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Industrial DJ Sets & Mixes


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Industrial DJ Sets & Mixes







Listening to music. Yet again it turns into a set somehow. Lots of Industrial & EBM goodness. Merry Christmas or whatever winter holiday it is you weirdos are into. :-)


Downtempo Ancillaries

Dumb name, sure, but you’ll get why it sort of fit. Slowing down the BPM a little keeping us around 81.


Waxing Electronic

Just something different, playing some tunes. Very electronic, almost ambient at times. Enjoy!


Unnatural Industrial Disorder

So, to be fair I should mention, I will have to get used to this machine. There are a couple of spots you'll know... Didn't come out like they should have and it just didn't record (internally) loud enough. But now that I've done a test run, I know how to baby the knobs & will remember to crank the gain. :·D Great tunes though, hopefully you'll enjoy!


Insanity. Noise. I don't know what.

This show was 2nd in the global noise chart, 7th in the global industrial chart and 22nd in the global electronic chart. I'm not sure what happened. So don't let the first song fool you. Don't turn it up too loud, it could cause fatigue and/or contribute to hearing damage. When I get things hooked up to a computer I'll grab the playlist from the history & update this post. Enjoy.... ....OR DONT!!!


Electro/Industrial + Futurepop & More

This was some good dancy & thumpy hotness. I had something in mind, it de-railed a couple of times just having fun with it. Delerium & Covenant, Front Line Assembly, Accessory & Basszilla. Soman, Authentic Impulse, Project Pitchfork, Absurd Minds, Spahn Ranch, Decoded Feedback, Seabound... Just put it on, turn it up loud and try not to knock anything over with all your flailing!


Classic 80s New Wave

Had to play some old-timey classics. Sharing in case anyone else gets in the mood. Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, New Order, The Cure, Adam Ant... You know how it goes.


Mid Autumn 2020

Post Halloween spooks. Just something I slapped together while in the mood. There may be a surprise or two involved.


Darktober 2020p.2

Here’s about 2 hours of dark, even spooky, murderous and monstrous tunes. Featuring new goodies like “Big Scary Monsters” by Cellmod and MemeBrane’s “Mass Shadow Generator” plus classics by Danny Elfman (of Oingo Boingo), Tom Waits, Nick Cave... Play it loud, enjoy, try not to eat ALL the treats.


Darktober 2020p.1

Some Halloween tunes and something new from TERMINAL!


Dark Entries

Hit the decks for a few today and slapped this lil’ guy together, why not post it? Going gothy in that synthpoppy kind of way with a little bit of EBM. Enjoy “The Mission”, “Bauhaus”, “Boy Harsher”, “Gary Numan”, “She Wants Revenge” and more. 💀


Voltage Modulation

Found a moment of free time today to play with some music. No plan. Just good tunes in a mix that should keep your foot tapping for an hour. Cesium_137, Seabound, A Spell Inside, Bow Ever Down, Seize, Fix8:Sed8, Pegasus Asteroid and a lot more. Enjoy!


Let's Do EBM

We start off a little mellow with an instrumental, and on through an hour of great EBM tunes finishing up with some Cellmod + Distraub, because they rock.


System of Systems

Are you mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? An unusual Combichrist starter that I’ve mangled all to hell. VNV Nation, APB, Dismantled... Even Neuroticfish, X-RX and... Juno Reactor? Can you listen without standing up, opening your window, sticking your head out and yelling?! “I’m a human being goddamnit! My life has value!” Whether you do any yelling or not; I just want you to turn the volume up loud and enjoy the tunes; and be kind to each other.


Gothy Synthpop to Synthy EBM

Racing back & forth through the timeline of great dark music. This was a fun one to spin. I have a feeling though that not everyone will recognize some of these gems. TURN IT UP LOUD!


Paralyzing Darkness

I was asked to put together something with New Wave, Darkwave, maybe even some EBM... For that dark classic feel. At least that was what I got from the messages but they were translated, and... I dunno, they didn’t bother to respond after that. So I figured I’d post it here. This was mostly mixed kinda radio style. Great tunes though! Hope you enjoy!


Found in the Dark

This set comes from a small part the long list of artists who’s work is consistently very creative and incredibly catchy. PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF, Pig, Vexillary, XMTP, Cellmod, Dismantled and NeuroWulf in particular, with Vexillary being only recently discovered by me. Very cool stuff. This set was played, came out very pleasant IMO, and ... I had to go back and do it again so I could record and post it. Somehow I never get things nailed as well on a do-over - but I thought this was still a...


Wandering the Cold

Recorded this one yesterday. I was sort of taking it easy & played some tunes. Almost kind of a ‘chill’ set, sorta creatively mixed but subtly so. Being that I was just taking it easy this one did record a little quieter than I had expected. But if I re-record it won’t come out the same and I don’t want to edit it to try and make it louder at the probable risk of sound quality. This one’s fun. Wack it in or get it on your playlist, might make for a good mood setting on Sunday. (PSA: Always...


Surprise Bonus Set

This was spontaneous and turned out to be good timing as today was the 22nd anniversary of the release of Fear Factory’s “Obsolete” back in 1998. It sort of feels like it was a landmark in the evolution of music into the coming years. There’s finally a track from the new Static-X “Project: Regeneration Vol. 1” and new tunes from Stykfaktor, Thrillsville, OST+Front, plus Provision and some other great tunes to bring it all together. Which isn’t to say this isn’t an eccentric and odd set. But...


Annihilation Interrupted

This one is difficult to tag, difficult to describe. Best just to listen. There’s brand new Vexillary and a couple of 90s classics by Spahn Ranch and Individual Totem. ESA, I Ya Toyah, Nerve Filter, Implant Rotersand, and Detroit Diesel among others. Kick back and TURN IT UP LOUD!