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Unknown songs by great artists and great songs by unknown artists directly from our vinyl collections

Unknown songs by great artists and great songs by unknown artists directly from our vinyl collections
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Unknown songs by great artists and great songs by unknown artists directly from our vinyl collections




Check Out Our Library Music Episode! (funny, right?) - Episode 32

If you haven’t yet been initiated into the fun that is Library Music, we’re hoping this episode will change that. This isn’t muzak. Well, the part of the industry we go over isn’t, at least. Library Music, also called Production Music and Incidental Music, is heard in most of the movies and TV shows you’ve ever seen. All those snippets of songs that are playing in the background that is designed to tell you how to feel when you’re watching a show or a movie. Sort of an invisible jumbotron...


Waffle House Records - Not the Competitive Eating Kind of Records (Episode 31)

This episode is about the story of the tunes made exclusively of the Waffle House, by the Waffle House, for the Waffle House. Songs about truckers, toast, and testimonials. Songs with grit about grits. Songs that you can listen to smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped, topped, country, or all the way. The story of Waffle Records. Also, songs, trivia, and another heaping cup of love! Further reading:


Paramount Records: Where Charlie Patton met the Shmenge Brothers (Episode 30)

From 1917 to 1932 a record label in Grafton, Wisconsin may have captured more important American recordings than any other label or person before or since. Not a single one of those recordings feature the accordion or performers wearing lederhosen. Episode 30 of Highway Hi-Fi focuses on Paramount Records, a chair manufacturing company, and blues recording giant. Further reading: THE BALLAD OF GEESHIE AND ELVIE from New York Times Magazine:


Peter Pan Records & Playing with Matches (Episode 29)

In this episode, we talk about growing up with the king of the Children’s Music Industry, Peter Pan Records. The weird childhood records that still haunt our memories. We continue with weird by having a quiz about how Prince spells song titles. Also, what’s a Peanut Duck and how is it sweeping the nation?


The Mal Evans Conspiracy (Episode 28)

What if we were to tell you that there was a single man, who you may have never heard of, who co-wrote Sgt. Pepper with the Beatles? Was responsible for Dylan going electric? Pushed Brian Wilson over the edge? Borrowed Frank Sinatra’s Lear Jet? Let down his childhood idol Elvis Presley? Had Thanksgiving with The Band at Big Pink? Conjured a curse that leads several of the world’s brightest musicians to early deaths? And was assassinated just as he was about to reveal the truth about the...


Finding Nimoy - The Explorations of a Vulcan Troubadour (Episode 27)

In this, the most special of episodes, Ryan & Joe tackle a subject that is near and dear to their hearts: the music of Leonard Nimoy. Leonard Nimoy produced 5 albums over 3 years and these have, for the most part, fallen by the wayside. They’re actually pretty good. Ryan & Joe go through how they happened and what could have been. Also, songs & trivia!


Eno’s Spine-Twistingly Oblique Strategies (Episode 26)

A perfect episode for those of you feeling stuck inside of a creative rut. Today, Ryan & Joe learn to “be less critical more often” as they cover the nebulous advice practice that is Eno’s Oblique Strategies Cards. Hear stories of artists who “discard an axiom” and either loved or lamented these innovative and ambiguous creativity aphorisms. Most notably, Phil Collins petulantly throwing beer cans. So remember: Do we need holes? Trust in the you of now. Slow pr [...]


Contractual Obligation Albums - Sticking it to the Man (Episode 25)

What happens when recording artists are legally required to make albums? Well, how about: a horrible dance craze called The Screw, an hour of feedback loops (more if you count locked grooves), the meanest divorce settlement album of all time, robot Neil Young, Major Tom’s triumphant return, songs about Danishes, and names that can’t be pronounced. This week Ryan & Joe explore the wacky, bitter world of contractual obligation albums. Also, four super songs for super people. And trivia...


The Swashbuckling History of Record Bootlegging (Episode 24)

Ryan and Joe get all unauthorized and talk about the wild, seedy ‘other’ music industry: Bootleg Records. From Bob Dylan’s alleged motorcycle accident through home taping’s destruction of the music industry - and beyond. Hear about the rise and fall and rise again of illegal records and the mysterious people who risked getting brained by mafia goons to make a lousy $35 so some hippie could have a recording of a show he got high at. And, for even more of your listening pleasure, 4 songs...


RSD Bonus Episode: An Interview with Chris Brown (Episode 23)

Record Store Day Bonus Episode! In this episode, Ryan and Joe ramble on (and on) with Chris Brown of Bull Moose, the inventor of Record Store Day. Chris recounts the rise of RSD, where it’s headed, and gives an insider perspective on record store coalitions. The three talk about some of their favorite releases past and present. Questions answered in this episode: Who is the Caretaker? Which Harry Nillson reissue is arguably the greatest release ever for Record Store Day? Who is...


Record Store Day - We Can Be Topical! (Episode 22)

In preparation for Record Store Day on April 21st, Ryan and Joe walk through the history of RSD. How did one email become the genesis of the biggest record buying day in the world? As always, Trivia and songs you need to hear. Stay tuned for a bonus episode featuring an interview with Record Store Birther: Chris Brown!


Record Store Day - We Can Be Topical! (Episode 22)

In preparation for Record Store Day on April 21st, Ryan and Joe walk through the history of RSD. How did one email become the genesis of the biggest record buying day in the world? As always, Trivia and songs you need to hear.


Finding the House of the Rising Sun (Episode 21)

Ryan & Joe break down the history of the song “The House of the Rising Sun”: how old is the song? Where did it come from? Is there a real House and, if so, where the heck is it? Has Eric Burdon ever not been a jerk? As always: Trivia and songs we want to stick in your craw.


Recalling Scott Walker (Episode 18)

Ryan and Joe spend time discussing the evolution of the sounds inside Scott Walker’s head - as far as the ones he’s released to the public. Expect pleasant nightmares. Also, a very special Valentine’s trivia round from Ryan. And it wouldn’t bee a complete episode without four super-duper songs you may not already know.


Moogs and Thereminutia (Episode 17)

In this episode, Ryan and Joe recount the history of Electronic Mastermind Bob Moog and butcher his name several times along the way (Moog not Bob). Also, as always: songs you need to know and trivia!


Jesus Rock & Goofy Schlock - Private Press Records 2 (Episode 16)

Ryan & Joe dig deeper into the crates to find great Jesus Rock records, great Weirdo records, and great Jesus Weirdo records. A Venn Diagram of fantastic craziness. Plus four more private press gems. And Joe mixes up Ryan with a topsy-turvy edition of Anagram Trivia (AKA “Vagina Air Tram”).


Private Press Recordings & Tax Scam Labels (Episode 15)

Ryan and Joe give the finger to the mob and take on the world of private press records. From the goofy to the sublime to the sublimely goofy, private press records, in their heyday, were something to behold. This episode spends a lot of time talking about the career and influence of Paul Major, the preeminent “Real People” records guru. And, well, trivia, of course.


The Ballad of Tiny Tim (Episode 13)

Ryan & Joe attempt to tiptoe through and around the premature ejaculate that was a novelty career. Also: 4 more stupendous songs and trivia that will melt your mind, dude.


The History of Colored Vinyl (Episode 12)

Ryan & Joe take you through the story of how and when colored vinyl began so you can see it’s been more than just a marketing ploy for the past few decades. It’s been that for over 100 years. Also in this episode, 4 songs to pleasure your ears and trivia to pleasure your unmentionables.


Going to Georgia (Episode 11)

Ryan & Joe meet up in Georgia, a state where donkeys may not be kept in bathtubs. They discuss how and when folk art met college radio and both exploded across America. Also, four Georgia-themed songs featuring: a band you know using an alias and singing something you don’t; a song sampled by 90s staples Beck, the Beastie Boys and Oasis; a song Ryan & Joe covered and turned into a creepy dirge; and a song by a Georgia musician everyone should know and love. TRIVIA TRIVIA TRIVIA