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Sonically improved, carefully selected and always potentially interesting.

Sonically improved, carefully selected and always potentially interesting.
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Sonically improved, carefully selected and always potentially interesting.




Season 2 Episode 04 from Jan 22, 2020

Stan Forebee - "Sweez" Rene Costy - "Strange Dream" Tim Love Lee - "Semi Centurion" Otis's Toaster Ghosts - "Eight Minutes" LowLiFi - "Launch Patterns for the Space Age Girl" Terry Jones - "Starship Titanic" Jack Sels - "Night In Tunisia" El Michels Affair - "Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin to F' Wit" Yin Yin - "One Inch Punch" Terry Jones - "Starship Titanic" Matt Chamberlain - "Everest" Dream Easy Collective - "Oatmello" Shawts - "MTBird" Biosphere - "It's A Great Big World" Left -...


Season 2 Episode 03 from Jan 15, 2020

Calibro 35 - "Ungawana Bay Launch Complex" Nefarious Grasshopper - "Western Woods" The Coconut Monkey Rocket - "Bears In My Revenue Stream" Tipsy - "Sweet Spot" Ursula 1000 - "Kaboom!" Martinibomb - "Fiorucci (Ursula 1000 Cover)" Dominic Robertson - "Borderline" Music behind DJ: Monkey Plus 1 - "Super Deforma" Lord and Master - "Too Wet To Burn" Millenium Falcon - "Brandon Lee" Panthervision - "Say What You Like" Neil Francis - "She's A Winner" My Neighbor Is - "Little...


Season 2: Episode 02 from Jan 8, 2020

Monkey Plus 1 - "The Street Where I Live" Stereolab - "Miss Modular" Jim Noir - "Wonders Amber" Negativland - "U2 (Martinibomb Remix Instrumental)" The Cool Whips - "Grow Old And Bitter" Lola Lola - "Killed A Man In A Field" Satan's Pilgrims - "Neahkahnie" The Beast With A Human Head - "Hang 11" FOODini - "Susie Q" People Person - "Surfhorse Does Drugs" The Limiñanas - "Je Ne Suis Pas Tres Drogue" Tami Neilson - "Hey Bus Driver" Eileen Jewell - "Crawl" The Chuck Norris...


Season 2 Episode 01 from Jan 1, 2020

The Limiñanas - "Je Suis Une Go Go Girl" Morricone Youth - "Deep Deep Down" Jim Noir - "Beatheart" Star Parks - "Theoretical Girls" Balduin - "People Without Faces" The Blank Tapes - "Look Into The Light" Mystic Eyes - "I Can Only Give You Everything" Bobkat '65` - "People Aren't Worth My Time" Bipolaroid - "Rocky Mnt Hi" The Laissez Fairs - "My Thursday Girl" The Belbury Circle - "Light Industry" Fuijiya & Miyagi - "Magnesium Flares" Snapped Ankles - "Johnny Guitar Calling Costa...


Episode 54: Christmas Day 2019 from Dec 25, 2019

Pudie Tadow - "Get Your Dreidel On" RIAA - "Santa's Acid Hawaiian Space Disco" Music behind DJ: GUEST DJ SET - "DJ Solo Mon on the decks!" Nino Tempo & April Stevens - "Coldest Night Of The Year" Humpe-Humpe - "Yawma Konna" Mandingo - "Black Right" Malcolm McLaren - "Madam Butterfly" Jean Jacques Perrey - "EVA" Plastic Bertrand - "Stop Ou Encore" Margeret Singana - "Why Did You Do It?" Vicki Lawrence - "Dime a dance" Unit 3 - "Unit" Zero Trick - "Elektrotwist" headcoatees -...


Episode 53 from Dec 18, 2019

D.R. Hooker - "Forge Your Own Chains" The Frank Chickens - "Mothra" Sergey Magell - "Depeche Mode & Amy Winehouse Never Let me Back to Black" People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz - "Soggy Style" The Mighty Boosh - "Episode Two: Jungle A" Ananda Shankar - "Jungle King" Moon Duo - "Fall (In Your Love)" Music behind DJ: Skinshape - "Mandala" Mareva galanter - "Laisser Tomber Les Filles" Los Dinamicos Exciters - "Let Me Do My Thing" Mort Garson - "Gemini - The Cool Eye" Larue -...


Episode 52 from Dec 11, 2019

Zero-Trick - "Elektrotwist" United States Naval Academy Band - "Evil Ways" My Robot Friend - "Walt Whitman" Stevie Tieken - "Eleanor Rigby" Collette - "Samba De Sunny Side Up" Bob Watson - "Sunny" Music behind DJ: Volker Kriegel - "Zoom" Alan Parker - "The Free Life" Spiritualized - "I Think I'm in Love" The Gentle People - "Underwater" Happy End - "She's A Woman" Music behind DJ: Jadell - "Space Bed" The Gentle People - "I Love The Gentle People (Konishi Yasuharu...


Episode 51: MIXTAPE from Exotica - Cool, Strange and Unusual Music from Dec 4, 2019

Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three - "Request Line" Music behind DJ: Toejam & Earl - "Functronic Beat" Trombo Combo - "Hit Me Baby One More Time" Frank Pelico - "Rise" Michel Legrand - "Di-Gue-Ding-Ding" Gruff Rhys - "Follow The Sunflower Trail (Theme Tune for a National Strike)" G.T. Thomas - "Frownfetti" Claudine Longet - "Snow" Les Baxter - "Whatever Lola Wants" Nino Rota - "Quanto Mi Piace La Gradisca" Don - "Soul Dracula (Thai Beat A Go Go Vol 3)" Jean Jacques Perrey -...


Crate Digger Lung Adventure Hour Fill-In from Nov 22, 2019

The Bas Lexter Ensample - "The Revival" The Coconut Monkey Rocket - "Whammy Queso" The Coconut Monkey Rocket - "Auxilary Snout, Redundant Claw" Tipsy - "Faud Ramses" Tipsy - "Zombies Mood" Tipsy - "Eclipse of the sun Virgins" Martinibomb - "Bongo Avenger" Marinibomb - "The Love God" Ennio Morricone - "Deep Deep Down" The Cheezy Trollz - "Swamp Thing" Lalo Schifrin - "Theme From Master Gun Fighter" The Cheezy Trollz - "Wok N' The Dog" The Culinary Institute of America - "How to...


Episode 49: Unlocked Recordings from Nov 20, 2019

The Ray Charles Singers - "Music To Watch Girls By" - A Special Something [] Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra - "Pagan Love Song" [] Nelson Riddle - "Witchcraft" - Love Is A Game of Poker [] Dory Previn - "Yada yada La Scala"...