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Podcast 109 - Giancarlo Erra (Nosound) interview

Welcome to Kscope Podcast 109, a Giancarlo Erra special. The album is entitled ‘Ends’ - comprising a suite of eight thematically linked instrumentals, In abandoning his voice, Giancarlo Erra has discovered a new one... Also, new tracks from Daniel Tompkins and Gong, a reminder of the genius of Ed Wynne, and a seven year old classic from Anathema. Please do follow and share the podcast love... On this podcast: GIANCARLO ERRA (Nosound) (from...


Podcast 108 - Mansun 'Six' interview with Paul Draper

Podcast 108 – Mansun 'Six' interview with Paul Draper The “stupidest album ever released by a pop group” according to chart-topping singer-songwriter Paul Draper, is his own sophomore effort ‘Six’ from his band Mansun. Hear Paul’s memories of a sprawling literate-prog meisterwerk paid for by The Beatles’ label; The Doctor from Doctor Who, the world’s leading glass orchestra, and Eric Clapton’s beans on toast. Does he like it, 21 years on? “It’s too early to say”, apparently… You'll hear...


Podcast 107 – ORk interview with Colin Edwin

Join us on Kscope Podcast 107 as we play ‘Wilson, Harrison or Bowness’ with our pal Colin Edwin of O.R.k. and previously of Porcupine Tree. Colin joins your host Billy Reeves to talk about the new album from O.R.k. Ramagehead and the individuals involved; and we get all dewy-eyed about the very early days of Porcupine Tree. PLUS music from Giancarlo Erra, the Ozrics' Ed Wynne (an exclusive remix), iamthemorning & an ultra-rare demo from Mansun too. On this Podcast: O.R.k. "Black...


Podcast 106 - Ed Wynne interview (Ozric Tentacles)

Kscope Podcast 106 – Ed Wynne interview (Ozric Tentacles) The Kscope podcast enters its second decade with new music from: Shimmer Into NatureRamageheadSixPresented, as ever, by your pal Billy Reeves. HAPPY NEW YEAR! On this podcast: Ed Wynne (from Shimmer into Nature) "Shim" "Travel Dust" "Wherble" http://www.kscopemusic.com/ew O.R.k. "Kneel to Nothing" (from Ramagehead) http://www.kscopemusic.com/ork The Pineapple Thief "Threatening War" (from...


Podcast 105 - That Was 2018

Podcast 105 – That Was 2018 A trip through the Kscope year, and the British weather throughout 2018, with: TesseracT Gleb KolyadinGazpachoLunatic SoulThe Pineapple ThiefNosoundiamthemorning Merry winter break, if that's something you have lined up. Plenty of new stuff coming from Kscope in 2019 – stay tuned. In This Podcast: TesseracT "Mirror Image" (from Sonder) http://kscopemusic.com/tess Gazpacho "Rappaccini" (from Soyuz) http://kscopemusic.com/gaz Lunatic Soul "Untamed"...


Podcast 104 - Kscope's Favourite Tracks

Podcast 104 – Kscope's Favourite Tracks Before we get in to our favourite music on the label, we listen to White Moth Black Butterfly, who have a new video and single taken from the ‘Atone’ LP, (the video was Directed by Mr Richard Oakes). THEN: Ten years of the Kscope label means ten years of the Kscope podcast; there are many folks without whom it would not be possible and they’ve all become really good friends over the years, so I’ve let them loose on the microphone and the...


Podcast 103 - live at Union Chapel + Iamthemorning interview

PODCAST 103 – LIVE AT UNION CHAPEL + IAMTHEMORNING INTERVIEW The award-winning duo Iamthemorning have made a “concert for introverts”, the intimate studio film ‘Ocean Sounds’. We’ll hear a couple of gorgeous tracks from the release and an exclusive explanation from singer Marjana Semkina… Plus exclusive live tracks from the Kscope 10 Anniversary event at the Union Chapel; music from Anathema with guest violinist Anna Phoebe on "A Natural Disaster", Paul Draper (of Mansun), Gleb...


Podcast 102 - Nosound interview (Giancarlo Erra)

Podcast 102 – Nosound interview As we gear up for the 10 anniversary event at the Union Chapel in north London on Tuesday (Oct 2), Billy Reeves speaks to one of our special guests that night, Giancarlo Erra of Nosound, about the shift in gear on the new album ‘Allow Yourself’. Plus an exclusive listen to a song from award-winning Russian duo Iamthemorning from their intimate studio film ‘Ocean Sounds’. AND an acoustic guitar & vocal perfomance by Mansun frontman Paul Draper of solo tune...


Podcast 101 - Bruce Soord Interview (The Pineapple Thief)

More Podcasts www.kscopemusic.com/podcasts Listen as we hear from Bruce Soord at Waterloo station on his way to Paris to begin the promotion of The Pineapple Thief’s new LP ‘Dissolution’, which is OUT NOW! It is an album which looks at all sides of the communication revolution, a close-up of distance, a record which is the equal of many classics of English melancholy. Bruce and Billy discuss the dichotomy of social media, the art of band discipline, and cheese. PLUS we hear a brand new...


Podcast 100 - Vincent & Bruce (Anathema & The Pineapple Thief)

Podcast 100 - Vincent & Bruce (Anathema & The Pineapple Thief) Welcome to the Kscope Podcast number 100, guest-presented by Vincent Cavanagh of Anathema & Bruce Soord of The Pineapple Thief. A centennial selection of big-hitters and award-winners from the first #10yearsofkscope, plus Vincent & Bruce’s personal choices and reminiscences. It’s a beautiful thing. Thanks heartily for your continued support. Here’s to the next hundred Podcasts and the next decade of Kscope, in which I shall...


Podcast 99 - Lunatic Soul Interview

Lunatic Soul, Mansun, The Pineapple Thief, Godsticks Kscope Podcast Ninety Nine – Lunatic Soul Interview More podcasts – www.kscopemusic.com/podcasts Mariusz Duda (Lunatic Soul + Riverside) talks exclusively to us about the new (and unexpected) Lunatic Soul album Under The Fragmented Sky. Will there be more Lunatic Soul? Where does this new album fit into the LS storyline? Mariusz bears all and also recommends an excellent record label for you to check out. Paul Draper, the...


Podcast 98 - Gazpacho Soyuz Interview

Welcome to the Kscope Podcast, episode 98, in which we share an interview with Gazpacho's Thomas Anderson backstage as the band prepared for their performance at London's The Dome in support of new album Soyuz. Thomas explains what the tour means to the band, the meanings and concepts behind Soyuz, and gives a clue as to how the band’s unique sound is created. Plus, he and podcast presenter Billy Reeves swoon over the gorgeous singing of Mr Jan-Henrik Ohme, just out of his earshot.. As...


Podcast 97 - TesseracT Sonder Interview

Kscope Podcast Ninety Seven - TesseracT Sonder Interview In this episode Billy Reeves talks to TesseracT guitarist James Monteith and singer Daniel Tomkins at the final rehearsal for the Sonder tour about the gigs, the essentials, and their self-contained set-up. You’ll hear three tracks from the new LP (which is out now). PLUS pre-release listens of tracks from Lunatic Soul (Maruisz Duda from Riverside’s solo project) and Gazpacho. AND in support of Paul Draper’s tour of the USA with...


Podcast 96 - Fresh Spring Tunes

Brand new music from TesseracT, details and music from Paul Draper’s new EP THREE, news of the Mansun Attack Of The Grey Lantern deluxe remastered 21 Anniversary edition, The Anchoress’ collaboration with Manic Street Preachers, information on The Pineapple Thief’s next tour and Luntaic Soul’s next album, iamthemorning’s Gleb Kolyadin plays with Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater and a live Porcupine Tree masterpiece to send us into the new season. On This Podcast: Paul Draper “Jealousy Is...


Podcast 95 - A Gleb Kolyadin Special

Kscope Podcast Ninety Five – A Gleb Kolyadin Special In the midst of this Siberian weather, Kscope Podcast 95 brings you an interview with Russia's Gleb Kolyadin, the virtuoso pianist from the award-winning iamthemorning (discovered by Daniel Cavanagh from Anathema). He has released his debut solo album on Kscope, featuring a staggering bunch of progressive music’s greatest players, including: Gavin Harrison (King Crimson / Porcupine Tree) on drums; Nick Beggs (Steven Wilson) on bass; Theo...


Podcast 94 - The Best Progressive Music in early 2018

It's a New Year and it's time for some new music from the best upcoming music, including the hotly anticipated new music from TesseracT, Paul Draper's live performance of a Mansun classic, a very new sound from Nosound, an early listen of Gazpacho's new album 'Soyuz', an exclusive Iamthemorning performance, and lastly the widely influential Porcupine Tree. In this podcast: TesseracT "Smile" from their new album http://www.kscopemusic.com/tess Paul Draper "I Can Only Disappoint U" (from...


Podcast 93 - The 2017 Round Up

Christmas Podding: the 2017 round up from your favourite record label. Featuring the voices and talents of STEVEN WILSON, AVIV GEFFEN, RICHARD BARBIERI, ANATHEMA, PAUL DRAPER, DANIEL TOMPKINS, JORDAN BETHANY TURNER, MARIUSZ DUDA, DARRAN CHARLES OF GODSTICKS, BRUCE SOORD, AND THORSTEN & ULRICH OF TANGERINE DREAM. Richard Barbieri on Mick Karn Track: ASHAMED TO BE A PART OF THEM Blackfield (from V) Track: FROM 44 TO 48 youtu.be/jFKBA_TsgWw Richard Barbieri (from Planets + Persona) Track:...


Podcast 92 - Anathema's Daniel Cavanagh Solo Album

Kscope Podcast Ninety-Two – Anathema's Daniel Cavanagh Solo Album Monochrome is the beautiful solo album from Daniel Cavanagh, a songwriter and frontman in the multi award-winning avant-garde band Anathema. We hear from Daniel during Anathema’s world tour, talking about the advantages and disadvantages of making an LP outside the warm comforts of the traditional group dynamic. Plus breathtaking music from Nordic Giants – who have made a film about the simple things we can all do to save...


Podcast 91 - Lunatic Soul and the The Pineapple Thief Special

Kscope Podcast Ninety One – Lunatic Soul and The Pineapple Thief Special Featuring alluring interviews with Mariusz Duda, Bruce Soord and Darran Charles. Lunatic Soul is the solo project of Mariusz Duda, the creative force behind one of Europe’s biggest rock bands: Riverside. Fractured is the fifth Lunatic Soul album; a personal catharsis following the death of his father and of band member Piotr Grudzinski, working through moving on and offering guidance to others in the same situation....


Podcast 90 - Tangerine Dream and White Moth Black Butterfly Special

Kscope Podcast Ninety – Tangerine Dream and White Moth Black Butterfly Special In this episode - some big announcements with some big names. TANGERINE DREAM, the group that invented kosmiche, have a new LP coming out on Kscope. Edgar Froese has, sadly, joined the cosmic jokers in the sky, but he left instructions behind for his bandmates: we hear from Thorsten Quaeschning and Ulrich Schnauss on the creation of the new album and the political & societal conditions that helped formed the...