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Episode 24 - Danielle of Pink Elephant Records

Main Topic: Pink Elephant Records in Tempe opened their doors to us and we got to interview the owner, Danielle. Danielle is from Mesa and she shares many great stories and delves into why she opened Pink Elephant Records as well her many musical influences and inspirations, why she hopes people know that her shop is an inclusive environment and why you shouldn't talk mess on Courtney Love. Address: 2240 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 102, Tempe, AZ 85281 Instagram: PinkElephantRecordsAZ Facebook:...


Episode 23- Interview: Laughter & History w/ Julian French

Main Topic: There's many things I could say about this interview. We learned and laughed so much. Julian was born raised in Phoenix and has loved and been collecting music his whole life. A big reason we started the podcast was to gather stories from around Arizona because we feel like there's a lack of documentation. It was so wonderful talking to Julian not only about many places that have changed or aren't around but his own history and experiences here. Thank you to Julian for his time...


Episode 22 - Interview: 45s & Flannels w/ Aaron the Art Guy

Main Topic: We're back and we interview Aaron, an artist and long time record collector. Aaron shares some history on party crew culture in his home state, how he ended up hanging out at the infamous Dischord House, and why he felt a natural progression from the punk to electronic music scene in his life. This is definitely one of those episodes were you can feel the good vibes in your ears. Instagram: DTPHXRecordshow The DT PHX Record Show is 12/8/18 from 9am-3pm to reserve a table email:...


Episode 21 - California Digs

Main Topic: We just came back from vacation but are back on the mics. This weekend we visited three record stores in CA. We talk about our experiences at each of them and cover the awesome conversations we had while digging. Email Inquiries: JustKeepSpinningPodcast@gmail.com IG: JustKeepSpinningPodcast


Episode 20 - Digging Under the Influence

Main Topic: This episode is for all the clout chasing gatekeepers. After all is said and done you should listen to and dig for music you really enjoy. Music can be a powerful tool that brings people together and it's often egos that can get in the way of that. Just because there's an audience for something doesn't mean we should waste our time entertaining it. Instagram: JustKeepSpinningPodcast Email Inquiries: JustKeepSpinningPodcast@gmail.com


Episode 19 - Community Recap

Main topic: This week almost didn't happen because one of us was pretty sick but we still made it! In this episode we do a Community Recap. We cover some of the events we participated in the last few weeks that we weren't able to cover in the previous episodes. Next week we will be back with an interview. Event: 10/19/18 6pm-10 Phoenix Funkeros, an all vinyl Funk and Boogie Crew, will be playing at Tres Leches Cafe. 1714 W Van Buren St Phx, AZ Instagram: @PhoenixFunkeros or @Tres_Leches_Cafe...


Episode 18 - Interview: East Valley Digs with Darren of Grace Records

Main Topic: We interview Darren, the owner of Grace Records. Darren fills us in on why the accessibility of Grace Records means so much to him, being one of the only stand alone record stores in the East Valley , how the store came to fruition and his love of music. Instagram: grace_record ; Website: GraceRecord.com Location: 2200 E Williams Filed Rd, #112 Gilbert, AZ 85295 Music: Emby Alexander, "Sunlight in the Back of Your Head" ; Instagram: EmbyAlexander Instagram:...


Episode 17 - Getting Weird with artist Jeff Slim

Main Topic: We interview artist Jeff Slim about his works and how it's influenced by his musical tastes. He gives a little insight as to why he even sometimes prefers to listen to something like pure white noise and what it was like creating album art for a few artists, Jeff is a connoisseur of interesting sounds and that definitely shines through his art. Instagram: theallelectrickitchen Hosted at: @Palabras_Bookstore Intro Music: "Lanes of Migration" produced by The Invisible Sleeping Man,...


Episode 16 - Compilations

Main Topic: Short episode this week. What are some good compilations to invest in? Instagram: JustKeepSpinningPodcast Email: JustKeepSpinningPodcast@gmail.com Please subscribe, rate, and review.


Episode 15 - Interview with Dario at Your Friendly Indie Store

This is such a beautiful episode that I'm so proud to have been a part of. Each episode is a learning experience and we're so thankful for every opportunity. One of the podcast bucket lists was to have Stinkweeds represented on an episode. Stinkweeds has been around for 30 years and has contributed to keeping the culture alive in Phoenix. Kimber Lanning, the owner of Stinkweeds, was kind enough to open her doors and lend us Dario. Dario is a long time Stinkweeds employee who really has a...


Episode 14 - Visuals for your Ears with Emby Alexander

Main Topic: This week we invaded Palabras Bookstore (thanks Rosie) with 3 of the 5 members of Emby Alexander: Michael, Austin, and Jorge. They're a band based out of Phoenix (with the exception of Austin. Hey Seattle!). They've gotten a ton of comparisons but if I had to attach a label I'd go with experimental indie (vs. indie experimental). We discuss how they get creative on tour not just on stage but in the kitchen, their latest singles, the growing pains of gentrification in Phoenix and...


Episode 13 - Interview: Keepin' it Organic & Funky w/ Durok

Main Topic: We post up on the money green couch and interview Durok of the Phoenix Funkeros, KDIF 102.9, and the Radical Riders bike crew. Durok talks about his early days growing up in El Paso, how the hip hop culture differs in other cities, and why funk music is important to him. Plus, at the end of the podcast we announce some exciting news! Instagram: @Durokism , @Kdif1029 , @PhoenixFunkeros, @radicalridersworldwide Website: KDIF.org , durok.one You can follow and DM us on instagram...


Episode 12 - I Can Live Without My Radio

Main topic: Is radio even relevant anymore? This week is a shorter episode where we discuss how we feel about the state of radio today and also talk about 102.9 KDIF, a local AZ radio station that provides a variety of content. A true independent radio station. KDIF Instagram: kdif1029 KDIF Website: KDIF.org Instagram: JustKeepSpinningPodcast Email: JustKeepSpinningPodcast@gmail.com Subscribe, rate, and review. Available on: iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, Stitcher, & AudioBoom


Episode 11 - Shoutin' at the Devil w/ Serge from Crates Records & Gear

Main topic: This episode was recorded at Crates in Sunnyslope. We interview Serge from Crates Record and Gear and discuss how he came from a musical family, why he opened Crates, bootlegs, Sound Cloud rappers, and why you shouldn't be sleepin' on the slope. Crates Instagram: CratesRecords & CratesRecordsandGear Website: CratesRecordsandGear.com Instagram: JustKeepSpinningPodcast Email: JustKeepSpinningPodcast@gmail.com Available on: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, CastFM, and...


Episode 10- Interview w/ Rosie of Palabras Bookstore

Main Topic: We interview the Cox Latina Entrepreneur of the Year and owner of Palabras Bookstore, Rosie Magana. We discuss why it's important to get involved in your local community and what we can learn from some of the "bigger market cities". Palabras Instagram: Palabras_Bookstore Palabras Bookstore Address: 1738 E McDowell Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85006 Palabras Email: info@PalabrasBookstore.com Instagram: JustKeepSpinningPodcast Email: JustKeepSpinningPodcast@gmail.com We're available on Itunes,...


Episode 9 - Infinite Content

Main Topic: Can an artist and/or band still continue to create content after they've found success? How who we are in the moment can influence the way we consume music. Instagram: JustKeepSpinningPodcast Email: JustKeepSpinningPodcast@gmail.com Please rate, review, and subscribe. Thanks for listening!


Episode 8 - Record Subscription Services

Main Topic: Are record subscription services worth it? Review of the Tracks in Wax record show and pickups. Instagram: JustKeepSpinningPodcast Email: justkeepspinningpodcast@gmail.com Review, rate, and subscribe!


Episode 7 - Interview: Keepin' it Real w/ Brett; Mr. High Fidelity

Main Topic: Interview with long time record store employee and enthusiast, Brett. Brett discusses his musical influences, life as a merch boy, and his long standing relationship with Zia Records. Instagram: justkeepspinningpodcast Email: justkeepspinningpodcast@gmail.com Review and subscribe!


Episode 6 - Repress vs. OG Press

Main Topic: Repress vs. OG. Is it really worth spending the extra money for the original? Pickups from @recordroomphoenix, @stinkweedsrecords , and @revolverrecords Helping out a friend, DJ J-Me, @seejmelee and saying bye to a small independent record shop that closed it's doors. Top 5 songs this week in 1986.


Episode 5 - Interview w/ ET Rivera

Events, Top 5 songs in 1997, Interview with E.T. Rivera, founder of Tres Leches Cafe and Cruda Sundays, an open turntable format event in the valley. Just Keep Spinning Instagram: ArizonaRecordsUnited Rate, review, listen and subscribe: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and AudioBoom E.T. Rivera's Instagram: @_asap_koffee_ Tres Leches Cafe's Instagram: @tres_leches_cafe All inquiries can be forwarded to: JustKeepSpinningPodcast@gmail.com