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Metalcore music meets fitness in this podcast, where our host Evan provides health and wellness information while discussing his passion for metalcore music. If you are a fan of fitness and listen to the metalcore genre, you've come to the right place.


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Metalcore music meets fitness in this podcast, where our host Evan provides health and wellness information while discussing his passion for metalcore music. If you are a fan of fitness and listen to the metalcore genre, you've come to the right place.




3 Bands I've Slept on That I Can't Stop Listening To | What I Learned from Failing a 405lb Squat

Have you ever heard a song and thought "how haven't I heard this before?"? In this episode of the podcast, we highlight three bands we were unaware of that quickly became some of our favorites. We discuss their discographies, lyrics, instrumentals, vocals, etc. and highlight some of our favorite songs from each band. Evan then describes his failed 405lb squat attempt and his plan of action to successfully squat it before the end of the year with the hope that there are lessons that can be applied to your own training. The episode rounds out with our selection for Song of the Week. Enjoy! Song of the Week: Ghost by Woe, Is Me Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Weightlifting | How to Achieve the Most Common Fitness Goals

In this episode of the podcast, Evan discusses some of the things he wished he knew when he stated weightlifting. It is our hope that you can learn from these experiences to expedite your gains in the gym. Our host Evan has been working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and health coach for 9 years, and he shares some tips on achieving the most common fitness goals, some of which include boosting energy and increasing strength. The episode concludes with our song selection for Song of the Week. Enjoy! Resources: Does exercise really boost energy levels? - Harvard HealthSHAREABLE RESOURCE: Ten Ways to Implement the Principle of P... : ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal ( of the Week: No Evil by Catch Your Breath Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Best Albums So Far in 2023

We are only about 3 months into 2023 and there have been some great releases within the Metalcore genre. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss our favorite albums from the year so far. We discuss some of the overall themes within each album, as well as some of our favorite songs. The podcast episode concludes with our selection for Song of the Week. We hope you enjoy! Song of the Week: Free by THICC Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


No Time for Working Out? Tips for Building Muscle & Gaining Strength When Time is Limited

Do you have limited time to exercise throughout your week? Having enough time to exercise is a common concern for many people and lack of time often prevents individuals from engaging in health promoting behaviors. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss a peer reviewed study (included below) that provides some practical applications for those who are looking to increase strength and muscle mass with limited time to train. We provide a sample workout routine utilizing the practical applications provided in the article, along with some general tips for exercising with limited time. Lastly, the episode concludes with our selection for Song of the Week. Enjoy! Resource: No Time to Lift? Designing Time-Efficient Training Programs for Strength and Hypertrophy: A Narrative Review - PubMed ( Song of the Week: Paralyzed by Her Last Sight Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


4 Albums That Changed My Taste In Music

When you listen to music, do you always listen to the same genre, or do you explore new types of music? In this episode of the podcast, we discuss four albums that helped change our taste in music, opening up new interests in metalcore sub genres like progressive metalcore and multi-dimensional fusions of hip-hop, EDM, and rock. We discuss background on each album, themes, lyrics, best workout songs, and more. The episode concludes with our song of the week selection. We hope you enjoy! Song of the Week: Jaded by Imminence Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Weight Loss Basics | Things to Know When You Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

Are you looking to lose weight but don't know where to begin? Perhaps you have heard that a certain diet, supplement, or workout style is best for fat loss but you're not sure which is right for you. In this episode of the podcast, Evan breaks down his experiences losing weight as a men's physique competitor into relatable and realistic tips for the non-competitor that simply wants to be the healthiest version of themselves. The episode culminates with seven key takeaways that can help you get started on the right foot with your weight loss journey. We conclude the episode with our song of the week selection from the Spotify Release Radar. We hope you learn a lot from this episode! Resources: Evidence-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding contest preparation: nutrition and supplementation - PMC ( it REALLY takes to lose fat, get healthy, and change your body. ( of the Week: Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


15 Songs That Made Me Fall in Love with Metalcore

Do you remember the songs that made you fall in love with your favorite genre of music? In this episode of the podcast, our host Evan discusses 15 songs that made him fall in love with the metalcore genre. Perhaps these songs are brand new for you and you will fall in love with them too, or maybe you are already familiar with these songs and this episode can take you on a nostalgic tour of some of your old favorites. Evan also discusses three reasons why he fell in love with weightlifting with hopes that it can help you connect to the reasons why you started as well. The episode concludes with Evan's pick for song of week. Spotify Release Radar Song of the Week: Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Repair Your Relationship with Exercise

Have you ever had feelings of anxiety related to exercise or have dreaded engaging in exercise? With the new year in full swing, these may be feelings that you are experiencing, and with this episode, we want to provide all the information that you will need to not only make exercise a part of your lifestyle, but will hopefully help you see exercise in a positive light. We will dive into some research surrounding the topic and work together to create a plan of action to implement some key takeaways. We are going to round out the episode with the Spotify Release Radar Song of the Week where we will discuss one of our favorite songs released this week. We hope you find value in this episode! Resources: Efficacy and causal mechanism of an online social media intervention to increase physical activity: Results of a randomized controlled trial - ScienceDirectPhysical activity in adolescents: analysis of the social influence of parents and friends - ScienceDirectHard-Wired to Hate Exercise? - WSJExercise does not feel the same when you are overweight: the impact of self-selected and imposed intensity on affect and exertion | International Journal of Obesity ( are some groups physically active and others not? A contrast group analysis in leisure settings - PMC ( adults lost their sense of play? An observational study of the social dynamics of physical (in)activity in German and Hawaiian leisure settings - PMC ( do obese individuals perceive and respond to the different types of obesity stigma that they encounter in their daily lives? A qualitative study - ScienceDirectSong of the Week: PURE HEAVEN by Cloudsight, Victor Borba, and Rory Rodriguez Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


5 Songs You Should Know About from 2022

As the year comes to an end, we wanted to highlight five of our favorite songs that were released this year from up-and-coming bands in the scene. In this episode of the podcast, we provide some background information on each band, along with a lyrical analysis, and some of our favorite parts of each song. We believe it is so important to spread the word when we find some great music! The episode then transitions into a quick fitness tip regarding the upcoming holidays and rounds out as usual with the Spotify Release Radar Recap. This will be the final episode of the year, so we hope that you all have a great holiday season! Track List: Release Radar Recap: Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Electronicore: A Fusion of Metalcore and Electronic Genres

When thinking about the electronicore genre, who are some bands that come to mind? Is it Attack Attack! or maybe I See Stars? Perhaps you are not familiar with the electronicore genre at all. In this episode, we discuss some early influences in the electronicore genre as well as some modern day electronic/metalcore collaborations. The fitness portion of the episode covers some of our favorite exercises for growing muscular shoulders. The episode rounds out with the Spotify Release Radar Recap. We hope you enjoy! Release Radar Recap: Best of Electronicore Playlist: Resources: Electronicore - Wikipedia Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Tips for Growing Bigger Legs

Do you skip leg day? In this episode of the podcast, we provide the ultimate guide for growing bigger legs. We begin by providing reasons why leg training is aversive, in addition to reasons why it is important to train your lower body. We then provide a list of tips on how to grow bigger legs. The episode continues with our host sharing a sample leg day playlist featuring some great metalcore tracks. Lastly, the episode concludes with our Spotify Release Radar Recap. We hope you enjoy and don't skip leg day! Sample Leg Day Playlist: Release Radar Recap: Resource: 12p_behavioral_management_strategies_for_initiating_and_maintaining_exercise_adherence.pdf ( Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Most Emotional Metalcore Albums: The Hell We Create by Fit For A King & Dark Sun by Dayseeker

In this episode, we analyze the lyrical content of two of the most emotional albums of 2022. Many people have experienced great loss over the last two years, whether that was losing out on experiences or actually losing loved ones and listening to these two albums can be a cathartic avenue to work through some of those emotions. The albums analyzed in this episode include The Hell We Create by Fit For A King and Dark Sun by Dayseeker. We then examine a research article that investigates the effects of emotion on sports performance. Today's episode is rounded out with the Spotify release radar recap. We hope you enjoy! Resources: Fit For A King’s track-by-track guide to new album The… | Kerrang!Emotions and Sport Performance: An Exploration of Happiness, Hope, and Anger in: Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology Volume 31 Issue 2 (2009) ( for a King (band) - WikipediaDayseeker - WikipediaRelease Radar Recap: Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Bulking as a Natural: Lessons Learned, Evidence-Based Best Practices, and More

Are you gearing up for a big winter bulk? Many trainees will enter a bulking phase as winter approaches, and in this episode, Evan describes his experiences during his first bulking phase 10 years ago vs. his current bulking phase. We highlight lessons learned during that experience including topics of training, supplementation, nutrition, and sleep. We also discuss what the research shows surrounding best practices for gaining muscle. The Release Radar Recap is intertwined with the main content of this episode. If you are interested in gaining muscle mass as a natural, you will not want to miss this one! Resources: Frontiers | Is an Energy Surplus Required to Maximize Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy Associated With Resistance Training ( vs. Enhanced Lifters ( RESOURCE: Ten Ways to Implement the Principle of P... : ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal ( And Muscle Growth: How Much Sleep Do You Need? (9 Studies) ( us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Crown the Empire vs. Famous Last Words: The Fallout vs. Two-Faced Charade

This episode of the podcast features an album comparison of two of metalcore's best concept albums from the 2012-2013 era. Crown the Empire and Famous Last Words face off in a comparison of their first studio albums: The Fallout and Two-Faced Charade. In this episode, we break the comparison down into the following categories: instrumentals, vocals, workoutability (breakdowns), and lyrics. Lastly the episode rounds out with the Spotify Release Radar Recap. Resources: Crown the Empire - WikipediaThe Fallout (Crown the Empire album) - WikipediaFamous Last Words (band) - WikipediaQ and A with Famous Last Words 2 – BAREBONES ENTERTAINMENTWhat’s the story in “The Fallout” by Crown the Empire? : Metalcore ( Radar Recap: Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Making Your Workouts More Enjoyable | New Metalcore Music

Do you enjoy your workouts, or are you finding yourself unmotivated to train? We are more likely to adhere to exercise that we enjoy, thus perhaps resulting in increases in motivation and consistency. In this episode, we discuss 7 ways to make your workouts more enjoyable, one of which is music. We discuss ways to find new metalcore music and cap the episode off with the release radar recap from Spotify. If you find yourself bored with your current training, hopefully this episode will help! Article: Workout nutrition explained. What to eat before, during, and after exercise. - Precision Nutrition Release Radar Recap: Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


How Long Does It Take to Build Muscle?

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to build muscle? If your goal in the gym is to build muscle, you won't want to miss some of the key practical applications shared in this episode. If you are a beginner with your weight training, we are hoping this episode is helpful in establishing safe and realistic expectations regarding your training goals. We also touch on some recent research examining resistance training variables promoting muscular hypertrophy. The episode then transitions into our current selections for top workout songs right now, followed by a couple highlights from our Spotify Release Radar. Fitness meets the metalcore genre in this episode, you don't want to miss it! Research Articles: Resistance Training Variables for Optimization of Muscle Hypertrophy: An Umbrella Review - PubMed ( examination of the time course of training-induced skeletal muscle hypertrophy - PubMed ( Radar Recap: Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Gateway to Metalcore: Punk Goes Pop

In this episode, we discuss Fearless Record's Punk Goes Pop series and how it became a gateway into the metalcore genre. We breakdown each album discussing artists involved, favorite covers from each volume, and lastly make a selection for best volume within the series. Our host also discusses some of his favorite covers that are not included within the Punk Goes Pop series. We then round into a fitness segment, discussing some tips on growing bigger arms. Today's episode concludes with the Release Radar Recap discussing some of the latest music releases in the metalcore genre. Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Overcoming Gym Anxiety

Exercise has often been touted as a great method for anxiety and stress management however, it may be hard to tap into these benefits if the gym environment sparks feelings of anxiety. For many people, even experienced weightlifters, the gym can generate feelings of social anxiety. In today's episode, our host Evan discusses some of the anxiety and stress reduction benefits of exercise, situations that increase social anxiety for males in the gym environment, and lastly some strategies/solutions you can implement to mitigate some of the anxiety. If you experience gymtimidation, you are not alone! The episode rounds out with the Spotify Release Radar Recap where Evan shares some new songs from the metalcore scene that were released this week. For updates follow the MetalCore and Muscle Instagram page @mc_muscle. Enjoy! ACSM Article: MIGHT PLIGHT: THE SOCIAL ANXIETY FELT BY MEN IN THE WEIGHTLI... : ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal ( Anxiety and Depression Association of America Article: Exercise for Stress and Anxiety | Anxiety and Depression Association of America, ADAA Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Why Does Music Evoke Emotion? | Common Fitness Misconceptions

Have you ever wondered why or how music evokes emotions? Whether it's your favorite song from when you were a kid or a new song that pumps you up in the gym, there is no denying that music makes us feel emotion as humans. In this episode, Evan explores an article that seeks to answer the question, "Why do we get emotional when we listen to music?". Evan then transitions into discussing some common misconceptions/commonly held beliefs within the fitness space. The episode concludes by discussing some new metalcore tracks that were released this week with our Release Radar Recap. Article Link: Why Do We Get Emotional When We Listen To Music? ( Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!


Genetics & Bodybuilding | Maximize Muscle Hypertrophy

In this episode, we attempt to answer the question, "what role does genetics play in building muscle?" by examining an online article from the Good Guide for Health Care. We then transition into discussing two recent research articles (linked below) that discuss advanced resistance training techniques promoting hypertrophy, as well as the optimal resistance training volume per muscle group. We finish out the episode discussing some things to look out for as a consumer in the fitness industry, and Evan provides a look into his Spotify Release Radar for this week. We hope there are a lot of key takeaways from this episode that you can directly implement into your training routine to maximize muscle hypertrophy. Enjoy! Role of Genetics in Bodybuilding: Role of Genetics for Muscle, Strength And Training ( Hypertrophy Articles: Maximizing Muscle Hypertrophy: A Systematic Review of Advanced Resistance Training Techniques and Methods - PubMed ( Systematic Review of The Effects of Different Resistance Training Volumes on Muscle Hypertrophy - PMC ( Industry: Release Radar Recap: Follow us on Instagram @mc_muscle!