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EP#052 Going on Tour? Get Your Tour Rider In Order

Are you going on a tour with your band soon? Do you have a tour manager? If not, you might need to do all of the work yourself. Do you know what to put into a tour rider? If not, today I'll cover some of the main points to a tour rider and you will learn what you should add to it and will allow for a smooth and seamless tour. Having all of your important descriptions and details included will keep no one guessing as to who does what, where and when. Grab a pen and take some notes. See...


LDG #051 Harvey Drouillard - Master of The Nude Photograph

Today we meet with Harvey Drouillard. Harvey is known for photographing nudes in public. He wasn't always a photographer. He's done all sorts of jobs from his beginnings with his entrepreneurial family, working in their family-owned gas station, or, working as a welder, realtor or even a supervisor of Zingermans Delicatessen in Anne Arbor, Michigan. He even had a stint as a commodities broker and now 3500 nude photos later, and for the past 5 years, he's a full-time artist. Check out how...


LDG #050 Nelson Rivera - Island Music Percussionist

If you love tropical, Soca music, Steel Pan drums, you're going to love Nelson Rivera's work with the Bickley Island Chill. Nelson has been playing music from a very early age, he began playing as a bassist and percussionist in over 10 bands which covered rock and roll, heavy metal, fusion, bilingual pop, smooth jazz and now in the Caribean vibe for the past 20 years. Nelson's origin in music stems from his Puerto Rican descent. He grew up listening to Aguinaldo music and watching his...


EP#049 Oliver Wellington - Making Headlines and Making Waves!

Oliver loves building startups from the ground up. He was co-founder at nRelate, a content recommendation engine used by over 100,000 publishers and bloggers. He co-founded SpareMin in 2015, for those of you who may not be familiar with SpareMin was an app to help podcasters and guests connect for interviews, after moderate success, the company rebranded and Headliner App was born. It is now the most popular audio to video creator on the market, with over 1000 videos being exported every...


LDG EP #048 Victoria Canal - Music without Boundaries

Victoria Canal is with us on today's show. She is currently on tour with Michael Franti. Victoria was born in without her right forearm due to amniotic band syndrome. Noone or nothing can stop Victoria. Her sheer will and determination will prove that her musical talent as a songwriter, singer and keyboardist will carry her to the top and stay there for years to come. Victoria has lived all around the world, including Dubai, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Amsterdam. She's a mix of Cuban and...


LDG EP#047 Dr. Carl Blasphemy - Villain Arts Tattoo Convention - Master of Ceremonies is In the House!

I heard that the Villain Arts Tattoo Convention was being held at the Tampa Convention center and I knew I had to take a little peek-see. Dr. Carl Blasphemy who is the Emcee of the show was so nice to give me some of his time for an interview. I'm sure as you may already know, putting on any type of event, especially a convention of this size is no easy task, but he was gracious enough to give us an interview here amidst all of the hustle and bustle. Carl has a varied background...


LDG EP#046 Is Your Marketing Calendar Geared Up for 2019? If Not, Why Not?

Do you have a marketing calendar for your business? If not, why not? A marketing calendar is important to your business because if you don't schedule it on the calendar it will probably never get done. Having a marketing calendar is a very important tool for your business. And, if you think because you are an artist or a performer that you're not a "business person" think again. Your art IS your business and you are the face of it. The world of business today has changed tremendously and...


LDG EP#045 Reed Barrickman - The Dirty Doors Tribute Band

One day I was perusing YouTube when I came across a man covering a Jim Morrison song, I believe it was "Light My Fire" and I was blown away by the amazing likeness in his sound and how much he looked like Jim Morrison from The Doors when he was on stage. I immediately began investigating and I found out that it was Reed Barrickman who has a tribute band called The Dirty Doors. I was so impressed. I looked at their website and read that they were coming into my area to play at the Central...


LDG #044 Paul Anthony Martini - Vertigo - The UL2Mate U2 Tribute Band

I met up with Paul Anthony Martini who is the lead singer in the Vertigo The UL2Mate U2 Tribute band. I saw them at the Central Park Performing Arts Center (if you haven't been there to catch a show, you must check it out, it's a great place to see a concert). Paul was gracious enough to take time out from traveling across Florida to meet with me and give me an interview. Let's just say I was blown away when I caught their live show. The band consists of: Paul Anthony Martini on vocals,...


LDG EP#043 Kevin Offitzer - Stick Figure

When I learned that Stick Figure would be headlining with Slightly Stoopid and Pepper this summer at the Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg, FL I knew I had to meet up with them and catch their show. Kevin Offitzer is here today. He is the drummer with Stick Figure. If you're not familiar with Stick Figure, it was formed by frontman Scott Woodruff, a native from Duxbury, Massachusetts who has been portrayed as a one-man-band. Scott began recording a series of albums under the moniker of Stick...


LDG EP#042 8 Million Seconds of Summer

Well, summer's here, we've now gone into a couple of weeks, had our 4th of July and there's only a few more short weeks. Having 8 million seconds of one season sounds like a lot of time, but, in all actuality we know how quick this season can fly by. Do you have plans scheduled out on your calendar so that you don't miss out on any fun? Today we talk about some fun ways to keep summertime happy an fun. -Working outdoors -Things to do for summertime fun -The Lazy hazy days of summer and...


LDG EP#041Get Jazzy - It's Jazz Appreciation Month!

Are you a Jazz fan? One of my favorite music genres is Jazz. I recently learned that April is Jazz Appreciation Month so I would like to talk about what you can do today to celebrate it. My family would always play music in the house and my mom and dad loved all of the best that music had to offer, from Benny Goodman, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, Broadway show tunes and so much more. There was always a great tune playing in the house. So, at an early age (as early as I can recall – age 3)...


LDG EP#040 - Jordan Rosenthal - Fortunate Youth

Hey there, welcome to today's episode of the Lil' Drummer Girl. I'm stoked because in this episode we get a live interview with Jordan Rosenthal, the drummer of the Fortunate Youth. Fortunate Youth is a collective of six outstanding musician/producers who have taken the worldwide music scene by storm. They spread inspirational messages of peace, love, and unity. They connect music lovers from all around the globe creating a family of positivity and progressive ideals. Fortunate Youth...


LDG EP#039 Drummer Wesley Finley of Rebelution

Reggae Rise Up, the three-day reggae festival was back in full swing at the Vinoy Park in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Rebelution was on the bill on the opening night and their drummer Wesley Finley was gracious enough to give me an live interview before his show. For those of you who may not be familiar with Rebelution, they are a California Reggae Roots band and it all started in 2004 with 5 guys (Eric Rachmany, Matt Velasquez, Rory Carey, Marley D. Williams and Wesley Finley)who...


LDG #038 - Barbara Marville - Just Marvelous!

Today on the Lil' Drummer Girl is guest Barbara Marville Kelly. We worked together at HSN (the Home Shopping Network) and Barbara was one of the top on-air selling hosts on the show. With 15 years under her belt, she has worked with guests such as Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, Loni Anderson, and Franki Avalon just to name a few. Over the years she found the importance of absolute proper health, nutrition, sleep, life balance and personal growth & development, were critical for optimal...


LDG EP#037 Meet DJ Ry Toast the Coolest DJ in L.A.

Today's episode DJ Ry Toast of Tyrone's Jacket is in the house. She's one of the coolest DJ's around. Listen today and find out why. DJ Ry Toast is an LA Based DJ, her style is rooted in NY Hip Hop, but her sound has no boundaries. She lives for "feel good" music. She's into funk, soul, R&B as well as modern sounds like Nudisco, Bass, and Moombahton. She has played with hip hop heavy hitters such as: DMX, Nas, WuTang Clan and Masta Ace. She is 1/3 of LA's Hip Hop group: Tyrone's Jacket...


LDG #EP036 Gwyneth Leech Master of the Coffee Cup Art and More!

Today’s episode is an in-depth interview with NYC artist Gwyneth Leech. Gwyneth is well known for her artwork on used coffee cups. She's studied at the Edinburgh College of art in the UK. Gwyneth has exhibited over 850 coffee cup art works in specific installations. It all began in 2011 in the Window Space for Public Art on West 39th Street in the infamous NYC’s Garment District. Her presence at work in the window was an instrumental part of the project. From there, she went onto the...


LDG EP#035 Manage Your Time - Stay On Your Game & Make It Happen!

Have you noticed time is moving very quickly these days? Do you find yourself saying "I'm just killing time?" If so, please don't. Time is a commodity we should not waste. Especially, when there's much to do. How do you handle your time management? How long is your to-do list? Are you planning any time off for yourself before the year's over? Take care of your time and it will take care of you. So listen to today's show and grab a couple of tips to help you get things done and on...



Today’s guest is Joe Dickens, drummer of the band Iration. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Iration, they are an alternative Reggae group consisting of musicians formed in Isla Vista, CA. They are a deep rooted reggae influenced band infused with elements of rock and pop which create smooth original sounds. They’re motto is: “We’re all about luv”. Joe Dickens has been touring nationally since 2008, performing nationally at festivals like Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Hangout and...


LDG EP#034 - Fashion Institute of Technology's Costume Exhibit

Here is a short video on an exhibit I saw at my alma matter The NYC Fashion Institute of Technology where they had the most amazing costume exhibit from movies like The Wizard of Oz, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice of Wonderland and more. If you're looking for costume design inspiration for your band's new look, check it out. Even if you're not a musician or entertainer, you'll still be able to appreciate the artistry of these costumes. Enjoy! Rock On & Rock...