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Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 17 - Matthew Paul Revere

Matthew Paul Revere is a storyteller when you get right down to it. And aside from tweaking a lyric here or there to fit his narrative into the constraints of a song, his stories are all true. MPR has lived an interesting life to still be so young, so you can imagine all of the songs (or stories) that are still to be written. We discuss some of his stories and inspirations in this episode. Joining MPR is Craig Pratt on lead guitar. Enjoy!


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 16 - Ryan Scoggins

Ryan Scoggins fronts a local band by the name of Blackbird Revival. He also plays solo. He's a super talented songwriter and an all around good guy. This episode we chat about our influences, aspirations and probably some things totally irrelevant to music. It's always great to Ryan around as we never lack something to ponder.


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 15 - Craig Pratt

Craig Pratt is no stranger to Moon Eye. In fact, he's probably been on the show more than anyone else, but I dare you to hear the same thing twice. Craig is constantly evolving, soaking in influences (music, podcasts, books) like a sponge, digesting them, then spitting out his own unique spin of what he's consumed. We discuss current influences, instruments, books, songwriting and much more on this episode. I hope you enjoy.


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 14 - The Stephen Busie Band

The Stephen Busie Band, based out of Chattanooga, TN, are a tight 4-piece band blending elements of rock, pop, blues, country and even R&B. We discuss the songwriting process, issues with chasing the full-time musician dream while balancing family, musical influences and more. This is a wonderful episode with some very excellently crafted original songs.


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 13 - Matt Green

Matt Green is a member of Lip Parade. In fact, he's the only member of Lip Parade, which means he writes, records, produces, get the picture. He does it all, and quite well I might add. Matt is one of my favorite songwriters. Drawing from such acts as Elliot Smith, Guided By Voices and more, Matt takes the raw, bare bones indie lo-fi sound and puts a painful yet delicate melancholy twist to it all. Sad yet so beautiful, Matt frames a song in a very different shade of...


Moon Eye Music Hour -Episode 12 - Trailer Hippies

The magnificent acoustic husband/wife duo of Tommy and Silvia Davis drop by to chat and play two very new songs, ones that they just recently collaborated on. We talk about musical influences (mostly John Prine) and about the musical influences that made us writers and lovers of music. Just a truly great episode overall.


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 11 - Tiffany Beavers

The lovely Miss Tiffany Beavers drops by on this Halloween episode to discuss her music, females in the music industry, and a whole slew of other topics. Joining in on the show are Ryan Scoggins and Mat Noland. Enjoy!


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 10 - Cold Creek Growlers presents "Songwriters in the Round 3"

Another installment of "Songwriters in the Round" recorded live at Cold Creek Tap House and Eatery! Performers include Josh Bearden, Chuck Albertson, Trevor Walker, Troy Underwood and Maison McGill. Some wonderful talent in this episode!


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 9 - Cold Creek Growlers presents "Songwriters in the Round 2"

Listen in on another installment of "Songwriters in the Round" recorded live at Cold Creek Tap House and Eatery. Performers include Greg Parton, Tiffany Beavers, Matt Green, Chuck Albertson, Craig Pratt, Stephen Busie, and Cory Hansird. Lots of great talent in this episode!


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 8 - Ross Etheridge

My good friend Ross Etheridge drops by this week to chat about life as a musician while raising a family, his influences, and what keeps him grounded. Joining us is Mr. Greg Parton. They play a Ross original as well as a classic from Ben Stennis.


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 7 - Porch Matthews

Local musician Porch Matthews drops by this episode to discuss songwriting techniques, his inspirations, his journey to a record deal with DThrash Productions/Inner Pain Music, and many other topics. He plays his songs "Murray County" and "Deep South Summer" in studio for us, and we also get to hear a track titled "Local Honey" off off his upcoming album "Trails and Tribulations." Mr Cory Hansird co-hosts. Fun show!


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 6 - Cold Creek Growlers presents "Songwriters in the Round"

On this very special episode we travel to our official sponsor's location, Cold Creek Tap House in Eton Ga for "Songwriters in the Round." We showcase several local musicians and their original compositions. Featured are: Tommy Davis Silvia Powell Tiffany Beavers Shelby Satterfield Johnny Briggs Ryan Scoggins We had a great time hanging out with Harold and the gang at Cold Creek enjoying the live local talent. These are truly some great artists and we hope that you enjoy the show.


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 5 - Blackbird Revival

My really good friends Ryan Scoggins, Johnny Briggs, Craig Pratt and Richard Hall (better known as Blackbird Revival) drop by to discuss song writing, getting out of gigs alive, kung fu fighting, broken hips and bringing back classic rock karate kicks. They also play a few tunes off of their new self titled album.


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 4 - The Hansird Brothers

The Hansird brothers - Heath and Cory - join me on episode 4 this week. We discuss the importance of supporting local musicians as well as early memories and influences pertaining to music. We also ponder civilization, and get interrupted by dogs and a classic Chatsworth burnout.


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 3 - Andy Giles

On this episode of Moon Eye Music Hour, my good friends Andy Giles and Stephen Harris drop by to discuss the mutual local bands Andy and I played in, Cumberland Caverns concerts, paranormal entities in North Georgia, Fort Mountain, and John Leonard's arm. Andy also debuts a brand new song, "Taking Change...(From a Wishing Well)"


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 2 - Greg Parton

My good friend Greg Parton drops by to talk music, family, tv shows, movies, and liquor. Oh, and he plays some songs, too.


Moon Eye Music Hour - Episode 1 - Pony Bradshaw

Local fellas Pony Bradshaw stop by to chat about the road, recording, booze, and life in general. They also treat us to some mighty fine tunes.