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The I Love Asbury Podcast is an extension of our Spotify playlist supporting the local Asbury Park NJ's music scene. Our intent is to just keep spreading the love.

The I Love Asbury Podcast is an extension of our Spotify playlist supporting the local Asbury Park NJ's music scene. Our intent is to just keep spreading the love.
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The I Love Asbury Podcast is an extension of our Spotify playlist supporting the local Asbury Park NJ's music scene. Our intent is to just keep spreading the love.








Interview with Matty Carlock

I had the opportunity to sit down with Matty Carlock and speak about the story behind his latest single Quick Love – Featuring Casanova. We dove into what it was like growing up in the hardcore straight-edge scene and how it continues to influence his music today. Grateful to share his perspectives as he advocates for change, uniqueness and most importantly, our youth.


Interview with Sof

It was a drizzly day when I sat down with Sof to discuss her latest single being released this Friday // Inertia. We chatted about white vans, identity crisis, confronting change and most of all heavy breathing at the wrong times. Nothing but gratitude for all the laughs and perspectives Sof shared! I am sure we will be chatting again soon. Deezer for life.


Interview with Ella Ross

What's next level? Ella Ross and I sat down and discussed her music, Portuguese Water Dogs, flying squirrels, webbed feet and if cats are actually coming for us. We laughed, we hurt and we said goodbye for now.


Interview with David Ross Lawn

David Ross Lawn, a talented composer, performer, and artist, sits down with I Love Asbury to discuss his life, his passion for the arts and all that has inspired him. Turn up the volume and step into the conversation of how David became David. Unique, creative and unapologetically himself, he dives into his childhood, creative process and outlook for the future.


Interview with Katherine Quintana

How do you take a perceived tragedy and sculpt it into a positive experience of personal and communal growth? It was such a beautiful experience sitting down and exploring this concept with musician Katherine Quintana. Her story is such an inspiration for myself and the community of Asbury Park. I am grateful that she came on and shared it with the world.


Interview with Taylor Allen

Speaking with Taylor Allen has changed my life. Before our conversation, I was a shell of a human wrapped up in 66 slices of uncooked bacon. Now, I'm changing my name to Ricky Rodbody, buying a houseboat and finally feeling like I gotchis. Right after our conversation, I went home, beat myself with a pillow and cried for 7 hours straight because it was that hard to let him drive off into the night.


Interview with David Sander

David Sander has been displaying signs on his front lawn in Asbury Park, NJ for years now. We aren't talking about one or two here and there, he has displayed over 100 different signs. A few days ago there was one sign that was forced to be taken down. I wanted to give David the platform to express his take and intent on his signs and what he is going through currently. It was great connecting with David and I am sure you will experience who he truly is within this episode. “Congress shall...


Interview with Matt Cook

I hope this episode reaches as many ears and hearts as possible. Talking to Matt about his personal journey was nothing less than inspiring! We spoke about his TedX talk earlier this year and his path to how he got where he is today. Truly inspiring!!!


Interview with Levy Okun

I sat down with Levy Okun at The Locals Art Space to discuss his new single Summer Sweat, life and we even had our first in-person listener at the space!


Interview with Drew the Recluse

Last night I sat down with Drew the Recluse to talk about ways to improve the community. I love linking up with people that have strong belief structures that are pointed in the direction of positive change. It was refreshing to hear such passion towards the overall evolvement of a community and culture. I appreciate you sharing such positive perspectives Drew!


Interview with Patricia Arroyo

Patricia Arroyo is an artist operator of The Locals Art Space in Asbury Park, NJ. We recently connected and hit it off instantaneously, hearing about her journey I had to have her on the show. I hope everyone enjoys this episode with Patricia and swing by the gallery and say hello!!!


A Call to Pamela Flores : 9/9/19

Asbury Park, NJ is filled with people who are just gems of humans, Pamela Flores is one that really shines. She is such an inspiration to go out there and to just be authentic. Over the past year, I have seen her step up to help others in their time of need, showing that community comes first. Keep shining Pamela! I hope everyone loves our chat!


A Call to Brian Erickson of The Extensions : 9/5/19

Brian Erickson of The Extensions tested the bandwidth of the I Love Asbury podcast. It was beautiful chatting it up with him about his latest single Hollowed Out and even diving deep into some powerful perspectives. I can't put into words how grateful I am towards not only Brian's openness to connect but the entire Asbury Park music scene.


A Call to Rob Janicke with Sound Evolution : 9/3/19

I had such a great time chatting it up with Rob Janicke Co-founder of SoundEvolution Music. With over 13 years in the music industry, Rob brings some solid perspectives to the community. His label fosters such a unique vibe with the artists he works with and within the community. It was beautiful connecting with Rob and can't wait to connect again soon!


A Call to Comedian Angelo Gingerelli

It has happened, we finally got to connect with a stand up comic! What an awesome time chatting it up with Angelo about pretty much everything under the sun. The conversation brought me back to prank calling local businesses and listening to Richard Pryor through the bedroom wall at 8 years old. I'm grateful for it all.


A Call to Candice Lee : 8/20/19

Nothing but gratitude to hop on a call with Candice Lee to discuss her upcoming show in Asbury Park with Drake Bell. We chatted about her journey as a musician, YouTuber, Instagrammer, and performer. It was great getting to know Candice and look forward to everyone getting an inside artist perspective on her journey. Asbury Park loves you!


A Call to Tony Appleseed : 7/24/2019

Weeks away from launching our new I Love Asbury Podcast space in Asbury Park, NJ, we got contacted by Tony Appleseed to give a listen to his newest EP "Entropy". After listening to his album I legit couldn't wait to talk with him. In this session, we talk about everything from his creative vision, family, the universe and everything in between. It was awesome getting to connect with Tony and I hope you enjoy what he brings not only to Asbury but also the perspectives and music he brings to...


A Call to Cat London : 3/19/19

Getting the chance to connect with Cat London in this day and age was so very special. We chat about everything from her music -- her historical video release party at Asbury Lanes and how Canadians are the nicest human beings in the world. My face hurt for 3 days after talking with Cat, so make sure you cocoa butter your cheeks so they don't wrinkle. Go New Jersey USA!!!


A Call to Jacob Schaffer: 3/13/19

Great conversation with Jacob Schaffer, we discussed everything from his latest release "The Curse" to the power of healing through vibration. Jacob creates to both understand and alter the human experience through his efforts as a multimedia performing artist.


A Call to Featured Artist Leah Voysey : 3/1/19

Loved hopping on a call with Leah Voysey, I think we may have talked about it all.