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Sonically improved, carefully selected and always potentially interesting.

Sonically improved, carefully selected and always potentially interesting.
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Sonically improved, carefully selected and always potentially interesting.




Episode 48 The Discard Pile from Nov 13, 2019

Ooray - "Floe" The Human League - "Tom Baker" New Christie Minstrels - "Rambling" Perez Prado - "Isle of Capri" The Undergrads On Campus - "Coming for to carry me home" Bobby Helms - "I Don't Owe you Nothing" The Appletree Theatre - "Brother Speed" Dave Clark Five - "She's a loving girl" Luke Leilani - "Lovely Guitars" Don Ho - "Tiny Bubbles" Tennessee Ernie Ford - "His Eye On The Sparrow" Irving Berlin - "Say It With Music" Riz Ortilani - "La Decimazione" Les Baxter -...


Episode 47 KPM Sampled from Nov 6, 2019

The Go! Team - "My World (Cover of The Free Life)" Alan Parker - "The Free Life" Steve Gray - "Finding My Feet" Ugly Duckling - "Einstein's Brazillian Travelogue (Samples Finding My Feet)" Nick Ingman - "Tense Preparation" Wagon Christ - "My Organ in Your Face (Samples Tense Preparation)" Handsome Boy Modeling School feat.Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - "Magnetizing (Samples Tense Preparation)" Opus III - "It's a Fine day" Les Baxter - "Prelude in C# Minor" Beastie Boys - "Intergalactic...


Martinibomb Fills in for Record Roulette Club from Nov 4, 2019

Mal Thursday - "Don't Want You Either" The Mono Men - "Wrecker" The Mono Men - "Rumble" Man or Astroman - "Philip K Dick in the Pet Section of Wal-mart" Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - "Song of The Lobster" The Makers - "She was born" Guitar Wolf - "Kawasaki ZII 750 Rock'N'Roll" The Mummies - "High Heel Sneakers" The Arch Villains - "She's A Hunchback" Motorgoat - "Lil' Bhagwan" Southern Culture On The Skids - "Meximelt" Cheater Slicks - "Refried Dreams" Pepe Deluxe - "Salami...


Episode 46 w/ Guests Brian Applegate & Solo Mon from Oct 30, 2019

Reload - "Six Foot Tall Man" Reload - "I Like Everything That You Think Sucks" The Punk Group - "Christian Science Reading Room" The Punk Group - "Fred Schneider" Sparks - "You Earned The Right To Be Dick" Reload - "Atari 400 (Windows 95 Mix)" The Punk Group - "Fat Girls On Bicycles" Reload - "Don't Drink The Water" Reload - "Sex Ray" Reload - "I Saw Jesus" Reload - "Retard" Martinibomb - "Halloween Smash Up" Zior - "Entrance of the Devil" Lydia Lunch - "Gloomy Sunday" Krzystof...


Episode 45 from Oct 23, 2019

Skeewiff - "Advice From A Caterpillar" Los Monjes - "Safari" George Sheering - "Mambo Inn" Barabara & Earnie - "Play with Fire" Sandy Nelson - "Big Noise From The Jungle" Satan's Pilgrims - "Journey to Eden" Los Iracundos - "La Familia Addams" Martinibomb & the Coconut Monkeyrocket - "Munsterbeat!" Messer Chups - "War Party" The Looney Tunes - "Sunrise Surf" Yma Sumac - "Cha Cha Gitano" Steve Stannard - "Ghost Riders In The Sky" Puddle Jumpers - "Snake Charmer" The Cheezy Trollz...


Episode 44: Primates from Oct 9, 2019

George Michael - "Monkey (a cappella)" Ananda Shankar - "Monkey's Tea Party" Bombay Royal - "Monkey Fight Snake" Warren Zevon - "Gorilla" The Individuals - "Monkey On My Back" John Barry - "Monkey Feathers" The Kingsmen - "Monkey Walk, Pt 1" Pere Ubu - "Monkey Bizness" The Plasmatics - "Monkey Suit" The Untamed Youth - "See Monkey Do" The Shandells - "Go Go Gorilla" The Gorillas - "Gorilla Stomp" The Maggies Marshmallows - "Monkeyman" Tiger Lily - "Monkey Jive" The Spiders -...


Episode 43: Tupperware Party Tonight! from Oct 2, 2019

The Cool Whips - "All Aboard" Mal Thursday - "No Good Woman" The Cheezy Trollz - "Cro-mag" The Cheezy Trollz - "King Kong" The Cheezy Trollz - "Bars" The Cheezy Trollz - "Tupperware Party" The Cheezy Trollz - "Gas Station Jacket" The Cheezy Trollz - "Eat Shit and Die" The Cheezy Trollz - "Moped Racer" The Cheezy Trollz - "My Fang" The Phantom - "Love Me" The Raattles - "Susie Q" Rudy the Whistling Cuban - "Misty" Scott Walker - "The Old Man's Back Again (Dedicated to the...


Episode 42 from Sep 25, 2019

Lavashark - "Susie Q" Afterclapp - "For A Few Dollars" Crossing The Streams - "Medium Cool Plays Chusid" Wicked Lester - "Amigos" Hammond Classics - "Mi Tierra" Bruno Nicolai - "Il Conte Dracula" Bev Lee Harling - "Why Don't You Do Right?" Daytoner - "Bang Bang" Bas Lexter - "The Revival" Renegades of Jazz - "Hip To The Jive (Hugo Kant Remix)" Loopez - "Jungle Haze" Steve Miller - "Fly Like An Eagle" Jorun la Soul - "Oodles of Ohz" J-Zone - "I Smell Smoke" Coffin Joe -...


Record Roulette Club Fill-in Show ESTRUS RECORDS from Sep 16, 2019

The Stranglers - "Peaches" - "I Watussi" - Edoardo Vianello [I] VIP 200 - "Topless Party" The Satin chaps - "Hard Drivin" Roy Ayers - "Party Sex" Jon Hendricks - "Cloudburst" Roy Hargrove's Crisol - "Afrodisia (Snowboy Remix)" Lalo Schifrin - "Jim On The Move" Jimmy Smith - "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" Kai Winding - "The Sidewinder" Gladys Knight And The Pips - "Got Myself A Good Man" Music behind DJ: Kenny Burrell - "Burning Spear"


Episode 40 from Sep 11, 2019

The Cool Whips - "Grow Old And Bitter" Matt Berry - "Are you being served?" Cookin on 3 Burners - "Cars" Otis Redding - "Your Love Has Lifted Me (Higher and Higher) Soul Flip Edits" The Judges Nephews - "Harina De Maiz" La Sangre Caliente - "No Me Ire De Aqui" Groovy Woovy - "Los Buenos" Cannon & Mirrorball - "Disco Bunny" Royal Scorpions - "Spooky Village" The Angelic Brothers - "Ten Virgins" Music behind DJ: Baba Brooks - "Five O' Clock Whistle" Cumbia San Pedro - "Los...


Episode 39 from Sep 4, 2019

Johnny Dankworth - "Theme From The Avengers" La Bionda - "Action" Cornelius - "Audio Check Music" Legowelt - "Axumisia V S612" Lucca - "ADHD" Blarf - "Banana" Boozoo Bajou - "Blast" Acid Mothers Guru Guru - "Bo Diddley" Music behind DJ: Friend Computer - "Live Set" Matmos - "Breaking Bad" Foxy Aujtopsy - "Drugz" Los Microwaves - "Radio Heart" The Scary Jokes - "The Ren And Stimpy Show" Ennio Morricone - "Ninna Nanna Per Adulti" Jacco Gardner - "Levania" Teenage Fanclub & De...


Episode 37: Violent Jazz from Aug 21, 2019

Donald Byrd - "Star Eyes" Lynn HOpe And His Tenor Sax - "Summertime" Bill Eavans - "34 Skidoo" Jimmy Smith - "Lolita" John Jenkins - "Motif" John Coltrane - "Interplay" Clifford Brown & Art Farmer - "Lover Come Back To Me" Wynton Kelly - "Strong Man" Horace Tapscott - "Haunted" Sonny Rollins - "On Impulse" George Russell - "Sandu" Zoot Sims - "Howdy Podner" Chico Freeman - "Autumn In New York" Bobby Hutcherson - "Oye Como Va" Isao Suzuki Quartet - "Orang-Utan" Paul Chambers -...


Episode 36 from Aug 14, 2019

Gershon Kingsley's First Moog Quartet - "Shank" Galt MacDermot - "Stockyard" Sam Taylor - "Superstar" Roger Moore - "Where Does Love Go" Jackie WIlson - "I was Made To Love Her" Marvin Hamlisch - "Ride Atlantis" Earth Wind & Fire - "Got To Get You Into My Life" Paul Jones - "Pretty Vacant" Paul Jones - "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" Burt Reynolds - "A Room For A Boy" Adam West - "You Only See Her" Rudy Ray Moore - "Human Tornado" Edie Murphy - "Boogie In The Butt (MB Edit)" Gene Page...


Fill-in For Crate Diggers Lung Adventure Hour from Aug 9, 2019

Sunday State - "I Started A Joke (Bee Gees)" Music behind DJ: Earwicker - "Tales of The Much As We Expected?" Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra - "Jeep Rhythm" Fats Waller - "Your Socks Don't Match" Andrews Sisters - "Music Makers" Woody Herman - "Misirlou" Will Bradley & Orch - "Celery Stalks at Midnight" Music behind DJ: Earwicker - "Tales of The Much As We Expected?" Ella Mae Morse - "Buzz Me" Roy Eldridge - "Little Jazz Boogie" Larry Adler - "That Old Black Magic" Will...


Episode 35 from Aug 7, 2019

Mint Royale - "Space Farm" Ursula 1000 - "Car Chase #3" Don Miller - "Fiesta Cha Cha" LaRue - "New Blues" Boom Town Revival - "Jan Turkenburg's Mambo Express" Matt Berry - "Love Is A Fool" Music behind DJ: Extra T's - "I Like It (Cornflakes)" The Ray Makers - "Contact High" Monte Carlo - "Where's Your Kaya At" Cowcube - "Kidfu" LaRue - "Dirty Duck" Nara Leão - "Marcha Da Quarta-Feira De Cinzas" The Fur Ones - "On Vacation" Spy-Fi - "Dance Of The Rattlesnake" Anjali -...


Episode 34 from Jul 31, 2019

Mains Ignition - "Sweedish Girls" Noonday Underground - "London" Music behind DJ: Earwicker - "Tales of The Much As We Expected?" Chunking - "Bubble Love" Hiroshi Suzuki - "Romance" LaRue - "Margerene" Thunderball - "Enter The Brahmin" The Flying Lizards - "What's New Pussycat" Jan Hammer Group - "Don't You Know" Yann Tomita - "Love" Miniflex - "Serial Story" The Beach Boys - "All I Wanna Do" Music behind DJ: Earwicker - "Tales of The Much As We Expected?" Roy Budd - "Cool...


Fill-in For LoriHajiTura with DJ Georgy Girl. from Jul 29, 2019

Roger Mozian - "Oriental Cha Cha" Stero Donkey - "Reno 911" Gonzales - "Les Jaguar's de Casablanca" Galaxy Trio - "Cocktails with Gravity Girl" The Me Gustas - "El Indio" Chewbacca's - "Astro Q" Phono-Comb - "53rd and 3rd" Link Wray - "Jack The Ripper" Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks - "Speed Cops" Os Bruno - "Esqueleto X" El Ray - "The Plan" The OUtta Sites - "I Dream of Genie" Messer Chups - "The Hound of The Baskervilles" The Diablos - "Cybermen" Apach-o-matic - "Honolulu...


Episode 31 from Jul 10, 2019

M E D I U M - C O O L - "Turkey Shoot - Radio Free - Intro" False Metal - "Blood is Cheaper Than Iron" Magnetic System - "Godzilla" Suicide - "Cheree" Lane Steinberg - "Perma-Frost" Walter Becker And Donald Fagen - "Dog Eat Dog" Renée - "Lay Me Down" The Chills - "Pink Frost" Spacemen 3 - "Mary Anne" United Travel Service - "Drummer Of You" Music behind DJ: Virna Lindt - "Underwater Boy" Mighty Sparrow - "Mr. Walker 7/6/19" Skankin' Pickle - "My Hair" Dila - "SELEÇÃO...