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A weekly music podcast in which two long-time friends and music nerds share their favorite albums with one another.

A weekly music podcast in which two long-time friends and music nerds share their favorite albums with one another.
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A weekly music podcast in which two long-time friends and music nerds share their favorite albums with one another.








Episode 117 - Magnolia Electric Company

In the latest episode of Long Plays of Our Lives, David and Ryan discuss the album "Magnolia Electric Company" from Songs: Ohia. Ryan finally finds an album that's the right shade of dark and weird for David to enjoy, and there's some unintentionally timely references to True Detective, to boot!


Episode 116 - ATLiens

Returning after two weeks off for the holidays, David and Ryan are here to talk about hip-hip legends Outkast and their sophomore effort, "ATLiens". It's always great to get back to some common ground, and our hosts find a lot to love on this landmark of a record. David schools Ryan on the minutiae of southern hip hop history. Take a trip down memory lane, and enjoy this track-by-track break down examining one of hip hop's all time best duos and releases.


Episode 115 - Ziggy Stardust

David and Ryan return for another week of LPOOL! We're at the halfway point for our first season, and this week they're covering David's pick: David Bowie's game-changing "Ziggy Stardust" album. Ryan grapples with the last minute change in the album they're covering, while David sells the virtues of one of his all-time-favorite records.


Episode 114 - Chocolate and Cheese

David and Ryan return for another week of scintillating conversation about their favorite albums. This week, they're covering Ween's breakout album "Chocolate and Cheese". This episode of LPOOL is brought to you by Pizza Hut.* Where'd the cheese go? *Pizza Hut is in no way affiliated with Long Plays of Our Lives, nor its producers and hosts. They do not receive money from Pizza Hut, do not eat at Pizza Hut, and have never burned down a Pizza Hut.


Episode 113 - The Low End Theory

LPOOL returns for our latest mutual pick, A Tribe Called Quest's monumental album "The Low End Theory". The beats are low-end and bass heavy, and our co-hosts are low-energy from being exhausted and virus-ridden, respectively! Tune in this week and hear Ryan and David try and find something new to say about one of the most influential, highly regarded albums in all of hip hop history.


Episode 112 - The Land of Rape and Honey

Happy Tuesday, Long Players! We’re back from our holiday break with full bellies and some moody industrial (what else?!) courtesy of David’s latest pick, “The Land of Rape and Honey” from Ministry. Will Ryan be able to get his head around this one? Will David just say forget it and go start his own Ministry podcast? The only place to find out is right here in this very episode!


Episode 111 - Shapeshifter

LPOOL returns for the 11th episode! We're back to Ryan's pick this week as David and Ryan discuss the sophomore effort from one-hit-wonder Marcy Playground, "Shapeshifter". Will David open his heart to something that isn't android love?! Will Ryan's dad ever wrap his head around David's taste in music? Is David, in fact, a sad android? Find out the answers to all these questions and more in this week's episode!


Episode 110 - Demon Days

In this latest installment of LPOOL, David and Ryan discuss their latest mutual pick, the sophomore album "Demon Days" by Gorillaz. All the various beefs that have developed during this podcast are set aside for an episode that is for all intents and purposes a giant love-fest!


Episode 109 - Replicas

We’re back! After a brief interlude last week, LPOOL returns for Episode 9 as David and Ryan discuss David’s latest pick; the album “Replicas” from Gary Numan and Tubeway Army. The tables have turned, as David now has to defend something that Ryan can’t quite get his head around. Will there be blood? Tears? Can the podcast possibly continue?! Tune in this week to find out!


Episode 108 - Slanted and Enchanted

In the much anticipated eighth episode of LPOOL, David and Ryan journey through Pavement's seminal indie rock classic, "Slanted and Enchanted".


Episode 107 - Run the Jewels

In the 7th episode of LPOOL, David and Ryan discuss the debut album from hip hop masters Run the Jewels. David endures the wrath of the Vulfpeck fan community for his comments two weeks ago! His beef with Ryan's dad is finally put to rest! Then they talk about their mutual, undying love for Run the Jewels! Tune in this week to hear them break down the first album track-by-track!

Episode 106 - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

In the latest episode of LPOOL, David and Ryan cover the debut album from punk rock trailblazers Dead Kennedys, "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables". Our co-hosts manage to find some common ground again after last week's disaster! The ongoing beef between David and Ryan's dad continues! David suddenly defends the virtue of bass solos!


Episode 105 - The Beautiful Game

In the 5th episode of LPOOL, David and Ryan discuss Vulfpeck's album "The Beautiful Game". Also in this episode: the haircut saga reaches its natural conclusion! David hates fun! A special guest appearance from Twist, David’s very cute and very un-murdered dog!


Episode 104 - Madvillainy

In this week's episode, David and Ryan discuss the singular and critically acclaimed hip hop album "Madvillainy", a collaboration between MF Doom and producer Madlib. Hear an update in the ongoing haircut saga! Hear David and Ryan fawn over what they mutually consider to be one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time! Be grateful that they came in under two hours this time!


Episode 103 - First and Last and Always

David brings his first album to the table with The Sisters of Mercy's debut album "First and Last and Always". Will this dark, brooding record scare Ryan off of continuing with this podcast? Tune in to find out! From roughly 30:30 to 41:30, we experience some unexpected audio issues on David’s audio, but the banter was just too good to re-record! For now, you’ll just have to deal with our unprofessionalism and skip past if it bothers you that much.


Episode 102 - Is This It

In the riveting second episode of Long Plays of Our Lives, Ryan and David discuss The Strokes’ debut album “Is This It”. Ryan desperately needs a haircut and has been given a coupon for a free one. The saga of the free haircut begins in this episode! Will it be a good haircut? You’ll have to keep tuning in to find out! We’ll also talk some about The Strokes, we guess.


Episode 101 - Ready to Die

In the debut episode of Long Plays of Our Lives, co-hosts David Bilbrey and Ryan Folks discuss the indisputable classic debut album from Notorious B.I.G., “Ready to Die”. Will they still love it by the end? Will they go off on impossible tangents that have nothing to do with the album? Will David’s dog survive to the end of our first season? Tune in to find out the answers to all these questions and many more!