Podcast Spotlight - 7 Lamb Productions

This week Mad Dog is back and we were joined by Jack Austin of 7 Lamb Productions, discussing their podcast-drama station on Blog Talk Radio. We, of course, did the Week in Weed and then shot the shit about the 2018 Oscar Nominations and movies in general. Enjoy!


Ep 61: Sunday with Infinite Third

What's up Riot Gang! This week I was joined by Billy Mays III, "Infinite Third" discussing his life and his new album, "Channel(s)". I was also joined by Omar Siddiqui of Alpha HD Fitness. We talked about health and fitness, sat in on "Mouth Council" session, and so much more. Enjoy Episode 61!


Ep 60: A Sunday with NOMVDIC

Riotgang! Welcome to Ep 60! This week I was joined by Lauren Nichole of the brand new podcast Menage a Blah and Chris, Nick, and James of the Tampa, FL Metal band NOMVDIC (Nomadic). Such a fun show. Enjoy! Don't forget to check out our shows LIVE on Facebook: Like and Subscribe!


Ep 58: Kicking it with Kerry Courtney

Welcome to Episode 58! This week we had Madisson, Joe D, and Lauren on the Riot Bench and we were joined by singer songwriter Kerry Courtney. We listen to some tunes, the Week in Weed went down as usual, AND we discussed Internet Trolls, Body Shaming, and whether or not our society is becoming too sensitive. Enjoy!


Ep 57: Hanging with J.T. Brown

Welcome to Episode 57! This week I was joined by Joe D., Mr Ruby, and our musical guest J.T. Brown. Great music, the Week in Weed, Butt stuff, etc. You can't go wrong! Enjoy!


Ep 56: giveaway with Chris Whitener

Riot Gang! Welcome to episode 56! This week we were joined by Chris Whitener of who came out to rap with us about the kick ass world of Magical Butter. We gave away a few machines and had a great conversation. Todays music included: Golden x Burns Tate Leigh Deboris Pettway aka Debo 247 Enjoy!


Ep 55: Food Trucks and bullshit

Riot Gang! This week on episode 55 it was just Nick and Madisson holding it down. The conversation got weird as always and we heard music from Justin Fallen, Neil Howl, and Sun Signs. Check it out!


Ep 54: Mr Ruby’s Dating Advice feat Aurorae

Welcome to Ep 54! This week we are back to our original format as we checked out music from Tampa, Aurorae. We were also joined by Ruby Lauderdale, Big Kev, and Frankie Consoli. It got weird as usual. The Week in Weed was back too! Enjoy!


Ep 53: Happy Anniversary Mad n Sara!

What up Riot Gang! Welcome to Season 2! Ep 53 is on the bag. We went old school and just talked some trash today. It was Madisson and Sara's 1 Year Anniversary! Our buddy Justin is in town from Ohio so he kicked it with us today and Grant made an appearance too! Things got weird but it was a fun show. Whats the weirdest thing you ever put in your butt? Enjoy!


Ep 52: The 1 Year Anniversary Special hosted by Mark Etherington

What up Riot Gang?! We just hit 1 year! Our homie Mark Etherington aka Mountain Holler asked us if he could interview us for the 1 year show and we thought it was a great idea! Check it out as Mark asks the tough questions and gets into the history of GRR. Everyone made it out. Joe was late. It was a great show! Thanks to all of you for helping us make our 1st year an amazing one. See you in season 2!


Ep 51: Eccentric Gentlemen Unite

Welcome to Episode 51! This week we were joined by a few guys of the Eccentric Gentlemen Unite Comedy show which is happening this coming Thursday the 19th in Tampa. It got wild. I'll warn you now, things were said. If you are offended by anything that was said, I apologize now. It was definitely a funny show. Check it out.


EP 50: DJ Eclipse is in the building

What up Riot Gang?! This week was like a Hip Hop history lesson. DJ Eclipse of The Rock Steady Crew and Rap Is Outta Control was in the house today along with Hip Hop Producer and Multi-Platinum Guitar player Kareem Denis, a.k.a. BIG KO as well as Long Island NY Hip Hop artist Little Vic. I hardly said a peep as these old friends waxed poetic about their work together, the history of DJ Eclipse, and Hip Hop in general. It's a long one but worth every second.


Ep 49: It's Finally OCTOBER!

RiotGang! Welcome to Episode #49! This week we are celebrating our favorite month of the year! We brought back the lovely Lauren who you might remember from the first few months of GRR. We discussed October, Fall, and our favorite things related to Halloween. We also are giving away a new piece from Fat Buddha Glass so make sure you listen for how to win. The Week in Weed, great music, and so much more! All on this episode of Ghost Riot Radio! Enjoy!


Ep 48: LIVE from JDub's Brewing Co at the Hurricane Irma Relief Benefit Show

RIOTGANG!! Welcome to Episode 48! This week Nick went back to JDubs Brewing Company in Sarasota to be a part of the Hurricane Irma Relief Benefit Show. It was a great day. 17 musical acts, fundraising for the Red Cross, food trucks, raffles, and more. We met musician Sara Nelms who was the host of the event AND we sat down with Taylor Pogue and JDUBS himself, Jeremy Joerger, owner of JDubs Brewing Company. Check it out!


Ep 47: Hurricane Irma and Two Inch Voices

Welcome to episode #47! Due to Hurricane Irma, we didn't do a show last weekend, but fear not! We are back to business this week with a slightly disorganized episode. We hung out with Gary and Jeff of Two Inch Voices and listened to their newly released track, "Nightstand". We also listened to tunes from Justin Fallen of Austin, TX. and RJ Howson of Sarasota, FL. We wished Grant a Happy Birthday and Joe D showed up as well. The Week in Weed and so much more, on this episode of Ghost Riot...


Ep 46: Sunday with Josh Cruz and Dahlia Legault

Riot Gang! Welcome to Episode #46! This week we were joined by "Urban Pop" artist Josh Cruz AND Francine from The Walking Dead, actress Dahlia Legault. We got the inside scoop on both of them plus so much more. Check it out! Enjoy!