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Yes You Are & Kenny Cohrs

Yes You Are is a whirlwind of intentional destiny. It's a second stand for frontwoman Kianna Alarid (formerly of Tilly and The Wall), who has paired with local Jared White to create a unique pop buzz. Alarid and White form the heartbeat of the five-piece band, which always seems secure with a little bit of musical chaos. The track “HGX” not only anchors the soundtrack of “Bad Moms,” it has people singing along and bopping during Yes You Are’s riveting live shows. We took the toe-tapper to...


BLKFLANL & Ryan Maybee

Sometimes someone gets you. You have the same worldview or style or you’re both driven for reasons you can’t explain. That’s BLKFLANL, the hip-hop duo of Morgan Cooper and producer Conductor Williams. The two just keep bringing their metaphorical lunch pail to the studio, willing our society to address issues of violence and acceptance, speaking directly about the issue of police shootings. In “Keep Me Safe,” they lay out the message of moving forward in a positive direction even in the...


Jessica Paige and Casey Bond

Jessica Paige is a singer-songwriter who has had plenty of time to work on her soul. A three-time veteran of American Idol, she spent the years when most of her peers were in college caring for her grandmother. Her musical career has been a series of emotional moments, in part because of what happened on a fateful day of Lake Lotawana wakeboarding. Her song, “Beautiful Life,” delves into the idea that you can be surrounded by joy even when you’re at a crossroads. And that’s why we asked...


Ivøry Black and Zac Snyder

Ivøry Black ran away from home at the age of 15 years old. Thus began the journey of a musician who continues to think about the nuances of identity and place through lyrics. The anthem 'Ready Get Set' is about that moment when the radio is about to get turned up and your feet can’t help but dance. We presented that song to mixologist Zac Snyder at The Westside Local and asked him to make us a cocktail. The former cruise ship musician then dialed up a bit of spirits alchemy with a touch of...