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Jason Heathcoe (Bone Collector, Hunt presented Hardcore, Small Town Hunting) - EP #33

If you like turkey hunting, this is one for you! This week we sit down with Jason Heathcoe. Jason is an outdoor media producer, working on shows like Bone Collector, Small Town Hunting, and Hunt presented Hardcore). He is also a passionate turkey hunter and outdoorsman. We talk a lot about the turkey populations, memorable hunts, hunter safety, and the problems facing hunhters today. you can find Jason online at, or his facebook page...


Doug Markham (TWRA) - EP#32

In this episode, we shot down to the TWRA headquarters to talk with Doug Markham, statewide information coordinator for the TWRA. There we spent some time discussing hunter recruitment, hunter retention, invasive species, wild turkey populations, and much more. If you want to find out more about what the TWRA is doing, check out their website at Hunt Nashville is a show...


Phillip Lammonds (Songwriter, Josh Turner, Kellie Pickler, Lee Brice, Craig Morgan) - EP#31

In this episode, Kevin took a road trip out to Magnolia, AR for a round our buddys put on. On the drive out, he decided to talk with Mr. Phillip Lammonds. Phillip is an accomplished songwrite, penning songs for Lee Brice, Craig Morgan, Kellie Pickler, an Josh Turner (Just to name a few). He is also an avid hunter and fisherman. In this episode we talked about fly fishing, songwriting, and woodcock hunting. Thanks for...


Clint Lagerberg (Keith Urban,Rascal Flats,Blake Shelton,Songwriter/Producer) - EP#29

In this episode, we sit down with our buddy Clint Lagerberg ( Clint is an incredibly talented songwriter/producer penning sons like “Blue Ain’t Your Color” (Keith Urban), “Here Comes Goodbye” (Rascal Flatts), and many many more. He is also a hunter and outdoorsman. We talked about his upbringing, the road to becoming a Nashville songwriter, some of hos favorite memories hunting, and much much more. Thanks for listening, C’mon...


Matt Neill,Stephen Tucker (World Record Tucker Buck), Micheal Wachtel (Former World Record Wachtel Buck) - Ep#27

In this episode we took a trip over to the 2018 NWTF convention. We got a chance to sit down with our buddy Matt Neill (instagram is @mattneill9). Matt is a very prolific hunter from Arkansas, as well as an all around good dude. We covered Turkeys, Waterfowl, Deer, and some road stories to go along with it! Then we headed out to the show floor, where we got a chance to sit down with Micheal Wachtel, who had the world record non-typical whitetail for several years! Then we had a quick...


Morgan Mills - EP#26

Morgan Mills is a Nashville based country singer/songwriter, as well as the host for NRA Tv’s “NRA Country”, where she covers nashvilles country music scene. She is also an avid hunter, fisher, and shooter. In this episode we cover what led her to Nashville, how she got involved in the outdoors, here involvment with the NRA and becoming a firearms instructor, and much much more. You can find here on instagram, and also on NRATV’s NRA...


Daniel Lee Martin, Kevin Weaver, Jared Woodard ” -

In this episode, we sat down with our buddy Daniel Lee Martin to talk the good old days of Nashville, Tarpon fishing, elk hunting, the “Walmart tours”, and much more. Daniel is a singer/songwriter, as well as an avid outdoorsman. He currently has a show on CarbonTv with his wife Jules called “till Death Do Us Part”. Make sure you check it out!! Thanks for listening! Hunt...


Randy Montana, Jared Woodard, Kevin Weaver “Perfect Morning” - EP#24

In this episode we sat down with our buddy Randy Montana to talk about his perfect morning in the archery-deer woods. We also discussed, turkey hunting, songwriting, the rut, and balancing family and hunting. If you havent already, take a liten to our first episode with Randy here Make sure you give him a follow on instagram as well @randymontana. Thanks for...


Justin Schipper (Musician) - EP#23

Justin Schipper is a studio musician, working in Nashville’s country music industry. His main instrument would probably be pedal steel, but you can find him behind a guitar, dobro, or mandolin on any given day. He has played on records for and/or toured with folks like Josh Turner, Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum, and Lauren Alaina, just to name a few. In recent years, he has rediscovered his childhood love of hunting, taking to the deer in turkey woods in middle TN. Justin is a really great...


Unnecessary Sabbatical (Jared Woodard & Kevin Woodard) - EP#19

We’re back! After taking a month or so off, we are back at it! In this episode, we give a once over on how our turkey seasons went, what we learned, and whats been going on lately. Thanks so much for listening, C’mon buddy!! Hunt Nashville is a show about hunting, music, the outdoors, and life as a musician. We interview musicians, outdoorsmen and women, and a bunch of folks in...


Bobby Wilson, TWRA Assistant Director - EP#17

Bobby Wilson has been with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency for nearly 38 years, doing many of the jobs along the way. He spent many years in the fisheries department, but recently oved into the assistant director role, becoming second in command. In this episode, we talk about fishing, hunting, public land, and a lot in between. Thanks for listening, C’mon buddy!! Instagram - Youtube - youtube/com/doubletroublehunting Website -...


Kevin Weaver, The Drummer - EP#14

Many of you know Kevin as 1/2 of “Hunt Nashville” and “Double Trouble Hunting”, but he’s also an incredibly accomplished musician. Kevin moved to Nashville over 15 years ago, and quickly got aquainted with the country music scene, sharing the stage with artists like Andy Griggs, Kelsea Balareni, Jon pardi, Dustin Lynch, Vince Gill, Waylon Jennings, and many, many more. He has also made several appearences on the TV show “Nashville”, as well as being part of a show on GAC that followed his...


Jacob Calaway - EP#12

Time to talk some turkey! This week Jared and our good buddy Jacob Calaway talked turkeys, moose, public land, and everyones version of a “trophy”, all on the way to hunt some spring turkeys. Thanks for listening! Facebook - Instagram - @doubletroublehunting Youtube - Website -


Cary Barlowe - EP#9

This week, we sat down with our good buddy Cary Barlowe. Cary has written songs like “American Honey” (Lady Antebellum), “It don’t hurt like it used to” (Billy Currington), “Where it’s at” (Dustin Lynch), “Sundaze” (Florida Gerogia Line), and many, many more. He’s also an avid turkey/deer hunter, and spends much of his spare time during the spring and fall chasing whitetails and eastern turkeys in Tennessee. We talk a little about songwriting, hunting, the music industry, and Cary’s...


We interrupt this marriage to bring you turkey season - EP#8

This episode just might save your marriage this coming spring or fall. Jared sits down with his wife Cortni (@hippiegoeshunting on instagram), to talk a little about a non-hunting wife’s perspective. Topics range from the pro’s and con’s of being married to a hunter, things the hunter in the relationship can do to ease the burden of being gone, and how to talk with friends and family who don’t quite understand why we hunt. A lot of good information in here, and worth digging into. Thanks...


Kevin Kadish - EP#7

This week, we sat down with Kevin Kadish, co-writer and producer of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” and “Lips Are Moving”, as well as songs for Jason Mraz, Willie Nelson, Stacie Orrico, Miley Cyrus, Skillet, and many, many more. He is also Jareds Brother-in-law, which is probably his best acolade . Kevin W., Jared, and Kevin K. spent some time talking about Kevins backround, his thoughts on the songwriting process, and some insight on his outlook on music production. Check out more...


Ben “Buck Lucky” Burgess - Ep#4

Jared sits down with Ben Burgess, aka “Buck Lucky” (Jonas Brothers, Big Smo, Billy Currington, Muddy Magnolias).He’s also 1/2 of “Farmdale” (T-Mobile, Microsoft,JC Penny,etc.) with his fiance Lindsay Ray. Although Ben is’nt the traditional Nashville songwriter, he’s had a lot of success in his short time here. He also spent some musical stints in L.A. and Austin. Listen in as they go through Ben’s background and how he got where he’s at. They also dive into some random hunting/life...


Josh Matheny - EP#3

This week Kevin sits down with Nashville dobro player Josh Matheny to talk music, hunting, and the day to day life of a Nashville musician and songwriter. Josh is an incredible dobro player, among other instruments, and has recorded and/or played with Meghan Trainor, Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill, Kacey Musgraves, Lucy Hale, Earl Scruggs, Jo Dee Messina, Sara Evans, Lynryd Skynyrd, Richard Marx, Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Emmylou Harris, and Jerry Douglas. In his spare time, he;s an...


Save a deer, hug a vegan - EP#2

In this episode, Kevin and Jared talk about the new non-typical world record, the “Tucker Buck”. They also talk about the main reasons hunters give to people that don’t hunt about why they do, and the research behind which ones actually work. Thanks for listening! Instagram - @doubletroublehunting Facebook - Website -


Intro - EP#1

In this first episode of Hunt Nashville, the hosts Kevin Weaver and Jared Woodard (Double Trouble Hunting) introduce themselves, give a little bit of their background and how this thing got started, and give an idea of whats to come. Thanks for listening! Instagram - @doubletroublehunting Facebook - Website -