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13: LV013: David Granha

Listen in as your host, Hanz Ford, chats to David Granha a Spanish producer with more than 15 years of career in the electronic music scene and a prolific discography across labels such as Noir Music, Suara, Katermukke, Sincopat, Selador, Parquet, Einmusika, KMS, Sudbeat, or Microcastle. In August 2018 he released his second solo EP on Noir Music called “Savala”, supported by the big names such as Adam Beyer, Monika Kruse, Dubfire, Richie Hawtin or Victor Ruiz. He followed this with the...


12: LV012: Remix Competition Roundup!

In a special bonus episode, listen in as your host Hanz Ford and Deadly Custard review the remix submissions for the [LV Remix Competition](!


11: LV011: Zenko Modular Special

You don't have to look very far in the world of music production to find a passionate conversation about modular synthesis. Soft-synths like Xfer Serum, Massive and Sylenth have empowered aspiring producers without the money, time or space for hardware to achieve great results ... but there remains something alluring to many about the organic, practical nature of hardware, particularly the "from-the-ground-up" approach of modular. This episode finds your host Hanz Ford in conversation with...


10: LV010: Draft

Liam Tallon, aka Draft, debuted in 2013 on AEI Media-owned electronic label Pilot. With his bespoke brand of meticulously melodic, bass-heavy electronica, his first EP (Phryday) received wide acclaim and provided him with a platform for further 2 EPs, before he joined deadmau5's famed mau5trap family in 2015. Tallon has since been included twice on the 'We Are Friends' label compilation and is the only artist to both times curate/produce the full-length promotional mixes. He has released...


9: LV009: BLANSH

BLANSH is a fast-emerging Canadian Bass House/ G House producer, based out of Niagara Falls, Ontario. With a gift for sound design and some genuinely thunderous bass tones, he is one to watch… Full show notes available at: Follow BLANSH on: * [Twitter]( * [Spotify]( * [SoundCloud](


8: LV008: 28mm

28mm is a Techno DJ/ producer living in Brooklyn, New York. Exploring the darker corners of the genre our guest opens an aperture into his world of haunting top lines, driving percussions and darkened textures. Landing several releases on noted labels including Understated Recordings and Versotiq, his latest EP entitled ‘Companion” was released on one of our favourite and first picks for up and coming labels: Emercive. Being an alumni of the infamous Icon Collective, 28mm is plugged in to...


LV007: CastNowski

Castnowski is a promising Bass and G house DJ/Producer based in Quebec City, Canada. From a large catalogue of fantastic music to being . Supported by the likes of Oliver Heldens, Steve Aoki, Bijou & Shaun Frank to name a few. He combines music and emotions in a way that will leave you speechless. The crowd enters into Castnowski’s own world with goosebumps each and everytime he starts spinning his heavy bass lines and groovy melodies. CastNowski Links


LV006: EMERCIVE, with Rhyot & Sysdemes

EMERCIVE Recordings (pronounced "immersive") is a North American, not-for-profit, independent electronic music label launched in 2018. With the values of open-ended originality and boundless creativity at its core, Emercive was designed to serve as the synapse at which rising artists share their music and ideas across a narrowed gap to new and expanding audiences. Links :


LV005: Julian Gray

Julian grew up with eclectic tastes in Maryland, outside Washington DC and as a result, his sound draws on numerous genres. His mother was into new-wave and rave from the 90s and his dad (a guitar teacher) leaned more towards classic rock (Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, etc.). The Julian Gray “sound” combines: the groove of techno (kick-clap); the rolling basslines and arps from trance; the glitches, bass work and cuts from electro; and tonal and melodic elements from classic rock. Given this...


LV004: Sole Vale

Sole Vale is a producer out of Ontario, Canada. He struggles to put himself into a genre but is kind of [Editor: definitely] techno … of the dark, ambient variety. The Sole Vale alias is a recent invention. He was looking for something that could both stick and be something people hadn’t heard before. He came across the word “vale” (an old English word for valley) and accented it with the word “sole”, to express the idea that everyone has their own metaphorical valley they can go and lose...


LV003: Foxhunt

Foxhunt enjoys making whatever he feels like making but a lot of his output can be considered “Complextro” – a genre that can be hard to define with some strong opinions on what does or does not fit. Rather than any specific artist, Foxhunt’s gateway into producing was RPG Maker. Around 2010, he was spending a lot of time making “bad” RPG games and wanted music to go with them … he ended up enjoying the music production more than game-making and went from there. Links:...


LV002 : ASHE

ASHE is a melodic techno producer out of Toronto Ontario whose beautiful use of unique sounds and spacious landscapes always weaves us a captivating story of music from start to finish. Ashe’s best musical experience is probably “the last few months”, since being placed as a semi-finalist of the deadmau5 Masterclass competition. It was a great feeling to have deadmau5 say: “I have no feedback for you, I love it”. His network has exploded since and he feels 2018 is when things will really...


LV001: D.O & Sysdemes

Sysdemes is a Producer out of San Diego, blending a wide range of styles to create his own sound, definitely one to keep an eye on! D.O is a producer out of Germany who utilizes his surroundings in an industrial enviroment to create some very heavy techno. 'Interstel' : Check them out: Tracks featured in episode 'Beyond' : 'Almost' :...