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We love music. You love music. Let's talk about it. From current events, crazy show stories, what we're currently listening to, and anything else that is on our minds—there may even be a special guest on to answer all of your burning questions. The only way to know is to tune in weekly and find out.

We love music. You love music. Let's talk about it. From current events, crazy show stories, what we're currently listening to, and anything else that is on our minds—there may even be a special guest on to answer all of your burning questions. The only way to know is to tune in weekly and find out.


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We love music. You love music. Let's talk about it. From current events, crazy show stories, what we're currently listening to, and anything else that is on our minds—there may even be a special guest on to answer all of your burning questions. The only way to know is to tune in weekly and find out.




Growing Pains

I think we can all agree that growing up is hard to do. I think we can all also agree that music makes growing a tad bit more tolerable. Often times we forget just how important music is when it comes to shaping us into whom we grow to be as individuals. Looking back, it seems crazy to think that so many of us still listen to the same artists and acts that we did as kids. For others, their musical taste changed growing up as often as their mom's boyfriend did—and that equally plays an...


The Art Of Selling Out

TL;DR: Your favorite musical act or artist might be a sellout. It's 1991 and you've just waited in line for several hours to get your hands on what you hope is the greatest Metallica album yet. You finally get home, spark up a doobie, crack open a cold one, and prepare to get your face melted off again by your favorite band. You press play, and almost as quickly as the sound waves hit your ears you start to cringe and become confused. Your finger finds the stop button as quickly as it hit...


A Little Bit Of Lovin' Gone Wrong

The misinterpretation of song lyrics goes back as far as songwriting does—because let's face it the only one that really knows what a song is about is the person or people writing it. So it really is easy to take something a certain way when you aren't even sure how it was supposed to be taken to begin with. This is especially true when it comes to "love songs" or what we think sounds or feels like a love song. More often than not, a song that sounds like it's about love, is in fact about...


Livin' For Love w/ Bill Champlin

TL;DR: Holy Shit, it's Bill Champlin! Here at IGP, we've been fortunate enough to sit down and talk with more than our fair share of seasoned musicians, and this week's episode is no different. Russ had the pleasure of catching up with musician, producer, singer, and Grammy Award-winning songwriter, Bill Champlin. Most notably known for his tenure with the American Classic Rock band Chicago. Bill is absolutely someone who comes to mind when we think of or talk about seasoned musicians....


Third Time's A Charm

Guess who's back, back again, IGP's back...tell your friends. Okay, that was an awful way to start this off but it was the only thing that came to mind—also who reads this shit anyhow? That's neither here nor there I suppose. Somehow, someway, we've made it all the way to season three, and it feels so good to be back! Okay, we're done with the Eminemisms, scouts honor. You're probably wondering what you might have missed while we were gone—no worries we've got that handled for you. It was...


One Hell Of A Year - Season 2 Finale

New year, same show. Who dis? TLDR: THANK YOU! Well, 2020 was nothing short of the largest dumpster fire any of us probably have ever witnessed. As Parker McCollum once said "It's been a hell of a year", and honestly we couldn't agree more. With that being said, if it weren't for everything unfolding as it did, this podcast probably wouldn't even exist—and for that, we are truly thankful. We've somehow made it out of season two, and are going full throttle into season three, and that is...


Reaction Retraction

Disclaimer: We were going to make this the holiday episode, but Jesus and Kyle are still fighting over who's birthday was more fun—so this is what you get. TLDR: Long story short, things change and so does our taste in music. A wise man once said "The more you grow, the more you know", and while we've found out over the last four years that this saying isn't necessarily as accurate as we once thought—there is some truth to it (especially when it comes to this weeks topic). Let's face it,...


Adventures In South Detroit w/ Arnel Pineda

You're on your way to meet some friends at some new restaurant in South Detroit, but as you're nearing the city you're beginning to realize that there are in fact no freeway signs pointing you in the direction of "South" Detroit. Growing more and more confused the further and further you find yourself in the city you finally give in, pull over, and ask a passerby for help. "Hey man, can you tell me how to get to South Detroit?". "South Detroit? You mean that song they play at all the hockey...


Physical Media Madness!!!

Over here at IGP, we've come up with a quick word problem for you, ready? What do you get when you take an intimidated Kyle, add an inconvenienced Michelle, and then throw in a self-proclaimed recovering music snob named Russ? If your answer was "this podcast duh", you're both a little right and a little wrong. The answer that would get you the most points is three people who go about obtaining physical media in similar but mostly different ways. TLDR: GO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE. Record...


Hall Of Fame: Fancy or Farce?

Chances are that when you think of a "Hall Of Fame" your first thought is almost always going to lead to something having to do with sports—unless you're from Ohio (yes there is more than just Cedar Point in Ohio) or unless you're a musician. If either of those two things are true, then you might have immediately thought of a different type of "Hall of Fame". One that represents the best, most influential, and talented humans to ever step foot on to the Rock & Roll scene—right? One that even...


A Futuristic Past

Technology. Music. When you marry the two, a bit of magic can happen—and it oftentimes does, but what happens when technology starts getting in the way of how music is created and consumed? If anyone can grab a laptop and a bootleg version of some software that allows you to produce and create your own music then where does "making it", and having to earn your way to the top fit in? Where does quality control start and end? In the music industry's current state, it seems like anyone and...


Don't Hate, Motivate

mo·ti·va·tion noun - the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. "escape can be a strong motivation for travel" - the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. "keep staff up to date and maintain interest and motivation" There is nothing like finding that perfect song that pushes you past giving in while you're trying to finish that last half mile at the gym. Or when that one song comes on that helps get you through that last half hour at...


Black Days In A Nutshell w/ CJ From The PodAskew Podcast

It's been a long flight but you're finally up and able to stretch your cramped legs as you make your way through the airport. As you're hurrying your way to baggage claim you hear a familiar name come over the loudspeaker. Duff McKagan? "Why the hell is Duff McKagan welcoming me to Seattle", you ask yourself. It's really beside the point, but odd nonetheless. "Is this the 'Seattle Sound' everyone has been talking about?", you wonder quietly in your head. Maybe it's Peugeot Sound? That would...


Take Care w/ Brian Elmquist

It's always refreshing when a musician takes a step back and realizes they have more to say than what their current offering might allow them to. Ahhh yes the side project, that's it—It's Kind of like having a mistress, except there is usually considerably less drama, though there are always exceptions (insert crazy side project band drama story here). It's even more refreshing when that side project unleashes something completely different than what you're used to hearing from that...


Will You Be There w/ Taj Jackson

Michael Jackson. Chances are when you hear that name a few thoughts come to mind. Many of those thoughts were strategically placed right where you were thinking about them, by the media. Few people have been scrutinized and demonized as badly as the late great King Of Pop, and for what? The theories and allegations seem to never end, but with no actual factual proof, they disappear as fast as they appeared to begin with. No longer around to defend himself, his name and reputation have had to...


Vinyl Nation: A Conversation

The resurgence of the vinyl record is undeniable, and more than a few years into a comeback vinyl and vinyl collectors seem to be everywhere. But why? What is it about this nearly one-hundred-year-old medium that has sucked everyone in and eventually lead to it outselling CDs? In this episode, we had the pleasure of digging in the crates and catching up with Kevin Smokler and Christopher Boone, director/producers of the brand new (and fantastically done) documentary VINYL NATION—where we got...


Runnin' Down A Dream w/ Will From The Limehouse Podcast

It's not every day that someone refuses to pay sixty or even one hundred dollars to see one of America's greatest musical treasures, but sometimes mistakes are made and in return—lessons are learned. Tom Petty (with and without The Heartbreakers) is synonymous with Americana as we know it. From scaring the s#!t out of us with his extra creepy music videos when we were kids, to us all coming of age together with his monstrous hit "Free Fallin'". If Tom Petty wasn't a part of some sort of your...


What's That Sound?: A Van Halen Tribute

Some say that musicians are a dime a dozen, and to some degree that may be true. The only thing about that is, not all musicians are created equal—and the ones who stand out are the ones that break the rules, defy the odds, and turn the music industry on it's head. That's exactly what Edward "Eddie" Van Halen did when he set out on his path to be one of the greatest rock stars the world will ever know. Whether you're a Van Halen fan or not, Eddie's impact on the music industry as a whole is...


Wiser Time w/ Steve Gorman

It's not every day that a little bit of Twitter banter turns into having the opportunity to interview the top person on your list of people you'd want to interview for your podcast, but every now and then a little social media miracle occurs—and in this case that is exactly what happened for Russ. By the grace of the Twitter gods, the man, the myth, the legend, drummer, author, and one-sixth of the original line up for The Black Crowes—Mr. Steve Gorman joined us for what turned out to be a...


That's How They Getcha w/ Rob of the FD&S Podcast

From one hundred dollar cell phones to two hundred and fifty dollar concert tickets, sprinkle in pay by the package cable TV— Granddad always said "That's how they getcha". This week we caught up with Rob of the Fat, Drunk, And Stupid Podcast to talk about music festivals. The good, the bad, the great, and the never again. We also discuss our current situation with virtual music festivals/concerts and the potential return of in-person music festivals. What will the musical future of...