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The podcast dedicated to discussing all things Judas Priest. Your hosts George and Tom are two crazy fans who love drinking beer and talking about metal. Join us every Friday as we dive deep into the songs, the albums, the live performances, the history, and the memories. Stay locked in, and keep defending the faith!

The podcast dedicated to discussing all things Judas Priest. Your hosts George and Tom are two crazy fans who love drinking beer and talking about metal. Join us every Friday as we dive deep into the songs, the albums, the live performances, the history, and the memories. Stay locked in, and keep defending the faith!


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The podcast dedicated to discussing all things Judas Priest. Your hosts George and Tom are two crazy fans who love drinking beer and talking about metal. Join us every Friday as we dive deep into the songs, the albums, the live performances, the history, and the memories. Stay locked in, and keep defending the faith!






Some Heads Are Gonna Roll [Anniversary: Defenders of the Faith]

For MGP's Season 2 premiere, your hosts celebrate the anniversary of 1984's mega-classic Defenders of the Faith with a big discussion on "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll". George and Tom go deep on the lyrical themes of tyranny and rebellion, compare Judas Priest to Shakespeare, and ponder the deservedness of Defenders' high reputation. NEXT EPISODE February 11, 2022. Drinking: Abomination x Skygazer Dreamatorium Stout (North Haven, CT) Email: Facebook:...


Bonus Episode: Recap 2021 & Preview 2022

Your hosts wrap up the year with one more bonus episode! George and Tom recap 2021 in Judas Priest news, read through listener comments, and reflect on some of our opinions that have changed. The dudes detail some plans for 2022, including the Anniversary Series, which will see the Metal Gods Podcast align its episode calendar to cover a song from each Judas Priest album on the week of its release date. Also coming in Season 2, we've got more guests from the podcasting world and more...



For MGP's Season 1 finale, your hosts jump back to 1977 to talk about Judas Priest's third album Sin After Sin, and they love it! George and Tom tell the story of the Starbreaker (well, their interpretation, at least), do a bit of karaoke, ponder why this song and album lagged behind other Judas Priest work in popularity, and listen to a ripping cover version at the end. Email: Facebook: Twitter:...


One on One

Your hosts finally venture into the Tim Owens era with "One on One" from 2001's Demolition album, and it's not a fun time for them! George and Tom discuss what makes for a bad guitar tone, the metal landscape of the early 00s, and the numerous flaws that make "One on One" one of the worst ever Judas Priest songs. Drinking: Casamigos Email: Facebook: Twitter: Metal Gods Podcast is part...



Your hosts venture into strange territory with Revelations, from the 2008 metal opera Nostradamus. George and Tom banter about some questionable experimentation, Judas Priest's drive to capture the essence of Nostradamus as a historical figure, and how the lyrics paint a picture of internal conflict. We opine on which parts of Revelations work, and which parts don't. Drinking: Oktoberfest from Warsteiner (Warstein, Germany) Email: Facebook:...


Live in Irvine 1991 (Guest: Uncle Steve) [Concert Series]

Your hosts begin a new series covering Judas Priest's live history, but they'll need a special guest who attended the 1991 tour to help them out! George and Tom and joined by Steve of the mega-popular Uncle Steve's Iron Maiden Zone podcast. Steve shares his memories of getting into Priest, seeing the band live twice in 1991, and offers lots of great commentary on the Live in Irvine '91 album (released in Judas Priest's mammoth 50 Heavy Metal Years box set). The three dudes break down each...


Delivering the Goods

Your hosts reflect on the first Judas Priest song George ever heard. Delivering the Goods is the opening track on 1978's Hell Bent for Leather/Killing Machine album. The dudes discuss the song's immediate catchiness, the band's attitude as boldly stated in the lyrics, Les Bink's contributions to Priest, and more. Drinking: Pumpkin Ale from Whole Hog Beer (Stevens Point, WI) Email: Facebook: Twitter:...


Talking Priest w/ Trevor William Church (Haunt, Beastmaker, Church Recordings)

Your hosts invite their first ever guest from the metal world: Trevor William Church, founder of California bands Haunt and Beastmaker. Trevor sings, plays every instrument, produces albums, runs an indie record label, and even ships his own merch. He is the true definition of a DIY musician, and one of the champions of a new wave of traditional heavy metal. In this episode, Trevor tells his story about how he found success through self-leadership and following his own vision, how he fell...


You've Got Another Thing Comin'

You've got another episode comin'! Your hosts have an extended discussion on the all-time classic Judas Priest anthem. George and Tom reminisce on their first times hearing You've Got Another Thing Comin', empowerment in the metal community, the immense power of this song in live settings, how the track almost didn't make it onto 1982's Screaming for Vengeance, and much more. Drinking: Pumpkin Ale from UFO Beer (Boston, MA) Email: Facebook:...


Lightning Strike

Your hosts are back for more Firepower, with 2018's modern classic, Lightning Strike! Tom muses on deeper lyrical meetings and connects his personal experiences. George reflects on the importance of a song's placement as second on an album or setlist. The guys ponder whether Lightning Strike is the album's best, and how it represents Judas Priest. Drinking: Little Wolf from Zero Gravity Craft Brewery (Burlington, VT) Email: Facebook:...


Bonus Episode: Box Set (50 Heavy Metal Years of Music)

Bonus episode! A quick live unboxing of Judas Priest's new box set, 50 Heavy Metal Years of Music. Email: Facebook: Twitter: Metal Gods Podcast is part of the Deep Dive Podcast Network. Check out for more great pods dedicated to covering classic metal and rock artists in detail, and find a new favorite show!


Hell Patrol

Your hosts cover Hell Patrol, another hot track from 1990's Painkiller. George and Tom praise the song's structure, its placement in the track list, and Scott Travis's next-level drumming. Lyrical themes of brotherhood, setlist history, and musical technicality in metal are discussed further. Drinking: Oktoberfest from Thomas Hooker Brewing Co. (Bloomfield, CT) Email: Facebook: Twitter:...


Rocka Rolla

Your hosts discuss the title track from Judas Priest's first album, 1974's Rocka Rolla. This song returned to the setlist on the 50 Heavy Metal Years Tour, played live for the first time since 1976... was it worth the 45 year wait?! George and Tom recount stories of the band's early years, fawn over Glenn and KK's guitar work, and give our impressions on Rocka Rolla's place in early heavy metal history. Drinking: Blood Orange Blonde from Brewport Brewing Co. (Bridgeport, CT) Email:...



Your hosts break down Invader, the second song to make its live debut on the 50 Heavy Metal Years Tour. George and Tom reflect on Invader's placement on 1978's prog-metal masterpiece Stained Class, Ian Hill's meaningfulness to Judas Priest, and the band's willingness to try new things in the live setting. Drinking: Snyder Bier (Pretzel Märzen) from Captain Lawrence Brewing Company (Elmsford, NY) Email: Facebook:...


One Shot at Glory / Battle Hymn

The Priest is back! While out on tour celebrating 50 Heavy Metal Years, the band premiered One Shot at Glory in their live setlist (as the opening song, no less), long after its initial release on 1990's Painkiller. Your hosts George and Tom discuss One Shot at Glory's uniqueness on the Painkiller album, and the statement that Judas Priest has made by bringing this forgotten gem back to the forefront. Drinking: Watermelon Ale from Thomas Hooker Brewing Co. (Bloomfield, CT) Email:...


Dreamer Deceiver / Deceiver

Your hosts go way back to 1976 to cover a two-part epic that is not only one of Judas Priest's earliest, but also among their most unique and most progressive work. George and Tom discuss Dreamer Deceiver's place in Judas Priest history, the incredible guitar and vocal performances, and the enduring popularity of Sad Wings of Destiny and this early version of the band. Drinking: Maduro Brown Ale from Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, FL) Email: Facebook:...



Your hosts cover one of the most notable songs from latter-day Judas Priest: Firepower. The leadoff track from the widely acclaimed 2018 album of the same name, Firepower comes roaring out of the gate and doesn't let up! George and Tom discuss the band's creative renaissance, Faulkner's contributions to the band, Halford's voice evolution, and the Firepower tour. Drinking: Ramstein Amber Lager from High Point Brewing Company (Butler, NJ) Email: Facebook:...


Metal Gods

Your hosts talk about the classic among classics, the song that earned Judas Priest their nickname, Metal Gods. From the seminal 1980 album British Steel, Metal Gods ranks as the band's #5 most played song live. George and Tom discuss the song's delayed rise to a setlist mainstay, natural sound effects the band created, how the song has changed in modern performances, and the lyrical concepts. Drinking: Brawler from Yards Brewing Co. (Philadelphia, PA) Email:...


Who Are We? (Intro)

Your hosts George and Tom introduce themselves and discuss (over beers) their love for Judas Priest, how they were introduced to the band, their concert memories, and what they want to accomplish on our show. Join us every Friday as we dive deep into analyzing Judas Priest's songs, albums, live performances, stories, and more. Drinking: Purple Monkey Dishwasher from Evil Genius Beer Company (Philadelphia, PA), Abbey Dubbel from Flying Fish Brewing Co (Somerdale, NJ) Email:...