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The podcast dedicated to discussing all things Judas Priest. Your hosts George and Tom are two crazy fans who love drinking beer and talking about metal. Join us every Friday as we dive deep into the songs, the albums, the live performances, the history, and the memories. Stay locked in, and keep defending the faith!


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The podcast dedicated to discussing all things Judas Priest. Your hosts George and Tom are two crazy fans who love drinking beer and talking about metal. Join us every Friday as we dive deep into the songs, the albums, the live performances, the history, and the memories. Stay locked in, and keep defending the faith!






Bloodstone [Anniversary: Screaming for Vengeance]

Guest: Erik Shaw from Maiden A-Z of the Deep Dive Podcast Network. Happy 40th anniversary to Screaming for Vengeance! Judas Priest's 8th studio album holds some of their most popular songs... but we're not here to talk about those. Your hosts are dying to talk about "Bloodstone", a personal favorite of the panel. George, Tom, and Hattie are joined by returning guest Erik to wax poetic on abstract lyrics and funky guitar lines. We also look at a live version from 2018, and share some...


Halls of Valhalla [Anniversary: Redeemer of Souls]

Guest: Erik Shaw from Maiden A-Z of the Deep Dive Podcast Network. Featured song: "Gnaal - the bowed lyre (taglharpe) Funeral march" by Eldrim Your hosts finally touch on the last Judas Priest album they've yet to explore! 2014's Redeemer of Souls was the first to feature Richie Faulkner on guitars, and the 17th Judas Priest album overall. George, Tom, and Hattie are joined by returning guest Erik to talk about "Halls of Valhalla", the standout track from...


Death Row

Join our first foray into 1997's Jugulator, the first of two Judas Priest albums featuring Tim Owens on vocals, and a controversial entry in the Judas Priest canon. "Death Row" is our song of the week. Your hosts level some hard criticisms at the song where it's warranted, but praise the performances where it's due. George, Tom, and Hattie address the different opinions of Jugulator held by the fanbase and give their own impressions of the album. This episode will show no mercy, so don't...


Jawbreaker w/ Kyle Beam (UNDEATH)

Guest: Kyle Beam (Undeath) It's time... to defend the faith! But your hosts are going to need some help from Kyle Beam, guitarist of Undeath (Rochester, NY, USA), the hottest band in the current death metal scene. Our task today is to break down "Jawbreaker", a cult classic cut from 1984's seminal Defenders of the Faith. We discuss lyrical interpretations ranging from the semi-official to the unofficially-official to the totally speculative, and we don't hold back. We also check out live...


Prophecy / Dawn of Creation [Anniversary: Nostradamus]

Guest: Adam DiLuzio @bigfknadz We're back! And we're wishing a Happy 14th birthday to Judas Priest's strange, epic opus Nostradamus, itself the 16th Judas Priest album. The band explored new territory and gave us possibly their most divisive work. George and Tom might not have been thrilled with "Revelations" in Season 1, but can "Prophecy" make a better impression? Special guest Adz carries the torch for this album and song, and highlights its good points. We touch on Judas Priest's live...


Ram it Down w/ Lady Beast's Deb Levine [Anniversary: Ram it Down]

You've got another musical guest comin'! Please welcome Deb Levine, of Pittsburgh, PA, USA based heavy metal band Lady Beast. Lady Beast has 4 albums and 2 EPs, and notably, has recorded an awesome cover of Judas Priest's "Ram it Down", which makes Deb the perfect guest for this episode. George, Tom, and Deb share their experiences seeing Judas Priest live, being a positive influence on the metal community, the importance of metal music festivals to the genre's future, and much more. Your...


50 Heavy Metal Years Live in Newark [Concert Series]

Your hosts are finally ready to bring you the full scoop on the Judas Priest concert they attended on 3/30/2022. This recap is jam-packed with audio clips from Priest's red-hot performance that night. Featuring 20 songs from 12 albums and a special guest onstage, this set was one for the books. George and Tom reminisce at length about the evening, with a couple of special guest commentators, all of whom are thrilled to share their memories with you, the loyal listeners. Thanks for supporting...


Race with the Devil & Rock Hall News

Your hosts are back with an episode of firsts: the first time they look at a cover performed by Judas Priest, and the first non-album (bonus) track on this show. "Race with the Devil" was originally a song by Gun in 1968, with the Judas Priest cover recorded in 1978 and unreleased until 2001 as a bonus track on the CD remasters. Tom and George drool over the groove of the guitar riff, Les Binks' impeccable drum fills, Rob Halford's soaring vocals, and compare the Judas Priest cover favorably...


Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days [Anniversary: Turbo]

Guest: Melissa Nee from Metal Chat with Melissa It's been 36 years since the release of Turbo, Judas Priest's maligned 10th album, but our guest Melissa still holds a grudge with one song in particular. Your hosts listen to and break down Melissa's least favorite track "Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days", and get her input on the context of the metal scene in 1986, how Priest fans reacted to Turbo, and how the album has held up over the years. Those of you who haven't heard "Wild Nights..."...


Rapid Fire [Anniversary: British Steel]

Guest: Joe McGlynn from In the Lap of the Pods of the Deep Dive Podcast Network. Your hosts are celebrating 42 years since the release of British Steel, Judas Priest's landmark sixth album, and they've brought along a guest. Joe helps George and Tom break down his favorite song on British Steel, "Rapid Fire", and explains the influence this particular song had on thrash/speed metal bands for years to come. Joe also brings up numerous parallels between Priest and the legendary British band...


Dissident Aggressor [Anniversary: Sin After Sin]

Guest: Jonatan Hedlin from Maiden A-Z of the Deep Dive Podcast Network. Your hosts wish a happy 45th birthday to Sin After Sin, Judas Priest's third album, by breaking down the classic closing track "Dissident Aggressor". This deep dive takes George, Tom, and Jonatan all the way down the rabbit hole with an engaging discussion on the Berlin Wall and political division. Jonatan shares his story of first hearing Sin After Sin, putting it aside, and rediscovering the album many years later. We...


Talking Priest w/ Jarvis Leatherby (Night Demon, Cirith Ungol)

You've got another musical guest comin'! Please welcome Jarvis Leatherby, bassist of California heavy metal band Night Demon. Jarvis's extensive credentials also include: bassist in Cirith Ungol, owner of independent label Iron Grip Records and Iron Grip Management. George and Tom catch up with Jarvis about Night Demon's newest release, Year of the Demon, out today on Century Media Records. The guys discuss the role of compilation albums in a band's canon, cover songs that take on a life of...


Tyrant [Anniversary: Sad Wings of Destiny]

Guest: Fearghal Traynor from Feckin' Metal Your hosts are celebrating the 46th anniversary of Sad Wings of Destiny, Judas Priest's second album, and we brought our friend Fearghal along for the ride (Feckin' Metal Podcast). We do a deep dive into the ripping Side Two track "Tyrant"... or should it really have been Side One? There's plenty to discuss in a song so chock full of hooks, as Fearghal eloquently puts it. Fearghal also shares a story about finding inspiration in his schoolwork from...


Spectre + Vocal Techniques [Anniversary: Firepower]

Guest: Rob from Hell Bent for Metal @Judas_AF It's the 4th anniversary of Firepower, Judas Priest's highly acclaimed 2018 album, and our friend Rob is here to discuss the song "Spectre" with us. Rob is a vocalist putting together a Judas Priest tribute band called Hell Bent for Metal, and he has roots in the 80s rock and metal scene. He's tremendously knowledgeable about the vocal techniques that singers use, and the audio technology that helps create the best possible vocal sound. If...


Turning Circles [Anniversary: Point of Entry]

Guest: Daniel Drago from Diary of the Madmen of the Deep Dive Podcast Network. It's the 41st anniversary of Point of Entry, Priest's under-the-radar 1981 album, and we have a guest here to advocate for it. To kick things off, Dan tells us about his podcast; we then move on to a general chat about metal, Ozzy Osbourne, and Judas Priest. Later, we do a full song breakdown of Turning Circles, and give our opinions on Point of Entry. Dan's going to bat for one of his favorite hidden gems in the...


Judas Rising [Anniversary: Angel of Retribution]

Guest: Erik Shaw from Maiden A-Z of the Deep Dive Podcast Network. Your hosts celebrate the anniversary of 2005's epic comeback Angel of Retribution. George, Tom, and Erik break down "Judas Rising", the opening track to Judas Priest's reunion album with Rob Halford after his 12-year hiatus from the band. The guys highlight the opening scream, the triumphant lyrics, KK Downing's ripping solo, and the song's pace and role as an opener, among other aspects. Of course, there are some Iron...


Talking Priest w/ Greg DiPasquale (Fatal Curse, Maiden A-Z)

You've got another musical guest comin'! Please welcome Greg DiPasquale, guitarist of Western New York band Fatal Curse. Fatal Curse released their debut album Breaking the Trance on Shadow Kingdom Records in 2019, with strong influences from NWOBHM bands like Diamond Head. In this episode, we cover lots of ground topical to Judas Priest: rediscovering the band as an adult and delving deeper into their early work; the release hype for Jugulator and how the album has held up over time; KK...


Stained Class [Anniversary: Stained Class]

We're back for some more Stained Class! Your hosts celebrate the anniversary of Judas Priest's 4th album, released in 1978, with a focus on the title track. Tom and George talk about how the album was ahead of its time, Les Binks' drum kit, lyrical interpretations of the song "Stained Class", and more. Email: Facebook: Twitter: Metal Gods Podcast is part of the Deep Dive Podcast...


Talking Metal w/ Steven Waddell (Oath SC, Tantrum)

You've got another musical guest comin'! Please welcome Steven Waddell, founder of Scottish bands Oath SC and Tantrum. Steven sings, plays all the instruments, and he records Oath SC's music himself. He is part of the new wave of traditional heavy metal, but with a style and flavor all his own. In this episode, we chat about standing out in the traditional heavy metal scene, how to make concerts viable in the COVID era, recording music to your own creative vision, cyberbullies, KK's Priest,...


Some Heads Are Gonna Roll [Anniversary: Defenders of the Faith]

For MGP's Season 2 premiere, your hosts celebrate the anniversary of 1984's mega-classic Defenders of the Faith with a big discussion on "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll". George and Tom go deep on the lyrical themes of tyranny and rebellion, compare Judas Priest to Shakespeare, and ponder the deservedness of Defenders' high reputation. Drinking: Abomination x Skygazer Dreamatorium Stout (North Haven, CT) Email: Facebook:...