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BreakOut West - Hall of Fame Award, 2018 - The Grapes of Wrath

A Hall of Fame Award is a pretty big deal. Each year, one recipient in the host province for Breakout West is chosen… and this year it’s The Grapes of Wrath. This entire show is devoted to them. As deserving a BC band as there ever was. With some amazing hits like, “All the Things I Wasn’t”, “I Am Here”, “You May Be Right” and “Peace of Mind”... it’s about time! @thegrapesowrath @kevinkane @tomhooper @chrishooper @ vincentjones @donnyboyd @breakoutwest #grapesofwrath #kevinkane #tomhooper...


Interview with Alfie Zappacosta

Okay kids... this is the big one! This episode I interview Alfie Zappacosta! He has an upcoming show at Blue Frog Studios in White Rock (September 20th) - we'll talk about that, what he's doing in the near future, his documentary special on CBC and I'll play some of my personal favourites from him. If you're familiar with Zappacosta, then you already know you need to listen to this show... if you're not familiar, then you REALLY need to listen. One of the richest, strongest voices in Canada!...


Interview with Johnny Marlow From @BreakoutWest

Had the privilage to chat with Johnny Marlow of @Breakoutwest We talk about the event itself, of course... October 10th - 14th, this year in Kelowna, BC, as well as the music industry itself, and some of his personal history... I’ll also be playing songs from some of the nominees at this year’s awards reception... oh... and one surprise intruder! Bend Sinister Band of Rascals Dear Rouge Kacy & Clayton Leeroy Stagger Shred Kelly HEAD #bendsinister...


I Am Canadian 2

Haven’t done one of these show in awhile. Damn proud to be Canadian! It deserves more shows for sure… This one’s sponsored by BreakOut West and of course, features all Canadian music like Robbie Robertson, Gino Vannelli, Abandon Paris, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, HEAD, The Guess Who, Alfie Zappacosta, Ian Thomas, City and Colour and more… plus… one of the nominees in the upcoming Artist of the Year category at BreakOut West, Attica Riots is on board! @atticariots #atticariots...


BreakOut West - Recording of the Year 2018

This is the one, folks! Recording of the Year. That’s a pretty big deal. And the judges are going to have a tough time this year in Kelowna, BC… Check out @atticariots…@bendsinister…@kacyandclayton…@dearrouge…@leeroystagger… there’s rock, alt rock, roots, psychedelia, singer/songwriter… some amazing songwriting and recordings. @Breakoutwest @pacificnorthwestradio @makeascenebc #leeroystagger #dearrouge #atticariots #bendsinister #kacyandclayton#bow2018 #pnwr...


BreakOut West - Rock Artist of the Year Nominees 2018 - Episode 2

We’re back for round 2 of this amazing year of Rock Artists! In this episode we’ll check out 3 tunes from Scenic Route to Alaska as well as 3 from Close Talker… more information on the event itself too… the competition is extreme and ramping up with this show!! @scenicalaska @closetalkerband Support the show.


BreakOut West - Rock Artist of the Year Nominees 2018 - Episode 1

Check out some of the amazing artists in this year’s BreakOut West, held in Kelowna, BC… the spotlight is on 2 of the Rock Artist of the Year nominees in this episode… listen to 3 songs from Bend Sinister and 3 songs from Band of Rascals… who’s your money on? Learn some of the workings of this extremely well-run event as well... @Bend_Sinister @bandofrascals ‏ Support the show.


ICONS - Led Zeppelin - Part 2

There’s still 4 albums left from this iconic band! Houses of the Holy; Physical Graffiti; Presence and In Through the Out Door… (yeah, okay… Coda too, but that was released after John Bonham’s death)... plus… if you didn’t already know about the Starship… the copious amounts of cocaine… more groupies than any band on the planet before them… Page’s addiction, Plant’s bad luck, Bonham’s death… you want to download this show!! Support the show.


ICONS - Led Zeppelin - Part 1

Join me as I wander through Led Zeppelin’s first 4 albums on this show… part 1 of 2… Led Zeppelin released 8 studio albums during their short 11 dominance on this earth… only 11 years, but wow! what an 11 years it was! The first to mix blues and hard-edged rock and they did it with style! Singers are still trying to emulate Robert Plant and few can come close to Jimmy Page’s productive genius... Support the show.


The Cutting Edge - Spring 2018

All brand new music… all released in the past 3 months… if you’re wondering what’s out there, check this out! A Perfect Circle with a brand new album - the first in 14 long years! Gorillaz has new stuff… The Jayhawks take time out from their busy schedule backing up Ray Davies of Kinks fame… lots more brand new stuff! Support the show.


Sheldon Zaharko

Join me on PNWR for another edition of Green Beans, Mushroom Soup & Strawberry Ice Cream and my interview with none other than Sheldon Zaharko - producer, mixer, audio engineer, studio owner and operator at Zed Productions and station owner and operator at PNWR. This guy is tireless! From recording Paul Rodgers, Billy Talent, Geddy Lee, Devin Townsend, to barbershop quartets, choirs and full on orchestra... this is your man! Winner of the West Coast Music Award for engineer of the year......


Local Traffic Only - Part 5

Tune in tonight - Green Beans, Mushroom Soup & Strawberry Ice Cream for Local Traffic Only... featuring all band from the Vancouver area... Intoxicated by Nature, Blue Voodoo, Trope, Focus Your Audio, Kelly and Gibson... lots more. There’s great stuff happening in Vancouver these days people. Be here! Support the show.


Songwriting 101 - Special Delivery

Not a songwriting course at all really; more like some amazing examples of what really makes a song work… what makes music, music… there’s lots of actual songwriting classes out there - this is looking at the intangibles… the emotion, expression, “the feels” if you want, the delivery… this will be a continuing series focusing on different aspects of what makes that song a great song… this one - Special Delivery, deals with the performance of (usually) the vocalist and their ability to make...


Two Heads Are Better

The second HEAD album was released on April 28th, 2018… “Dear Father” is the continuation of Alberta’s story; it delves deeper into her childhood and shows how that upbringing resulted in her messed up adult life… HEAD’s songwriting has evolved even more with this new album… strong performances from Lyric here… “I keep your picture dear father… oh you’re right inside my head… every tear you bled… I wish you were dead”... not for the faint of heart, but definitely one of 2018’s best...


Where I've Been Part 2

The second part of this series deals with mismatches. Among all the concerts I’ve seen there’ve been quite a few. You wonder what the promoters were thinking when they have Focus opening up for Joe Cocker… or Kansas opening for Bad Company… some great concerts here, but it’s like expecting two completely different audiences… and then confusing both of them... Support the show.


Where I've Been

What can you do when you’ve seen almost 300 concerts by the time you hit 20 years old? Well… you tell everyone about them on your radio show, that’s what! Led Zeppelin in 1973 when Robert Plant collapsed backstage after the encore... and Badfinger in 1974 with the original lineup, before Pete Hamm hung himself… Supertramp… much more! Support the show.


Woodstock - What Have You Done For me Lately?

So we’ve already talked about who played Woodstock. We’ve already talked about who didn’t. And we’ve talked about why… but… what have those artists - on both sides of the Woodstock fence - what have they done lately? Find out on this show… it might surprise you how many of these great artists are still around making music... Support the show.


Woodstock - Who's Out?

Imagine you’re in a band. It’s 1969 and there’s this amazing festival happening in New York on a 600 acre field. You get asked to play and… you turn it down!? What!? What the hell!? Are you crazy!? But… many artists did just that. Find out who… find out why… some of the biggest names will leave you shaking your head. I mean… it was a great festival - never to be outdone… but imagine if some of these names had also been there... Support the show.


Woodstock - Who's In?

What do you really know about Woodstock. It was almost 50 years ago… 1969. A three day festival that lasted 4 days. Ticket price was $18, but it was free. 60,000 people to attend, but there were almost half a million. Find out more about this iconic event, plus check out the bands who played there and hear songs straight from their setlist! Support the show.


The Cutting Edge-Winter 2018

Looking for something new? Here’s some of the best of what’s been released this year… so far. I’ll do a show like this every 3 months roughly. This one, the winter edition, is filled with great new music… the likes of Myles Kennedy, Calexico, Blue October, Stone Poets, Stone Temple Pilots, Muse and more… all brand new - all 2018… all released in the past 3 months! Support the show.