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Ricky Dillon: LIVE Interview, TWINKIDS Performance & More

This week we have our second live podcast edition with the talented, Ricky Dillon. We invited 20 of Ricky's biggest fans to come to our studio in Hollywood and get involved and participate in his interview. After a great chat with Ricky, we handed the mic over to the fans for a Q&A and then Ricky did his own interview with LA based band TWINKIDS who also performed a few songs. Enjoy!


15: Mainstream Pop, Indian Classical & A Really Unique Idea

On this week's podcast we have a super interesting creator by the name of Vidya Vox. Vidya was born in Chennai, India and moved the US at the age of 8. She started her YouTube channel in 2015 uploading song mashups that mixed western pop, dance music and indian classic music. Vidya gained 1 million subscribers within the first year after her mashup of Major Lazer's "Lean On" and a Punjabi folk song went viral. Now, in 2018 Vidya's channel has 4.7m subscribers and over 450 million views. She...


14: Tessa Brooks - How It All Started

This week on the podcast we have our girl Tessa Brooks! We stopped by to meet her last week in LA and talked all things dance, YouTube and her new acting projects. She told us how it all started for her, the biggest challenges she's faced as an artist and her dream YouTube collab! Enjoy!


13: Matthew Steffanina & Alyson Stoner - Moonwalking Past The Competition

On this week's podcast we have a two part episode with a couple characters that know their way around a dance floor by the name of Matt Steffanina and Alyson Stoner! Considering that Matt currently holds the title for the most watched dancer in the world and has over 1.5 BILLION views on his YouTube channel, and Alyson has achieved just about everything a 24 year old could possibly achieve, this combo definitely made for an interesting podcast. Enjoy!


EXTRA: Remi Cruz + Alisha Marie - The Brains Behind The Youtube Channel

This week on the podcast we have a two part episode featuring YouTubers Remi Cruz and Alisha Marie. They are YouTube pioneers with a little over 1 BILLION views between them - so all you aspiring digital creators - listen close!


12: Nikita Dragun LIVE Podcast - The Reason Why I Do What I Do

This week we have something special for you guys.. We partnered with The Sixty Hotel in Beverly Hills and held a live podcast with Nikita Dragun and 15 of her biggest fans who flew in from all over the country to attend. She talked about everything from her color coordinated wig collection, dealing with haters to giving advice to our audience on being the best person they can be. Enjoy!


EXTRA: Poppy - How I Took Over The Internet

This week on the podcast we have the ever mysterious, singer, actress, and YouTuber - Poppy. If you aren’t familiar with Poppy, she’s a robotic sounding character portrayed by the 23 year old musician, Moriah Pereira, which was created by herself and director Titanic Sinclair. Poppy claims to be an alien, or a being of the internet and started out on YouTube in 2014 creating bizarre videos, which have since amassed over 300m views. She then shocked her audience once again signing to Island...


11: Ben Azelart + The Stokes Twins "New Compilations & Merch | Episode 11

This week on the podcast we have Ben Azelart and The Stokes Twins! We all met at Ben's house in West Hollywood and huddled around his kitchen table and talked all things content, Hawaii, dropping out of high school and their upcoming compilation albums and merch with Heard Well. Enjoy!


Ep 10: Kimiko Glen & Travis Coals - Life On Set With Liza Koshy | Episode 10

This week on the podcast we're down at Vidcon chatting with Liza Koshy's co-stars Travis Coals and Kimiko Glen (who you might recognize from Orange Is The New Black). They were out promoting their new series "Liza On Demand" and sat down with us to talk life on set, and what it was like working with Liza Koshy. Enjoy!


GLSEN Podcast: Part 1 | Episode 9

On this week's show we're doing something a little different. We have a two part podcast, talking all things GLSEN. Heard Well have recently teamed up with GLSEN to release a compilation album featuring LGBTQ artists and supporters of the community, as well as ambassador Gigi Gorgeous, and GLSEN committee member Katharine Prescott. For those of you who are unaware of GLSEN, they are an organization with a mission to make every student, in every school valued and treated with respect,...