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Examining how the mind's eye is used in various art forms of creative works.

Examining how the mind's eye is used in various art forms of creative works.


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Examining how the mind's eye is used in various art forms of creative works.




Native American Flute Artist Playlist

On today's show we will introduce a Spotify Playlist not only for the enjoyment of NAF music. But for cross promoting artists through networking the list. Here on Mind's Eye Reflections Podcast we are not only about interviewing artist. But also about the sharing of creative tips in promoting your music so that others may hear your music. As artists our compassion is our music. By networking our music out to the listeners. We free up ourselves to be more creative in making our music. And...


William Hopper Paints A Picture Of Music

William Hopper, A very talented musician in so many ways. With a long history back to his childhood. Playing a number of instruments from guitar, drums, dulcimer and Native American Style Flutes. He has developed a number of wonderful tracks to listen to on the internet. Paints a picture of music. Be sure to check out William's sites and links and be sure to follow him for his latest updates of his works. Website of William Hopper https://brokensky.biz/ His Turntable site – Great...


Inspiration From Jay Michael

Episode 2 Interview of Jay Michael (Native American Style Flutist) Welcome to Mind's Eye Reflections Podcast, where we discuss how various artists envisioned their creative process, where we share in tips and methods of those creative processes. I will be your host today. My name is Arthur Putnam, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our guests for today. Jay Michael is a Amazing Artists In so many ways, I've been following him for a number of years on the Internet, his...


Our Introduction

Introduction to Mind's Eye Reflection Podcast. Our goal and desire to share in the creative process of various art forms. With a heavy interest in Spirit base music and Art. Background music in this episode is by myself Arthur Putnam Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008001857107